Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Agent 86 says.........."Since they are "in hand" please scan and post for all to see"

And everyone is curious to see where the money actually goes.  Actually, posting the Paypal account and the Huntington and other accounts would also much relieve those suspicions RMN Readers are being conned.  We know, don't hold our breaths.  Not going to happen.

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 17-Jun-2015 04:50:16

Hi, Folks -
Thanks kindly to the 30 fine folks who have contributed $1020 toward RMN's June expenses, and particularly to the most recent two, who got us over the $1000 mark. :)
RMN bills are already in hand, needing to be paid. Reaching $2000 as soon as possible would be the best idea, but whatever you can do. :) Please contribute TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting.
Blessings, all.


  1. If Rapacious Rayelan, the Queen of Swindling, is really in such dire need of funds why has she not directly bestowed the readers of RumorSwill with a new batch of lies for her urgently needed funds?

    1. We will have to speculate, sskids. Perhaps she has run out of lies and cannot think of a single idea, even if it has already been endlessly recycled. Or maybe she and Jeff-hobie-zapper and squabbling about some issue of which we are not aware. For instance, maybe she is being audited or investigated because of the Dinar scam - or maybe the MLMs caught the attention of the fraud division of the state of Ohio. I don't know. But I suspect we will find out.

  2. Or maybe those urgent bills due on or about the 10th of the month, that Hobie has so much interest in are his share of the monthly grift.

    1. sskids, you are so right. It could be Jeff-Hobie-Zapper who needs the dough. And goodness knows where that would lead.

    2. Hobie Ritual:

      "HozieAnna, HullyLya!
      Mind Molech, Move Moolah, Me and My and Much More Many, Move Money!"

      Indeed and apart from greed, Hozie of Mug Mingling is fond of F-words,
      constantly repeating, imbedded in his money pleas:
      ".... fine folks .... find it fitting... "

      Me expanding Hozie eFFable fantasies, finally revealed, here's the hidden

      Moolah Mill Motto

      FFF FFF

      "Find Fine Folks Fitting For Fraud"

      F is the SIXTH letter in the alphabet, evoking six times the six letter is like 6 x 6,
      how Fitting for the Rumor Swill Fine Folks Fumblers!
      (Hozie might use it for increased efficacy, I'll send an email in case he fails to inspect our insights right here LOL)

      "HozieAnna in Hoaxers Heaven"


      My dear colleagues in language pottery and lifting poetry,
      thanks for thoughts to dismantle the moolah mill frauds.

      Despite of all: Have a very nice day!

      Let`s Keep Steadfast Proceedings.
      Heartfelt Greetings.



      PS: Possibly the fine folks find fitting Gordon Jeff Zapper knows a few dirty secrets about rumor darlene and thus manages to get his "fair share of income" transferred to Atlanta
      btw ... no account statements left somewhere in Bunker Hill wastebaskets?

    3. Hi G~! - Finally, the meaning of what we have been seeing, believing it was just the language of the Con, is explained. What other numerological patterns which were placed to provide communication to the Secret Society of the Con, remain to be discovered, further exposing the Machiavellian and Rothschildian designs of those joined with Rayelan in her quest for cash?

      I drove by Bunker Hill yesterday, did not slow down, but noticed there is still furniture sitting outside. And July is coming. So, perhaps we will be hearing more on the Remainder (Sort of like the Remanent) left behind. Are we seeing the first indicator that Rayelan and Legion are about to experience their Just Deserts?

    4. But the Queen of lies keeps telling us that the landlord was very pleased with the condition in which the house was left. I find that difficult to believe, but you'd think Rapacious Rayelan, the grifter of Ashtabula would have had the foresight to use the supposed condition of the house as a fund raising tool. The Rubes of RumorSwill seem to buy the mean old vicious squatter routine over and over, no matter how unlikely the lies she peddles. It has been a very consistent and lucrative swindle.

      On another note, I am happy to report the total grift is only $1030. Hobie loves to do the math for the Rubes, we need $3000 that means $100 per day and today is the 18th "you Fine Folks that Find it Fitting, Fork over the Funds.

      (going with the 6 f's)

    5. Now that I think of it Raye also put linoleum in the basement, though the job appeared to have been abandoned before it was finished. That, and the new bathroom off the kitchen did add to the value of the place, which she could have bought for $30,000. He was willing to finance! (According to Raye.)

      But maybe Raye paid the landlord off in Iraqi Dinars and he is also waiting for those to make him a billionaire!

    6. I bet the landlord was willing to finance right up until he pulled her credit report. Come to think of it, I'd love to see the old credit bandit's report myself.

  3. She swindled more than 30k for the move alone!
    Did Rapacious Rayelan get the required permits for the bathrooms in the kitchen and the basement? Was the work inspected?
    Rayelan adding value to anything just does not compute for me on an intuitive level.

    1. aakids, given my observations I have to say I would be surprised if she had gotten a permit to add on a fourth floor using the Deadly Handyman and other random help. The whole concept was clearly alien to her. So I suppose the Landlord has to deal with getting those things approved which were actually 'improvements.' Her ideas on this were widely in variance with my own. But she never seemed to consult anyone. Raye is a wild and free spirit not to be constrained by such considerations as installing monumental alternations of property she does not own. One should consider the corollaries of the behavior in other arenas.

      Raye thinks anything she does is an improvement. We must consider the source of this opinion carefully and remember the tenets of Rayality.

  4. One more thing, only a person who has NOT left the property clean and in good condition would fail to do a final walk thru with the landlord in order to get the security deposit back. I guess security deposits are merely pocket change to Rapacious Raye when it is the Rubes paying the bill, same goes for capital "improvements" to rental property.

    1. So true. And the lies about upstairs were priceless. Remember the kittens? She was keeping them upstairs. That was a two for one. What do you want to bet she let them crap and urinate on everything and then claimed it was my kitties. She could beg money for being so kind to these little helpless kittens while using them to destroy toe carpet and blame it on me. That is how what she uses as a mind works.