Friday, July 13, 2018

First it was Buck and now it is Max. Thanks, Agent 86 for keeping us apprised of the woes and whines of the Queen of Design

Agent 86 said, "High Plains Grifter, Two broken cars, a plague of stinging wasps, mounting vet bills- I poisoned my dog, (are you rubes buying this load?)"  
Since I was not there, thank goodness, I have not the foggiest if Raye would do such a shocking thing, poisoning her least favorite puppy.  But I include to believe it.  Thanks Agent 86!

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What's Coming Next for Me??
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 13-Jul-2018 19:35:09

First is was a repair bill for two cars. It took almost all of my social security.
Then came the wasp that managed to sting me over many parts of my body. I still have the stings on one leg... and the wasp was many days ago... at least that's how I remember it. For all I know it could have been yesterday.
Then came the worst yet. My adorable little dog Max ate some Thompson seedless grapes. I did not know that grapes are deadly to most dogs.
After seeing him throw up over and over, I stayed up with him all night. At some point I came to the computer and started some research. I quickly found more than I bargained for.
I discovered that most of the dogs I read about died. I felt horrible.
I read about the things you are supposed to give a dog who has eaten grapes. It was water... just water and in small amounts.
He went to a vet late yesterday, and I was up with him most of the night, (last night). And this morning I had to take him back.
Sometime today the vet called and said that one of his kidney tests showed something. The reading was higher than it should have been. She needed me to bring him and a urine sample in tomorrow.
I am sick with worry. and his bills are rapidly approaching a thousand dollars.
I don't have credit cards. I can't put this on a card and pay it a little each month.
Between the cars and Max July has been a complete wipe out for me.
If you love dogs as I do, you know how this feels. If you have anything left after paying all of your own bills, can you please help me so I can keep paying Max's bills.
I don't really know how he is. I will let you know in the morning.
I sincerely thank you in advance for you help.
PS...I am putting up the same fumdrazer widget. I'm not going to add more money by creating a separate widget. I will make do with what's there.

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I will take a photo of Max and post it soon
Also, I am not able to preview this to see if there are any typos or sentences that are not easily understood.
thank you again...