Friday, December 7, 2018

Agent 86 brings us another whine from the Queen of Whining, Rayelan

Agent 86's Sage Comment: 
After raising a mere $840 for the month of November, grifter Raye graces us with a sob story and hints at her earlier glory days. Feel free to ignore her latest load of horse shit.  Agent 86 sent this link.

I love Agent 86's commentary.  He is always sooooo on point. Thanks, Agent 86!

And here is the Whine of the Hour from Rayelan aka Darlene Rae Smith of Crows Landing in the beautiful Central Valley of California, your favorite Disformation Psychopath (unless you know John Fund or the list of others we will soon be releasing). !

"I have been very sick for a long time. I will tell more once I am feeling better. I thank hobie for keeping things moving on while I've been absent.

When did you ever do anything but entertain yourself?  Work?!  You do not know what the word means.

I thank everyone for all the prayers and good wishes you have been sending. You can't imagine how much they brighten my day.

If you are not betraying someone, scamming or indulging yourself you are asleep.

If you are wondering about my choice of photo, I was living in the Haight Ashbury in '67. when Sgt Pepper's and the Magical Mystery Tour came out.  I know that the Beatles have influenced me in more ways than I will ever know. And so, here is a photo of a picture that is hanging in my bedroom.

Curious, that is one image I never saw.  Not when I was cleaning it up when you were 'sick'. moving your furniture, or picking up the wrappers from your fast food extravaganzas. 

Here's hoping that this Christmas brings each of us not what we want, but what we genuinely need."

I can second, that motion.  You and Morgan can celebrate together with the Manchesters.  Then no matter who cooks it will be bad for all of you.