Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015 - May it bring Truth, Justice and a renewal of freedom.

To all those loyal RMN Readers who forked over $4,300 last month and have been told in no uncertain terms they are to step lively and pay over more immediately!

And if the money does not get laid down fast enough the threats start that the RMN Reposting Station will go off line – now, tell me again why that would matter? What does RMN provide in the way of insights which makes any difference what-so-ever? None.

And about the MOVE

All of you have have been watching the Move Which Never Seems to Happen. Cast your mind back. This stupidity started last July. Do you anyone else in the world who has taken this long to move, despite the steady stream of funds from harassed Readers who respond to the whining and pleas and send money? No. Even dead people move faster and no one pays them for being dead.

But there has been a development.

Ms. Smith turned off her utilities as of yesterday, December 30th. I learned of this when the water stopped. I knew better than to ask Ms. Smith as this only results is screaming and her running around flapping her hands as she sprays spittle on everything in range.

So I called the water company. No, it had not been turned off – she just did not pay the bill. It was a couple of hundred dollars, so she could well have paid it with the largess you put out. But she didn't. And the curious non-appearance of the Jeep continues. Evidently, Ms. Smith puts in a call and her on call chauffeur appears with the Jeep to do her bidding. Other cars are also involved. I wonder how many of these she paid for? Excuse me, that you paid for.

I then called the electric company and found out that she ended her service that day and this would be turned off forthwith. Ditto with the gas company.

I have a badly disabled son. He has to have a place to sleep and basic necessities, for instance a bathroom he can navigate.

So, since it was clear Ms. Smith was moving immediately I put all the utilities in my name and made payments.

Let's see – she told all of you she has a farm house and 65 acres of land where she is going to start farming. But she needed a tiny bit of help to pay for the linoleum because she cannot bear to live in a house with a rug on the dining room floor, through that is what she has now and her early years were spent living in a chicken coop with her family, she once told me.

Ms. Smith once told me her rent is $600 a month. Maybe she lied, after all, she lies about everything. But that is what she told me. She could have bought this place for $30,000.

A surprise is coming for Ms. Smith which will make the coming year less fun for her.

Now, to the issue of Cheney's role in 9/11.

Clearly, the only people who had nothing to do with it are, or were, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Given how much Cheney enjoys torture he was probably on the spot and panting at Abu Ghraib.

Most people, if asked, would support Cheney for the title of Most Psychopathic, even ahead of any serial killer you can name or other NeoCons.

John Fund commented to us that there was a lot of excitement and happiness in Cheney's office as they were gathered up and bundled off, Cheney being sort of Second in Command, or virtual first in command.

Which reminded me of a little site I put up in 2007 which is, yes!, still there.

Short hiatus.

Now you can vote for the Most Psychopathic of a highly disordered bunch. Was ever an election more likely to yield a correct winner? This is an issue which could hurry the development of a new generation of fMRI technology so the answer could be reliably ascertained. Vote HERE

Enough. It is 2015, a new year for hammering NeoCon scum and their Brothers in Crime.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Ms. Smith goes to – Where?

In another odd turn of events Ms. Smith seems to have been spending her time downstairs as usual but with her Jeep elsewhere. Why could this be? And why is the dishwasher along with other appliances running constantly down there?

Since my son and I are very quiet by habit and I dislike background noise the constant clamor of Ms. Smith's appliances and the constant variations in water pressure did not occur to me as significant until the Jeep disappeared and connections of hers in the neighborhood began asking if she had finished moving.

Is Ms. Smith trying to make it appear she has moved? She had Minion XXXX remove the furniture from the porch so the place does have a sort of unlived in look, or did until I bought two chairs and a small table for my son's use.

But moving necessitates removing ones possessions from the premises and this has not happened. All that clanking and related noise give ample evidence there is a whole lot of stuff down there and it is being used as constantly as ever. Otherwise, why would the dishwasher and other appliances be making their usual noise over and over again?  I would have thought they were cooking for a crowd.  

I was a little surprised Ms. Smith and Jim Heath were heard downstairs without any other minions being present for Christmas. I was not here myself much because I had two events at church which required my presence. We had a lovely Birthday Party for Jesus on Christmas Day! I baked the cake and decorated it at the church the day before because I have no oven.

Moving generally happens over a short period of time, the actual move following a process of winnowing and sorting through items to be either donated, disposed of, or packed as appropriate for where they will be stored or used in the new house or apartment. At least, this is how I pack.

Now that I think about it I realize the Lee – Powers family commented they were forced to start shoving items into boxes nilly willy as Ms. Smith did not seem to think any such procedure was necessary in advance. A daunting thought, but given what I saw coming out of the boxes which had never been unpacked from Ms. Smith's move from California, this actually makes sense.

Ms. Smith complained her 'hired help,' were incompetent. Having watched this move not take place I would have to say the Lee – Powers Family probably did a stellar job in getting things loaded up and on their way in 2010.

Seeing what is going forward here explains things which were previously puzzling.

What if it is impossible for Ms. Smith to fit her 'stuff' into her newly acquired housing on that lovely farm? What is the present minions object to being hemmed in on all sides with the enormity of Ms. Smith's 'stuff?” This is, of course, these are speculations on my part.

Let's, for a moment, revisit the issue of 'hoarding.'

I once said the definition for 'hoarder' should have Ms. Smith's picture added to it. Today I found a very clear definition of the word on the Mayo Clinic site and this provides the opportunity to put these two things together.


Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A person with hoarding disorder experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of the items. Excessive accumulation of items, regardless of actual value, occurs.
Hoarding often creates such cramped living conditions that homes may be filled to capacity, with only narrow pathways winding through stacks of clutter. Some people also collect animals, keeping dozens or hundreds of pets in unsanitary conditions because they can't care for them properly.
Hoarding ranges from mild to severe. In some cases, hoarding may not have much impact on your life, while in other cases it seriously affects your functioning on a daily basis.
People with hoarding disorder often don't see it as a problem, making treatment challenging. But intensive treatment can help people with hoarding disorder understand their compulsions and live safer, more enjoyable lives.

The site was loaded with useful information including this linked page on:


In the homes of people who have hoarding disorder, the countertops, sinks, stoves, desks, stairways and virtually all other surfaces are usually stacked with stuff. And when there's no more room inside, the clutter may spread to the garage, vehicles and yard.
Clutter and difficulty discarding things are usually the first signs and symptoms of hoarding disorder, which often surfaces during the teenage years. As the person grows older, he or she typically starts acquiring things for which there is no need or space. By middle age, symptoms are often severe and may be harder to treat.
Hoarding disorder affects emotions, thoughts and behavior. Signs and symptoms may include: [NOTE by MP-F Bolding indicates, boy is this true of Ms. Smith!
  • Persistent inability to part with any possession, regardless of its value
  • Excessive attachment to possessions, including discomfort letting others touch or borrow them or distress at the idea of letting an item go
  • Cluttered living spaces, making areas of the home unusable for the intended purpose, such as not being able to cook in the kitchen or use the bathroom to bathe
  • Keeping stacks of newspapers, magazines or junk mail
  • Letting food or trash build up to unusually excessive, unsanitary levels
  • Acquiring unneeded or seemingly useless items, such as trash or napkins from a restaurant
  • Difficulty managing daily activities because of procrastination and trouble making decisions
  • Moving items from one pile to another, without discarding anything
  • Difficulty organizing items, sometimes losing important items in the clutter (Remember the mail?)
  • Shame or embarrassment
  • Limited or no social interactions
People with hoarding disorder typically save items because:
  • They believe these items will be needed or have value in the future
  • The items have important emotional significance — serving as a reminder of happier times or representing beloved people or pets  (This does not appear to be Ms. Smith's motivation, but she buys things which look like what her family had and then claims these are 'family heirlooms.' 
  • They feel safer when surrounded by the things they save
Hoarding disorder is different from collecting. People who have collections, such as stamps or model cars, deliberately search out specific items, categorize them and carefully display their collections. Although collections can be large, they aren't usually cluttered and they don't cause the distress and impairments that are part of hoarding disorder.

Hoarding animals

People who hoard animals may collect dozens or even hundreds of pets. Animals may be confined inside or outside. Because of the large numbers, these animals often aren't cared for properly. The health and safety of the person and the animals are at risk due to unsanitary conditions.

When to see a doctor

If you or a loved one has symptoms of hoarding disorder, talk with a doctor or mental health provider as soon as possible. Some communities have agencies that help with hoarding problems. Check with your local or county government for resources in your area.
As hard as it might be, you may also need to contact local authorities, such as police, fire, public health, child protective services or animal welfare agencies, especially when health or safety is in question. 
(If you donate to Ms. Smith you should check sources so she can receive help!)  


It's not clear what causes hoarding disorder. Genetics, brain chemistry and stressful life events are being studied as possible causes.

Hope you have found this both interesting and instructive! - Melinda

Arch-Typical Hoarder

Darlene Rae Smith AKA Rayelan Allen, Raye Smith, Raye Kooker, Raye Dyer and so forth.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Frack Dick Cheney - Torture is too good for him.

Sometimes you just need to do a tee-shirt.  I started doing them when How the NeoCons Stole Freedom went up in 2005.  That was my first blogsite, still in existence.  

Do you think I should do one for Ms. Smith, too? 

We have formulated a plan for stopping the Keystone Pipeline and extending the present move toward energy parity across America.  By so doing local areas can rebuild their economies and begin the move from centralized to localized.  

Our target date for stopping Keystone is this by the end of this year.  Our target date for getting Americans off grid for energy is 2020.  

Us is a disparate group made up of people from all over and of all ages.  

We are working with a company already installing an ecosystem which provides energy for the home and business and can also recharge your house.  Today I was writing the come out article and screen play for our crowdfunding.  

Now I'll go think about that tee-shirt for Ms. Smith. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

And the Whine Goes On, and On, and On.......

Read the Post by DRS AKA Rayelan the Magnificent, Arch-Duchess of Austria and Princess of Obergon carefully. She is really telling you a lot about herself without realizing it. 

I've had pneumonia.  I don't believe Ms. Smith has had it because she can talk at the top of her lungs when ever it suits her, which is often.   

And consider this.   How would this woman who cannot even handle her own trash and piles up mountains of knickknacks, her 'treasures' handle a farm? There are lots of farms around here but does she need 65 acres? How would she keep it mowed? There is also the possibility this is a proposed purchase of another chunk of the land already paid for, if not put in the name of, RMN Readers in Rock Creek, 3426 Knowlton Road, Parcel 330200000605, Rock Creek, Ohio.

That was certainly farm land and as far as I know Angel was still living out there in a shack which Ms. Smith described to me as not fit for animals.

I'm still here because she has not settled with me for work done without pay and for her broken promises. I don't want to be here. Living in close proximity with Ms. Smith and the kind of people she seems to feel comfortable around is a mind boggling combination of boredom and terror. They are not what my family referred to as 'civil.'

I was never a house guest. I came to Ohio because she begged me, saying she needed help because of her health and because she needed a partner with my skills to take RMN to the next level.

I had taken the job of Director of Advertising for RMN, site plus the Radio Shows, while still in California. Here is the letter the woman wrote to confirm my employment. My housing was a benefit, along with others which never materialized.

  October  2011
          19 -      Employment Letter, Director of Advertising, RMN 

Why didn't Ms. Smith try to evict me? Because she can't without being confronted with the inconvenient truth and being forced to pay up. There is also the issue of being confronted with her connections to the people who slandered and libeled me, all connected to my former husband who thinks nothing of paying $5,000 a month to each of a string of women just in case he wants to have sex with them. Craig Franklin

Of course, he prefers little girls, ones who trust him and call him 'daddy.'

Now, the only true thing she wrote is that she cares about her dogs. She cares nothing about people. This includes you are Readers of RMN. Your only use to her is to send her money and anything else for which she decides she has a fancy.

If you remember the segment of the Drama which included OITC you remember the conference call during which the Head of OITC Security informed Ms. Smith RMN was located on a CIA server. This happened while she was planning to leave the US, paid for by OITC, and start a new life working as Head of their Media Empire.

I had heard nothing about this before coming to Ohio and was surprised she expected me to leave America when so many people need help understanding what is happening to us and our country. Ms. Smith was dismissive. It was clear she did not care what happened to anyone with three exceptions. These are her dogs.

Buck was 14 when I arrived. He would not be 17 to 18 which for a large dog means he is a very, very old dog today. How much do you think it is appropriate to pay to keep a dog this old alive when so many of us are strapped for food to eat? Just asking. I understand loving an animal but in my book people come first. 

Buck is a Golden Retriever.  


If I were you I would ask Ms. Smith what happened to the last land you bought for her.

Psychopathy and Psi Vampires

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

Most people today are familiar with the rule of 5%-15%-60% and 20%. Five percent of a population will consider a new idea of try someone once. Fifteen percent will try out a new idea if they are desperate. 60% will notice when around 15 – 20% are using a new product or accept a new idea and adopt it themselves. This varies by the status of those first users.

20% of any human population will never accept a new idea.

In 2006 I watched a news conference featuring Dick Cheney. Cheney struck me as having no sense of caring about the people who had died or the babies being born who were deformed by the use of Depleted Uranium. At one point I felt he was simply annoyed with having to spend time answering the questions. The photos of these sad little babies seemed to have no impact. It made my skin crawl.

Suddenly I asked myself, “Is Dick Cheney a psychopath?”

Today, many more are asking this question. In Cheney's latest round of media attention the question of whether or not he is a psychopath occurred thousands of times.

I had begun studying the work of Dr. Robert Hare on psychopathy a few months previously.

I googled the word “psychopath.” A couple of thousand hits showed up. Today when you google the term 9,950,000 results appear. The sites which came up in 2006 showed a lot of variety in understanding the term. Many still think the term means only serial killers, but this is changing.

Professionals and increasing number os lay people have come to understand most psychopaths are not violent, their behavior exhibits through a lack of conscience and empathy.

This illustrates the process of adoption of a new idea in a population.

The first adopters for understanding the condition, a small percentage of people, the 5% - 15%, finally hit the 60%. This does not mean the 60% have a clear understanding of the condition but that they know it exists and vaguely what the term means.

These trends happen over a period of time as the idea is considered and adopted first by the 5%, then by the 15% and then begins to gain ground in the 60%.

People are by nature conservative in refining their understanding taking cues from those in authority and examining the evidence.

Articles published which use the term or about psychopaths are now into main stream publications. Financial theories are now taking the condition into account.

This process for adoption took longer than eight years. Hare began publishing on the subject over twenty years ago. But the acceptance of the existence of the condition is now established.

Probably the most significant advance in understanding and acceptance came as a result of the use of the fMRI, a form of brain scan, which revealed the lack of reaction in the amygdala of criminals believed to be psychopaths when shown films of shocking harm done to people.

The term 'Psychopath' was first used in 1880. In the 1930s another psychiatrist began using the term, 'sociopath.' Most practitioners today consider the terms interchangeable.

When you google the term, Psi Vampire, you get 483,000 results. Tellingly, many of these originate from websites which state they are in place to assist psi vampires.

Here is the first site which came up, the second from the search which claimed to be created for the use of Psi Vamps.

All information on this site or on any sites linked to it should be taken as purely opinion and not fact.  We are here to carry on the information in an educational manner, and do not encourage using this information in a harmful or distasteful manner.  Keep your minds open while being sure to keep them skeptical.
I myself was very skeptical when my awakening occurred.  In fact, it wasn't until a few months after that my abilities grew to the point where I knew that what I was reading and learning pertained to me.
So, with that out of the way, here is what we have to offer you;
Well, what are you waiting for?  I hope you find the site informative and thought provoking.  If you have any questions or comments, email The Author at:

Deep Feeding
This site,, provides detailed information on how to engage in three forms of psi feeding, ambient, contact, and deep feeding. These terms, with slight variations defining the same basic techniques, occur again and again and are clearly terms are referring to a common body of understanding. This is also true of the instructions for the newly practicing psi vampire.
These is strong evidence of an existing, but relatively small, community. Hits were about 550.
Deep Feeding it reports as, feeding off a specific persons core soul energy.”
Not surprisingly, the sites state permission should be given before deep feeding takes place. Many psi vampires show evidence of concern for those from who they take energy.
The process of adoption and the small size of the population who claim to be psi vampires points to a longer span for acceptance. But the evidence online points to a population who believe they are taking of energy which they did not, themselves, produce.
The justifications for this, which could be expected, strengthen the possibility psi vampires exist.
The ability to feed on the energy of others is not refuted by the evidence now building on the quantum nature of life, but there has, as yet, been no medical consideration of the issue as has already taken place with psychopaths.

If this is not a mass hallucination this will happen, however, leaving other questions to be considered.

The question of what happens if a psychopath is also an energy or psi vampire is just one of these.

Keeping Track of the status quo.

Locks, doors and the Jim and Darlene Show 

Ms. Smith had been issued a key to the church so she could let people in for her beading class.  The assembled would assemble jewelry from parts brought by Ms. Smith and others.  

In a moment of happy fancy it was named The Saint Beading Group.   For a short time it met regularly.  Some items made there were sold in the book store resulting in an accumulated donation to the church of $35.00. 

Having a key to the church is taken very seriously by the Vestry.  These is a short training and a letter is signed confirming the individual will be responsible for the key and under no circumstances allow anyone else to use it.

Because there is a cost when the police or fire department comes if the alarm is set off this is not a minor matter.  

Ms. Smith gave her key to Jim.  The alarm went off because he was not trained.  

Soon afterward Jim stopped coming to church, soon followed by Ms. Smith.  I was in the church preparing for the yearly rummage sale when Ms. Smith finally, after some prodding, appeared to reclaim the copious supplied she had stored there for the Saint Beading Group, then defunct.

This is a high crime area.  Keeping doors locked is standard procedure. 

The door in question does not lead to any place of habitation but that which I occupy with my son.  Imagine for a moment a home invader trying to get past the tiny bit of Ms. Smith's junk pictured above.  

Leaving it intentionally unlocked invites physical harm to myself and my son.   Since a signal maliciousness has been very prominent in her behavior for a long time now this is not a surprise but steps must be taken.  

Now, when is Ms. Smith going to use the money so generously given to her by RMN Readers and move?  When and if this happens rest assured she will have spent every cent on her many minions and other expensive habits. 

December 17, 2014 
Door had been checked and was locked.

December 18, 2014
Both locks of the front door were unlocked at 3:15am when I went down to look.  I relocked them.  

Jim Heath and Ms. Smith are downstairs and either could have unlocked the door.   Others could also be down there.  Think of it as a sort of commune attuned to the needs of Ms. Smith for an audience, which are many.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Legal Definitions - Incite and Abet, for Dave's information

Revisiting the scheme of last winter?

Tonight I was awakened at a little after 10PM by the strident, shrill tones of Ms. Smith blasting away in the living room just below me. I could also hear the raised voices of someone named 'Dave' apparently a new minion being programmed with the next drama.

I believe, but can not know for sure, that Dave was accompanied by another individual. I believe this was a female but could not be sure as the voice was not as loud.

Normally, I ignore the voices, which are generally muddled and indistinct. But some of these remarks were so loud they both woke me and were entirely understandable.

It appears Ms. Smith has decided to reverse the truth, something she does all too often, and characterize me as a psychopath/demon and/or psyvampire to these new minions. 

Apparently it was quite a performance, even for her.  

If I could record her while in full throat it would be an education on the ability of the disordered to appear to be entirely sincere and outraged as a part of their minion programming tutorials.   

After this initial cacophony her voice dropped and I could hear Dave's voice, seeming to be filled with promises of action for alleviation of her 'problem.' Some loud banging against something accompanied these assurances.  

Seconds later the slamming of a door was heard and a small white car backed out of the driveway.  I am not all that good at car identification.  It may be one I photographed before, getting the license plate number.  These photos wend their way to a friend of mine in California for safe keeping.  He has full contact information for the local police and further information I thought it inappropriate to post here.  

Now, I need to record for posterity some curious happenings from last winter. Despite the many fantasies Ms. Smith spins she is not all that inventive, repeating past failures, with renewed expectations of success, on a regular basis.  

But I suspect her ideas come from many quarters, sometimes the news.   

A home invasion took place in Ashtabula January 27, 2014. At first, the news was scant.

Police: 1 Dead, 2 Injured After Ashtabula Home Invasion

ASHTABULA, Ohio– Police in Ashtabula tell FOX 8 that one person is dead and two others are injured after a shooting on Norman Ave. in Ashtabula on Monday afternoon.
It happened during a home invasion, according to police, who said they are looking for two armed men.


Suspects in deadly Ashtabula shooting identified; one could be hiding in Cleveland, authorities say

Cory Shaffer | Northeast Ohio Media Group By Cory Shaffer | Northeast Ohio Media Group
Email the author | Follow on Twitter
on February 03, 2014 at 11:31 AM, updated February 03, 2014 at 1:38 PM
ASHTABULA, Ohio -- "One of three men wanted in connection to the deadly Jan. 27 home invasion here that left a mother and son dead could be hiding in Cleveland, federal authorities said Monday.

The U.S. Marshals said Marcus Lashley, 21, Lewis Arnold, 24, and another suspect "ran into a home...near the 2100 block of Norman Avenue in Ashtabula and executed two people and left a third in critical condition" during a botched robbery attempt.

Police found Lydia Colon Aviles, 43, and her two sons, Alexis and Benny Mook-Colon, 20 and 23, respectively, shot inside the home. Alexis was pronounced dead at the scene, and his mother died several hours later at MetroHealth Medial Center in Cleveland.

Lydia Aviles died of a single gunshot wound to the chest, according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's office."  MORE

Soon after these articles appeared in the news the front door, which has a regular lock and a deadbolt, I found both unlocked late at night.  Since I never leave the front door unlocked, and my son locks it even when he is on the porch and confirmed to me he had not left it unlocked I began going downstairs every night to make sure it was locked.  On at least seven occasions both locks were unsecured.  

Ongoing, boisterous drama sessions were taking place in the living room with individuals who were obviously taken with the horrors Ms. Smith was experiencing and eager to assist her. 

This stopped abruptly after the perpetrators of the Ashtabula home invasion murders were caught and justice swiftly done through the court system.  

Tonight, I found the front door unlocked.  It is impossible to get through from the front door into the area where Ms. Smith and minions reside.  These photos will show you why. 

This is the present condition of the entry hall just inside the front door.  This morass of junk allows more to be tossed in from the kitchen and side entry.  In my experience, this is very representative of Ms. Smith's filing system. 

If you angle the camera toward the front door you can see the tops of the French doors which lead into the living room.  Junk rests against the living room doors and the door which Ms. Smith installed to cut the area off.  The French doors can not open with the junk against them.  The glass is completely covered.

 The photo below is the side facing the front door.  The junk in back of this 'door' which could no longer be opened because the junk is in the way, is the first thing you see when entering the house.  The French doors, which formerly allowed access to the living room are to the left.

Legal Definitions:


To arouse; urge; provoke; encourage; spur on; goad; stir up; instigate; set in motion; as in to incite a riot. Also, generally, in Criminal Law to instigate, persuade, or move another to commit a crime; in this sense nearly synonymous with abet.


To encourage or incite another to commit a crime. This word is usually applied to aiding in the commission of a crime. To abet another to commit a murder is to command, procure, counsel, encourage, induce, or assist. To facilitate the commission of a crime, promote its accomplishment, or help in advancing or bringing it about.

In relation to charge of aiding and abetting, term includes knowledge of the perpetrator's wrongful purpose, and encouragement, promotion or counsel of another in the commission of the criminal offense.

 The kind of people Ms. Smith habitually has as minions are not rocket scientists.  They are not readers.  They appear to be emotionally volatile and easily influenced.  These would be perfect for some purposes but they are not the kind of people who would fit well into the environment of Rumor Mill News.  

 They do not appear to be focused on either the esoteric or matters of unfolding national and international events, shall we say.   

So, why does Ms. Smith seek them out?  Inquiring minds want to know.  


Saturday, December 13, 2014

RECAP – Who is Raylan Allen, AKA Darlene Rae Smith and what is really happening here?

(Sorry for the length of this – but it is important to occasionally add more context and background for complete understanding.)

Ms. Smith's problems are not as she presents them. This is to be expected since as a disordered individual she lives in a fabric of lies which all too often break down and leave her exposed, if you care to notice. 
This is why she insisted on being 'anonymous' where she lives to keep her quasi-heroic persona, a complete fabrication, believable.

With the exception of Angel she had practically no contact with anyone who knows about the world of the internet and the relationships forged there. The Internet is a perfect place to spin fantasy lives and engage in behavior which would be immediately debunked if it was taking place in the 'real world.'

My acquaintanceship with Ms. Smith forced me to examine many of my assumptions about the real world, the Internet, and the rise of consciousness, in which we are all engaged.

For a long time I rejected much of what I now accept as true. These truths are always subject to expanded understanding. More information and experiences become available regularly and each of us who is committed to expanding our consciousness must question our present understanding and be willing to see a finer truth.  

This transition in thought was hard for me to make because I started my intellectual life as an atheist and categorized all religious ideas as mythology.  I believed these were displaced by science and objective fact.

At the same time many people in what I still think of as the Wu-Wu sector tried, and continue to try, to sell me ideas which are not supported by my direct and immediate experiences. 

All arguments based on 'higher authority' strike me as flawed. 

When in doubt I weigh my experiences over assertions which generally appear to be cobbled together from multiple interpretive sources.

The Unexplained Change In My Body

When I first moved to Ohio I experienced what I first believed was some kind of problem which was causing me intense pain, confusion, weight gain, and other symptoms. Nothing described from conventional medicine I found on line could explain these.

I could not raise my arms above my head without intense pain. I was continually nauseated. I could not bear the weight of my purse slung over my shoulder. I lost complete control of my balance. 

Reflecting on this later it suddenly struck me that Ms. Smith evidenced no concern even though the weight gain took me from a size 6 - 8 to a size 20 in just four months.  In fact, far from showing concern she seemed gleeful.  

One of my associates, who provides analysis on toxic waste exposure ascertained toxic conditions could not be the issue.  Dave is not Wu-Wu. He is an expert witness, qualified by the courts to testify on the issues of toxic waste and its impacts.  He was the expert witness for the case involving Ecuador, heard several years ago.  

His career as a geologist and specialist in the toxic waste from oil products spanned high level employment with all the major oil companies before he left, turning his back on his accrued benefits and the likelihood for much more of the same, in 1996. Returning to the US from Malaysia he joined Green Peace. If you have read my book GREED – The NeoConning of America, published in 2004 with a new version out today, he is Bernard.  

It was not medical. What could it be, as asked myself? After exhausting all possibilities I found references on line to Deep-Feeding PsiVampires. Much of what I found as ways to immunize myself was pure hokum, wasting time and money.

After further research on psivampires and the history existing in Biblical text and other ancient sources I decided to begin looking at these sources as possibly having a basis in fact.

Eventually, I was lead to accept, as theory, that psivampires existed. The characteristics ascribed to psychopaths and sociopaths are identical to those ascribed to psivampires without the energy related issue. 

Then I realized I had experienced the symptoms before, always in the company of someone I came to see what disordered.   

I came up with a regimen which worked and which lead me to a renewed interest in quantum physics, which I had first encountered while researching methods for rehabilitation for my son's brain injuries. These were few and far between as proven to work until more started to surface as proven and in use and available around 2009.

Today these, all energy based, (quantum) can be added to hyperbaric therapies. See for more on this.

I believe, on the evidence, Ms. Smith is herself  demonic, the offspring of a fallen angel produced by the interbreeding of women with the Legion brought to Earth by Lucifer at the time of the Fall.

I use the traditional characterization of events from ancient documents but when these are examined through the lens of quantum physics and the nature of consciousness I believe there will be new insights providing more of the back story.

What appears to be a conflict may have been placement for events planned out for a purpose not accessible when operating within the limitation of perceived time.

Ms. Smith's Position

She made a very real mis-step in asking me to come back here. All evidence points to this being part of a plan to get me off my base of support in California so I could be 'handled' with fewer complications by the well-heeled group of individuals who want to shut me up. 

Saddam Hussein and 9/11 - The Unexpected Connection 

The disordered cooperate when they have common goals but also are likely to abandon each other when it becomes clear this is in their best interest. The more intelligent disordered always have exit strategies to immunize them.

Ms. Smith does not seem to be one of these.

It was a real struggle for me to learn how to cope with the constant sucking of energy and interference with my neurological system but I have made enormous gains toward regaining complete control.

I believe Ms. Smith's reluctance to move comes from knowing I understand exactly what has been happening and will make this known to many people. If she leaves she knows the information will be forthcoming and she will have lost possibility of controlling a conduit for information which will be devastating to her personally.

I have long experience with ensuring the cost of harming me will be far harder on those who are responsible than they will be on me.

Steps have already been taken and the response would be something which would end every fantasy Ms. Smith has ever had.

But fantasies will do her no good. She needs to confront the need to seek forgiveness, make real restitution, and accept salvation (acceptance of her latent higher consciousness, conscience and empathy) , something which I am sure terrifies her.

Who Ms. Smith is.

I believe as a young child she was subjected to mind manipulation by the CIA, probably arranged by her father for money.Since she has said this herself to numerous people it would be impossible for her to refute, given available testimony.  

In response to this she constructed the high-flown fantasies she retails on RMN but remains, emotionally, about eight years of age.  Her entire affect reverts to this age when she is frightened.  If you close your eyes and 'see' her she even looks child-like.  

So, she claims she was not a snitch for the government but an innocent only trying to do the right thing.

She was not paid for having sex with individuals who were targeted by the CIA but just following up personal opportunities and the impulse of her heart.

Today, she has been recycled into her role at RMN.

She was useful for this work because she was trained for it. She was victimized as a child but her own past life recollections do not speak for her essential decency.  And nothing excuses continuing to prey on others, either lying for money (online panhandling) or stealing energy.   She can also have no excuse for taking on the task of torturing me with the intention of bringing about my death.  I shudder to think of what would have happened to my son if she had succeeded.  

The Porcupine Defense 

In 2001 I placed in the hands of six individuals, four off shore, two on shore, information which would still, today, be destructive to those involved in the events documented. I kept no copies myself and the materials from the several individuals, from which these were complied, were destroyed as well. One of these sources was my estranged daughter, Morgan, obtained by her during her relationship with John Fund.


Ms. Smith lurks around the bottom of the stairs, her preferred location for sucking energy.

Ms. Smith spends long periods of time away from the house.During those times I do not experience the sensation of being drained.  

Today Ms. Smith had her minion-flunky, XXXX removed the seating from the porch so my son could not go out there to smoke. Jim Heath, Ms. Smith's familiar whatever, smokes in the house.

I promptly provided a couple of chairs from the local thrift shop and a small stand, photographing these after placing them. 

Arthur's Smoking Place

In the End Times Lucifer's legion, it is written,  will be confronted with the choice of accepting salvation.  Accepting salvation includes acceptance of the evil the demon has done in life.  Going through this process forces the demon to experience all of the outrages, pain, fear, and desperation they have inflicted.  Then, restitution is made, soul to soul.  

Either this or the endlessness of damnation.  This is described as being consigned to the never-ending gnashing of teeth and fire of the Pit. I think the description minimizes the horrors which await the demon who does not turn to the Creator.  

Ms. Smith is well on her way to this end.

This may be metaphor or it may be literal. Clearly, the disordered are not making the transition which is going forward with those of us who have consciences and empathy, these being the means by which we become One.

Please excuse the length of this post.

And may your lives be Light.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Moving, Moving Moving.....but to where?

Honest to Goodness boxes, packed with tape and with nothing sticking out went into the back of XXXX's white pickup truck this morning.  

This means they kissed and made up and the Move Is On. 

Of course, it also means she is most likely not going to New York or anyplace very far away.  

Check back for Updates as I start doing some real research.

Updates will be in this post, so just scan down the page for the line_________________ 

 I replied to a reply to a comment/query posted on this site in for the last Post. 
 There was a point to the response, which is clarified below.  

And the Moral of the Story is this: 

Telling lies, slandering and libeling others, eventually catches up with you.  It is now catching up with Rayelan AKA Darlene Rae Smith of Crow's Landing, California.  Personally, I would like to see Rayelan explain herself, with documentation she is telling the truth - finally.  

As a cautionary note she should remember she will answer for her sins against others and the evidence indicates hers have been monumental and constant.  Rayelan shows no shame, no contrition, no conscience, and no indication she has going to change. 



Monday, December 8, 2014

UPDATE – You never know what you are going to find out when you go to church.

Sometimes the insights are not spiritual at all, in the normal way the expression is used.

Well, since Rayelan attended until about a year ago and this is where she met Jim, her personal-person-to-listen-to-her-talk,  it was perhaps not so very odd that several people sidled up to me to expound on an astonishing variations on stories about the dauntless duo.

And I loaned out my copy of The Obergon Chronicles to someone at church and the book is now evidently making the rounds from one astonished person to the next.

The Obergon Chronicles
From the Historical Records of

The Planetary Council

These biographical tales have been transmitted to our contact on the planet Terra for the specific purpose of awakening the memory of home in the children of Obergon. These souls have now finished their lessons on Terra and it is time for them to awaken and return home.

I was asked on one occasion if this was written as fiction and had to respond it was not. Rayelan evidently believes every word of it, at least she says she does. The inquirer, a church member, shook his head and looked slightly perplexed. 

We can live in very different Universes and still be neighbors, it seems.  
I have been trying to reclaim the book because I really want to do a review and it would not be appropriate to do so until I have actually read it. I did make it in to, I think, page 20 when she first gave it to me. At the same time she told me I was been her sister, Shalma in the past life when she was Raelon.

Anyway, the book continues its adventures. I am sure it will be returned to me in good time.
Other news gleaned from Church Folk included what appears to be variations on a story wending its way through the community told in versions originating from at least two different parties.

In one of these versions Rayelan discovers she has clutched a traitor and criminal to her bosom in the person of XXXX, The Moving Guy, who, she suddenly discovered, has committed various acts of iniquity against her. A compilation of these include dealing drugs, taking drugs, stealing, lascivious behavior of a shocking nature and expecting to be paid outrageous amounts of money for minuscule amounts of work.
Variations coming from other sources indicated XXXX had a sudden insight and was outraged to realize Rayelan was Not All That She Purported To Be. Perhaps Rayelan had given him a copy of Obergon Chronicles, I have not the foggiest.

My own very slight experience with XXXX would lead me to believe his cultural background was very much in alignment with Rayelan's actual roots, which, if you overlook the accent, acquired while she was receiving therapy for a speech impediment, is sort of lower class.
But this does explain the contretemps I heard outside the other day. Evidently there was a definite parting of the ways.

Five different individuals asked me for more information while imparting the disparate bits compiled above. This probably would not have occurred except that this was a First Sunday and the day I lead my team to put on the Sunday Breakfast, largely attended by people in the neighborhood who are in need. Three of the individuals in question came from attendees who are not regular church members. 
I try to do something different every month and this month we prepared Breakfast sandwiches with slices of ham, egg, cheese and a touch of hot sauce. Also includes was a breakfast casserole with pork sausage, corn, onions, eggs and a lavishing of spices and cheese. Tomato and orange juice was served along with coffee and hot biscuits accompanies by appropriate condiments and coffee. 
Ashtabula is a very small town. The three individuals in question had not read Obergon Chronicles and did not appear to have a strong understanding of the Internet, from what they said. They did, however, seem very familiar with the blow up between Rayelan and XXXX.

Rayelan and Jim were here for a while today but I saw nothing move. The Jeep is now absent and it is blessedly quiet downstairs. And today is trash day and nothing is out there but my own modest two bags.  
I suspect they are actually living elsewhere. Since she has so much stuff she could easily have furnished several places and still have this one full to overflowing.

And Rayelan certainly has the money to view this place as storage. It is not posh. 
The abandonment of packages and mail on the porch continues. A package for Rayelan has been there since at least Saturday along with one for Jim. The Verizon Bill remains in the mailbox getting dampish.