Friday, June 19, 2015

Agent 86 has done some calculating....

86 says 

Rayelan is getting approx $3000 from her husbands social security and pension, she is getting another $3000 or more per month from the begging and lets just estimate $1000 per month between kickbacks, advertising and donations to her paypal and direct mail.

That is $7000 per month!

Her rent is $500 but she claims it is $750...(the old Rapacious Raye markup)
Her server is $400 per month
Utilities, Cell Phone and Internet  $600?
Food maybe $400
Storage  $250?

That leaves about $4850 discretionary and unaccounted for since she does not have any debt because nobody will loan her any.

It could not ALL be going to Denny's Early Bird specials, nor could it all be going to buy junk from yard sales and thrift stores.

She acts as if she had no money this month yet we know she got $1000 from the rubes plus her husband's $3000.

I wish I had that much money to spend/giveaway each month, but NOT if I got it through lies, slander and fraud

Sort of goes with "Where have all the Flowers Gone," don't you think?

The answer, my friend, is living every sin, the answer is living all the sins.  

She did not want to miss a one of them - and that she achieved.  


  1. How much goes to her paid entourage? She called them 'care takers' in one post. Another $2000 per month?

    Anyone else have any ideas as to where the money goes?

    I will bet she has commandeered a significant portion of Jim's social security disability check too.

    1. sskids, the one place she economizes is paying her entourage. She prefers to give them housing, take them out to dinner - so she has an audience who have to listen, and then giving them part of the steady stream of junk she accumulates. This keeps them poor and dependent, so much the better for her!

      I'm sure Jim is pretty well drained of any assets but his check by now. I was never under the illusion she wanted him for his Martha Stewart magazines.

    2. She had mentioned in one of her posts that her room mate was going to start helping with the rent to the best of his ability.

    3. She will bleed him dry. She mentioned previous room mates to me. But she was careful never to call me a room mate since she knew I would correct her publicly. Since she was carefully vague about those, they were in California, I wonder how it worked out and what happened to them. I wonder if they are still living? After what happened to me when I was living there I wonder. I'm recovering, but they might have died, leaving her as their guardian. Could she still be collecting?