Monday, September 28, 2015

Agent 86 went looking - and see what he found!

From the Phoenix Project, a legitimate attempt to get people the truth, now archived. 

Time passed and Rayelan thought she was leaving this behind her.  Psychopaths always believe they can do that and we, the sheep, should let them.  Don't let her get away with it. 


  1. Rayelan still occasionally whines about being cheated of the mythical gold commission for the mythical gold that was never transferred anywhere. How about that $50,000 credit card fraud she and Gunther ran up before she high tailed it out of Austria? She is very consistent with her libeling and slandering of others in a most outrageous manner. That lying, scamming, grifter has changed not one iota since her scams of the late 1980's and early 1990's.

    1. Character and values are reassuringly consistent over time. One a scam artist always a scam artist. I wonder if Gunther is really dead? Maybe we can either find him or channel him, if he is. Think about it.