Friday, August 23, 2013

The Lee Family Expresses their Gratitude to Raye Allan Smith of Rumor Mill News

When I arrived at Raye's place after a miserable three weeks on the road due to my vision, I found an unsettling situation.  Naturally, since I had only talked to Raye, and had known her on the phone for some years, I believed her when she told me about the horrible way the Lee Family had taken advantage of her.  

Then, several months later I found this, which had fallen behind shelving in the upstairs bathroom.  Each side had a very touching message, expressing their gratitude to Raye for her kindness and framed in the belief they were a family.  

The Certificate is dated July 2011.  About this time I began doing a radio show for RMN Radio, which was actually rented time on the MicroEffect Station.  

A few weeks later, August 25th, Raye called me and strongly urged me to assist her dear, close friends, the Duke and Duchess of Manchester.  She vouched for their good character and told me they had been terribly libeled.  

In fact, Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester, is a psychopath.  Here is a Time Line of his life, with copious documentation made necessary because when confronted with the need to make good on his promises to pay us for work done, he reneged and began attacking mainly me, but also Raye.  

I was stunned to see Raye had been offered the truth about Manchester months before I ever talked to them, by Wendy Buford Montagu, Manchester's former wife.  When I arrived at Raye's place in Ohio and set up my computer this email, forwarded to me from Raye by Wendy, was nearly the first thing I received.  

It took some time for me to have doubts about Raye's honesty.  I thought she was just dingy at first.  

But a combination of factors eventually lead me to the truth about her.  

Raye's relationship with the Lee Family began with Angel, who worked for her for some years.  

Raye then invited Angel's mother, Lee, to come live with her in Watsonville.  Raye always had to have someone living with her I later realized.

With the Lee Family Raye got several people.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rayelan Allan AKA Raye Smith, and The Bathroom

The recent post by Rayelan Allan of Rumor Mill News viewable here, appeals to the reader on the basis of trust, leaving out the facts, this being her standard MO. 

Cast your mind back to the many appeals Rayelan makes for support for various unanticipated problems in her life. Please keep this in mind as you read this because only by knowing, having the facts in hand, can each of us to make decisions which affirm the values of honesty, transparency,  and integrity.  

It is these values which, in light of the many revelations now appearing, are reframing our world.  To enact change you must be the change yourself.  From each of us this demands we live the truth. 

I am the individual Rayelan identified as her 'house guest' in the post above. However, I am not a room mate or house guest but an employee of Rumor Mill News, hired on to sell advertising, who receives housing as a benefit of my employment.  This distinction matters for reasons we will get into later.

Rayelan has attempted to recharacterize our relationship. But, for the record, I was hired on believing this would be full time employment, with benefits. I relocated from the West Coast to Ohio for this purpose in late 2011, and to help Rayelan at a time she said she desperately needed it.

Although I expected this to be full time employment I discovered it was very part time, not enough to support me and my disabled son. Arthur receives SSI. Medical Letters I am on social security and disabled and also qualify for SSI disability.  

Rayelan begged me to come to save her from people she said were taking advantage of her and described their behavior is shocking terms.  I believed her on her word.  I was wrong to do so I later discovered.  Evidence surfaced which made me begin to doubt Rayelan's honesty.

Rayelan said these people were ungrateful, taking shameful advantage of her.  But I found this, fallen behind a piece of furniture.  She said they stole from her when they moved next door and filed police reports itemizing property as stolen she later found in the morass of her possessions.  Rayelan shrugged at the idea she should correct the reports. Her indifference to accuracy, and the demands of justice, stunned me. I experienced guilt in having helped her file her police reports.  She showed no guilt whatsoever. 

So when I saw Rayelan begin to distance herself from me in ways strikingly parallel to her former, 'family' I realized what was coming.  I had kept documents and letters, scanned and ready to make public along with phone numbers and names of individuals who witnessed events.  This is a small sample.    

The Issue of the Bathroom

The bathroom was tiled with one foot squares, these were already breaking down when I arrived two years ago. The tub was covered with fix-it tape in apparent attempts to stop leaking which, from the condition of the floor, had been happening for some time.

At the time of my arrival, Rayelan told me she used the tub to wash her dogs. This only ended because I had brought our cat, Meow, with us and Rayelan had promised me, as a condition of my coming, the dogs would not come upstairs.  Meow is elderly and easily frightened.  

Some months later, the problem which allowed leakage from the tub, was fixed by the landlord and I scraped off the ugly residue left from the tape myself but the bathroom clearly needed attention.

Repainted ceiling, discolored area received one coat, as did the entire bathroom.
By my observation, the bathroom was never in good condition. At some point, prior to my residency, it had been repaired using drywall instead of greenboard. This did not hold up since it is not intended for use in areas which become wet, damaging a small area on the wall over the tub. The paint peeled off this area of the ceiling  above, and was repainted along with the rest of the bathroom some weeks ago. It did not fall down. Since the paint job did not include two coats this area is easily visible today. 

The area on the back wall is repaired.  

Area of damaged drywall, here repaired.

The assertion of Rayelan's part that the ceiling came down, or was even damaged, is a bald lie. Damage was confined to a tapering area about three feet by one foot, at most, on the one wall directly over the high tub enclosure. This area is identified above.  The drywall was replaced by greenboard only in the area where the damage had actually occurred, the repairman cutting a rectangular piece to substitute for the piece which was damaged.   

The rest of the walls remain drywall.  

Rayelan continued to take her bath there until a few weeks ago. She had never moved her personal items, which filled the medicine cabinet and cupboards leaving little space for my own or my son's, nearly all of which were kept in our rooms. Rayelan's were removed when the room was prepared for painting.

Rayelan was regular in her bathing habits, this occurring frequently, as would be expected in a house with only this one tub for bathing or showering. Therefore, she saw the bathroom frequently and its condition was no surprise to her.  We had discussed this occasionally but no action was forthcoming.  

Repair of the Bathroom

As repairs began, I made a list of materials used along with information on the cost of these, looking up the price from the store where they were purchased online. I had been surprised to see Rayelan was asking for money from RMN readers which appeared to be far above what could have been spent. This was not the first instance when Rayelan had used such appeals for personal purposes, overstating any real need.  This first shocked me, then I came to expect it.  

While I was not privy to conversations with the landlord, Robert Brobst, work number, (440) 969-1900, these took place because Rayelan wanted to buy the house, from what she said to me. 

I was present when a building inspector, who was not Bob Brobst, went over the upstairs. Except for Rayelan's statement I saw no evidence any repairs were demanded and have not called Brobst myself to inquire.   

$12.98 Greenboard and plaster
$24.98 / each - Model # 138271 - Two towel racks
$18.97 Vinyl baseboard

Putting in the tile was time consuming.  I thought it would have been far cheaper to use linoleum and made an estimate of the cost. 


The individual who did the work, Steve Leubking from our church, is, I believe, modestly paid. Wages are low here in Ashtabula. I have not asked him about what his hourly charge was or if he did the work for a set price. Steve's phone number is his cell phone. If you want to talk to him directly, email me for the number.

The work performed did take him some hours spread over nearly two weeks but has improved the appearance and utility of the bathroom while disrupting my ability to cook and care for my son. 

 A call to Bob Brobst on the issue of the ceiling will confirm that the ceiling did not fall down.  You can also contact Steve, who actually carried out the repairs.   

What Rayelan wrote in her post are lies. She used these to libel me while extracting money from RMN readers, another one of her habits leading to our estrangement.  Taking advantage of those  who believe in her and trust her word is standard practice for Rayelan, from my experience. 

 I believe this is wrong and points to one of the problems we are experiencing in the goal of enacting change.

Far too many people are trusted even when their behavior should raise questions.  Rayelan's stories about her life share this, it is never her fault, it is always someone else who caused the problem and she who must be rescued.  

Those who support her financially should ask about what happened to the promised retreat in Ohio, for which thousands of dollars were donated by RMN Readers.  Don't be satisfied with anything but documents.  Rayelan blames  everyone but the money went through her hands and disappeared.  I could never get a straight answer myself. 

When you live with Rayelan you come to expect constant drama and demands, of which RMN Readers have experienced only a scintilla. 

Until lying to gain benefits is no longer acceptable how can we energetically or spiritually enact any real difference in the world?  Rayelan is now 65 years old.  It is time she grew up and time her Readers stopped enabling her. 

This kind of behavior was the cause of friction between us. Much of this originates in her inability to talk out issues, simply acting unilaterally and screaming when she is questioned.  When Rayelan starts screaming I have to leave the room.  Effective dialog is not possible.  

Although I was an agent for many years I my posting privileges were cancelled without notice. No  reason was given and I had violated none of the guidelines which supposedly protect agents. I believe this is due to my insistence Rayelan operate openly and honestly and because I know far too much about such issues as how she raises money and operates. 

I have been posting in many other locations for over a decade.  In the world of freedom activism Rumor Mill News is not particularly well thought of.  We go on, I now post at Before Its News, among other sites.  

Although Rayelan has not fired me she has made an illegal attempt to evict me and cut off my internet, necessitating my finding other means to get online and get phone calls. At the time, she clearly believed she was effectively silencing me, hence her attack. She also changed her email address so I cannot contact her without risking hearing her scream.

Here are the papers generated by her attempt.  It was her own actions which resulted in my being forced to threaten a law suit.  I offered her mediation and she ignored this, preferring to continue a course of libel and slander and abuse of myself and my son.  

I do not parade my feelings to elicit the sympathy of others. I was not raised to do so and find such manipulation of others highly distasteful.  Both my son and I were deeply shocked and hurt by Rayelan's  behavior.  

When the possibilities of making a living through RMN dried up, I refocused my time on issues such as making deep green technologies available for investment, building a new economy, and providing a template for relocalizing government. I have written on these for years and hoped my work with Rumor Mill would become a means for advancing these. It was not to be.  I continue to work on real solutions while having to cope with Rayelan's insane behavior.  

As is always the case, unanticipated insights come to us through unfolding events.  Many of you might remember the attacks on myself and Rayelan by the Duke of Manchester in the early months of 2012.  I discovered in the spring of 2013 Rayelan had been contacted by the Duke's former wife, Wendy.  Wendy had listened to the interview Rayelan did with the Duke on her radio show and noted the many untrue statements he had made.  Wendy offered to send Rayelan proof of the lies but Rayelan never responded.  

I asked Rayelan why she had not contacted Wendy or asked her to send the documents, proving these lies.

Rayelan said to me, "I am not a journalist."  I was stunned.  

Finding the truth is not just for journalists, it matters to each of us.  If I had known I would not have invested two months in working for the Duke and both of us would have been saved enormous problems and costs.  

From my observation, Rayelan spends most of her time shopping for items for her proposed ebay store and beading.  For the record, I do not believe any changes will take place at Rumor Mill as long as Rayelan can milk readers for money.