Monday, June 22, 2015

And that Darn Kitty is Still so, so, low.

Thanks Agent 86 for sending on the most recent demand for unearned money by the Creeps in Chief of Rumor Mill News.  

Now that people are finally 'getting' the systemic nature of (fill in your favorite word here, may be New World Order, maybe Multinational corporations, my choice Greedville) the world is changing.  Change does not come without action.  

What actions are RMN Readers supporting when they toss money into the hopper for Rayelan and Hobie?  Think hard now. If you like the articles snatched, often without credit, from the Web google a few words and find where they are legitimately posted.  Then donate to the writer directly.  

Or are you ponying up money because you enjoy the ongoing soap opera of a life focused only on deceit and self-indulgence?  Think about it. 

Those who abuse our trust, con, steal, deceive, must be exposed.  

NEW: POOFness for JUN 21: Lion In The Jungle (views: 2064)
hobie -- Sunday, 21-Jun-2015 22:49:47

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