Saturday, June 20, 2015

Agent 86 again provides food for thought.

Agent 86 has again brought us some interesting insights, which will comment on forthwith.  I have been ruminating on this for some time now.  Why do people continue to pony up for a most blatant un-cause imaginable?  Don't you care if we throw off the forces of evil? 

Through their threats and posturing you can see the Multinational corporations are losing ground every day.  Look at the heroic stance of Iceland!  Thanks God for them.  Look at the real whistle-blowers who put their lives on the line for US! 

But you give money to this....pathetic excuse for a human being? 

Rayelan is a shop-a-holic with the background typical of a CIA asset.  She refuses to give details, has no discernible history as any kind of an activist, tells tall tales which should destroy her credibility, acts as a less than benevolent dictator over a website which, by routine practice, steals content from writers who include dedicated activist-journalists attempting to make an honest living while enacting real change.  She is demonstrably incapable of handling real life situations and always, always, always injects drama into any and all situations which focus entirely on her own self, her needs - and by so doing unwittingly transparently displays her real values. 

I really thought more Readers would be fed up when they saw this supposedly stalwart female who claims to have conquered the CIA and put her life in danger continuously could not back a Jeep out of a FLAT driveway in the snow.  Personally, my lip curled. 

It is your money.  Get smarter.  

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Date: Saturday, 20-Jun-2015 04:21:48

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  1. Rapacious Rayelan the Queen of Financial Fraud is probably violating statutes that guard against the swindling of the elderly and the mentally feeble.

    All fraud uses deception to enrich the fraudsters. In the case of financial fraud, deception and
    misrepresentation are used in conjunction with financial products, investments, or personal assets
    such as a house. While financial fraud encompasses a wide range of illegal behavior, our focus is on
    frauds that primarily target individuals: Ponzi schemes, mortgage fraud, investment fraud, and credit
    card theft are all-too-common examples.
    While the actual fraud varies, a similar set of tactics is used to separate victims from their money,

    gaining victims’ trust and confidence;

    using false information to induce victims to invest in or purchase products that don’t exist; or

    stealing identifying information.

    1. Gee, sskids, I believe you have a point there. And in this she reminds me of the also Rapacious Morgan Pillsbury Gell, who worked like crazy in 2010 in her attempts to persuade me to let just Arthur come for a visit to her. I was surprised she did not want me, too. But I had just managed to get him the disability he should have had for eleven years already. Until then she never even asked how he was doing or sent him a birthday card.

      I asked Arthur if he wanted to visit and Arthur said, "No. She would lock me in the garage and steal my disability." I was always too trusting.

  2. Hi Melinda!
    Your last short sentence is touching and resonating with me:
    "I was always too trusting."
    I think I can share this statement though it's very emotionally loaded, in retrospect.
    But now as you have come out with it yourself ...
    On several occasions I had been close to write "Why Melinda, did it happen that you so often trusted the wrong people?" or "Why have you been so trusting" (even with the judicial system, remember what I had written to you a few months ago?)
    "I was always too trusting" is like pulling a chord, pressing a button, then pictures and emotional tunes from the past are passing by again leaving the question WHY? How come? Who or what made me this way?
    I think I can feel with you, Mary Linda.
    Looking back, before I was forced to go to school (at first I didn't like it at all, I even hated to be ruled and taught down by grown-ups that much) I had a dangerous habit: When walking I loved to look upward, trees, birds, clouds, roof tops, everything above me caught my attention. So my parents and grand-parents often reminded me: "Look at your feet, pay attention where you're stepping on, be cautious!" Sometimes I was scolded "You're a daydreamer, you've always your head in the clouds, you ought better pay attention where you're going!" Admitted, it helped to some extent being admonished but not sufficiently enough, I kept this stupid(?) habit of "always looking thru the bright window" even as a grown up and had to pay the price for it.
    Okay then, to lighten things up, smile, today I could say "I was hijacked by demons and born in the wrong place".


    1. Hey G~, Raye suckered me because she spent time talking to me, first about the 'RMN Radio Station," asking me to do a show and then expressing concern for Arthur. Caring for someone with handicaps is tough - even if you have friends and neighbors who spell you occasionally. And I was very aware I needed to ensure there was someone to take over when I die. Since that could happen anytime this was not a concern for the future.

      When Carol died of a heart attack she was 36. I was 23. At the time Dad did not mention the family issue. Perhaps he should have but he predeceased my sister, Anne, who died in 1994. Anne was in Tokyo putting on the Annual SB Orchid Estate booth at the huge Orchid Show there.

      Same thing, the family heart condition. I took all of the kids to a cardiologist but the problem is you just die. Cappy, four years older than myself had the heart attack with stroke in 2004. Again, no one expected it to happen. He was a system's analyst for the CA Governor's Office and overseeing the use of funds for the State College system.

      Cap did not die right away. He had aphasia and lingered for a couple of years unable to care for himself or talk.

      So, you see worrying about Arthur and who will care for him is not an idle thing for me.

      Raye, I now realize, knew this about me. She was already talking to Morgan and being briefed on my vulnerabilities. She played me like a violin - which she could never have done without Morgan's assistance.

      But if Raye was not a psychopath herself she would not have intentionally manipulated me to make it impossible for me to care for my son. No emotionally normal person would do that.

      When I arrived I was shocked to see how dingy, disorganized and incompetent she was. I soon realized she was not capable of caring Arthur. But I was here. She had hooked me into the possibility of turning RMN into something which could be an informational hub for activists. I'll not comment on what it is now.

      So I got to work on a series of projects none of which panned out because Raye did not want them to, though they were her ideas. Then, I started working to rebuild my client list so I could leave. I think that was when she decided she needed to make me homeless. That is what Craig was paying her for, anyway.

      The characteristics ascribed to psychopaths match those of demons. Until the first decade of the 20th Century there was no word in psychiatry for psychopath. But history has multiple mentions of demons in the shape of people. This is working theory which explains the facts. Through neuroscience we now know psychopaths have no conscience or empathy, preying of normal people as suits them.

      I trusted Morgan because she was my child and had given up about everything to keep her safe from her biological father, my first husband. Knowing what I do now I would have let them have her and given up my rights. That would have served them right.

      I have always been analytical. But I did not account for those without conscience. Now, I do.

    2. Hi dmh - Yes, a curious thing indeed.