Sunday, February 10, 2019

Agent 86 found a delicious whine for us, Prime Raye, first uncorked in 1948.

And as always, Thanks to Agent 86, who made this comment, "Grifter raye, gives a quickdown on her many health problems including her newest debilitating illness. Grifter raye says "I thank you for supporting me, RMN and your RMN family." That would be me, myself and I in grifter raye speak."

Raye decides this is a good time to paint herself heroically for Truth, Justice and the American Way.  Psychopaths are very good at lying with a sincere whine.  

Here is RMN's Alexa rankings today:

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Rayelan the Disordered begins her little story: 
"RMNews came into being in June of 1996... 6.6.96... It was just a small newsletter which was sent to my closest friends and supporters. At the time, the crime I was exposing was the wrong doing of the CIA and their looting of the banks."

This was immediately after Raye's former victims had finally wised up. 

February 7, 2018 In the early 90s Rayelan and Gunther were scamming the readers of the Phoenix Project out of thousands of dollars.  

Go to the link and read the facts from the Phoenix Project directly. 

Disinformation agents always position themselves as patriots.  80% of the content will generally be legitimate so you will swallow the 10 - 20% which are whoppers the agent is paid to insert into the public's consciousness.  

Rayelan endlessly reuses the material on Gunther.  But this was not a romance, it was an assignment designed to get her cover for her badly botched attempt to compromise Senator Claiborne Pell in 1989.

Over the years RMNews has added many "Agents" aka "Citizen Reporters". Each one has an area of information and expertise that is uniquely their own. Each Agent could have a website of their own that would rival some of the best on the web... and many do. And still they post on RMN. I thank them one and all for this.

"Agents?", "Citizen Reporters?", you were being encouraged to steal content from the real authors so Raye could benefit economically from the theft.  There is nothing ethical about the 'business plan' Raye sold you.  

I used to post a lot more than I have been posting lately. I've had health problems. I have two things wrong with me. One is diabetes and I think I am finally getting a handle on this one. The other is a problem that when you first hear about it, it sounds trivial at best...loony at worst. It's restless legs. This is where my pain comes from. The pain is truly indescribable. Only someone with severe restless legs can understand what I'm talking about.

"Health problems?". Raye lied to me about this, too.  She conned me into coming by claiming she had health problems and needed my expertise for websites for a redesign.  I did not want to go to Ohio because my own health was far worse than Raye's.  I had had two heart attacks, migraine headaches, and could not see to drive well enough to drive at night.  But Raye begged me and promised to give me a partnership in RMN.  I agonized about trying to drive that far with my vision.  But I needed to earn the money to take care of my disabled son, Arthur, so I agreed.  A friend of mine, a nurse, later told me she had been very worried about my attempting this because she well know about my vision, my heart and my migraines.  Melody wrote this Declaration on her observations and understanding of what Raye had offered me before I left for Ohio.  Declaration  Melody would so testify and she has made a second career of helping litigants being destroyed by our system of injustice.  

There is medication for it. If I don't have the medication I am forced to walk the floors day and night to keep the pain manageable.  This is what I have been going through for the past few months. This is in addition to the flu and diabetic complications. 

Nothing I observed about Raye while I lived in the same house with her bolstered any of her claims to ill-health.  She over-ate continuously, spent money like a drunken sailor, insisted on having enough money to pay to have everything done for her, and along with she was calloused about the problems of everyone around her.  

At the moment... meaning today... I am feeling very good. I still can't sit for long without leg pain radiating into the hips, buttocks and back... but I seem to have my strength back. So you will probably be seeing more of me than there has been for that past few months.

When RMN finally bites the dust it will be because either all of you have spent your last cent - or the CIA decides to fold up disinformation operations.  Raye is a small but useful Disinformation agent, paid to bullshit you.  

I thank you for supporting me, RMN and your RMN family.

Raye is never grateful.  Psychopaths have to pretend, however, they cut their teeth on this while still children.