Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Agent 86 found this whine below from Jeff Gordon of Atlanta, (Hobie), asking for funds for ripping you off.

Or, short form, "Allowance time, I have my own fraudrazr."  Jeff graduated from Druid Hills High School, Class of 1966.  

And what is the 'bureaucratic request' Rayelan cannot satisfy?  Did the IRS finally notice the 'donations' flowing in, covering over 17 years of activities?  Did California's own state tax board notice Raye never paid taxes for her 'business' while she was living in Watsonville, CA?  

Did someone complain, finally, about the 'Family Camp Ground?"  All interesting possibilities.  Stay tuned, and thanks, Agent 86!

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* RMN, and Hobie too, need your help *
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 23-May-2017 01:54:04

Hi, Folks -
I need your kind assistance one more time this month. :) The ad money situation has not so far been resolved. There's a Fundrazr for me at the bottom of this post, but feel free to make a Paypal 'spend' directly to hobie@rumormillnews.cominside Paypal if you'd prefer.
Meanwhile, thanks kindly to the 14 fine folks who have contributed $645 toward our goal of $2500 for RMN's May expenses. :)
Today's the 23rd, so the end of the month is drawing closer. Another $1855 will reach our goal.
Please contribute if you're able and would find it fitting:

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Blessings, all.

And RMN Readers respond to Jeff's request

 Support for hobie / Zapper
$45 raised
7% of $675 goal
2 contributors
Ends Jun 1, 2017
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Help hobie buy groceries and pay household bills. :) More
Money that normally comes to me (hobie) from remotely supplied ads has been cut off for a few months, due to a bureaucratic requirement that Raye hasn't been able to satisfy yet.
I'm hopeful the "drought" will end soon. :)  Meanwhile, I need your help just to pay for groceries and household bills in the coming month.
 Big or small, I'm grateful for whatever you may be able to provide.  Thank you. :)
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