Friday, June 26, 2015

Agent 86 sends HobieInsight "Hobie does the math, another example of breaking news at RumorMillSwindle, the stuff the MSM does NOT want you to know! Send Money NOW"

Can anyone really point to any actual fact they learned on RMN?  I'm curious.  As far as I can see what is 'learned' runs to how you will become a billionaire if you invest in Iraqi Dinar, buy cures which Raye said cured every ill she ever had and such.  

By the way, if it all worked so well why is she sick all the time? 

And HEEERE is the pitch! (Maybe he get desperate enough to tell you if you donate you will magically be as good looking as is he.  Of course, how would you know?) 

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    hobie -- Friday, 26-Jun-2015 04:51:51

    1. She writes:
      Electricity to be Shut Off

      Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Friday, 26-Jun-2015 10:05:18

      My phones are already shut off. If I can't pay $300.00 (a small fraction of what is owed) my electricity will be shut off. I've been able to keep it on because I need a c-Pap machine to breathe at night. But that only goes so far with the electric company.

      There is still $900 needed to reach the goal of $3,000 for the month of June. $300.00 will keep the electricity on in the RMN office for another month. I still need to pay something to keep my phone and internet connected.

      The whole $900.00 would keep the electricity, the internet and the phone on.

      The last time the electricity was shut off an entire freezer full of food had to be thrown out. A friend took me shopping a few days ago because he knew I had no money for food. I don't want to see this freezer of food go bad.

      Money is always tight for me, but this move has cost me dearly in things that had to be sold just to keep the movers and the painters from walking out.

      Thank you for understanding my situation. If you can help, I thank you with all my heart.
      I wish I had $5 to give in order to leave a nice message ~dmh

      1. Clearly, Raye should not have been throwing away those 'duplicate' bills from the electric company. They never send duplicates unless they are requested. But it probably sounded reasonable to her when she was looking for excuses. How would she know? She and reality have never been introduced. But she is sure as heck old enough to know about utility bills.

        dmh - do you really think they would let it stay up?

      2. I don't think Rayelan or Hobie can take it off, the site belongs to fundrazr, they get a percentage of each donation.

    2. Replies
      1. Still too much - but it would be interesting to see her reaction.

    3. Leave $1.00 and a link to this site, tell the slack-jawed yokels they're being conned, or 'volunteer' to pay her electric bill if she sends you a copy of it. See how long that donation post stays up. I've already seen several instances of the donor numbers dropping. Someone is definitely removing negative posts.

      1. There is no freedom of expression at RMN, that you can take to the bank, Huntington even.

    4. It doesn't matter any more. Rayelan and her ilk will continue to bilk the rubes. Today, we completed our final step into fascism with the SCOTUS samesex ruling. Game over. At this point, we, as knowing individuals, need to get ourselves right with God, and try, no matter how hard it is, to convert the few. Invest your time wisely.

      1. A license is issued to give permission for an activity which is otherwise illegal. So why is the state licensing marriage? This used to handled through our churches, and for many it still is. These couples do no seek a state marriage license, using a contract instead. Every such marriage with which I am personally familiar is stable and the couple understand their mutual obligations to each other.