Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Of course, it does not look like Raye.

Does this sound like anyone you know - Named Raye A. Smith, AKA Darlene Rae Smith of Crows Landing, California? 


  1. The kind of person who would claim to being surrounded and protected by 20 Navy Seals at all times at the 111th global science
    conference in 1993 in Denver, Colorado? How dare she sully the venue of Eustace Mullins with her swindling and lies. She was fat then too.

  2. sskids, that was when she was still positioning herself, so to speak, as the loyal wife of the much abused conman Gunther Russbacher. I am sure she looooved getting to be a celebrity. But there needs to be clarification on the issue of her guard unit. Only one of them survived the duty she had in mind for the. See post.