Sunday, August 18, 2019

Agent 86 Find Jeff Gordon again subbing for the Princess of OPleaseBeGone!

To quote Agent 86, "So, how much is grifter raye really collecting?   There are the funds from her "big Donors" that come in the mail plus any donations thru credit cards and debit cards to paypal that are not reflected in the total fundrazr base from which the grift.   This is what she said in January:"

"In the middle of all of this, my Jeep died. The damage was substantial and so was the bill. I was fortunate that several of my larger donors had sent me checks for exactly what the bill came to... a little over $1500.00. But the problems didn't stop there. I finally realized that I had to retire my 20-year-old Jeep and find a reliable car.
I borrowed the money from Paypal and found a newer Jeep that I could afford. The agreement I made with Paypal was for them to take 25% out of every bit of money I receive." 

Such a deal.   Again, Little Darlene should have moved into elder quarters next door to the church to lower her expenses, if she is, indeed, experiencing financial problems.  Or, she could ask the CIA for a raise, which would also be appropriate.

Below is the completed bogus positioning of Rumor Mill News, which is actually a CIA disinformation site run by their happily trained agent Raye Smith to use a variation on her born name, Dalene Rae Smith.  aliases.  She has what appears to be dozens of these.

Jeff Gordon, who uses the alias Hobie and also Zapper, though that one has not appeared for a while, again urges you to fork over to keep the con-game going.  Instead of asking you to donate he pretends you are panting to do so but too dumb and confused to know how to carry out this outrageous waste of your money.

And again, a hearty thanks to Agent 86!

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I Really Need Help
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 8-Jan-2019 08:44:23

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How to donate using a credit or debit card
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 17-Aug-2019 17:51:41

Hi, Folks -
Fundrazr uses WePay as its card processor. For that to work, Raye has to have a WePay account - and she doesn't, presently. Consequently you'll be turned aside by Fundrazr when trying to make a contribution using a card.
You can contribute by credit or debit card in PayPal, bypassing the Fundrazr. Just use the 'DONATE' link near the top of the index page. Note that contributions made that way will not be reflected in the Fundrazr total.