Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Agent 86 said, "Hobie lies to the Rubes about rumorswill expenses, and grifter raye quit her job the day her husband died"

"Employment" Rayelan-style is unusual at best.  Jeff Gordon (Hobie) is correct in saying no one is going to pay her for exercising her prior marketable skills.  However, this is not her age.  Look at the previous post for more information on Rayelan's background to you understand just how little normal 'employment history' she has accumulated over the nearly 70 years of her life. 
         Again, read the long post which was linked to the last post
        Since I lived there and had the experience of seeing how little time she spent on Rumor Mill, how she complained about having to anything herself, it was hard for me to believe anyone could take her seriously as an agent of change.  
         The world is shredding around all of us and knowing some still view RMN as a reliable source of information saddens me.  America is headed for third world status if we cannot stop the elites from continuing the con-job which has been repeated through the First Mercantilist Era into the Second, now drawing to a close.  
         Visit Greedville and go over the Time Lines.  I built that site for the interactive game for which I could not finish, thanks to Raye and her friends.  
         Raye should turn RMN over to Jeff.  He at least appears to spend time on the thing.  

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** END OF MAY, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE ** / about a job for Raye...
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Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the 24 fine folks who have contributed $840 toward our goal of $2500 for RMN's May expenses, and to the 16 equally fine folks who have given $450 to help me out personally. :)
Wednesday is the final day of May, and we're still $1660 shy of our goal for RMN this month. PLEASE JUMP IN AND HELP KEEP RMN's LIGHTS ON HERE IN CYBERSPACE.
Friday Raye posted, saying:
I still have bills to pay and not a dime to my name.Thank you so much for your help. without it I would have to go back to work to support RMN...
I know from email I've received in the past that there are those who feel Ray =should= get a job and pay for RMN's expenses by herself, as she years ago did do.First, please note, she's 70 or close to it now. I don't know what sort of job you expect her to dash out and get. (??)
And second, if you find value in what RMN provides, doesn't it make sense to return a little something for that and to help make sure it'll still be here for you tomorrow?
Please contribute if you're able and would find it fitting.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Agent 86 said, "Not a dime to her name, really? She'd go back to work to support to support rumorswill? Friendly reminder? I gave this beg an F"

Actually that beg deserves a far lower grade, given its deviation from the truth.  Thanks, Agent 86!  Below is a post including links to previous posts on Raye which includes a long article I wrote showing Raye's real work history. 

First let us here at Insights, remind you Raye's only 'honest' job was selling shoes when she was in her late 'teens.  She claims to have made a lot of money doing this while working part time for the Authorities reporting on her friends who were smoking pot.  This probably depleted her supply of friends and acquaintances but opened up new fields of endeavor.  

This was either during or after her first very underreported marriage to Roger Kenneth Lafler, born October 5, 1945, Darlene was using the name Darlene Rae Smith. The two were married Oct 8, 1967 in Stanislaus County, California.
Authorities then asked her to seduce (become the girl friend of) a Mexican drug lord.  Raye did so and enormously enjoyed the experience which included a posh life style.  She liked it so much she considered marrying the fellow.  But she was not surprised when he was nastily offed since this event was implied by her employer.  

On May 21, 1975 Darlene Rae Lafler married Dr. John Norvell Dyer, Chairman of the Department of Physics from 1979 – 1987, at the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, in Clark,County, Nevada. 

It appears Dyer had divorced his first wife, Barbara A. Dyer, on March 17th of the same year. 

Dr. Dyer and his first wife had several children.  Raye expressed astonishment that her step children did not like her and maligned them to me.  Naturally, she did not fill me in on the chronology.   

The couple were divorced at some point, evidently. Dyer died Dec 31, 1988 in Monterey.   Raye told me her step son-in-law murdered her former husband so he could not remarry her, which they planned to do.  She also said she had an abortion during the marriage and began to explore a career in fortune telling, excuse me, as a psychic and had her trip to Mars, so largely reported. 

The other interesting insertion into her narrative of this period was having met an officer, she later realized was Gunther Russbacher during a dance put on by the Naval Post Graduate School.  The scene she painted was very touching.   

Raye spent money from the divorce during a sojourne in NY, where she was engaging in activities she did not want to enlarge upon.  None of these appeared to relate to employment of any kind, as we understand the term.  

Raye also got to know members of spiritual communities and had her picture taken with these individuals.  

I was told she found her former husband's dead body on December 31, 1988.

Darlene's third marriage, to Gunther K. Russbacher in Washoe, Nevada on Aug 30, 1989 she was using the name Raye Allan.  This followed immediately her jaunt to Washington D. C. for an interview with Senator Claiborne Pell.  Pell was then acknowledged as a leader in the environmental movement.  An article on Pell, from 1975, shows him to have been publicly expressing opinions which could have been contrary to what the Elites wanted known.   

"NEWS BRIEF: "United States and Other World Powers Should Outlaw Tampering With Weather for Use as War Weapon", Editorial by Senator Claiborne Pell, D-Rhode Island, The Providence Journal Bulletin, 1975."  LINK

Darlene describes Russbacher as third in the line of power at the C.I.A., along with ferrying then-Vice President George Bush to Paris during the caper of the October Surprise on October 19, 1980. On the Internet this view of Russbacher clashes with accusations he was actually a conman using someone else's identity in the article, titled, "A Pro Con," published by the Chicago Tribune on  March 17, 1992, written by Michael Tackett.

So, the question occurs.  Why did Raye go after Dr. Dyer in 1975?  Curious.  But now let's look at her narrative on Senator Pell.  

I personally know one of the still living environmentalists who worked with Senator Pell.  She and her family were upscale folks and she had worked in the JFK White House. She told me during this time Pell knew there were attempts to set him up for a scandal.  

Raye reported she and Pell had private meetings, which exactly contradicts the policy he had set and was then following.  Raye explained her abrupt departure from Washington D. C., where she had gone for her interview, recommended by Gary Condit. You may remember Condit as the Congressman suspected of murdering  Chandra Levy.

Raye wrote, oSunday, 15-Jul-2001 19:10:17 ,After two more trips to Washington D.C., I was approached by the Condit Campaign and asked to join. I declined due to illness. One of my nieces took the job. As a result of her involvement, I was asked to host a small party for the Condit family. During that party, Condit himself asked me to join his campaign. He had heard from my niece that I was thinking about accepting a job on Capitol Hill and he put in a pitch to get me to go to work for him instead of Senator Claiborne Pell.”

The above is from an article I wrote, recalling Raye's statements to me, which I then researched.   Still have not had time to write a book on her.  POST

It is worth reading, if you have the time.  The article provides more information but does not mention the Phoenix incidents, which backs up the assertion Russbacher was a conman and might have been working as an agent for some intelligence agency, perhaps the CIA.

I had not looked at it since it was posted, November 25, 2014.  Lots more on Raye, if you have the time.  The Phoenix revelations came later.  The cited evidence from the Phoenix Project is available HERE.

Raye still has the retirement for 'teaching' Condit appears to have arranged, her Social Security, the health insurance from her dead husband, Major Kooker, and goodness knows what else.  The smallest violin is singing for her.  

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Friendly Reminder
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Date: Friday, 26-May-2017 09:57:46

I still have bills to pay and not a dime to my name.
Thank you so much for your help. without it I would have to go back to work to support RMN...

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Agent 86 raises the issue of Social Security

This issue does give one pause for thought.  If you cast your mind back to 2012 you may remember that the security specialist for OITC, who subsequently stopped communicating with Raye, discovered, he said, that RMN was hosted on a CIA server located in North Carolina.  

An obviously surprised Raye, first blamed Jeff (Hobie) Gordon, and then babbled about doing something about this.  Clearly, the webmaster would know where the site was hosted and Raye was claiming she needed to pay for hosting each month, just like now.  

But the CIA does not run this kind of server farm for profit.  Their 'clients' would be operatives of one kind or another.  

Incidentally, the person who came up with the Dinar scam was Dick Cheney and his intention was to extract funds from the patriot movement while focusing them on fantasies of future wealth, thus limiting their effectiveness.  

Personally, I think it worked.    

Agent 86 said, "Hoaxing Hobie gave himself a $75 raise over the previous month, and also two ways to contribute, one of which has no public accounting of the amount scammed.   Funny, isn't his social security check more than enough to pay for utilities and groceries?   What about the proceeds from his dinar scam?"    

hobie's activity

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Agent 86 found this whine below from Jeff Gordon of Atlanta, (Hobie), asking for funds for ripping you off.

Or, short form, "Allowance time, I have my own fraudrazr."  Jeff graduated from Druid Hills High School, Class of 1966.  

And what is the 'bureaucratic request' Rayelan cannot satisfy?  Did the IRS finally notice the 'donations' flowing in, covering over 17 years of activities?  Did California's own state tax board notice Raye never paid taxes for her 'business' while she was living in Watsonville, CA?  

Did someone complain, finally, about the 'Family Camp Ground?"  All interesting possibilities.  Stay tuned, and thanks, Agent 86!

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* RMN, and Hobie too, need your help *
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Hi, Folks -
I need your kind assistance one more time this month. :) The ad money situation has not so far been resolved. There's a Fundrazr for me at the bottom of this post, but feel free to make a Paypal 'spend' directly to hobie@rumormillnews.cominside Paypal if you'd prefer.
Meanwhile, thanks kindly to the 14 fine folks who have contributed $645 toward our goal of $2500 for RMN's May expenses. :)
Today's the 23rd, so the end of the month is drawing closer. Another $1855 will reach our goal.
Please contribute if you're able and would find it fitting:

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Blessings, all.

And RMN Readers respond to Jeff's request

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Money that normally comes to me (hobie) from remotely supplied ads has been cut off for a few months, due to a bureaucratic requirement that Raye hasn't been able to satisfy yet.
I'm hopeful the "drought" will end soon. :)  Meanwhile, I need your help just to pay for groceries and household bills in the coming month.
 Big or small, I'm grateful for whatever you may be able to provide.  Thank you. :)
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Agent 86 said, "Guess the rubes aren't falling for the 'wimpy' act, except for Nimueh who contributed $5, and probably never watched Popeye cartoons as a child. Why $445 won't even be enough for Hobie's monthly allowance and we all know grifter raye gets paid FIRST"

Of course she does.  And Hobie-Jeff-Zapper has other scams running so that is no real problem.  Let's hope the WisingUP  wave continues unabated.  Thanks, Agent 86, you are the Bong!

NEW: It's past the 15th.... (views: 662)
Rayelan -- Wednesday, 17-May-2017 20:57:47

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Thank you for your amazingly eclectic site. I've learned so much diverse info - some inspiring, some sobering, some funny and some have significantly contributed to my quest to regain my health.

Much appreciation,


Mike McFeely Contributed $25
Happy Birthday, Rayelan!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Agent 86 says, "Grifter raye attempts a new fleecing of the rubes by promising to raise her own funds starting next week, much like Wimpy, grifter raye will gladly pay the rubes on Tuesday for a Denny's grand slam today."

And you bet she will, Agent 86.  She is pedestrian in her exaggerations and lies but these are, none the less, endless. And now maybe Rayelan the ever-inventive, will come up with another line of whoppers as to why she can't pay for her various expenses.  

If she expects to make money from collectibles in this market what she really needs is a brain adjustment.  I told her it was dumb to buy when every antique dealer is finding it impossible to dump their inventory, but, hey, that is what she wanted.  

Perhaps she should consider retraining into another profession.  How about applying at some convents and becoming a nun?  That would certainly be a change for Hot Hips. 

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It's past the 15th....
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Date: Wednesday, 17-May-2017 20:57:47

I wish there were enough money in the fundrazr widget so I could pay all the bills.
This coming week will see my entry into eBay and Facebppk selling many of my collection of antiques and other collectables. As that happens, I can let all of you who have been paying the bills at RMN relax, because I will be able to pay them myself.
But right now, I still need some help.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

And, thanks to a supporter, who wishes to remain Anonymous, being well acquainted formerly with the Deceitful Duo, we have this.....

Sometimes truth shines through satire when it cannot be seen or heard otherwise.  Thanks to the writer who assembled this from several of Hobie's posts with artful edits.  

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* Last week was Rayelan's Birthday :) - Let's Fill the Fundrazr! *
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Date: Thursday, 11-May-2017 20:25:46

Hi, folks -
May 12 was Rayelan's birthday. :) It would have been cool if we could have filled the Fundrazr for her on that day.
None the less, many thanks to the 10 gullible folks who have contributed $390 toward RMN's May sham expenses. :)

It's almost mid-month; ideally there would be $1250 in the Fundrazr, so things are happening a bit slowly - but that's been usual for May with many folks struggling to figure out the math. :) We get that, what we didn't get was your contribution.   

So I'm not pleading for contributions today, just reminding us all that RMN is supported by extremely naive Readers. With your support, we'll still be fleecing the flock here in June. :)
Blessings, all.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Her royal highness, the duchess of Denny's graciously and insincerely, thanks the idiot rubes who are foolish enough to keep funding her sociopathy, and implies that they are her 'family' as if she were an orphan.

The smallest violin plays for Rayelan, Agent 86, who celebrates Mother's Day even though she aborted her inconvenient baby. Thanks for sending on her whining words.  Where will Angel and her mother be this Mother's Day?  I wonder.

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Thank You very much!!
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 13-May-2017 04:52:46

This means so much to me. I can't find the words to describe how much the birthday wishes on RMN and in my mailbox mean to me.
You have let me know that I have friends (family) that I didn't know I had. I thank you so very much.
Much love,
And thanks for the special music. I'm going to download it so I will always have it.
Hi, Folks -
: Here are Paul McCartney and friends, performing in Red Square
: in Moscow, with "Birthday"; the song was
: introduced in the 1968 double LP album, "The
: Beatles" (the white album). This has been viewed

: nearly 20 million times since its uploading in 2008.: Rusty Anderson - Lead Guitar
: Abe Laboriel Jr. - Drums
: Paul "Wix" Wickens - Key board
: Brian Ray - Rhythm guitar/bass
: Thanks to YouTuber patokaman.
: =====
: =====
: --hobie

And here is the card Hobie sent to Raye, reflecting the fullness and focus of their long term relationship.  

Agent 86 says, " Rayes 'family' of well wishers consists of two people, one from a delusional reader and the other was plugging his book-the rest were all hobie and his youtubs"

Thanks to Agent 86 for another example of deluded, or shillish action from behind the anonymity which is Raye.  Of course, the CIA knows exactly who she is since she provided her specialized services to them, but her Readers are not supposed to know how to contact each other.  You see how that works, right?

If the sappy commenter, 'anon' below were interested in the truth s/he would have read the proof this site offers instead of hyping a product from which s/he or a relative sells.  Care to come out of the hidie hole, anon?  Hummm...?

Bell Tolls? Because I was sure all of us want to know about the author I went to Amazon and obtained the information.  It was far down the list of books at Amazon, since "For Whom the Bell Tolls," by Ernest Hemingway is a novel which is a classic and sells well today, as it did when first published in 1940.  Hemingway was an acknowledged master of the printed word. 

Valiant Bill is William  Griffith and his newest book, already published, is below and available at Amazon.  An excerpt is included and available below.  Hope some literate person will prove able to review the book coherently.  

Learn more about Bill's literary efforts at Spirit Train Chronicles and watch his video!   His following is reflected by 241 google hits. 

The Bell Tolls Kindle Edition

Be the first to review this item

He smiled. “All things come at the appropriate 
Time,” he said sensing my fascination and shock. 
“I tell you now, as I tell them too…to 
Be fair. It has to be this way. The timing 
You see, has to be…quite clear. New readers 
Now. All those eyes and ears out there…And 
That one rare roaming one that finds this, 
Shall lead them to share it with another
And another. Its purpose…causing them 
To speculate, and wonder. What a strange 
Story you’re telling them, this way…right 
Now…What is he thinking they’ll ask 
Themselves. Is he clever, playing some 
Game of imagination…or is he truly 
Communicating with someone out of this 

OK.  I would not buy it either.  But the variation in tastes, and writing styles, matches the intellects and depth of imagination existing within the human genus.  Good luck, Bill!  Your artwork is beautiful.   

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Reader: "Just want to add my birthday blessings to Raye"
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 12-May-2017 17:27:47

(Thanks, a. :)
Reader anon writes:
Re: 2008 - PAUL McCARTNEY, live, 'BIRTHDAY' (H....
just want to add my birthday blessings to Raye-i admire your courage as you soldier on thru life in these perilous times and keep standing up to the schmucks without a clue-that they don't get The Law of One-when one is harmed all are harmed, and when one is helped, all are helped--thanks for being a role model big sister and many happier days ahead full of joy and laughter!

Home Schooling, Home Mortgages and more, in:
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from Valiant and his Mom: "A VERY Happy Birthday to Raye" and "Valiant's new book"
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 12-May-2017 20:48:31

(Thanks kindly, L. :)
Valiant's Mom Lida writes:
Hello Raye...and Hobie,
Two things to tell you,
First, a VERY Happy Birthday to Raye today.
May you receive many blessings for the sacrifices and hard work you have done in bringing the Internet community the cold hard facts of truth.
Thanks to you too Hobie in your selfless assistance in making sure all that happens!
Second, on behalf of Valiant (Bill), who also wishes to send his thanks, we would like to announce that his next book: The Bell Tolls is now completed, and will be released through Amazon, in book and ebook, within the next few days. It contains all of the posts of Knock Knock The Bell Tolls series from last year!
Many of his followers have mentioned how much they would love to have a bound copy for their collection...so it has been done!
I am attaching the cover file for your viewing, so you can preview it.
(it was designed by our friend in Brazil, Alex Tauber, a very talented graphic artist. You may recognize The Good Spirit on the cover)
Bill is very grateful for the voice you have given him on your site...
and he now has an international following! Many are now 'friends', such as Alex, the cover designer...
Thank you everything!
Have a wonderful Mothers Day Raye!
We sincerely wish for your health and happiness!
Bless you both.
Valiant's Mom