Monday, March 20, 2017

Agent 86 provides more whining, "Attention Rubes of Ruberville....Please start paying Hobie directly his $600 per month allowance"

Thanks, Agent 86, the variations in ploys to detach Readers from their money never cease to amaze.  Let us remember these are difficult times which will only worsen unless REAL solutions are made available to REAL people.  Health care, the fact the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency, the steady loss of jobs, the encroachment of the expected reduction in standard of living by 1/3 THIS YEAR, and the increasing threat of war, all of these are having the expected impact on each of us. 

This does not have to fulfill its terrible potential but it is time to examine who you are trusting for information with a jaundiced and alert eye.  

Notice that the 'insiders' who run RMN failed you utterly, entirely and completely.  Their promises of action, accurate information and more have been entirely inaccurate.  Their story changes continuously and with out abatement.  None of the generous investments made in RMN have paid off in any way.  You are facing a world where polluting your neighborhood and impacting your health is actively encouraged openly, and no longer covert.  Do these shysters ever suggest anything but that you 'invest' in bogus cons like the revalued Iraqi Dinar?  Did you notice that the oil fields which were the ONLY asset available to that sad country are not the property of American oil countries, which was the entire reason for the War in Iraq which has also brought America to its economic knees.   
There is less than NO chance investments in the Dinar will provide you with anything but very marginal toilet paper when you can no longer afford to buy the real thing.  

Now, read this whine with its lack of documentation demanded by so many and consider your options.  Also, remember Zapper is actually Jeff Gordon, also known as Hobie.  

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Ever wonder why I don't seem to be around much?
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 19-Mar-2017 13:09:35

The reason:
I'm busy trying to find ways to pay for all the costs involved with owning Rumor Mill News, plus earning enough to pay my own bills and buy food and other necessities.
I would love to spend time on RMN the way I used to. But sadly, in these difficult economic times, it gets harder and harder to make money... any kind of money.
I have eliminated about $500.00 in overhead that I hope we never miss. I have lowered what I ask for from $3000 to $2500. The rest of the money is necessary or I lose RMN or access to the web, phones, electricity and other things I can't think of right now. But all of them are necessary to keep RMN up and running.
This month, as well as last month found me asking for an additional $600.00 to pay zapper what Conversant would have paid him if they had had all the information they needed from me.
Unfortunately, with my recent and continuing health problems, this information has been most difficult to get. I thought there would be a copy of my Ohio business papers at my local bank. But evidently, they destroy them after a certain period because there are links to them on the computer web showing my company and that it is registered with the state of Ohio... but that registration has expired.
Unfortunately, for some reason, there is no active webpage for Rumor Mill News. I have written to the state asking where is Rumor Mill News, but I have not received an answer.
Without this information, I cannot get Conversant to release the money to zapper. So, for another month, we need an additional $600.00 to pay zapper for the work he does so well and affordably.
I am going to have to get on the phone to the capital and see what more I need to do before they renew Rumor Mill News.
I am asking for zapper's $600.00 to be sent to
and the money for RMN to be put in the fundraiser.
Please let zapper know that the money you send to is for the $600.00 that Conversant has not paid him due to my inability to get the things to Conversant they need to prove I am a rightfully entrenched and respectable member of the business publishing community.
Thank you so much for all the support and help you have given me and zapper during all the long years we have kept on slogging through the swamp... and we don't even LIVE in Washington, D. C., although at times, it seems they are right next door due to all the reporting we do on them...