Thursday, July 30, 2015

And the songs keep rolling along....but what about climate change?

Agent 86 Says, "More of HGobie's crucial efforts to " Get with the real issues in the world"....more dinar scams, more music and a beg for fellow scammer, Theresa. It's all in a days work for the multi-talented Hobie"

Interesting.  Maybe Jeff has decided to change horses.  I bet Theresa would be less tumultuous to deal with.  What do you think?

*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT Tony's conference call (long) (views: 287)
hobie -- Wednesday, 29-Jul-2015 17:02:06
hobie -- Thursday, 30-Jul-2015 04:24:34
hobie -- Thursday, 30-Jul-2015 04:28:21

 (views: 26)
hobie -- Wednesday, 29-Jul-2015 19:00:54
 NEW: 1969 / 1991 stereo version - SLY & THE FAMILY STONE, "HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME" (views: 20)
hobie -- Wednesday, 29-Jul-2015 19:05:27  NEW: Reader: RMN's sister site STA in need of support (views: 231)
hobie -- Wednesday, 29-Jul-2015 17:23:01

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

And if this goes on........Jim will have to get a job. So will Jeff.

Agent 86 says, "Rayelan says that she has no money for food and this is the best her readers can do? She was expecting an avalanche of donations this will barely cover a day or two of Denny's Early Bird Specials."

Boy, those look really yummy.  And Raye can get one for herself and one for Jim, too, on with what she has now brought in.  How many would like a review of the yummy meal that she and Jim enjoy together?  


Anonymous  gave $20
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Anonymous  gave $20
The Universe is abundant. Positive thought will provide you what you need. Best wishes, Dr Rob
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God Bless hope this helps
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Marlys Halvorson  gave $5
Hope this helps!

Agent 86 rides again! More Hobie " Get with the real issues in the world" how does he find the time? Excusing Rayelan's fraud, deceit, theft, libel and slander is a full time job."

Well, it is nice Hobie-Jeff has a hobby - but this is not the stuff which will change the world.  I am always perplexed when I see someone who is supposedly dedicated to substantial action lolly-gagging and spending their time in something only for their own entertainment.  

That was one of things which disgusted me with Raye, too.  Coordinating the dog dishes was a huge item for her.  

hobie -- Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 19:03:14 NEW: 1960 - TOMMY EDWARDS, "I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW" (views: 41)
hobie -- Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 19:15:50 NEW: 1968 - O.C. SMITH, "LITTLE GREEN APPLES" (views: 44)
hobie -- Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 19:24:20 NEW: 1968 - LEMON PIPERS, "GREEN TAMBOURINE" (views: 42)
NaturalWisdom -- Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 21:08:26 
1992 - ANGEL VOICES, "BAILERO" (6 mins) (views: 63)
hobie -- Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 04:21:21

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Where Did All The Money Go....Short Time Passing......Where Did All The Money Go.....Just Yesterday

The Answer My Friend, is begging never ends, The Answer is the Begging Never Ends. Raye gets a thrill out of getting Readers to pony up.  It is a game to her.  
And thanks, Agent 86, who said, "And Fatass Rayelan sinks to a new low and more lies."

Folks - I need help personally
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 12:35:42

I have no food or money to buy food. The dogs have enough left for today.
I get my VA benefits on the first, but every dime of that has been promised to the new landlord and the old landlord.
Does anyone have some extra money to send a few dollars my way so I can buy something to eat? My diabetes causes horrible spikes when I eat as irregularly as I have been. The good side is... I am losing a lot of weight!
Thank you so much.
Here's the link to the donor's page.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Agent 86 says - "Hobie takes RMN to the next level, but only after the monthly scam goal has been reached. It is a game changer folks"

As yes, Hobie takes the lead because Rayelan, who is even more showing her  incompetence in coping with the most mundane and ordinary chores in life, was locked into the Goodwill last night with a pile of stuff she just could not wait to buy.  

But, honest, they will redesign RMN to - What?  The next level of the art of conning the Rubes? 

hobie -- Sunday, 26-Jul-2015 04:39:21
 1954 - The CHORDETTES, "Mr. SANDMAN" (views: 60)
hobie -- Sunday, 26-Jul-2015 04:44:57

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pathetic, despite scamming $2986 from gullible readers for July, Rayescam cannot afford to pay $80.00 for Jeep part, let the begging begin

Agent 86, the begging never really ends  The Whining Champion of the World carefully does not use the names of the places where she has, for years, taken her Jeep for repairs.  But none of them had locked yards, that I know.  

My Jeep Needs Help
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 25-Jul-2015 16:28:26

The Jeep died on me. My mechanic was able to get it running and take it to the man from whom he buys the parts. It's parked in his locked yard right now while I raise $80.00 to buy the part. I don't know if my friend is going to do the work or if the man who owns the shop will do it. If it is the man who owns the shop, I will have to pay him.
If anyone can help, I will send an Obergon Chronicle book to everyone who donates over $20.00.
Here is a link to the donor page:
If you want to purchase an Obergon Chronicle, this would be a good time to do this. You'll save $10.00.
don't order from the Amazon page. I can't autograph those and you will have to pay the regular price. If you want the book, pay for it through the donate link on the donor page. Make sure you tell me you want a copy of Obergon.
Thank you so much!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Agent 86 says, Hobie's new source "Blackjack" deals the Rubes some fresh horseshit please send money now

An exciting Development in Georgia - International Money Scam invested in Georgia!   Happy Moment for Jeff Gordon of Atlanta!!!!!!!


Feds go after Atlanta company selling Iraqi Dinar

*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / Blackjack
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 19-Jul-2015 04:38:09

Hi, Folks -
Found at, discernment is advised:


Thank You Blackjack7 for sharing this with us all!

Blackjack7 :
 ok I will be getting a call very shortly should not only be interesting but very EXCITING!!!!!

 Just got the call and everything from the RV to Global release of funds for the bonds was done last night...he received this info from his contact at Interpol 

Folks this is all over on please do not shoot the messenger delivering this most exciting news….. 

He also said that money is flowing but you just cannot use it but it is seen in the accounts

He will finally be able to utilize his funds that have been sitting in his account for a few months now...all due to the RV happening

ExtremeBusiness: confident do you feel that this info is logit?

 I have known the gentleman for quite some time and his contacts are at the highest level so yes confidence is definitely HIGH!!!

Royal: just wondering if you know the type of accounts your source was speaking about

 Royal these are people who have already received funds for other transactions such as bonds and possibly currency but have been in essence they will have the ability to use those funds freely

There also might be yet another morsel this evening as well!!!

I will say this again and again any intel I receive will not be kept a secret I would be very selfish for doing so...having said that how you interpret the info is up to you all I can do is present it how it was given to me

At RMN Nothing Changes.....Except the number of storage sheds Readers pay for and, evidently the servicer, no longer provided by the CIA.

Agent 86 provides a plethora of new, and old, begging posts - these are also reposts in the sense we have seen every con before.  Our advice to Jeff Gordon AKA Hobie - GET A JOB.

...How to let hobie stop "begging"...
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 19-Jul-2015 04:33:09

Hi, Folks -
First, we do understand that some of our Readers truly cannot afford to contribute anything. This message is not directed at you - we get it - and you're the very reason RMN is "free to read" for everyone. :) You're welcome to keep doing it.
But think of this:
- We see around 4,000 views routinely on the Poofness posts.
- Often these days we see 1,500 views on particular posts.
- And often we see 1,000 views on some other posts.
If each one of those 1,500 or 1,000, out of apparently 4,000 readers/viewers, would contribute just $3 apiece, once a month, that would take care of it - and I could stop 'begging'. :) And, the several folks who routinely contribute $50, $100, and even $500, bless 'em, could take a break, too.
The point is, the power is there. You have the power to keep the lights on at RMN, pretty painlessly, and to do a 'good turn' for Raye as well, helping her out of a very tight spot.
The catch is: We have to pull together. :) We can choose to pull together, and put into meaningful action the sense of -community- that so many of us feel about RMN.
Blessings, all.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Agent 86 finds an inscrutable begging plea from Hobie

A bit urgent?  Agent 86 surmised there was a special at Denny's which was too good to miss.  Could this be it - or is it something else.  How annoying that the dudley duo is not more forthcoming.  

hobie -- Friday, 17-Jul-2015 20:53:34

The Rayelan Effect - If her mouth is open she is lying

Thanks Agent 86!  If Rayelan had 'forgotten' to pay her bill for three months it would have been turned off.  She already told you she is making payments of $200 a month on the $3,000 balance she ran up while she explains, providing living space to the 'painters" AKA Angel and the Deadly Handyman, who were painting the OTHER house she was renting and on which she therefore was obligated to pay rent every month while the painting went on.  

If that makes sense to you then perhaps you have a future in the world of fantasy.  

If she had missed the server payment they would have turned it off and the world would finally be Rumor Mill News Free.  That did not happen so she is lying.  Not that Rayelan ,the Unconnected to  Reality, ever does anything but lie.  

Now, the interesting question.  Her electricity is on for the moment. Why has she not been online making up scam lines to bilk her Readers?   Odd.

For a  moment let's speculate. 

Could it be that she got a job and does not have the time?  Nope.  Could it be that Gunther returned to her loving arms?  No one would believe THAT.  

Could it be someone told her for some unknown reason not to lie for a while.  Perhaps the Attorney General is looking into the Dinar action.  Or maybe the IRS finally caught up with her and she is too busy inventing records to spare the time.  This is all speculation, of course.  What do YOU think?  

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 17-Jul-2015 07:24:17
I did not know that I had forgotten to pay for my server for the last three months.
If I do not make an attempt to at least pay this month and last month, Rumor Mill News will cease to exist.
I also need $300.00 to make a payment on my $2,000 electric bill, I will be without electricity.
I have nothing of value left to sell or I would pay this myself.
It's up to you. Do you want to save RMN or do I just let it go?
Here's the widget. It's up to you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Someone - Take the computer away from her.

Sign someone up to put on her straightjacket again.  I can't believe these posts - she didn't write them down?   What is wrong with her?  Well, we actually know that right?  Thanks, Agent 86!

YO... Hobie
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 14-Jul-2015 21:03:16

I have messed up my passwords so badly that I can't get in to any of my email accounts. Not even my regular one.
I am going to have to call them.
That will take about an hour...
I'll email you once I have control of one or more of my email accounts.

Oh, If I only had all the money NOW Life Would Be Wonderful!!!! Do you believe that?

86 finds another pile of mouse droppings for us to contemplate, though the mice evidently gave up and moved on.  

Remember, the 'Painters' were the constant Angel and her boyfriend the Deadly Handyman.  Why was she painting a rented house?  Why did she put them up for months instead of having them live at their own place, you know Angel's Farm, which we surmise if the Family Campground you guys already paid for?  

You must enjoy being conned because you do it so often.  

...Rayelan wrote...
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 15-Jul-2015 16:44:31

Hi, Folks -
In an e-mail today, Rayelan wrote, "Can you please let our readers know that if all the $3,000 came in early it would be wonderful."
She's still juggling the various bills and overdue amounts from the previous house and also the huge electric bill run up by the painters who lived in the new house while painting it before she moved in.
(On the other hand, sounds like peppermint oil and peppermint plants have actually persuaded the mice to leave! :)
It's mid-month, and thus far the FundRazr widget shows $1233 - many thanks to the 28 who have contributed. :)
If this month we can reach the target goal of $3000 right away, it would help out Rayelan quite a lot.
Please contribute today if you're able and would find it fitting.
Blessings, all.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

And after some quiet times another find from 86!

And so it goes - Agent 86 found us more on the nasty tendencies toward fascism present in Rumor Mill News'  empress, Rayelan the Absurd

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


More Bollyn soap opera. K

BOLLYN BANNED FROM RMN - Another School Shooting, Another Shooter on Drugs

Note to Readers:

After 6 years, I have been permanently banned from posting on Rumor Mill News (RMN at 
) after receiving email from a fictitious name writing from the U.S. Army Intelligence. The note began by specifically saying that the sender would recommend to Rayelan of RMN that I "not be allowed to post."

The note came from the home of U.S. Army Intelligence at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The note, which came through the RMN website, was a rather incoherent response to my critical article about the republishing of the anti-Islamic cartoons in Denmark.The writer at Fort Huachuca, using the fictitious name "Herb Lane," began his Valentine's Day note thusly:
Personally I would recommend to Rayelan that you not be allowed to post.
I saw that this bizarre note was not really coming from a private citizen named "Herb Lane" but came from a U.S. military computer at the training center for U.S. Army Intelligence. As an American with a strong sense of the right of free speech, I was naturally incensed.
Valentine's Day is also my birthday and I understood this was my present from U.S. Army Intelligence, where Mark Lane of American Free Press also happened to begin his career.
I posted a quick note about this hate mail from U.S. Army Intelligence on Rumor Mill News under the title "Bollyn Receives Anti-Islamic Hate Mail from U.S. Army Intelligence."
The writer from Fort Huachuca exhibited the rabid anti-Islamic world view that has long contaminated the thinking of the U.S. military.
The writer from U.S. Army Intelligence is evidently on a first-name basis with Rayelan, who runs Rumor Mill News. In any case, Rayelan was very quick to heed his recommendation. Within hours of this posting I was permanently "decomissioned" from RMN.
When I discovered that I was unable to post on RMN, I wrote to Rayelan:
Dear Rayelan,
How odd. I am unable to log onto RMN the day after the U.S. Army Intelligence said I should be banned. Have I been banned from RMN? If not, how can I log on? Please advise.
Within hours I received this termination notice from Zapper, the webmaster at RMN:
...We appreciate your hard work and efforts over the years, even in the face of some pretty severe personal consequences you've endured. 

The decision to decommision you, however, is final.
- Zapper
The whole story will be posted on my website on Monday, February 18.

Now for the urgent story about SSRI anti-depressants and the latest tragic school shooting, this time by my home in Illinois...

NEW! The Urgent Need to Understand the Dangerous Side Effects of SSRI Medications
By Christopher Bollyn
16 February 2008
When I heard that there had been another shooting on a college campus I knew that it was drug related; they all are. A couple years ago, when there were three such shootings in a month and I had found evidence that they were all related to anti-depressant medications, my editors in Washington, at American Free Press, did not want me to write about it. They even tried to make fun of it. I knew that the connection between anti-depressant medications and shooting rampages was a censored subject with the controlled press -- and was surprised to see it was the same at American Free Press.
Once again, this time at a college near my home in Illinois, a person whose mind was seriously affected by SSRI anti-depressant medications, has gone on a deadly rampage. And, once again, the media and law enforcement authorities appear completely ignorant of why this has happened. (SSRI means Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, which means a medication that affects the serotonin level in the brain.)
Now there have been 5 such shootings in a week. It is high time that the media and police get serious about understanding the side effects of SSRI medications like Prozac. Tens of millions of Americans take these drugs every day.
It has been widely reported that Stephen Kazmierczak, who shot and killed five Northern Illinois University students at the Dekalb campus on February 14, had recently stopped taking medication and "had become somewhat erratic in the last couple of weeks."
Donald Grady, the chief of the university police force revealed that Kazmierczak had stopped taking his medication -- although he did not reveal the name of the medication -- at a news conference a day after the fatal shooting.
Chief Grady said that Kazmierczak's motive was not known. Nor were there indications he had any relationship with any of his victims who were mowed down as he fired more than 50 shots in a matter of seconds from a lecture hall stage, Grady said.
This is not unusual. There is no motive with these drug-related killings. The drugs have so profoundly affected the serotonin levels in the "medicated" person that any sudden increase or decrease in the dosage can result in insane homicidal behavior.
A former employee at a Chicago psychiatric treatment center said Kazmierczak had been placed there after high school by his parents. She said he used to cut himself and had resisted taking his medications. The desire to cut oneself is a typical symptom and a clear indication that the person is having serious side effects from the SSRI anti-depressants.

How can these doctors pushing these drugs be so ignorant of the side effects of the medications they prescribe to their patients?
Kazmierczak grew up in Elk Grove Village, the village next to Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates, where I grew up. He was a B student at Elk Grove High School, where school district spokeswoman Venetia Miles said he was active in band and took Japanese before graduating in 1998. He was also in the chess club. This young man was clearly an intelligent student just like so many other young Americans who have been prescribed similar dangerous psychoactive medications, like Prozac.

Kazmierczak has clearly been taking these medications for about 10 years, if not more. This would mean that the safe withdrawal period would be about 5 years, during which he should decrease the dosage very gradually – over a period about half the length of the time he has been taking the SSRI medication.

Kazmierczak, however, went "cold turkey" – a recipe for disaster.
The shooter even had a State Police-issued FOID, or firearms owners identification card, which is required in Illinois to own a gun, authorities said. Such cards are rarely issued to those with recent mental health problems. They are, however, evidently given to people who are using dangerous psychoactive medications.

How absurd. The Illinois state police should review the qualifications for their FOID. Would you give a gun permit to a person who uses PCP or LSD on a daily basis?
Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, the author of Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? has written extensively about the dangers of SSRI medications. The following extract is from Chapter 8:
It is appalling that within the legal community so little is known about the effects of the illegal mind-altering drugs.Even more appalling is the ignorance regarding the legal mind-altering drugs when it comes to their powerful intoxicating effect and the strong impact they have on one's behavior...
Withdrawal "Cold Turkey"
Another practice within our criminal system that we should be extremely concerned about is that prisoners who have been given mind-altering prescription drugs are subsequently released and withdrawn from the drugs "cold turkey."

Keep in mind that this withdrawal period is often the most violent and dangerous period of drug use.

The REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) is often referred to as a drug withdrawal state. This "cold turkey" withdrawal approach can all too often produce a manic reaction or RBD, which can lead to criminal behavior. This is a very dangerous practice, not only posing a danger to the prisoner, but to society as well.
Christopher Bollyn is an independent American journalist. In 2006-07 he edited Dr. Ann Blake Tracy's 1994 work about the dangerous side effects of Prozac and other SSRI anti-depressant medications to prepare the text for updating.
Dr. Tracy's work is a very important book that explains why these medications cause such violent reactions as the bizarre family murders and school shootings that plague Western societies. I hope this most essential book will be published in the very near future.
Tracy, Ann Blake (Ph.D.), Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? 1994, updated 2001
Associated Press, "Gunman's friendly exterior masked past" by Ashley M. Heher and Caryn Rousseau, February 16, 2008
Reuters, "Illinois college shooter stopped medication: police" by James Kelleher, February 16, 2008

Gannett News Service, "Police: Northern Illinois University shooter Stephen Kazmierczak off his meds," February 16, 2008


NEW! BOLLYN BANNED FROM RUMOR MILL NEWS Is "Rayelan" a.k.a. Raye Allan Dyer Russbacher (nee Smith) , the widow of John Norvell Dyer, the former professor of physics and dean of the U.S. Navy's Postgraduate School at Monterey (1961-87), now taking orders from U.S. Army Intelligence?

It certainly looks that way.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I did not know they ever did masintenance - Just destroyed evidence

Thankks Anon!  Now we can wonder if there will be maintenance carried out on Rayelan, too.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "And it can't possibly happen AGAIN! Can it? What...": 

* RMN will go offline tonight for maintenance *

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 7-Jul-2015 17:37:02

Hi, Folks -

Expect Rumor Mill News to be unavailable for a time tonight, beginning at about 11:15 p.m. Eastern. We may come back online quite promptly, at a new IP address.

Blessings, all.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

And it can't possibly happen AGAIN! Can it? What is impossible is for Rayelan to stop begging.

Agent 86 found this whine-fest and sent it on for which I sincerely thank him.  Someone needs to take over for Rayelan as her Conservator and handle every penny.  Hey, out there!  You Readers who donate - can't one of you move in with her and enforce some sanity?  Ot at least stop these whining posts?

Help!! I Need $100.00 ASAP
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 5-Jul-2015 13:23:07

I really thought I had everything under control and I was even able to go shopping for some groceries and dog food last night.
Just now I discovered that I had counted the money for the rent WRONG!!!
I thought I had $750.00 -- I only have $650.00 and I need to drive it up to the landlady asap.
Dear God... It's a holiday! People are with their families. How many are actually reading this page right now?
Please let someone be reading this page... several someones who can join together and come up with the money I need.
Just $100.00 -- ASAP Please!!
Here's the Fundrazr widget:

Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Post from the site of Barbara Hartwell - who is not a Rayelan Fan, to say the least.

It popped up.  Rayelan claims Barbara as a friend.  And for a psychopath the difference between friend and victim does not exist. 


Barbara Hartwell

My Photo
Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption and Cover-ups.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


"Barbara, even your supporters and fans have written to ask what has happened to you? They no longer read you. They feel sorry for you."
--Rayelan Allan, Editor of Rumor Mill News (2003)
Great work, Barbara, in reference to the above false statement by Rayelan. They lose in this absurd shift in "rules"; also, the absence of your material from RMN diminishes the overall value of the network and at the same time given your public remarks about their silly and unfounded criticisms renders your particular voice of reason, sound judgement and excellent analysis in even greater demand than ever.
--Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee
In 2011 I released a document from my evidence files. It was a letter from FBI Chief Ted Gunderson to Barbara Hartwell (1998), wherein Ted told me that his marriage to Diana Rively, formerly the wife of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, had ended. At the time, Gunderson was still a professional colleague and personal friend. I broke off my association with him in 2000, when I discovered that he was not who he claimed to be --a government whistleblower-- but rather a COINTELPRO operative, running a containment operation/protection racket, including against former intelligence/military/law enforcement  personnel (myself included) who had become legitimate whistleblowers.
Gunderson subsequently lied about the marriage, to individuals and the media, claiming it had never taken place.
The first (and only) person to whom I gave a copy of this document, with permission to publish it, was investigative journalist Sherri Kane. She included it in an article about Ted Gunderson, who had targeted her partner, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, also a legitimate whistleblower, for a neutralization campaign.
Recently, while conducting a search on related information, I found this article, posted by Rayelan Allan, editor/publisher of Rumor Mill News:
Letter from Ted Gunderson About his Marriage to Diane. the widow of Anton LaVey - Founder of the Satanic Church
In the handwritten letter, recovered from 1998, Ted Gunderson, a retired FBI/CIA official and informant on matters of a satanic network of pedophiles and child traffickers wrote, "The marriage [to Diana Rively] . . . didn't work out. It only lasted 2 and one half weeks and I left. It would have been a catastrophe to stay there. Nothing against Diana."
The letter, signed with kisses and hugs, was sent to Gunderson's professional associate, Barbara Hartwell, who was programmed to serve in the CIA's psychological operations unit. She trained in psychological profiling and in debriefing military and intelligence personnel, and later toured with Gunderson to "disseminate intelligence on government corruption," according to Hartwell.

The above can be read in full at this site,_CIA_FBI_Covering-Up_Child_Trafficking_Sex_Scandal.html

Here is another link... please remember that partners in government operations sometimes attack each other for the benefit of the public

[link REMOVED] 

The additional (and unrelated) link posted by Rayelan Allan is to a site called APFN, run by Ken Vardon, another promoter of disinformation. I have not included the link because I do not wish to give more publicity to the demonic liars who are also libeling Barbara Hartwell, including some imbecile hiding behind the screen name "BUTLINCAT", who for years, has regularly libeled Barbara Hartwell on that site.

But it is interesting that Rayelan is promoting the libelous falsehoods of Tim White, the notorious fed snitch, career criminal, predicate felon, the lackey of the late FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson.

Here, the signature of Tim White in the post promoted by Rayelan:

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

These "credentials" claimed by Tim White are ludicrous, to say the least. He is an uneducated government stooge with no background or training whatsoever. He is nothing but a minion of corrupt government, and a wannabe-G-Man, who was sicced on Barbara Hartwell in 2001 by his fed masters.

Ted Gunderson & Tim White threatened Rayelan with a lawsuit in 2003, after their criminal operations were exposed by Barbara Hartwell, including on Rumor Mill News. Rather than stand up for the truth, the coward, Rayelan, caved to the pressure and betrayed me, accusing me of working for CIA (the same false claim made by Ted Gunderson).

She then became a supplicant in Ted Gunderson's protection racket/containment operation, and later starting promoting his crony, John DeCamp, by advertising his book, The Franklin Coverup.

Note that Rayelan states:

"please remember that partners in government operations sometimes attack each other for the benefit of the public"

What in the hell is that supposed to mean? And who in the hell does Rayelan think she is?  

First, she scavenges material from Barbara Hartwell, then proceeds to try to further discredit me by using Tim White as her "source" of further libel.

More recently one of her entourage of  ignorant New Age busybodies, a woman using the screen name "Susoni", posted a libelous attack on Barbara Hartwell, claiming that "Barbara Hartwell & Britany Spears (spelling incorrect) are "Victims of Monarch"
See the liars refuted here:
This moron, "Susoni" posts similar idiocy on other sites, including on the site of disinformation specialist David Icke. Her real name appears to be Lynda Brasier. Having found it, I have added it promptly to the HALL OF SHAME, in which all other "news agents" have been automatically  inducted, due to their participation in this government disinformation, anti-Christian site, Rumor Mill News, where Barbara Hartwell's name has been repeatedly libeled and exploited. And where money is being bilked from the readers in connection with the libel and exploitation.
Rayelan Allan &  accomplices at Rumor Mill News:
Be hereby warned and directed to CEASE & DESIST exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell. I demand that you REMOVE your libelous falsehoods immediately. STOP USING MY NAME. STOP SCAVENGING MY MATERIAL.
You people are shameless, unconscionable, reprehensible, and morally bankrupt.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
July 27, 2013
Ken Adachi & Rayelan Allan: False Witnesses


The controlled opposition is kept under control by a containment-and-protection racket. Their goal is to keep the flow of information contained --by censorship; by carefully crafted disinformation fed to the participants; by bearing false witness against ANYONE who is not sanctioned by the racket. This, of course, includes anyone who tells the unadulterated TRUTH and lets the chips fall where they may. This includes ANYONE who cannot be bought, but serves only the TRUTH.

This is why you can never get the truth from anyone who is a part of a containment-and-protection racket, nor from any media which is owned by them. Once they sell out, they are in thrall to the protection racket. If they lie, if they falsely accuse another at the behest of the protection racket, they cannot retract their lies without retaliation.
This report exposes Ken Adachi and Rayelan Allan, both heavily involved in the containment-and-protection racket. They expose their own lies, by their own words, which are given below.
In November 2003, I resigned my posting privileges at RMN, after I reached the limits of my tolerance for the meddlesome New Age busybodies; the leftist, consensus-group-think mentality and the secular-humanist pop psychology which seemed to dominate the mindset of most of the "news agents".

But more importantly, there was the selective censorship by Rayelan Allan, whereby she attempted to manipulate anyone who refused to toe the New Age/occultist party line. As anyone who has ever run up against these tactics can attest, Rayelan is the Ultimate Busybody, and a gossip and meddler extraordinaire. Those who refused to tolerate Rayelan's selective censorship (often based on nothing more than her egotistical whims) either quit in disgust and/or were "banned" in perpetuity from Rumor Mill News.

Ken Adachi: "Why did they [Rumor Mill News] remove her articles? It's not because Ted or I complained to them because we never contacted them. They removed her garbage because they came to realize-quite on their own- that Hartwell cannot be trusted about anything. She turned on them -and betrayed them- in exactly the same way she turned on Ted and dozens of other people who have tried to help her in one way or another."

Now, for a refreshing change: THE TRUTH

E-mails from Rayelan Allan to Barbara Hartwell re Ted Gunderson
To: Barbara Hartwell
From: Rayelan
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 12:38 AM
I guess he got the number from Tim White. Don't know how he got it. I will be getting an unlisted number tomorrow. I refused to talk to Ted but he did manage to get in that you told him you were a mind controlled robot for the CIA.

Can you believe that in a manner of 30 seconds he was able to say that.... like he had been rehearsing it!

I also KNEW he was recording the conversation. Just an inner feeling, no clicks or anything.

Subject: tim white
From: Rayelan
To: Barbara Hartwell
Sent: October 30, 2003

tim white called yesterday -- my husband just listened to him... i will never call him back!!

Rayelan's arrogant statement, in her attempts to stop Barbara Hartwell from exposing the truth about the criminal operations of Ted Gunderson et al:
"At the moment there is only ONE silver bullet.... it is named Rumor Mill News."


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