Tuesday, June 23, 2015

And Agent 86 says, "The feeble minded readers at RumorSwindlerNews, or maybe Hobie just made this up"

And what is the real name of Agent N?  Jeff Gordon or Raye A. Smith? 

Designed Rayelan the Magnificent Queen of Cons's circumstances?  Why are you trying to con now?  I guess it could also have been Theresa of Surfing the Apocalypse.  But who else would write such a thing with a straight face except the ConArtists in Chief and their close associate? 

Raye decided to con me into coming to Ohio with blandishments and pledges of undying friendship and a share in Rubicon Aegis, LLC.  She pretended to care about my son to the extent of offering to become his Godmother and care for him when I die.  And I believe her and go.  

Then I find out she has been talking to Morgan for a good long time and she, Morgan and the Manchesters are working with my enormously wealthy former husband who I know is a psychopath who wants to make me homeless.  He tried to do the same thing with his first wife and only stopped because her parents, and his intervened and forced him to stop.  He made his girl friend Anne Fisher homeless twice.  He bankrupted a famous soft core movie star whose name you would recognize.  (I'll reveal the name in the book.)  And the number of other women and girls he has done the same to is significant.  His attempts included my own kids and also his own grand daughter. 

That is why I get thank yous for my site on Craig  Craig Franklin.

Everyone told me just to move on.  But how could I do that knowing others would suffer?   So I out them - and never ask for thanks or expect anyone to appreciate this because I do it because it is the right thing.  

Leave Rayelan to the circumstances she brought about and to the mice.  They deserve her. 

Date: Monday, 22-Jun-2015 23:31:48
(Thanks kindly, N. :)
Received around noon Eastern Monday. Reader N. writes:
POOFness for JUN 21: Lion In The Jungle (views: 3012)
hobie -- Sunday, 21-Jun-2015 22:49:47
Friends who read the Poof report here at RMN, ...and other related reports,
How many times daily or weekly do you check RMN for projects/ PPP/ RV updates? and for related news?
Have you ever NOT been able to access news and articles at RMN? Do you have to register and pay just to view or read articles?
Over what period have you been checking RMN? I have been coming here for probably 10 years, daily!!!
Maybe you have supported RMN before, as I have. I hope so! We cannot understand Raye's extremely difficult circumstances at present! We have to take her word for it! She has only told us the truth, and even tried to shield and cushion her reports too, because they sound "crazy". That is what those who create her circumstances have designed them to sound like!!! But she needs our help!
Believe me, if I can afford $5 for Raye, you can too. (I will spare you my details. )
There is always a way to do the right thing!
Will you please do the right thing and contribute to Raye's support at this time?
Reader N.


  1. Reader N: I am retarded and you should be retarded too, I am a sheep led by the Shepard in Wolf's Clothing Rayelan, there is safety in numbers, please join the flock so that you too can be sheared.

    1. And they will be soooo happy together on the the RMN Dairy Farm!