Friday, December 27, 2013

Litigation is coming closer and closer


Some demented individual, I suspect I know their identity but since they choose to be Anonymous will withhold comment on this point, contacted me questioning my counsel's residence, which is about to change to the east coast as Homeowners Justice prepares for litigation there in our first phase of action. 

While they had obviously visited the website they made the mistake of assuming they were seeing the entire plan.  This was a misapprehension on their part.  The infrastructure built out for Homeowners Justice made taking care of the problem with Rayelan easy to handle.

Bringing in counsel from outside the area is essential, as local attorneys are reluctant to challenge the court on the issue of foreclosures where they have their practices.  In these cases we use local counsel, who only file papers.  This is a standard practice and very inexpensive.  Our local counsel elsewhere provides these services for a couple of hundred bucks. 

We are identifying attorneys willing to serve as local counsel for cases around the country on the issue of foreclosure as part of the second phase.    

Our plan has always to add attorneys trained and competent to represent clients on foreclosure.   The process of training attorneys around the country is now in motion.  Training will be done by a list of attorneys entirely qualified in each area of specialization within the many issues specific to foreclosure and securities fraud.  
Today, honest attorneys do not want to take these cases because they realize they are woefully untrained and unready to represent their clients effectively. 

Attorneys who do take these cases expect to learn on the job at the cost of their client.  Notice how well that has worked for homeowners.  Not. 

 We can help the right attorneys go into court prepared from Alaska to Florida.  Sign up to receive announcements, if you like.  

Process Strategist and Lead Trainer:

Charles E. Lincoln, III, whose education includes a B.A., magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from Tulane, M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard, J.D. from the University of Chicago, was an associate at Cadawalder, Wickersham and Taft when they were registering the first securitized derivative in 1993 – 1994.

It took him six weeks to realize the whole was highly irregular, another six weeks to see it was the Ponzi scheme from Hell.

After they read through the thorough analyses Lincoln provided, some of these running to 500 pages, with reference to the Constitution, statures, regulations, and case law, they asked him to leave, offering a $50,000 parting payment.

Then they went after him in ways all whistleblowers would recognize as a full on attack on every part of his life.   Until now he never managed to get the whistle to his mouth.  

Rayelan and Publicity

Rayelan loves publicity.  This is why she delights in the title, "The Queen of Conspiracy."  If she did not want to be exposed for her fraud she should not have committed it.  She had no problem lying her little heart out about me to everyone she knows covertly.  We call this slander.   She took steps she thought would make it impossible for me to avoid being homeless 3,000 miles from my home in California and without internet or a phone and forced to care for my son.  She also appears to have ended my part time job as Director of Advertising for RMN without ever mentioning the matter to me.  

She has been everything which is ugly and foul toward my disabled son.

It is a routine strategy for psychopaths to plan out their attacks while maintaining the pretense of cordial relations with their victim.  The FBI says of the 'face' created by individual psychopaths, "Psychopathic manipulation usually begins by creating a mask, known as a psychopathic fiction, in the minds of those targeted."  

Rayelan conforms to this pattern.  If you think you know her, you are wrong. 

Rayelan deserves not a scintilla of sympathy from anyone, but she whines and parades her pretended injuries, I am sure. 

If you are concerned for anyone, let it be for Jim Heath, whose health seems to be suffering since he and Rayelan became close friends and he moved in with her.     

Gathering the Tribes of Darkness Part II – The Disordered

Read the article  below, which is about a more interesting topic.  

The Foreclosure Meltdown was Planned - A Whistle blower Speaks Out

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

The trade in derivatives, using home notes, was designed as a Ponzi scheme. Excel knew it. Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft (CWT), knew it. My fellow junior associates laughed at me, senior associates got mad at me, and the senior partners ultimately asked me to resign or be fired when I wrote repeated lengthy memoranda explaining this out to them.” - Charles Lincoln, III, PH.D., Harvard, J.D., University of Chicago, School of Law

Who is Charles Lincoln, III?

In October, 1993, Charles Lincoln, III began work as an associate at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft (CWT). He had just completed a judicial clerkship for Kenneth L. Ryskamp, U. S. District Judge, Southern District of Florida. During his clerkship with Judge Ryskamp, Lincoln had planned, coordinated, and framed the jury questions for a very large securities fraud trial in Palm Beach against Alan B. Levan’s Florida-based BankAtlantic Bancorp and Subsidiary Bank Atlantic Financial Company (BAFCO), which were heavily involved in Florida Real Estate from 1952-2011.

What he was about to learn, and challenge, would change the course of his life, from one of privilege to destitution. MORE

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Zapped By Emotional Vampires: How To Spot Them

Last updated on January 30, 2010 at 9:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News
by Kathi Calahan
You dread meeting them for lunch, but go anyway. Hours later you're exhausted, have a headache and find yourself making weak excuses to run for your life. You've just been zapped by an emotional vampire.
No, they don't actually drain the blood from your neck (although you may have a stiff neck by the time you flee), but they do drain the joy from your life and remove any desire you have to spend any more time with them. No wonder you're dazed and confused. No wonder you don't feel good around them!
Emotional vampires do their best energetically to suck the life force right out of you (and everyone else)! Whether it's subconsciously or on purpose, these are the kinds of people who hunt for victims to energize them simply because they can't (or won't) tap into their own spiritual energy source for revitalization.
So what do they look like?
Portrait of an emotional (or energetic) vampire
Beyond their chronic bad moods and boring retelling of the same (often dramatic) stories, emotional vampires are the sort who always seemed to be depressed (or angry) - to the point where you suspect they may like it. These conversation dominators (who have no issue talking over you - or anyone else who tries to get a word in edgewise), seem to happily play the role of the victim. In other words, nothing is ever their fault and life just seems to happen to them as if they had no part in the things they're forever complaining about.
Emotional vampires have negative things to say about everyone and everything and make a habit of telling you all about their problems and pet peeves - without showing any interest in yours. Should you be lucky enough to interject more than a nod into the conversation, they'll always find a way to change the subject back to themselves... even if it means switching gears when you're in the middle of a thought. Finally, they never know when to go home. Emotional vampires have no clue when they've overstayed their welcome - or worn you thin.
How you know you've been zapped!
Almost anyone can take a certain amount of anything - energetic bloodsucking included - which may be why we often question if there really is a problem with these people, or if we're just too sensitive. Here are the telltale signs you've been zapped!
If you were anxious or upset at the beginning of your conversation, you'll probably feel worse after time spent with one of these dour drainers. Emotional vampires don't offer empathy or try to soothe the people around them, instead they find ways to provoke your angst even further. During your conversation, you may even get the psychic feeling of phantom tentacles reaching out from their body to yours!
Likewise, you may experience increased insomnia or wonder where your anxiety build up is coming from without being able to pin-point the cause. And if you were feeling just fine before you sat down with them, you may find yourself irked by their constant need to focus on your insecurities and bring them to the forefront when they were on the back burner.
How to protect yourself
For starters, don't feel too bad - emotional vampires walk into any room and suck the life energy from anyone unlucky enough to enter their personal space. In fact, if you don't walk into their space, it's likely that they'll scan the room for a victim and walk into yours.
Some emotional vampires know what they are doing; others do it on an unconscious level. Those who are unaware tend to have very difficult relationships, home lives and work interactions until they recognize what they are doing. Those who know they're doing it... well, better steer clear than try to understand.
Either way, in order to protect yourself from their bloodletting, you have two options. First, you can tell them the truth: that you cannot get a word in edgewise and that the relationship feels one-sided to you. Let them know what you want from them. They'll either wake up or move on.
Second, if that doesn't work (or you've tried it before... over and over again), avoid them and do not spend any more time with them. If you must interact for work reasons or at family gatherings, set good time boundaries and don't stay with them any longer than you have to. And don't let them corner you - keep circulating... It's not your job to bring the cold and lifeless back from the dead!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Update from the Unreality of Rayelan

Rayelan has a tough time recognizing the difference between a 'threat' and a law suit for fraud. But since Rayelan's normal mode of behavior always includes fraud, how was she to know?  
Clearly, too much to expect.  
Rayelan received the demand letter below this morning.  It will also be delivered by ordinary mail and certified delivery.  She will most probably refuse to open the missives as she did the last time because they 'scare her.'   She said this to the police officer she called yesterday.  I called them, too.  

Rayelan has been clearly and frequently told what the issues are and continues to blather and posture and buy junk, overeat, and generally waste her time doing anything but working on the problems which concern  the readers of Rumor Mill News, to whom she regularly goes to beg for money.  These begging posts are also lies.  There is nothing wrong with her health.  She can always do what she wants to do.  The dogs are fine.  But there remain things yet unpurchased, so the begging goes on.  Expect to see her on Hoarders soon.  
The book is in the works.   

Dara Leigh Bloom, Attorney-at-Law
Vindicatio Consultants-Homeowners’ Justice Group
1748 Prytania, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
Telephone: xxx-800-8978/xxx-408-5492

December 16, 2013

Re: Rumor Mill News
RMN News
Rubicon Aegis
Your Notice of
November 29, 2011

This Letter should be construed as a Notice of Intent to Sue, but it also constitutes an offer to settle or compromise a dispute prior to the formal institution of litigation. Nothing in this letter should be construed either as an admission of any fact nor a waiver of any legal contention or equitable assertion.
This letter is, by law, and shall be deemed inadmissible for any purpose in any subsequent Court proceedings, should you refuse the offer herein expressed and tendered to you in good faith.

Raye A. Smith, aka Rayelan Smith
Aka Rayelan Allan
525 Bunker Hill Road
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

Dear Ms. Smith:

I understand there is more trouble at the home you and Melinda currently share as co-residence and that the local police department has been called out again. I have never received a response to the letter I sent you 91 days ago on September 10, 2013. I know that you received a hand-served copy although you appear to have refused to sign for the certified mail I sent you. Accordingly, this letter is being sent to you by both regular mail and certified mail (as well as, again, hand delivery inside your shared residence).

Your Silence Constitutes Acquiescence and Agreement

By your failure to answer, reply, respond, discuss or dispute the letter I sent you on September 10, 2013, I can only presume that in fact have no answer. By failing to answer, you implicitly admit that my previous statement for $120,000.00, submitted on behalf of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster was correct. Please understand that three months more have elapsed, so the minimum amount to which Melinda is entitled at the present time would be $135,000.00 (October, November, December, 2013).

Please understand this: you will go on accumulating debts of $5,000.00/month until such time as you terminate Melinda’s employment according to law, paying her all back wages and benefits accrued (to Melinda and to Arthur as her beneficiary), plus statutory penalties, plus interest and my legal fees in having to deal with this miserably petty affair.

To date, you have caused Melinda to incur only $2,250.00 in time, expenses, and fees, but please be aware that this amount you owe me personally will exponentially increase if Melinda is forced to file suit against you for violation of state and federal employment laws, or defend against any action in equity or suit at law. You would do well to remit the sum total of $137,250.00 to me immediately (or in the meantime, you should at least call me so that we can work out a settled agreement or compromise where you can start making smaller but regular payments divided over time).

It would behoove you to write or call me (1-818-800-8978.

Yours very truly,

Dara Leigh Bloom, Esq., for
Vindicatio-Homeowners Justice
copy: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and
Ashtabula Police Department
Justice Center, 110 West 44th Street, Unit 1,
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 12 - 13 - 2013


November 12 – Melinda, returning to her office on the second floor, after eating dinner in the early evening notices the electricity is out, having tried several devices. Around two weeks earlier Rayelan had “Ben of no last name” install a 'door' to block Melinda from access to areas she had used since arriving in Ashtabula to work for Rayelan two years previously.

Rayelan had evidently left the house. Melinda surmised she had turned off the electricity to the room immediately before leaving. Melinda called the police.

Melinda, who was on deadline for a work proposal which she needed to finish, whipped out her Phillips head screw driver and removed the door, placing it on the front porch. She had discussed the issue of assess with a police Lt., who told her as a legal resident of the house because of her length of residence, she was free to do so and recommended she call the police if this became necessary.

Melinda entered the problematic environs of the Basement, finding the room where the electric panel was located was entirely filled with boxes, a change since the last time she had been down there just weeks before. 

Melinda moved enough of the boxes to gain access to the panel, reset the one to the room in question, her office, and departed the basement returning to her office to work.

In the interim, Rayelan had returned and called the police herself. Melinda learned of this when the police called her to tell her to do downstairs and make sure she spoke to them directly, which she did.

The original call was necessitated both by the limited access and to an uglier incident which took place several weeks before.

Some background is necessary here.

When Melinda arrived in Ashtabula the living room of the house, located at the left of the foyer as you enter the front door, had been so full of boxes, furniture, and trash as to be unusable. Melinda had completely cleared and cleaned it herself so it would be possible to celebrate Christmas. Rayelan decided what to donate and what to store in the basement, which was already nearly full to overflowing with boxes, miscellaneous furniture and office items.

After Christmas in 2012 Melinda cleaned the basement. These efforts ended when she realized Rayelan could fill up space through her endless, ceaseless, buying faster than Melinda could possible clean them out. By autumn of 2012 Melinda had retreated to the up stairs, refusing to allow Rayelan to use the area for storage, which she continued to suggest.

It was beginning to dawn on Melinda Rayelan was a hoarder.  One of Rayelan's previous victims, Amanda Lee, also commented on Rayelan's predilection for collecting 'stuff'  in letters written in very early 2012.  Melinda acknowledges she should not have  believed Rayelan.  She has learned better, now, and takes heart from the unavoidable chagrin the present collection of clueless, but well paid, assistants Rayelan has gathered to her will feel when the inevitable 'distance and destroy' strategy is used on them.  Amanda's Letters.

Arthur continued to sit in the living room, which had been converted to Rayelan's office, with a television constantly on, to play computer games on an old computer Rayelan had given him, through this period.

Then, without explanation, the computer station was set up in the foyer on a table, but not attached so it could be used. Then, a few days later it was sitting on the floor next to the steps to the upstairs. Melinda moved it to Arthur's bedroom. But Arthur still enjoyed sitting in the living room when people were there to chat and watch television with others. Staying in his small room upstairs was lonely for him. Arthur likes people and socializing and the change in how Rayelan was treating him was causing depression and emotional pain.

One day, in late October Arthur attempted to enter the living room so he could watch television and socialize with the people assembled there to be told by “Ben of no last name,” he was not welcome. This shocked Arthur, who had used the room and socialized there since his mother, Melinda, had made it possible two years earlier. Arthur felt threatened, which is a constant problem for someone who is badly handicapped, especially when this comes from a woman, Rayelan, who told him she considered herself to be his godmother on multiple occasions.

Having this happen in the house he thought of as his home was especially devastating to him emotionally.

Arthur went upstairs, but could not discuss this with Melinda until the next day, when, tears threatening he relayed what had happened.

Melinda was outraged, but saw this as another incident illustrating a pattern of behavior in Rayelan.

Rayelan cannot, or will not, discuss conflicts. Instead, she engages in manipulation and lies.

Melinda had encountered this same issue with Rayelan as the promises made to her before coming to Ohio were ignored and Rayelan began to assert these were never made, actually moving on to assert Melinda was not working for her and had never worked for her. Rayelan had characterized their sharing of quarters, which were a benefit of employment, first as being 'room mates,' and then she and Arthur being 'house guests,,' then uninvited house guests.

Melinda had, for some time, been aware Rayelan was slandering her to people at the church where they both attend and manipulating the people she knew there with stories which bore no relationship to reality.

This caused conflict at the church. At first, Melinda tried to ignore it. Then, realizing this was not going to stop, she began documenting the issues, which are covered in detail elsewhere for litigation.

Returning to the Night of November 12th, the police arrived. Melinda had canceled her call when she got the electricity on and could work. Rayelan claimed Melinda had damaged her property. This was clearly untrue, the door was sitting on the porch, undamaged.

Rayelan, ignoring the issue at hand proceeded in an attempt to use the presence of the police to slander Melinda, claiming she was an uninvited guest and that denying her access to the basement was necessary because Melinda was going through records there and publishing these to the Internet.

Melinda rebutted these claims and offered the police a card which provides the URL for this website.  

Melinda never touched Rayelan's records. If such records are stored in the basement it is news to her and of no interest.  All the information on Rayelan's alias' and questionable business practices, were obtained online and are in public view. This research is going forward with the intention of publishing a book on Rayelan.  All claims made are documented. Rayelan, who prides herself on NOT being a journalist and lives a life of wild fantasy and invention, is hostile to the very idea of objective, and provable, facts. 

Melinda fully intended to continue publishing on Rayelan Report and taking photos of the astonishing morass which Rayelan creates so there will be a perpetual record of Rayelan's behavior. This is necessary documentation.

In this way, Melinda's intention is to protect people who would otherwise be victimized by Rayelan's frauds.

Before leaving the police told Rayelan she was not to deny Melinda access to utilities. Having “Ben of no last name” lock off the basement does this and will be reported to the police.  The officer had to repeat this a couple of times because Rayelan, clearly, was not getting it. 

November 13 – Rayelan has “Ben of no last name” who refuses to identify himself, install a lock on the door down to the basement where the electric panel is located. Access is denied through the outside door into the basement, apparently with an internal device, as the locks still work. - Ascertained by trying them at 1:05 am on the 14th.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rumor Mill News - Consider the Question

If you read Rumor Mill News consider the following:

Founded on January 25, 1999 the online site continues to publish the same kind of articles on the same topics.  While other online publications have entered the market for information, even providing, as does Before Its News, exactly the same kind of categories for articles provided by RMN, its readership is steadily rising.  It has writers who do research and do not depend on 'rumor.'

Rayelan Allan, AKA Raye Smith, Darlene Rae Smith, claims to be entirely dedicated to providing information which allows readers to better understand the development of ongoing events.  But without documentation this is not possible.  Acting on rumor is a disaster in the making.  

In fact, any articles published on RMN today are generally reposts by agents who, very often, are doing no research themselves, taking this as a standard set by Rayelan, who has stated she is not a journalist and does not need to obtain proof, even when it is offered, for claims she makes. 

When RMN was originally founded the site was touted as receiving posts by 'insiders' who were, at risk to themselves, providing essential truths.  Many, according to Rayelan, were actually CIA.  None of these purported whistleblowers ever surfaced, but their rumored presence in large part accounted for the initial popularity of the site.


If you wanted to establish a disinformation site you would refuse to supply sources, ignoring the tenets of journalism. 

You would entice readers with promises of events about to take place which provided hope, claiming these were originating from 'inside sources' which you never name.  

You would frighten readers into inactivity as they waited for others to take action. 

Those to be depended on for  'taking action,' could be explained as aliens, Faction Two, or any one of many other possibilities. 

You would provide the semblance of a safe harbor where, at least on line, you could feel in community with others and temporarily secure. 

But time has continued to pass and the potentials for action are changing rapidly as, today, we look at the very real possibility of food riots.  Others are taking action.  They do not post on RMN. 

In 2013 Rayelan was planning to leave the U.S.   She did not mention this online and had no intention of doing so, giving no thought to those she would be leaving behind. 

Today, many RMN readers are still waiting for the Dinar to revalue, holding on to paper money, and waiting for someone to do something.  

Each of us is free to trust and believe - and wait.  But it is time to ask yourself if this is the right course for you. 

Inaction is exactly the goal of a disinformation site.


Friday, November 1, 2013

From: Psychic Vampires by Joe H. Slate, PH.D.

Searching for Explanations - 

By observing RA's behavior and researching possible explanations for her actions eventually the possibility she might be a psychic vampire surfaced.  This took place only after many months, as my health deteriorated and I inexplicably gained weight in a pattern entirely unlike any I had experienced in the past.

Gaining ten dress sizes, from size 8 - 10 t0 a 20, indicates an extreme health issue, especially since I had continued to do yoga daily and walk.  Nothing about my eating habits changed.

At the end of the fourth month of residence with RA in Ohio I was in so much pain I could not carry a purse on my shoulder.Raising my arms over my head was excruciating.

I considered every possibility, struggling with my condition, which continued to deteriorate.

RA expressed no concern a bout either my weight gain or the obvious pain and exhaustion I was experiencing.  I should have found this strange at the time, but I was raised never to complain. 

But over the next long and hideous year I kept remembering what she had said to me   when I arrived, "You're not going to live very long," The comment, which initially I had dismissed with a laugh, began to trouble and haunt me, returning to mind over and over again as I continued to reject it as revealing any ill-intent on RA's part. 

After a year of slow and terrifying deterioration, I found a regimen for detoxification which began, slowly, to work.  What followed was an agonizing struggle, as if I was dragging myself back from the edge of the grave.

I could feel what seemed to be a layer of deep toxicity beneath my skin, encircling my entire torso and thighs, which had, previously been slender and toned.  This toxic layer began to dissipate as I carried out a rigid regimen of deep yoga stretches, pilates, and Gi Gong.  I started losing weight as I continued looking for answers.

I was beginning to eliminate toxicity, but the toxic influence was still present.  I could feel it invading my body through points on my meridians at odd hours every day.    

I considered toxic waste, my own medical history, and around 23 other possible explanations, applying therapies and eliminating the intake of various foods, supplements and other possible sources by my body.  Over these months I tried every kind of detoxification protocol and researched the possible source of any toxic substances, or energies, into my body.  

About this time, I made contact with a woman who provides meditative armor for victims of energy vampires.  As soon as I began this regimen the de-toxification increased.  This includes spraying dissolved sea salt on my skin, burning sage, and other suggestions which struck me as entirely irrational.  But they worked.

These were the first awareness I was  being sucked dry by a psychic vampire, who had no concern for my survival.  It took me months into the now clearly successful recovery process, to accept the real possibility someone who had described herself as my sister and friend would have, intentionally, and callously, targeted me first to be used as a resource, emptied of options, and then killed off. 

But since the cure worked I was forced to honestly confront this as the solution. 

The research undertaken extended to RA. 

Energy Vampires have, today, self identified themselves in an attempt to find acceptance.  Atlanta Vampire Alliance.

I began to consider the possibility RA is an energy vampire who is also highly psychopathic and therefore capable of acting without conscience.   

As I began to consider RA's past relations with others, the pieces started falling into place.  On this site you will find evidence of RA's behavior toward the Lee Family and others which appears to confirm this theory.  Her behavior is characterized by deceit and manipulation, slander and callous unemotional (CU) behaviors. 

RA could be the individual described on the entry below from the Slate book, beginning on page 49. 

The Atlanta Vampire Alliance proved to be very useful.  Individuals who self-identify as energy vampires there report emotionally based concerns with stealing the energy of others and report engaging in long discussions and serious consideration of the ethics of their behavior.  

The subject has done mainstream in recent years with segments appearing on 20/20, which on November 27,  2009  aired, "Coming Out of the Coffin: Vampires Among Us," and this article By and JOAN MARTELLI. 

Kiera considers herself a "psychic" vampire. Other vampires known as "sanguinarians" or "blood-drinkers" claim to feed on the blood of consenting donors. Kiera said she has tried this before." 

The comments made at the end of the article indicate the subject is still far from mainstream acceptance and all those interviewed were declared vampires who the reader could assume were in some part enjoying a role assumed for reasons of mental illness or a desire for notoriety.   

For obvious reasons, many victims might be unable to provide their own insights, though support sites for these are growing more numerous on the internet.  Slater's book is making headway into the hands of people who most often do not discuss the subject of energy vampires openly.  

Ibrahim "Abe" Stocar, a bookkeeper, wrote this article, "Victim No More: Surviving a Psychic Vampire Attack," having encountering energy vampirism at work.

As more people with direct experience speak out, more will be aware and able to protect themselves from those most destructive of these individuals, those whose vampirism coincides with being psychopathic. 

The book is coming and will provide insights into the mind set of psychopaths, vampires, and demons who before  ordinary empathic humanity, could not identify.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Christmas 2012

Rayelan Allan is a a person who is extremely self indulgent.  While she paints herself as entirely dedicated to enacting change the reality for which she hankers is very different. 

I'm not going to do an in-depth analysis of Rayelan's personality here.  Suffice to say her time is not spent reading articles and working on solutions to the problems which confront us today.  Not at all. 

Beading, sitting around watching television, shuffling her possessions from one place to another in a house overstuffed with stuff, and buying more are the main focus of her life.  Occasionally she goes on line to ask RMN Readers for more money for some disaster, which can abe entirely invention or a re-spin of some stupid or ugly behavior she has committed. 

Before I came here she and I agreed on the importance of minimizing all acquisitions or activities not related to the problem at hand, the take over of American institutions, providing alternatives for these, and informing people of the problems they face. 

I never stop.  Rayelan never starts. 

A reflection of this appears in the Christmas Card Rayelan handed to me last year.  At the time I took it to be a kindly gesture without meaning.  Now, I think it was a warning.  Rayelan does not want to be bored with constant calls to action, writing, or other activities which get in the way of her beading. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Revisionist Habits of Rayelan Allan AKA Darlene Rae Smith

What Rayelan says changes dramatically over time.  This is a polite way of saying Rayelan engages in revisionist history as a matter of routine.

In this case, she moved from elaborate expressions of gratitude for the many things Melinda had done for her over the time they were working together to slandering her to their acquaintance and online.

S po, here we see Raylan saying for the record she is grateful to Melinda, who has tolerated mistreatment from her for which she apologizes.

Then, we see Rayelan acting as if Melinda imposed herself on her.

In fact, Melinda was working for her at a job she had begin while in California.  There was no need to move for this purpose.  Melinda was persuaded to move because Rayelan offered to go into partnership with her and provide other benefits, including medical insurance.

Rayelan did this while playing on Melinda's compassion and friendship.

Be warned.

Here is the birthday card Raylen handed to Melinda less than a year ago.  The handwritten inscription is at the bottom. 

Rayelan also is proud she is not a journalist and is not, therefore required to ascertain the truth of a story even when evidence is provided to her.

How much should YOU trust Rayelan Allan AKA Darlene Rae Smith, CEO of Rumor Mill News.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Drama of Rayelan

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 16-Oct-2013 12:37:00

This post is yet another illustration of Darlene Rae Smith's lack of connection to reality. I'm going to respond to this blather by interlacing my narrative and providing the reader with documents and other facts.

First: Who is this woman, really? After realizing Rayelan, (AKA) Darlene Rae Smith, Raye D Allan, Raye Smith Allan, Raye Allen, Allan Kooker, Rayeallan Kooker, Raye Allan Kooker, Allan Raye, Raye Allan Smith, and Darlene Raye Allan, were all born Darlene R. Smith I pondered the possible motive for accumulating so many names, DBAs and corporations. Just google any of these names and you will see more pop up using the same addresses in places like Watsonville, Freedom, CA, and Rome, Ohio. 
All of the names above are associated with the address in Watsonville. There were more. Darlene R. Smith is named as Ceo of RMNews. These are not all of the names found. 
Using a pseudonym is useless if you are attempting to evade the attentions of the NWO. But alias' are a different matter. I have no explanation as to why Rayelan would use so many. Perhaps she does not even know. However, an alias works well for hiding your covert activities.

The Real Darlene Rae Smith
The youngest of four children of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith, Rayelan has two brothers, Arthur Vernon Smith, Jr., and William Smith. Donna Smith Crow is her only sister. All of the siblings are still living. 

Rayelan's mother, Bessie Campbell Smith, was the daughter of an early California pioneer family. She was descended from Daniel Rhoads, one of the rescuers of the Donner Party. Bessie's great-grandmother Mary Rhoads moved to Santa Cruz with her husband in the late 1800s.

Bessie was born in Lemoore and attended the Island School where she graduated at age 16 as valedictorian. In 1935 she married Arthur Smith in Salinas and she and her husband moved to Texas Gov. James V. Allred's cabin in White House Canyon in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Three of her four children were born at the old Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz.

Bessie lived in Santa Cruz and Soquel until the early 1950s. Then the family moved to Crows Landing, near Modesto, and stayed for 30 years. Mrs. Smith was a 
homemaker and worked in Miner's Grocery and Dry Goods Store in Crows Landing before opening a children's clothing store in Gustine. Later, she moved back to the Santa Cruz area with her daughter Raye and eventually settled in Watsonville where she died, aged 89, December 16, 2007.

Arrangements for her burial and memorial service were made through Davis Memorial Chapel and interment took place at Hills Ferry Cemetery in Newman.
Rayelan's father, Arthur Vernon Smith, was born in San Diego, California. He was a long-range trucker, according to Raye Smith, and died in 1982. He is also buried in the Hills Ferry Cemetery in Newman. 

At the time of her death Bessie was survived by her sons Arthur Vernon Smith Jr. of Sacramento and William Smith of Olympia, Wash.; daughters Donna Crow of Newman and Raye Smith Kooker of Watsonville. She had 13 grandchildren; and many great-grandchildren.

The family's background, from all reports, was solid, and typically American. No mention was made in any obituary of a military background for Rayelan's father, Arthur, and as a married man with children he would not have been subject to the draft for World War II. 

Rayelan went to high school in Crows Landing, where she was raised. The family at one time lived in a modified chicken coop, according to Rayelan, but then was able to rent a house. 

Having a mother who owned a clothing store made a big difference to Darlene, who had struggled with a speech impediment, which problem was solved by taking lessons from a speech therapist who had a British accent. This explains how Darlene lost the Southern tones in her voice, which had persisted in the family.

Rayelan's personal history, from her own report
Darlene Smith, the name it would appear Raye Smith stopped using, appears at this link. The link reads: Raelon is an unusual spelling and one which Darlene has used. It also appears in her autobiographical tome, The Obergon Chronicles – Earth's Hidden History, New Age Channels, Mind Control, Extraterrestrials and the New World Order.”

Darlene claims in Obergon Chronicles to have lived many lifetimes with Gunther, who in their first life time together was Atalon. She was Raelon, and it was a romance which was to continue for millions of years, down to this life, where he told her she was too fat, divorced her, and ran off with her best friend. 
Never small minded, this does not prevent Rayelan from continuing to use his name when it suits her, or claiming to still be married to him and so she claims to be the Arch-Duchess of Austria. 
This is from the beginning of the romance in Obergon Chronicles, available to read free online. 
The book reads like a mix of a badly written bodice ripper crossed with L. Ron Hubbard. 
Rayelan told me, only after I arrived in Ohio, I was her sister, Shalma, in this life. She was very insistant on this, which was somewhat off-putting after I read only the first few pages of Obergon Chronicles. 
She may say this to all her victims. 
And Raelon's romantic adventure begins!

These biographical tales have been transmitted to our contact on the planet Terra for the specific purpose of awakening the memory of home in the children of Obergon. These souls have now finished their lessons on Terra and it is time for them to awaken and return home.

Story One:
Our story begins in the days before the Planetary Council had forbidden interplanetary trade with the small blue planet called Terra. Our first actor is Atalon, who came from one of the small planets circling the triple star, Sirius. His home planet was Obergon, the ruling planet of the Obergon solar system. From the planet Obergon, the court of his father, Lord Odon, ruled the smaller planets; (Felgon, Argon and Trigon) that orbited the star Obergon.

Rumor Mill News is the only online 'news site,' where the Editor-in-Chief panhandles. This is the term the police officer offered when I described her behavior on Rumor Mill News to him some weeks ago. 
There is no relationship between Rayelan's frantic pleas for money and the reality of her day to day life, as I have already partly documented on this site.
Everyday, the fund razr widget should bring in 112.90. By the 16th of each month there should be $1806.45 in the widget. There is only $1,262 in the widget, which means I am $544.45 short of what should be in the widget right now.
This means there are $500.00 worth of bills that have not been paid.
Yep, Rayelan is being sued. What is astonishing is that this is the first time her legal difficulties have come to the attention of Readers with information from the victim.
The Ploy of the Retreat for Rumor Mill Readers and Agents in Ohio, advertised as a serene place for conferences and contemplation, for which Rayelan did fundraising, never materialized. Naturally, it was someone else's fault, in this case the Lee family, who rescued her from Watsonville, was blamed, though it is likely they did not know she filed police reports about their 'thefts.' 
Rayelan asked me to compile these reports for the police and make out lists of the items which she claimed had been stolen. When these began to surface from the morass which is her basement and storage around the house she said, “Oh, I guess they did not steal that.” But she refused to correct the police reports which, by then, had been filed. 
Rayelan positions herself as a competent businesswoman. I never saw any evidence this was the case. 
Rayelan refused to discuss the matter of the RMN Retreat with an attorney or pursue a resolution. With time, it became clear it never would be resolved unless action was taken, Until now, I hesitated to do this.

Now, I'm turning this over to the local authorities, as advised by counsel. My attorney is duely licensed to practice law and her Bar number was available to Rayelan on the demand letter which Rayelan received, certified mail, and refused to accept. She could have checked this, if she wanted, with Ms. Bloom's state Bar Association and relieved her mind of doubt. 
Damages for Rayelan's deceptive behavior and recharacterization of her offers to me in this letter have been sent on to counsel and counsel's staff.
The demand letter, which Rayelan was afraid to open is HERE.
As you know, I am facing a lawsuit because I am trying to evict a "houseguest" who was only supposed to stay for the winter of 2011-2012. She and her disabled son are still here and still refusing to leave.
Actually, both of us are legally disabled, which Rayelan knew when she begged me to relocate. Rayelan painted her health problems as serious, and herself as alone and desperately in need of help. She does go to the hospital frequently, using the health insurance which pays for pretty much everything. I came to the conclusion, eventually, she enjoys this for some reason. 
Rayelan can always do what she wants. Getting sick seems to be a handy excuse when she changes her mind or wants you to do something for her. 
Housing was a benefit of employment. I was never a house guest. This 'demand,' along with having fired me, had never been previously mentioned. Rayelan takes Passive – Aggressive behavior to heady heights.
I served her with an eviction notice and she had her "lawyers" draw up a lawsuit for breech of contract. She is suing me for $120,000 or 51% of Rumor Mill News. She claims I promised her half of Rumor Mill News.
Rayelan taped it to my bedroom door. In no sense is this a 'service.' I responded forthwith by retaining legal counsel and having a demand letter sent to her, which, naturally, she refused to open. By the way, you cannot evict in these circumstances legally, which Rayelan learned the hard way.
Any long time RMN admin/agent/supporter/reader would know that this is completely ludicrous. I barely knew the woman. I had never met her in person, I only knew her over the internet and telephone. She was stranded in Montana with no place to live. Because I have great compassion for those in need I opened my home to her and her 35 year old disabled son.
No one who really knows Rayelan would think she possesses even a shred of 'compassion.' Rayelan conned me into working for her for two years without pay, as it turned out. Rayelan is the descendant of slave owners, and believe me, the attitudes are inherited in her case. This is a genealogical fact, of which, she does not usually brag – much.
I have never charged her a dime because she claims she doesn't have any money. She owns a cabin in the high mountains of California which is where she lives when the snow is not blocking the roads.
Item: When your ghastly housing is a 'benefit' of employment you do not pay rent. Rayelan has a hard time remembering which lie she told last, which you will notice if you review her online panhandling.
I lived at the cabin for years through the winter, staying with friends down the mountain only very occasionally. Both myself and my son liked it much better than living with Rayelan, as it turned out.
Now she is threatening me with a lawsuit that will give her control of Rumor Mill News.
I'm not threatening. If Rayelan had just accepted service of the demand letter we would already have filed the law suit. Rumor Mill News is, according to Rayelan, her only asset.
My counsel provided all estimates of liability, in accordance with Rayelan's many violations of promises made and work provided. Rayelan is very Passive – Aggressive.
Needless to say, I need help paying the bills for RMN as well as help dealing with this woman which sadly, comes in the form of lawyers who charge a lot of money.
According to my counsel, who, as mentioned, is a licensed attorney with years of experience in employment law, Rayelan has not a leg to stand on. I worked for her for two years, relocating at her insistance. I was offered multiple benefits which never materialized. Payments of commissions, emails, documents produced for the direct employment and for the promised partnership, exist and will be produced as evidence. 
Rayelan never ended my employment. She just stopped me from getting referrals, giving the job to someone else. She then removed me as an Agent, also without reason or notification. Agents take note.

Her real motive was, I speculate, that I knew too much about how she operates.
In the section below you will read Rayelan's pleas for money to eat. This ignores the remodelling of the house, which has been ongoing on the first floor and basement. She routinely has people in to dinner and to work for her. Rayelan is paying for various unusual services, some at the rate of $6.00 an hour, some at the rate of $12.00 an hour, Rayelan and her escort, Jim Heath, who she met at church, eat out frequently. Both of them love eating. Rayelan always pays, as Jim is scraping by on disability. 
Piles of packages are delivered to the front porch ordered by Rayelan. These and other signs would, for most people, indicate money is not a problem. New furniture and bric-a-brac are constantly appearing to be replaced with other ugly pieces.
Also note her car has appeared to be functioning normally and is driven daily.
Rayelan also pays for the beads used in her newest hobby, St. Beading, which she runs at the church on Tuesday and Saturdays. People just love coming in to learn how to bead and take away free jewelry. 
This is probably one of the ways Rayelan makes up for living in that chicken coop as a girl. 
Now, that you are emotionally invested in Rayelan's sad, sad story and understand her overwhelming problems, which her great compassion and trustful nature brought on, down to the purpose of this post - SEND hER MONEY!!!!!

At the moment I am facing an immediate financial crisis that I need to remedy today. Both my personal account and my business account are overdrawn. I thought I had $200.00 in my personal account, this is the account that my VA benefits in deposited in. But to my horror I discovered that it was also overdrawn and I discovered this at the grocery store when my card was declined.
I have now felt the humiliation of not having enough money to pay for the groceries in my basket. There was $70.00 in my personal account, or so I thought, but I had bought $80.00 worth of food. I pulled out my iPhone and pulled up my accounts. The account that I thought had $70.00 only had $47.00 and some change. The other account, that I wrongly believed to have at least $50.00 in only had $23.00 plus change and my Paypal account had .09 - 9 cents
Oct 15, 2013 Debit Card Balance $0.09 USD
I had to take out all of the groceries that I didn't need right at the moment for dinner.
As each item was deleted, I waited for the tally to reach $65.00 which I safely thought I had in both accounts. After everything was removed that I didn't need immediately, I was left with milk, a bag of oranges, 4 chicken breasts, 4 cases of coke on sale for $12.00, 12 Chobani yogurts on sale for 65 cents each, 4 lemon puddings, 10 ounces of cheese, a pack of tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms and a bag of onions. There were only 3 small bags and the bag of onions to carry out. but it all came to $60.90 and I only had $47.09 on one of my debit cards and $24.00 on another one. I had to use two cards to pay the bill.
The high cost of food has finally gotten my attention. I know that many of you are struggling, as I am, just to eat. But I have other things that I have to pay for. I had 4 domain names automatically renew themselves yesterday for a total of $120.00. I hadn't expected this and this was the transaction that overdrew my business account. ( is a domain name)
Believe me, I fully understand the financial hardships everyone is experiencing these days. If it is within your budget, I could really use some help right now. If you are in the shape I am in, please don't feel guilty for not helping. One day you will be able to help, so let those who still have extra money, fill up the widget this month.
Raylen just loves buying things. She is not so fond of selling them, unfortunately. This accounts for the fact the house looks like a scene out of Hoarders. For short periods of time it will be cleaned up, this happening when she is paying someone else to do it, as she appears to be doing now. 
The basement, however shows only more build up. 
When I first arrived Rayelan told me this was the fault of the Horrible People who ripped her off, otherwise known as the Lee Family. This is the family who drove to Watsonville from Ohio to rescue Rayelan when her home was being foreclosed and she was facing eviction. Read Amanda's Letters regarding Rayelan, who she calls Raye. 

When telling me about the trip Rayelan painted them in the most unfavorable light imaginable in every way. Reading the letters from them provide a stunning contrast. 
The Lee Family gave this CERTIFICATE to Raye to show their appreciation for what Rayelan had done for THEM in July of 2011.

Naturally, I never got to know the family members.  Rayelan manipulates people, telling stories which sow distrust between those she is victimizing.  She is quite expert at this.  So expert, in fact, I personally think it likely she had had a lifetime of experience in this sort of thing. 
Remember, this is the family who, poor themselves, moved Rayelan to Ohio. When they arrived in Watsonville Rayelan had not even started packing or attempting to go through her possessions so there would be less to move. Then she complained to me, after she had kicked them out, about the job they did. They were, she said, shiftless, lazy, incompetent, and slack-jawed. 
Rayelan and Ebay
You have to wonder how Rayelan, since presumably she reads some of the articles appearing on RMN and on other sites, managed to miss the fact a meltdown in the economy hits luxury items first. Buying patterns change as people begin focusing on survival. At the low end of cost people who before would have bought new will buy used and scrounge – but as pressure builds sales for costume jewelry and other luxury items slow down. This is why there are so many sales on these goods now – and why you can buy now and pay later in places which never before offered this option. 
I don't know why Rayelan thinks any of the information below is relevant, but she evidently does. Rayelan may sell things on E-Bay, I'm not saying she doesn't – but the accumulation would not happen if her 'inventory' actually moved very much and the accumulation has been ongoing as long as I have been here. 
Incidentally, Rayelan has been buying this stuff since at least November of 2011. She never saw a garage sale she could pass up.
Amanda notes this as well.
As you know, I am opening an ebay store. Most of the things in the store will be depression glass. Ohio was the capital of depression glass. There is so much here that I buy for pennies on the dollar that I believe I can bring in a few hundred a month.
I also have a collection of vintage handbags. Handbags from the 60s through the 80s. I was in the shoe and handbag business most of my life. My mother had a clothing store and I ran the shoe and handbag department until I graduated from high school and moved to the Haight Ashbury. When I ran out of money, I took a job that one of my mother's friends had recommended me for... selling children's shoes at Macy's on Union Square in downtown San Francisco.
I was a grand time to live in San Francisco. I could look out the windows in the stock room and watch a never ending parade of strangely dressed people who were singing and dancing and smoking lots of weed.
I eventually went to work for Nordstrom's as a children's shoe buyer/manager and moved to Seattle where I stayed until I started college.
I then worked locally in California for Nordstrom's, in a number of different stores. When I finished college I was offered a buying position at I. Magnin's. I Magnin's had the reputation of being the "retail college" of the country. I was transferred to their Carmel store where I met and married Dr. John N. Dyer, PhD. John was the chairman of the physics department at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. Even though he was a GS18 the equivalent of a Navy Captain (Army Colonel), his salary was barely enough to pay the bills. This meant that I still needed to work. And I did, selling shoes on commission for a fine shoe salon in Carmel. Regular customers were Kim Novak, Merv Griffin, and Clint Eastwood.
I was also a shoe model during my college days. Being around shoes and handbags for over 30 years, you might imagine that I have a fine collection of shoes and handbags. I sold over half of my collection to support myself when Gunther was in prison. But I still have many left.
I will soon be starting an ebay page that will have my handbags, depression glass and maybe even some of my shoes that I no longer fit in or that the heels are too high for me to wear these days.
Have you ever wondered why Rayelan talks about herself so much? I did. When I realized I could recite her stories with the same inflections she used I realised something was very wrong. Does she think anyone cares about how many pairs of shoes she received 40 years ago? Are you excited at the opportunity of buying one of these relics?
During my modeling days I visited many of the main offices of the companies I worked for. One of these companies was in Los Angeles and I was given two pairs of shoes that they had manufactured in the 50s. I wore them a lot but they are still in great shape. If you wear a 6 1/2 or 7, you will soon be able to say that you have walked a mile in my shoes. (I even have a pair of shoes that I use as bookends!! Red and Black!)
I thank all of you with all my heart for the help and support you have given me, hobie, Susoni and all the RMN Agents who keep this site filled with pieces of information and news from all points of the globe.
Suckers! - Not that I blame you – I was suckered, too.
Many, many blessings to all!! If you can put a little in the Fund Razr widget (below) today, I will greatly appreciate it and not incur overdraft fees to the tune of $70.00 a day for both accounts.

Rayelan Allan, Arch Duchess & Princess of the Galaxy

Rayelan, eating