Friday, March 14, 2014

Further Insights on Rayelan (AKA Darlene Rae Smith, and so on.) AVOID BEING A VICTIM!!!!

As a public service, and to ensure as few people as possible are victimized by Rayelan, I am providing here an outline of the highly repetitive strategy she follows to secure the trust and compliance of individuals who then provide her with the sustenance, and cover, she desperately needs.

Rayelan is an energy vampire, something I had never heard of until, desperate because of the constant pain and health problems I encountered immediately after arriving in Ashtabula to rescue Rayelan from conditions she painted as life-threatening to her, I began to experience these.  

Even then, I looked at every imaginable possibility before, reluctantly, considering that someone who told me so fervently she loved me like a sister could instead view me as prey.  

The pattern of deterioration took place while nothing else, except location, had changed in my life. I was continually exhausted, confused, and struggled to make sense of what was happening to me.  

I arrived in Ohio wearing 8 – 12 size clothes. Four months later I was struggling to fit into a size 20. I felt constantly drained. I could not safely stand on a chair to change a light bulb because of faulty balance, which had never before been the case.

My weight and physical conditioning had been stable over many years, through two heart attacks, surgery and other forms of trauma associated with the end of an abusive marriage. I had followed a regular regime for Yoga every day and walked. I exuded energy. Until my arrival, I remained mentally sharp and very able to focus on goals – until arriving in Ohio and beginning to work for Rayelan. Then, everything became a struggle. 

It did occur to me as strange that Rayelan ignored these changes and even seemed to enjoy pointing out to me I now had a belly, something I had never had even after giving birth, previously.  My eating habits had not changed one iota. 

It was her positive pleasure, not expressed verbally but visible on her face which caused me to wonder and look at her instead of such explanations as toxic water supplies which had been my focus.     

Barely able to move without excruciating pain I began to reflect on her early words to me upon my arrival as she told me she would live to be 150 years of age. “But you won't live long,” she said, almost dismissively. The shock of such a statement made so baldly and without explanation stunned me. But I asked, “Why do you say that?”

Remembering the look she gave me now sends chills up my spine.

Psychopathy is now a well understood phenomenon. But Energy Vampirism is only now coming into focus. These individuals, a form of demon, are also known as succubi, or PsiVampires, been largely considered to be mythical until recently. But individuals who claim these characteristics are now surfacing in significant numbers. Visit and read “Resources/DeepFeeding.

The site is matter-of-fact, and provides in-depth insights from the viewpoint of PsiVampires.  This is only one of several such sites I have found while researching.  

Rayelan is a Deep Feeder, by preference. She likes to finish off her prey and move on to the next source of energy meals.

I discovered in my desperation that one of the signs of a PsiVampires, is shocking and rapid weight gain in the victim. This takes place because the mind and body reacts, trying to defend itself before understanding what is happening.

Rayelan's presenting strategy is to position herself always as a victim in desperate need of help. This is one of her dramas, a highly psychopathic characteristic. The list of these characteristics is HERE

While there appear to be PsiVampiric individuals who are not psychopathic these are constrained by conscience and empathy for the damage they do others.  This is not so with psychopaths.  

Dramas, used to elicit sympathy from the potential victims Rayelan is seducing, are essential to her strategy.  Rayelan is careful to sow distrust so the present victim does not talk to those she is grooming, either as prey or to support her in the 'drama' she is producing as a cover for her real motives.  Naturally, Rayelan is always the female lead.  Once you understand what is happening you can see she is always overplaying the role to some extent.  

Rayelan's drama includes isolating the victim as she begins her feeding process and then telling blatant lies about the individual. I had no idea what kind of lies she was telling about me until she enacted a drama in front of two of the people she had enlisted as her next set of victims. This is normal for Rayelan. One of these is now being drained of energy and is in failing health, himself as she begins her search for more supportive individuals, found and kept through gifts and other enticements.  

These are necessary to Rayelan, as these drop off rapidly when they are intelligent enough to see something is amiss and grow uncomfortable.  As is true with the legal process of depositions liars always reveal themselves.   

If you encounter Rayelan you will notice she is glib and superficial, talking about herself endlessly and repeating the same stories over and over again without even changing the words used. Claiming to be of noble descent she asserts she is the Arch-Duchess of Austria, among other impossibilities.

She lies outrageously and constantly, demonstrating a consistent calloused disregard of the well being of others when appearing to be nice is not necessary to the present drama.  

The fellow Rayelan is now using is evidently gay, I was told.  I had no idea this was the case until a congregant from a local church where acquaintances of Rayelan or this fellow attend told me.  

The conversation began on a harsh note when they asked asked why I hated homosexuals. This was a subject Rayelan and I had never discussed but the outrageousness of the lie astonished me. I actually joined the Republican organization for gays, The Log Cabin Club to show solidarity with gays even though I am, myself, entirely heterosexual. As a Libertarian activist many of my closest friends had been gay, many of these dying of AIDS while we were working together. I was asked to be the honor attendant for a gay couple who had found each other at my suggestion they were perfectly suited.  

The truth is entirely irrelevant to psychopaths. When encountering any psychopath believe nothing unless documentation is provided.  When you talk to Rayelan you will notice how sincere she seems when telling you the most incredible lies with a straight face.  

On this site you can read the letters written by one of the family of victims who immediately preceded me. I cannot fault anyone for being taken in.  Certainly I was. 

The previous victims managed to escape alive, something she clearly did not intend for me. However, when I met them all were heavily overweight and the one or two glimpses I had of them some time later revealed they had lost weight after ending their association with Rayelan. 

Dragging myself out of the pit, through the anguish of betrayal, physical pain, depression and fear was not something I like to think about – but I managed.  Today I am far better but far from well.

I am closing on my normal weight and learning to repel her attacks as I monitor and track her psi activities through her continued attempts to feed on me. I note the focus of these attempts, always on points of meridians and viciously carried out to block the normal flow of energy.  These techniques will be outlined more fully in the book I am writing about the experience. If I had not been forced  to stay by my fragile health I would have failed to deepen my understanding of the behavior of PsiVampires.  These experiences will make the book would be far more valuable to other victims.  

I understand the attitudes of these people, who have been lied to and manipulated  so egregiously.  I pray for them, and for Rayelan,  Please join me in this.  

A long time friend of mine, a former Catholic priest who now has a ministry which includes treating psychopaths has provided enormous insights in this study.  I recently wrote a short column about his work, which appears on Ashtabula Times, titled, No. 88 – March 13, 2014 – Legends of the Fall

The book will also delve into Rumor Mill News, as a disinformation site, and Rayelan's real trajectory through life, a very different story than you will read in Obergon Chronicles. If I had known about the book earlier things would have been different.

I don't know if it was a combination of Rayelan not being able to suck energy so easily from me, as I studied the techniques for self-protection, or my starting to write articles about energy vampires which clued her that I had caught on. But that is why she cancelled my posting privileges. That last article is also on Before Its News. Notice Rayelan's name was not mentioned. But she knew perfectly well of whom I spoke and began plans to destroy me by transferring my job to someone else, never mentioning this, and by beginning to covertly slander me.

As you are probably aware, the human consciousness is changing and we are waking up to things which, previously, we could not understand. In the not too distant future the theft of energy from victims will be recognized and those who prey on others in this fashion will meet consequences which are much deserved. It is coming. 

Addendum:  Yes, we are working on the interrogatories and questions for deposition.  This has been delayed because of involvement in a federal RICO to relieve foreclosure victims.   See more on this at our website:  Homeowners Justice.  The related blog has updates on action in this arena.