Friday, September 6, 2013

Letters from Amanda Lee

 Amanda is the mother of little Jade, the child Rayelan kept saying she would do anything to help.  I never saw Rayelan try to talk to Jade after they moved but did see Jade looking through the window.  

Does Rayelan have a shopping addiction?  In spades, coming in boxes nearly daily with additional trips to the Goodwill, Salvation Army and garage sales from which she hauls home amazing piles of 'stuff' which is packed in boxes or lingers on the counters and floor all over the house.  

Buck sneezes and she is writing for money to Rumor Mill Readers.  The money arrives and she is out the door to shop or on the computer ordering more to be delivered.  Needed capital for improvements on RMN?  Never happens, the money goes for a mind-boggling variety of 'things' much of which being boxes and stored.  Scary to go down in the basement.  

I admit to having trusted Rayelan when I should not have done so.  She is a con-artist and highly narcissistic.  Sorry about that, Lee Family.  But we will give Rayelan some visibility since she loves so much to be talked about and the center of attention.  


----- Forwarded Message -----From: Amanda lee <>To: Raye Smith <> (email no longer active)Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 12:07 PMSubject:

I love how you say we are the heartless, and we are the uncaring and ungreatful. 

I just want you to know that my child has no clean clothes because we have no money to wash them. 
That she cries out the window every time she sees you and the dogs, and doesn't understand why she cant go see them, or why you dont talk to her. 

So, thank you. So very fucking much. For everything we DIDN'T ask for, that pushed you to the point where me and my child are even more fucked than I was before I knew you. 

From: Amanda lee <>

Date: December 25, 2011 8:49:01 PM EST

To: Raye Smith <> (email address no longer active)

And if Melinda wants to know where all your money really goes, just keep her living with you for awhile. You're a shop-a-holic, and the reason you probably feel so sick and look so terrible, is because to save face and hold to this lie you havent been out blowing as much money as you normally do. 

How many times did we try to STOP you from wasting your money, because we wanted to HELP you stay out of this situation? 

And how many times did you tell us "oh we have no money" and the next day come home with 40 bags of stuff for everyone that NO ONE asked for, and say you got 1k dollars from a reader. 

How many times did you LIE to the people on RMN that buck was sick, so that you could get cash for YOUR shopping addiction. 

I dare you to let Melinda read this. She thinks she knows you? I scoff at that idea. 
Amanda <>

to me
You're an idiot.

That is all. When she tries to pull this all on you because she spent money on beds for you that you never asked for. And tries to say you never did anything for her and never cared. You will see.

She is a compulsive liar, a shop-a-holic, and a back stabbing bitch, obviously.

You are also obviously a liar, also because if you went over her finances you would know about her over spending and compulsions.

She can not pin her debt, or anything else on anyone but herself. She was in debt before we came along, and we showed up to help her get out of it.

You will kick yourself see day, for believing her like we did. For trusting her as a kind woman with good intention. And for helping her attempt to ruin a family.

I specifically have never ASKED Raye for a single penny that I did not work for. She offered to buy me clothes every time we went out and I said no, even though she insisted. My grandmother would call and beg family for cigarette money and things while we lived there, because she refused to ask Raye for a penny.

We lived in that house rent free, and Raye gave us gifts we didn't ask for. We cleaned the house, took her to the hospital, anything she ever asked. When we decided to move  we were doing so on our own, and finding an income, but Raye didn't let us ... She signed the lease here with out along us  and told us she would pay for a year. With lease already signed with out us being talked to, what should we have done? Left and still made her pay it? Or take it.

If court is involved then so be it. But the proof of craigslist emails from us all looking for work for nearly a year to get away from the woman you think so saintly, will prove enough. also will all of her tax papers who know one knows better than the woman who spent two weeks studying them.

The woman you have claim to know so well is the true freud. And you say you haven't seen a shopping addiction? She bought all new takes though she has four, a new vacuum though she has three, laptops for her and all of you... all since you have lived there.

pay attention every time you tell her a story, the SAME thing has happened to her, every time. She is a liar, and her stories always change.

We never used Raye. We did care. We suffered for her, but she will never admit it or realize it obviously.

and you, you area very pathetic excuse for a human being, and you do not scare me. So remove your false sense of power. You have nothing that us grounded in any fact. 

From: Amanda lee <>
Date: December 25, 2011 8:39:36 PM EST
To: Raye Smith <> (email no longer in use)

I guess you have forgotten that we stopped our lives, dropped everything and came out to california to help you move because YOU wanted to move. 

That we saved you thousands of dollars by doing so. 
That when you had no where to move to, my GRANDMOTHER found a realitor and made ALL of the calls to help you get a house. 

That we moved all of your stuff AGAIN so that you didnt have to pay movers to do it. 
That YOU ASKED US to move in with you, because YOU didnt want to be alone. 
That my grandmother would get out of bed while she was far more ill than you were, and scrub the fucking floors, and clean up your dogs piss and shit, because you just let them go anywhere they please

That my grandmother stayed up till 6 am 2 weeks in a row to do YOUR taxes while she could barely move because you never gave her the papers until it was too late.
That there were two months that we had to eat nothing but ramen and canned soup because you spend all of your money on book shelves and potted plants and we NEVER fucking said a word because it was YOUR money, and we were living there rent free.. and we ARE NOT FUCKING MOOCHERS WHO EXPECT ANYTHING AT ALL FROM YOU AND ARE GREATFUL FOR WHAT WE HAD AND TRIED TO DO ANYTHING YOU ASKED OF US. 

We never used you. Anytime we have had the opportunity to give back... we have. 

The reason that stopped was because you NEVER appreciated what we did do, we would do one thing and get no thank you just a list of other things, as if we were just hired help and slaves, instead of the FAMILY we took you in as a part of. And because you moved us out of the house so that someone else could move in, and every time we were there we felt unwelcome. So yes, we STOPPED helping you, and STOPPED being there for you. 

I dont even care that you want to stop paying for everything you pay for, that's your right and I do not blame you. 
But do not put me and my family down on a fucking holiday, when we have never been anything but helpful and kind to you. 

You know damn well this is true, and if you continue to let those people in your home convince you otherwise.. you are more than just a sick woman, you are also a very sad woman. 

I had a card to give you from Jade, but since we ever only take from you, I ripped it up.