Thursday, June 18, 2015

She's Baaack. And singing the same old song. (What? You expected originality from the Sink of Stink?

Agent 86 says, “I can't pay the vig on my shylocks payday loan, my radiator is leaking, I stiffed the cell phone company, need a new storage unit SEND MONEY NOW”

Can you imagine the dialog between Rayelan of the Null Reality and Jeff Gordon AKA Zapper-Hobie?
Jeff - Listen, you better get your sorry ass onto a computer and write up some more lies for the rubes. If you don't......and I mean this.......I am going back to the Agency full time and you can handle your own stupidities. How would you like that?
Rayelan – But I am still DECORATING? Have you no understanding of priorities?..........any ideas?
Jeff – It is retread time. Use what worked.
Rayelan – Alright..(she puts down the Martha Stewart catalog)....Jim, I'll be back in 20 minutes. Those Rubes just do not understand their jobs. Just PAY me! Why should I have to think up new lies all the time!
NOTE: Rayelan is the one who was downstairs right next to the mailbox and she had a PO Box to which her mail was forwarded LAST SUMMER. I hope Rayality is beginning to sink in. - Melinda

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 18-Jun-2015 15:18:19
I am over a thousand overdrawn in my bank account. I borrowed money from one of those payday loan places because I was just too embarassed to ask for more money last month. I forgot about the payday loan. They took out over $400.00 from my bank account. That was on top of the money I had overdrawn knowing that my deposit on the first would cover what I took out AND I would still be able to pay the landlady her $750.00.
With over a thousand overdrawn, I will not be able to pay the rent. I am moved now. I have no more people to pay for the moving. This means I will have no more moving costs.
However, another snag has appeared.The radiator on my 99 Jeep Cherokee has a hole in it. I can still drive short distances and fill it with water after it cools down, but it has to be replaced.
The Jeep dealership wants $400.00 for a new radiator and god only know what they want to install it. There is one in good shape at our local junk yard. That's where I buy most of my parts to fix it. They want $150.00 for it. My mechanic wants $50.00 to install it.
I need that $200.00 asap before the junk yard sells it to someone else. They do business all across the country.
I need the Chip in Widget filled completely by the first so that my VA benefits that come in on the first won't be eaten up by the thousand plus that I am currently overdrawn and I will be able to pay my rent.
For some reason I can not log on to my computer at home. I have to drive the car, that is barely working, to our local library to access this computer.
I have no more cell phone. I couldn't pay the bill and they would not accept payments. I never saw the bill to pay it and I have never found it. I don't remember what the balance is. It think it's somewhere around $300.00 maybe higher
I still owe $2,000 to the electric company on bills I never saw. I know my "houseguest" was taking my bills to cause me problems. I now have all my bills going to a post office box and I have left orders that only people with keys are allowed to get my mail. I used to be able to go to the desk and ask for my mail when I forgot my key. Now NO ONE can go to the desk and ask for the mail in my box.
I don't even have a mail box on the road for my new house. All mail is forwarded automatically to the P.O. Box.
I need the $200.00 asap in my Paypal account, or in the widget you see on the left side of the page.
As for the move, my house is stacked from floor to ceiling with boxes. The basement is full of boxes. I still have pods to unload and no place to put them except on pallets in my driveway. I may have to rent a storage unit if everything doesn't fit it. A garage sale is definitely going to be held and our local antique dealer is coming to take a look at some of our things. I have some furniture pieces that are quite impressive. He will sell them for over a thousand... I will be lucky if he gives me $300.00 for them. But at the moment, I have to do what I have to do to survive.
I thank all of my longtime friends for helping me over this mountain.
Because I am on a library computer, I can't access the fundrazr widget because I don't know my password. It didn't occur to me to bring my password booklet with me to the library.
If you can help me with the $200.00 I need right now, and also help me pay off the thousand plus overdraft at the bank so that my VA benefits check won't be eaten up and I can pay the rent, I will be eternally grateful.
Thank you so very much. I pray things calm down a bit and I can soon get back to work here at RMN.
The chip in widget is on the left side at the top of the page. I am not asking for MORE money, I am just asking that what is needed in the chipin be put in as soon as possible.
Many blessings to all!! May miracles happen for you and for me.

A miracle would be Rayelan telling the truth. Pray for that.


  1. She is not very bright, somebody should suggest getting a bigger pay day loan and then close her bank account.

    1. Well, now she knows, sskids. I thought her Jeep was a pristine wonder, from the way she talked about it. And didn't she say she paid off that loan on it? Hard to keep track of the lies.

  2. Yes, she did say that she paid off her title loan on the jeep, if she did not pay they would repossess her jeep. The payday loan is unsecured but they will debit your bank account on payday. I am surprised her bank has not closed her account for all the overdrafts and I HOPE the bank reports to the Chexs System.

    1. She tells them she is the owner of a web magazine with oodles of original content worth a million dollars who is just now overcoming hideous problems which were visited on her by the forces of evil, the CIA and legions of aliens who are after her because she is the only hope for freedom still possible in the world today. Now, watch her copy that and get the Readers all lathered up again.

  3. " A garage sale is definitely going to be held and our local antique dealer is coming to take a look at some of our things. I have some furniture pieces that are quite impressive. He will sell them for over a thousand... I will be lucky if he gives me $300.00 for them. But at the moment, I have to do what I have to do to survive."

    A garage sale will be held when hell freezes over. She makes a lot of delusional assumptions about the value of her/our(?) "antiques". The self sacrificing of doing what she has to do to survive, so courageous, makes me want to pull out my wallet and dig deep....said nobody ever.

    1. Old furniture is not necessarily 'antiques,' Her canopy bed is a reproduction, not an antique. I did not see anything particularly valuable. My friend in New Jersey had to sell a houseful of real antiques and could not even get dealers to come look at them. So, we eagerly await the report from the Rayality front. Get the popcorn. Thanks for the chuckle, sskids!

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    1. I wonder what kind of collateral she is going to offer Larry. No. Not that. Now, what are his collection policies? Direct and forceful?

  5. Larry is a Nigerian scammer. Larry will send Rayelan a cashiers check for more than is borrowed and have her wire back the difference from her bank account after she deposits the fake cashiers check. Unfortunately, even Rayelan is not quite that stupid.