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Agent 86 brings us another whine from the Queen of Whining, Rayelan

Agent 86's Sage Comment: 
After raising a mere $840 for the month of November, grifter Raye graces us with a sob story and hints at her earlier glory days. Feel free to ignore her latest load of horse shit.  Agent 86 sent this link.

I love Agent 86's commentary.  He is always sooooo on point. Thanks, Agent 86!

And here is the Whine of the Hour from Rayelan aka Darlene Rae Smith of Crows Landing in the beautiful Central Valley of California, your favorite Disformation Psychopath (unless you know John Fund or the list of others we will soon be releasing). !

"I have been very sick for a long time. I will tell more once I am feeling better. I thank hobie for keeping things moving on while I've been absent.

When did you ever do anything but entertain yourself?  Work?!  You do not know what the word means.

I thank everyone for all the prayers and good wishes you have been sending. You can't imagine how much they brighten my day.

If you are not betraying someone, scamming or indulging yourself you are asleep.

If you are wondering about my choice of photo, I was living in the Haight Ashbury in '67. when Sgt Pepper's and the Magical Mystery Tour came out.  I know that the Beatles have influenced me in more ways than I will ever know. And so, here is a photo of a picture that is hanging in my bedroom.

Curious, that is one image I never saw.  Not when I was cleaning it up when you were 'sick'. moving your furniture, or picking up the wrappers from your fast food extravaganzas. 

Here's hoping that this Christmas brings each of us not what we want, but what we genuinely need."

I can second, that motion.  You and Morgan can celebrate together with the Manchesters.  Then no matter who cooks it will be bad for all of you. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Schematic of the Plot to Make Melinda Homeless, with benefits offered by Craig Franklin

Reposted as a reminder.

Craig Franklin
Make Melinda Homeless Campaign

With his C0-Star

Dan O'Dowd
The Other Half of the

And in Supporting Roles a Cast of
Night Crawlers like none you have ever seen

Craig is a sexual predator and incest hungry schemer whose most cherished pleasures in life are living out fantasies which would make Attila the Hun blanch.  It was the offer of the Throw Mama From the Train scheme by Dan O'Dowd which opened up an avenue for realizing those fantasies.  Does that make Dan a co-conspirator in the violent crimes committed against a growing number of women and children and family members of these women?  

I think the answer is yes. He knew what was happening and enabled the ongoing crimes.  

As we confront the need for accountability by corporations, who have attempted to assume the role of barons of privilege in our world, we must at the same time confront the need to deal with the psychopathic individuals who accumulate in the boardrooms of these companies. The FBI on Psychopaths

The impact by the psychopathic on the financial break down we face and the constant wars now destroying people and everything they hold dear around the world, is now being ascribed to the presence of psychopaths in finance and politics.

Some, like Craig are driven by unthinkable fantasies.  Others, like Dan O'Dowd, focus on the fantasies of power in the accumulation of money.

Dan needed Craig to fulfill his fantasy.  Craig needed Dan for the same reason.  This is why O'Dowd protected Craig from the consequences of his criminal activities. Green Hills Software, Inc., President Dan O'Dowd who sympathetically told one victim, “You asked for it.”

Craig sharpest satisfactions are realized by leaving his victims homeless.
Craig was thwarted when he tried making his first wife, Elaine, homeless by refusing to negotiate a divorce settlement. His parents and her's intervened. He has made many of his girl friends homeless through lies and broken promises. After they are homeless he continues to destroy them.

And the Make Melinda Homeless Hit Team -
assembled by Craig with aid and abetting by his good buddy, Dan O'Dowd and others not yet named.

Psychopathic Eyes, so like her father

Morgan Pillsbury Gell
Morgan  has always been willing to do anything for money with the exception of having sex with Craig. 

Morgan lied about Melinda, She saying she left her in the hospital and never took care of her. Those who were there know better.

Morgan stole from everyone in her family.  She used insinuation and lies to build distrust between family members who had always trusted and supported each other.   And her sexual behavior  as a teenager caused her to be ejected from her Aunt Anne's home. 

This shocking revelation conveyed directly to Melinda, who to her detriment, refused to believe it.  How could her little girl do these things? She finally wised up.

Morgan's life is a complete fabric of ugly behavior intended to enrich herself at the cost of people who are unwary enough to trust her.  

Morgan started a sexual relationship with Eddy van Halen in concerted attempts to end his marriage while she was supposed to be going to college, stealing from her elderly grandfather, teaching her siblings to lie to their mother while she attempted to kill or destroy them.

If it wasn't her getting a special moment she did everything in her power to destroy it.

She then accepted $5,000 a month for the job of scheming with Craig, Jonathan Scott Franklin, Dan O'Dowd, Michael Emerling Cloud and others to bring about Melinda's death. And if that was not enough she then accepted $10,000 from Craig to work to get Melinda to turn off her brother, Arthur's life support by claiming she had a bad heart and needed it. The list of her ugliness is seemingly endless. 

Morgan knew that Melinda did have a heart problem and gave no thought to the emotional trauma she visited on her as Melinda sat by her son's bedside.   

Morgan's Depositions reveal making Melinda homeless as one of Craig's many obsessions. Morgan knows giving Craig what he wants will pay big.


Jay E. Gell

Jay impregnated and married Morgan to get her off the back of John Fund and then, with Morgan, found a handler, Robert Even (Van) Hughes, to lie Melinda into poverty and stall her from demanding her exercised stock options from Green Hills. 
His earlier family life  does not bear examination.
He handles the ugly shock campaigns and with Morgan, coordinates the lies, leading Melinda on with promises of caring and family and the two of them scheme and extract money from her. Or did until Melinda confronted the truth.

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester & 

Laura, Duchess of Manchester
Ah!  The delicious fantasies which must had run through Laura's mind when she met Alex the first time. 

Laura may well have run out of options and have been desperate when she married Manchester.  If so, it was understandable.  She has always used her appearance as an asset which could give her what she wanted from life - and this is an asset subject to rapid deterioration. She is well aware of this fact.  

The idea of being Laura, Duchess of Manchester, could not help but be appealing, given the fact her other options had grown seriously thin.  

Marrying a duke, even one with no money and a criminal record, must have seemed like grabbing the gold ring as she was sinking into the mire of late middle age.  Laura was going to make the best of it, as she told Wendy when she returned to him earlier, having spent a couple of months living with Wendy and her kids.  

Set on Melinda by Raye A. Smith the Manchesters stole Melinda's time and work, then subjecting her to a harrowing campaign of ugly lies which they, and the rest of the TEAM anticipated would kill her.

Their pay offs started immediately.

In late 2011 the ducal duo was treated to a lovely holiday at the Biltmore Hotel in Montecito at the expense of Green Hills Software, Inc., most likely using the corporate card of Craig Franklin since the corporation did not check how it was used or for what as long as the total was less than 1% of what Franklin brought in every year. Quite a deal, Huh?

The three of them then took jaunt up to the cabin owned by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. Their possible motives included a break in.

The Duke and his wife then became part of a scheme to take down the site put up by Melinda, which GHS did not dare sue her over because it was all TRUE and would reveal their various abuses and frauds, carried out in conspiracy against Melinda and Glenn Hightower and later against Melinda and everyone she loves
And now, where have Alex and Laura gotten off to? Alex says they are living in a house provided for them in Northern California called Willoughby. But no such town exists. It seems likely Alex's constant conflicts with the law made it imperative he be given a place to live and just enough money, with strings, to keep him quiet. Laura is still posting. Eventually the scum will float to the surface, rest assured.

Raye Allan Smith
To destroy Melinda they needed to entice her out of her home in California and Raye, the Wicked Witch of both East & West drooled at the multiple benefits she would accrue.
First, there was the fun of destroying someone, which always makes her ooze with delight. 
Then, she could bleed Melinda of money, destroy her credibility with slanders and libel while getting her to work for nearly nothing. What fun! 
There were other benefits as well.
She, Laura and Morgan began their intimate conversations about Melinda and her vulnerabilities, her caring for others, her dedication to ensuring the well being of her disabled son. Morgan suggested that after they killed off Melinda Arthur could be milked for his Disability and then also killed off. Lively negotiations took place as to who would get to do this.  
And -

Was it Craig or Raye who helped take down Melinda's websites in December 2011? What do you think? Both names fit - and also telling, the Manchester site was using an URL then paid for by Raye,  This was likely the fact which made Raye's participation weight.  

When Melinda arrived in Ohio, sick and exhausted Raye began telling her immediately she was not going to live long, but she, Raye would, so not to worry about her son.

Pretty good retirement work for a former CIA prostitute and con-artist.

All of these people talk to each other, this revealed by emails and the reuse of lies about Melinda.  They coordinated their attacks beginning in November 2011 and continue to cooperate today.  Now, you tell me, when people coordinate their lies with the intention of destroying the ability of another person to make a living, causing trauma they could reasonably believed would kill her, what kind of conspiracy is it?  

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Agent 86 had this comment on the posting by Rayelan below: oh boo-hoo, stop wasting 50% of your undeserved and unearned income

Thank you, Agent 86, your timely sending and pointed comments make our attempts to control this nasty disinformation agent less onerous.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
My Purse is Empty, So is Paypal and my Bank Account...
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 9-Oct-2018 09:35:44

I am just about to leave to see my doctor. With all the various problems I have, you can bet that she's going to give me a prescription for something. But I don't have the ten dollars for the co-pay.
You know, Raye, you have all of those advertisers offering exciting alternatives to traditional medical practice.   Why don't you use them yourself?  Are you out of Organic Sulfur?  You swear by that, and it actually works.  And you make money every time someone calls Patrick to purchase a jar!
I have been under the weather for weeks now. Like many people, I kept thinking that I would miraculously get well If I didn't go to the doctor. I don't have a lot of faith in doctors.
And sorry to say, Raye, physicians, among others, have entirely lost faith in you.   
Well, I haven't gotten well yet, in fact I've gotten worse. Now I even have a fever.
A fever?  Shocking.  A touch of indigestion, perhaps? 
If you can spare something, I thank you very much.

You made good money working for the various governmental agencies who still employ you.  Have you thought about hitting them up for medical coverage?  You really should do that, you know.  

And again, thanks Agent 86, you are a jewel beyond compare.  - Melinda 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Thanks to Agent 86 we know Hobie, still active on RMN is providing reality correction for Readers

I use the term, 'reality' advisedly.  I'm waiting to see what kind of Crypto-currency offering Rayelan makes.   She has tried everything else so this must be in the offing.  Of course, there are cryptos which are entirely legitimate but it is hard for those not in the field to discern which is which.  And if so many are still awaiting the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar, marketers can certainly make hey hey, hey with a Crypto with Raye's face of figure on it.  Tough to do Morgan as she has not put a picture online which was taken before 1992.

 Presumably, any such offering will be circulating first on Obergon, where she and her clutch of disinfomation agents, including the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, Morgan Gell, her handler, qua husband, Jay, Craig Franklin, and their professional associates will be relocating there to enjoy the largess.  

Thanks Agent 86!  More fun in Rayeland.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
** Thirty days hath September ... and they're almost gone! :) **
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 28-Sep-2018 04:08:51

Hi, Folks -
Our goal for RMN's September expenses is $2500 (not the $250k Rayelan accidentally typed in :).
Many thanks to the 21 fine folks who have contributed $940 toward that goal and for their many kind comments, too. :)
Only 3 days remain in September, so now's the time to provide support for this site that means so much to all of us. Please do contribute if you're able and would find it fitting to help make sure RMN will be here for you tomorrow and tomorrow and the next day and the next and ...

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Agent 86, the dauntless, the reliable, the shield for Truth in these Times of Liars sent the note below.

Thank you again, Agent 86, she sort of nailed herself, don't you think?  

Note from Raye sent on by Agent 86:  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Note from Raye
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 21-Sep-2018 17:46:14

I haven't been here is a while. I've been sick. I've had a REALLLY bad cold. My Doctor was afraid it might turn into pneumonia so she started treating it to keep that from happening. But the cold has kept raging for over a week now. As most know, antibiotics do no good, so all I have is ibuprofen, goldenseal, epson salts and an herbal sleeping formula.
This round of illness is the last in a long list, and this one began with stomach problems. The only good thing about this spate of illness is I have lost twelve pounds... by the time I'm well hopefully I will be back in all my size 9 clothes!! This illness has left me feeling so bad that I have to find some bright spot!
Raye was NEVER in size 9 clothing from the photos I saw, which reach back decades. 
As most of you know, I have bells that must be paid every month. I am overdue in a number of them, so if you are able I could really use some help right now.
How are your bills looking?  Pay your own first.  RMN is a disinformation site so consider who you are subsidizing.  The CIA is paying for RMN hosting, remember.    
HOw bad is it? I am hungry, there is nothing in the house that I want to eat... I've eaten all the good stuff.
There is a huge storm going on... I pray the lights stay on... at least til this is finished.
 Storm?  What storm?  See below Raye's 'Note'   It is a bit cloudy, not hot, and not at all cold.  
I just came back from my doctor, and the storm was so fierce you could not tell where the road ended and the ditches used by the farmers to water their crops, began I've seen many cars end up in those ditches and I am so glad I made it home without ending up in one. 
Wow!  Raye must live in an alternative time line.   
I feel I am just rambling, so here is the widget that goes to paypal.
Thanking you in advance for your continued support!

Accuweather reports that Ashtabula is experiencing today, Saturday, September 22, 2018, partly cloudy weather.  No storms. High, 65, Low 48.  See for yourself.  Accuweather

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thanks again to Agent 86 for this insight into the mind of Rayelan

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Join me for a cup of tea and we'll talk about the many years of ground breaking reporting that RMN has done and will continue to do. And while we are sipping our tea, I'll tell you about the many readers and supporters of RMN... and without their help, RMN would have been disbanded years ago instead of  going on for 22 years!!

I and all of RMN thank you for your support. We know that without you we wouldn't be here.

If you can afford it and if you find it right to do so, please use the widget to show how much you support the RMN mission!


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So the Gang has a reunion...and Laura is taking lead

One of my partners received this, a libel which is legally actionable and has been sent on to our corporate counsel.  Did you think I would not have warned my Team about each of you?  Wrong. 

Laura is functionally illiterate and not too bright a bulb in any way.  Morgan is a psychopath who I defended for years, to my detriment.  Read about who I took on HERE.

" Pillsbury foster is insane.

Do not let her know anything about your family. She’s destroyed every relationship in business and her family 6 kids refuse her to even get near there Children. We never met her she made up stories we spoke on the phone a few times until we found out she had no qualifications except stalking and slander on everyone she met.  Manchester Time Line

Her x husband and daughter are nice people.   

Craig Franklin

Morgan Pillsbury Gell

You’ll never get her out of your house she will take you to court she did it to Rumor mill news Rayelan Allen Smith she Blogs about this woman daily.

Melinda is insane and always homeless."

Saturday, August 25, 2018

My apologies for having been remiss in authorizing comments. Been busy. Here is what I'm sending out today.

Deep State – The Significance of 1992

1992 is arguably the most significant year in the last half of the 20th Century.
But until now you did not really know what happened then or understand the next 36 years which have sent America’s economy into a tail spin, enmeshed us in constant war, made millions homeless, and taken the world to the brink of disaster.

If Deep State had not acted:

·         Bill Clinton would never have been elected president.
·         Bush W. would never have been elected president.
·         War on Iraq would not have happened.
·         The economy, world-wide would be stable today.
·         Millions would not have lost their homes.
·         We would all have affordable health care.


In mid-March 1992, the Clintons were ready to wind down their campaign and return to Arkansas.  Bill and Hillary had been talking about the presidency for years, looking for the right time but the money had not appeared, even after their win in Southern Super Tuesday on March 11th. Opposition was down to was Paul Tsongas and Jerry Brown. 

This made a presidential win possible if Bill could stay ahead of the scandals he and Hillary knew loomed.  Bill Clinton was, and remains, a sexual predator.  He could never have been elected today, now that the MeToo! consciousness has awakened.  But Bill was also a student of John F. Kennedy, as are many of us.   Kennedy decided for reasons of his deteriorating health he could not wait to try for the presidency, instead running for the office in 1959.  Bill and Hillary knew they had a limited window of opportunity determined not by ill-health but by Bill’s sexual habits. 

But money was no issue for JFK, for Bill Clinton, it was. 

In Mid-March 1992 the Clinton had only $50,000 left and a HQ bus.  On March 12 Bill and Hillary spent time at Hillary’s High School Alma Mater, Maine South High School near Chicago despite their win in the Southern Super Primary the day before. 

Decision-time was coming up fast.   The Clintons had reached out to the Democratic Labor establishment.  Now, they had to find the means to sell Bill and his carefully manufactured agenda to American voters.  

Frank Greer had come onboard as Clinton’s Media Consultant.  Despite the title, Greer knew nothing about satellite technology as a distribution system.  He needed to know so the Clinton Campaign could determine if satellite was an option. 
Also, on the agenda, the rush of scandals.
On January 26th Bill and Hillary Clinton appeared on 60 Minutes to deny Bill had carried on a long affair with Gennifer Flowers.  Now, we know this was a carefully orchestrated lie.
Two days later, during George H. W. Bush’s State of the Union Address, only 1M of 29-Million phone calls to CBS via touch-tone phone buttons for #1 AGREE or #2 DISAGREE had gotten through.  Millions of calls crashed to deadtone in 14 phone regions of the Bell System. 
The Clintons and Greer likely spent January to mid-March looking for solutions to the problem of rapidly increasing their media presence while staving off scandals. 
How could they sell Clinton to the mass-audience with the money they had available and do so as a stream of propaganda avoiding the problems caused when Bill was confronted with facts about his behavior?    This is when Billary received a fax copy of the PhoneVoter TV Network Proposal.
The answer, they realized, was Satellite.  Now they needed to know how to get it.

January 1992

Brock d’Avignon, founder of PhoneVoter TV Networks, picked satellite TV to avoid the overload problem for PhoneVoter, started on January 21st.  Brock had persuaded Keystone Satellite Communications to provide free satellite time, valued at $130,000 per candidate, to presidential hopefuls if they used PhoneVoter TV to show audience response tallies.  This was a loss-leader to build up satellite use in new markets. 
Brock d’Avignon and a team of volitional, non-political libertarians, began working from borrowed space in a small office in Costa Mesa, CA to give American voters a voice in their electoral system using mass-audience TV which allowed the audience to AGREE/DISAGREE with candidates.  With satellite, this would work.  

Unknown Libertarian History

If you are a libertarian, active in the Libertarian Party or not, you probably know some of the names of below.  They all agreed on the need for people to have greater control of governance, eliminating government if possible.  They agreed the economy could be transferred into the free-market, achieving stability, using the loan tool, Percentage-As-You-Earn (PAYE) finance & finansurance, d’Avignon had researched over the previous twenty years.

PhoneVoter offered services to all 64 presidential candidates.  The four who responded were Ross Perot, Jerry Brown, Pat Buchanan and Bill Clinton.  
The reactions of each candidate proved to be revealing. 

The Perot Campaign 
Of the four candidates, Perot was first, starting in January.  Perot’s rise in popularity was linked to Telepoll 700-800-900#, owned and programmed by Gary Tomlinson for Owners of America, Inc. Telepoll offering AGREE – DISAGREE votes.  From January until March PhoneVoting took place entirely by telephone. Results went to the congresspersons of the pollvoters and to the media each week from early February 1992 on.  d'Avignon wrote and faxed the PhoneVoter questions to Owners of America, Inc. who had Capitol Calling Cards printed and sold. 
Finally, someone was listening.   Congresspersons and the media received weekly releases.  In June, Perot led a Gallup poll with 39% of the vote thanks to the combined efforts of PhoneVoter and TelePoll, paid for entirely by Owners of America, Inc.
The CNN appearance on Larry King aired on February 20, 1992. This was a reaction to Perot’s rising popularity, originating from voters’ ability to respond to the statements they heard through their phone calls using their Capitol Calling Cards.  Perot advocated electronic direct democracy via electronic town halls as well.  The tallies were a step in that direction, powering the campaign and the wish of Americans to have a part in decisions being made.  
In May, Perot hired Ed Rollins, a former consultant for Ronald Reagan, and everyone in the campaign expected Perot to begin buying satellite time through PhoneVoter and making use of the Presidential Candidates’ Unedited Speech program and to participate in the Presidential Candidates’ Debate Tournament. 
Instead, on July 16th Rollins resigned and two days later so did Perot, coming back to stop the threat of Bo Gritz taking his place with Owners of America, Inc.  
Perot depended on appearances made on other people’s TV shows.  Bill Clinton refused to participate in programming which allowed voters to AGREE/DISAGREE with his ideas but used satellite from April 1 through the election in November. 
If Perot had not been too cheap to pay for Satellite time, he would likely have been the next president.  Satellite for the whole year would have cost him only $2M.

Clinton Ethics in Operation
At the time of Super Tuesday Clinton was in Illinois confronting his lack of financing and need to beat former Governor of California, Jerry Brown.  Former Massachusetts Senator Paul E. Tsongas left the race March 17th, leaving only Brown as a problem.  Bill knew he was no match for Brown in a face-to-face debate.  The Clinton charm fell flat with Jerry Brown who was quirky but honestly looking for solutions to problems.   
Brown’s campaign included the use of an 800 number to encourage small donors, focusing on term limits, a flat tax, and the abolition of the Department of Education.  Jerry would not begin his participation in PhoneVoter’s Unedited Presidential Candidate Speeches until late April but the 1040 Flat Tax event in front of the New York Public Library, Main Branch, had taken place.  The NY primary would take place April 7th. 

It was now, or never, for Bill and Hillary’s presidential ambitions.  It is likely they had calculated the power of the presidency for quashing investigations before the election took place. 

Two men, who identified themselves as ‘Charles Marcus and Frank Greer’ began calling PhoneVoter HQ to ask detailed questions about satellite technology and about costs in Mid-March.  Marcus said nothing except to state, when the subject of cost was raised, there was not have enough to pay for anything.  So how could they get satellite?  The dialog continued over the phone and by fax. 
Brock prepared a proposal specifically for the Clinton Campaign dated May 22, 1992, yet unaware Greer and Clinton had used the information he provided to circumvent the need to debate.  LINK   Marcus and Greer evaded discussing the Interactive shows which would have put Bill into debates with other candidates such as Jerry Brown who called him a “scandal-a-day-candidate.”   They said, “We’ll get back to you on that.”
The record of some of the advice provided to ‘Marcus’ is handwritten at the bottom.  The consultations continued, evidently, while Bill and Greer were arranging to rip PhoneVoter off, never paying them.  
Always trusting and helpful, Brock had told the Clintons there was only one Satellite Uplink truck still available in the entire country.  Brock sent them the Keystone Quote Page, having already told them even though they did not have enough to pay the first and last month for satellite they could, with the truck, send their content up themselves.  The Uplink Truck’s cost for one month was $35,000.  Brock then advised them the remaining $15,000 must to be spent letting Network and local TV News Directors know where to aim their satellite received dish by notifications phone, telex, fax and TWIX so they could obtain the warm words and sweet smiles of Bill Clinton which would be raining down from the sky.  Money would not be a problem, Brock promised them, and they quickly discovered the truth of this consultation. 
Brock took notes LINK

Frank Greer was then the Clinton Media Consultant – but no one named ‘Charlie Marcus’ ever worked for the Clinton Campaign.  Brock realized the deference Greer showed to Marcus made it obvious, in retrospect, the second voice was Bill Clinton.  Unfolding events proved Greer and the Clintons could learn fast about the technologies which today drive media. 

Buchanan and Brown had nothing to hide.  Perot might have – but Clinton did.

Elsewhere in Campaign World

Libertarians, those who might have been assumed to be the most well-informed technologically, remained inert in 1992. 

Lee Wright, one Libertarian candidate running for the LP nomination in 1991, immediately understood the power of Interactive technologies.  But Lee could not get past the assumption the Main Stream Media made TV impossible.  Brock was having this same problem with both Libertarians and all other candidates except the four mentioned.   

Today, 2018, the National LP, to date, has never answered the phone or responded to phone messages, snail mail, faxes or emails sent offering them free or volume discount coast-to-coast airtime for shows and debates in 1992, 1995-6, 2000, 2016.  Neither have the other minor parties. 

The Bottom Line - 1992

The four campaigns who used the PhoneVoter suggestions  or programs produced results with stunning speed. 

Perot, the frugal, never used satellite but starting in February he rose into high enough polling numbers to be a serious contender for the presidency.

Clinton understood the PhoneVoter services would require him to debate issues and answer questions, not just glad-hand voters and, “Feel their pain.”  Bill refused to participate in programming which allowed voters to AGREE/DISAGREE with his ideas but used satellite from April 1 through the election in November.  His donations and supporters increased rapidly. 

Pat Buchanan and Jerry Brown both began exploring the potential of PhoneVoter TV in late February.  Brown dallied around, not getting his Unedited Speech to PhoneVoter for several weeks.   Buchanan’s Campaign Chairman, his sister Bay Buchanan, had one to PhoneVoter within a week. 

Jerry Brown and Pat Buchanan were each committed to change.  Their goals differed, but each believed their own ideas would be good for America.  If there was any doubt at the time these questions have been laid to rest by how they have spent the 36 years since the 1992 election.   Each was willing to debate openly.

When these began to air 16-hours per day from the last week of April through the California Primary on June 6th Brown and Buchanan’s polling numbers began to rise dramatically.

Brock faxed Brown a visual stunt. Having the Federal Tax Code Books (70 volumes) of loopholes, receding behind Brown in a trash truck.  Unfortunately, the Clinton’s Union Allies in NY got wind of this exciting event and ensured no trash truck was available.  Undeterred, Brown threw the volumes one-by-one slowly into a trash can as he held up his postcard 1040 flat-tax IRS Form in front of mobile crews from 13 TV Networks.  The replay of the stunt coast-to-coast caused a 2% rise in Brown’s popularity every day.  d’Avignon calculated Brown had missed beating Clinton in the NY and California Primaries by three days to be the Democrat nominee. 

Buchanan went into the Republican Convention having campaigned for the same values he stands for today.  These are essentially paleoconservative.  He and Bay run The American Cause.
Jerry Brown again ran for the office of Governor in California and was elected again to the position in 2011.  He maintains a website, Jerry Brown, which bemoans the level of the prison population in California.  Brock has sent Brown a solution which includes releasing all convicts in prison for victimless crimes immediately and allowing those who had victims to pay restitution in the form of a percentage of income to their victim.  D’Avignon refers to convicts who qualify to pay restitution as Outvicts.   69% of employers will employ an Outvict if the crime was non-violence and prisoners agree to pay restitution of 17% of their monthly earnings to their victims.   

How Dangerous is PhoneVoter to Deep State?

The best measure of the power of interaction is the steps both major parties took to ensure it would not be available to candidates they did not want elected.  Add to this the purchase of Keystone Satellite Communications at ten times its value and you see that the elites well understood the problem they faced. 

Almost immediately after the 1992 primary elections, Keystone Satellite Communications cancelled the offer for free satellite time for PhoneVoter.  This likely came through Clinton, who still faced the general election against Bush and Perot. 

Keystone was bought for ten times its value by France Telecom.  The sum paid was $100M.  The order for the purchase came from Bilderberger leader Etienne d’Avignon.  The purchase happened after Bush Senior went down to screaming defeat in November of 1992. 

Brock learned this the next year from Keystone’s former General Manager, David Hansford, who told Brock the new owners expressed consternation when they learned Keystone had no contract with Brock for PhoneVoter. Keystone’s former owner was restricted from being in the satellite business for 17 years. 

NOTE:  Any connection between Brock and Etienne d’Avignon would have to date back at least 300 years at the time Brock’s family moved to the New World; both are named “of Avignon” a 2,000 year-old city in France.

Clinton became titular head of the Democratic Party with his election to the presidency understanding the power of satellite was responsible for his election.  He also understood the danger of Interactive communication with America’s electorate, as did Bush Senior and the group which was growing around his son, W.

In 1993 Haley Barbour became the Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  This could only have happened with the approval of Bush Senior. Barbour told GOP presidential candidates he had cut a deal with the DNC agreeing neither party would use either satellite or PhoneVoter for the 1996 election. This happened along with the start of the Commission for Presidential Debates by the two parties.  

In 1995, Haley Barbour, forbade GOP presidential candidates the use of either satellite or Campaigns On Satellite (COS), citing this agreement. But Barbour knew this was untrue.  The Democratic Party had bought satellite time for all of 1996.

Brock learned about this through one of his contacts in the satellite industry in October 1995 and immediately informed Haley Barbour, and all declared candidates, including Republicans. LINK

One of these was the Media Consultant for the Dole-Kemp Campaign, Mike Murphy, (scroll down to see the Contact Notes Brock made ) who had worked as a media consultant on the campaign for George H. W. Bush in 1988 and 1992.  Murphy popped up as the Media Consultant for Lamar Alexander in 1996 and blocked the campaigns use of PhoneVoter, despite their having received multiple proposals.  This is reflected in the contact records from PhoneVoter.

In 2000, Mike Murphy pulled the same con on John McCain, blocking the PhoneVoter proposals 13 times.    McCain learned of this as he stood waiting to concede the California primary to George W. Bush in front of his Straight Talk bus waiting to drive between a dozen satellite uplink trucks from others’ networks.  Brock handed him another copy of the proposal.  McCain and his wife, Cindy read it together.  Cindy exclaimed, “John, we could have won with this!” 

McCain stormed over to Murphy, raging.  Murphy, shouting over McCain, shrugged saying, “You got a conventional campaign.”

Mike Murphy is a BushCo agent in place, working as a political consultant where their needs indicate and now in media.  Murphy and John Fund both worked on ensuring McCain lost.  Fund planted the false story before Southern Super Tuesday on a black McCain love-child. Murphy worked more directly.  Both continue to be agents in place.  Assume there are others from both the Right and Left.  They are still out there, working.

What you have learned are unpalatable facts about political figures in both major parties the story is not about politics.  It is about how ordinary people can change everything rapidly. 

The Solutions

Percentage-As-You-Earn        Health Portal       Lincoln’s Risk-Registry       AvertAlert        

The solution to the problem of empowering people is mass-audience, interactive communications. Participants today will be able to connect to solve local problems from ideas they see work from shows or work with solutions on the shows.  No filters, no censorship.  Don’t worry about attempts at censoring or about child porn or kitten killing.  We have this covered. We love kittens, too. 

Americans want to be heard.  They want solutions.  Are you ready to provide these, let ordinary people decide for themselves? IPTV is what you expect from the Internet on steroids while seeing your own comments, Phonevotes, solutions, donations, purchases, and uploads too.  Links to chatrooms which are local will help local people organize as well.  We can change Congress, ensure the people who have real solutions are funded, clean-up the Amazon’s rainforest, come together to welcome refugees, and move to a sustainable world. Are you ready? 

Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association’s Crowdfunder will start this next week.  You will be able to view it from our website.