Monday, June 30, 2014

Part One - The Original Saga of the Move to Ohio, a Prelude

To be followed in due course by the Saga of the Second Move, now ongoing. 

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Sometimes life has a satisfying and circular aspect, and the antics of Rayelan (AKA Raye Smith of Ashtabula, Ohio, along with a multitude of other names) has provided us with just these attributes.

More highly diverting characters enter the story.

Angel, whose real name is Angela Kay Lee, is a member of the Lee-Powers family, who moved Rayelan to Ohio when she lost her house in Watsonville, a lower middle class suburb of Santa Cruz. Angel was not among the members of the clan which made the monumental trek.

Angel was busy in Ohio, where she lived in sylvan commune with nature, though in less than ideal conditions, as later posts will outline.

Talk of The Trek, or the Saga of the Move to Ohio, began, illustrated by Rayelan and posted on RMN, on July 6, 2010. Rayelan bravely tells her story and announces she is moving to Ohio to lower her costs. In a later post she says readers will be surprised to see how quickly she will be able to get out of debt and, presumably, stop asking for money.

But now, she must have money to pay for the Moving Pods and goes on in some detail, though she does not mention the names of the people helping her until we arrive at the pseudonym, NeverSurrender, used by Angela Kay Lee, AKA Angel.

We will delve into the Family Campground, located in Ohio, for which much fundraising was done via Rumor Mill News, and its fate, in another post, so sign up to receive updates which will include the law relating to such ventures.

Note the 'warehouse,' mentioned below. This is a generous term for the shack located on the property obtained through the generosity of RMN donors and is never so identified. This is the office from which Angel works for RMN and also serves as her residence.

We continue with the Saga of the Move to Ohio.

From: RMN Archives, July 6, 2010

Message to my Friends From Paypal and my Post Office Box
If I have no money to pay the bills that are due on the 9th... that means I have no money to have moving pods delivered and transported to Ohio. (We checked... it's cheaper to do pods that to rent a U-Haul and buy the gas. That's why we are doing it this way... with the pods.)

I have no money to transport myself and my Ohio work crew back to Ohio. There are 4 of us and three dogs and a baby.”

The “4 of us and three dogs and a baby,” are Rayelan AKA Darlene Rae Smith, Anna Leigh Powers, Angel's mother, Thomas Scott Lee, Angel's brother, Amanda Lee, and her daughter, the mentioned baby.The dogs, well known to RMN Readers, are Buck a Golden Retriever, and Toby and Max, two dogs of mixes breed who look like small, flattened Golden Retrievers.  

From the same post we learn,

The warehouse is currently home to a horse and an office for Rumor Mill News and a shipping area for Rumor Mill News... and all of NeverSurrender's household goods. In other words, there is not one square inch that is not being used.”

The requests for money will be answered by the generosity of loyal RMN Readers who seem to have forgotten about the Family Campground in which many of them invested. Or perhaps the investors hope if Rayelan goes to Ohio the project will go forward. Another possibility is that some of these have left or died.

People are very trusting, a laudable characteristic when they are dealing with people of good character.

Many may also be new loyal RMN Readers. RMN has a large readership so, statistically, this is possible, though the readership is now dropping against stiff competition elsewhere on the web.

No matter, the online pleas for money and other support will continue as stories of The Saga of the Move go on for months. New needs for money and pleas continue to appear in the Reading Room.  Our report will comprise the first three parts of this longer narrative.  

Note: I made my own archive of these on another, private site, in case someone decided to remove them.

Angel, who has been working for Rayelan for years, has her own similar site, titled, Surfing the Apocalypse, according to Rayelan, who expressed some annoyance at this online entrepreneurism by Angel to me on several occasions. She then showed me the site, which I saw was a clear imitation of Rumor Mill News, including the pleas for money to keep it online.

The URL,, was first registered January 2, 2000 in the name of Theresa Durbin, according to the record, which is public.

The record, viewable here, includes this information. P.O.Box 6345, Tulsa OK 74148; US: Registrant Phone: +1.9185823012. This appears to be a mobile number, so the holder could be anyplace, with mail forwarded on from the PO Box in Oklahoma.

The Saga is filled with moments of near tragedy and humor, though some of this is probably unconscious on the part of Rayelan, making it an interesting counterpoint to the stories appearing on RMN about the revaluing of the Dinar and the multitude of other subjects which attract RMN Readers.

Copies of these short articles, along with updates of present happenings, are sent to all interested parties, including my attorney, for review.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Curious Relationship of Rayelan and Alex, the 13th Duke of Manchester

Or- What do psychopaths do when they miscalculate? Call Home to the CIA? 

See The Duke of Manchester, from which much of this is drawn.

In 2009 Laura, the Duchess of Manchester, called Rayelan up to ask she take down what she said was a libelous slander. Raye did so without checking whether or not it was true. Soon afterward, Wendy, the former Duchess of Manchester, former wife of Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester, contacted Rayelan through the radio station where RMN Radio aired, The MicroEffect.  Wendy offered proof the article was entirely accurate.

Alex had committed bigamy when he married Wendy in 1993, knowing full well he was still married to his first wife, Marion, who he tried to murder in 1984 after a few weeks of marriage.

Later, Rayelen would explain to Melinda she, Rayelan, is NOT A JOURNALIST and issues of the truth are irrelevant to what appears on RMN. Yep. She said that – and she clearly means it.

Here is some part of what she did not think was relevant.

From TimeLine

                17 - Alex Montagu Manchester marries Marion Johanna Stoner, the  never married
                  mother of two.    Marriage Certificate
               21 - Alex Montagu Manchester and Marion Johanna Montagu are separated after
                  incidents of violence directed against her children from her previous relationship
                  and her self.  Complaint, filed September 5th.  Police report filed.  Johanne Stoner
                  TheStoner Story 

Alex is diagnosed as being psychopathic. (See Transcript, bottom page 9)

Alex left a broad wake of scandal behind him from the time he was released from prison until he landed in Orange County in 1992. Unfortunately, most of this was covered in off shore media.

5 Angus Charles Drogo Montagu succeeded to the title of 12th Duke of 
Manchester upon the death of his brother, Sidney Arthur Robin George Drogo
Montagu, 11th Duke of Manchester.  Alexander, his oldest son, succeeded to the 
title, Viscount Mandeville
ARTICLE -  by Ian Livingstone Mary and Alexander:  It's a title fight 

                  14 - Alexander,Viscount of Mandeville, is sentenced to jail
                           From The Age -Duke's heir weeps in dock "

                           From The Sun, Tearsas heir, 22, gets jail
ARTICLE  HERALD - Of broken hearts and coronets,  by Alan Tate The Next
               Duke of Manchester is out of Jail traces the life of an unhappy peer

               Viscount Mandeville released from prison  and ordered to repay West Bank
                     17 - Alex's certificate was signed by His Royal Highness, Prince Leonard,
                        Defender of the Faith, Sovereign for the Principality of Hutt.  The certificate
                        reads, "Viscount Mandiville, Baron Montagu, Duke of Manchester," naming 
                        Alex as an Ambassador at Large to the Principality of Hutt.  SeeCertificate
                     31 - Thursday
                             Article: ATouch Of Dinky-di Nobility  Sydney Morning Herald
                     Singer Michael Jackson won't be there. His house will.
                    But guests at the $250-per-bidder art auction Sunday won't be allowed into
                    the house, even though getting behind the intimidating iron gate and into the
                    Encino home was admittedly used as a draw by organizers.
                     8 - ARTICLE - Los Angeles Times Estate-of-the-Art Auction at Michael 
Jackson's Residence,  by Marylouise Oates
                             "Set to benefit the South African Council of Churches, the auction at the
                         Hayvenhurst Avenue estate hosted by Michael's parents, Joseph and
                         Katherine Jackson, will feature more than 100 pieces of art and "the world's
                         second largest pearl, valued at $2 million." MORE

                        ARTICLE - By Frank Swertlow, appearing in the Daily News in his column,
                     HOLLYWOOD FREEWAY, titled, "There'slots of land down under his limo"
                     5 - Christopher Reed  The Age
                           Article:  Lawyer Names Australian 'Viscount' in Marriage Case  
                           Article: Los Angeles Times  Breakup by the Bay: Bellis' Messy Divorce
                     15 - |MARK A. STEIN | Times Staff Writer
                     18 - People Magazine, Vol. 30  No. 3 Summertime, and the Loving Is Anything
but Easy for Lionel, Melvin and Stephanie.
                         By Michael Neill, Angela Blessing, Tina Johnson, Dianna Waggoner, Maria
                         Wilhelm, Cathy Nolan
             March 17, 1988 - The People, tabloid in the UK  -
                         Article:   MyBarmyMarriage - I Left When He Fired At Me With aSpeargun
                 by Ian Dougall - Montagu offers to sell title of Duchess, among other outrageous
                         Article: Los Angeles Times Special, Milwaukee Sentinel Page 6, Part 1
             “Battling Bellis Hard to Ignore”
 Wednesday, July 20th Belli Marriage Goes Bellicose
           August 1 - ObituaryThomas Joseph Fabian Erickson


13 -  Montagu is working for Justin Case Cleaning Service on "a casual basis."
26 -  THE AGE, by Spy  -  Lord,Now it's a wedding
                           Story about Alex as he makes an announcement he is getting married and
                         not being paid to do so. Reports he offered to sell the title of Duchess of


11 - Australian Post NaughtyViscount by Murray Thompson
21 - SUN JOURNAL, (AP)  Diana's Cousin Selling Title
                          “Since arriving in this port city, a cousin of Britain's Princess Diana has 
been arrested, fallen for a former stripper who manages his $12 a night
hostel, and decided to sell his title.”(see article)

Wendy was employed full time, had money in the bank, and had been employed since she was 16. Best of all, she was an American citizen and Alex was trying to evade deportation. Alex had never mentioned a previous marriage. On the marriage license he also neglected to mention this salient fact. MarriageCertificate

In 1996, at the insistence of his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, Alex cooperates with filling out papers for the divorce. Finally. However, he does not mention this to Wendy.

                        9 - Papersare filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
                              Applicationfor Non-Payment of Filing Fees  
-Alex, at the insistence of his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, agrees to
                          cooperate in a  divorce from his first wife, Marion Stoner Montagu. He has
                          been bigamously married to Wendy Buford Montagu for over three years.
                             Although ordered to do so by his mother Alex does not repair matters and
                          remarry Wendy.
                              Recordof Proceeding/Outcome Sheet 
                        28 - Divorce becomes  absolute
                              CertifiedDivorce Decree

In 2006, having succeeded to the title of Duke of Manchester at his father's death three years previously, Alex receives a million dollars from the sale of the Manchester Jewels. He decides it is time to dump Wendy.

This does not work as well as he hoped. His demand for physical custody of their two children and alimony fail when Wendy's attorney confronts Alex on the stand with his bank balance and the psychological reports are read by the court.

   December Early in the month - Legal Separation documents are served on Wendy.

                The couple are still living together as man and wife on Prescott Street,                                        Aliso Viejo,  CA.  Papers were issued 16th November 2006.

                   5 - Call to Wendy's workplace. Alex phoned her work and informed the other
                      receptionist that he had issued a restraining order against her. This was followed
                      up with a call from the sheriffs’ department that this action had been filed and 
                      she would be required to appear in court and answer to these charges. 

                          Alex’s claimed she had chased him around the house with a knife. 

                          Wendy was immediately evaluated by court appointed counselors to 
                       determine if she was a fit mother. It was determined that she could have 
                       unsupervised visitations with the children during the divorce proceedings. 

                          During the divorce all of the exchanges with the children were at the police 

August - Judge hears all the reports from CPS, the 730 evaluator and the
                                 CPS indicated that they had observed one of the worst cases of Parental 
                        Alienation they had seen. 

                      23 - Alex lost physical custody of the children.

                      30 - Marriage between Wendy and Alex Montagu is dissolved, with some issues

                                 The children are sent them to Wendy with nothing but the pajama’s they 

                          were wearing. 

The story of the Second Marriage of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester

On September 15, 2008 the reserved issues are heard and the divorce is final. Alex had remarried the previous September to Laura Anne Smith of Holly, Michigan.  

Reporter'sTranscript of Judge's Ruling  -  Transcript documents physical 
custody residing with mother and the evasive actions taken by Montagu to
evade revealing his financial status during divorce. 

Alex flees California to avoid paying the ordered support. The Manchester Trust begins making the monthly payments formerly sent to Alex to Wendy.

On June 5, 2009 Wendy receives a phone call from Alex, telling her they were never married. The Manchester Trust is forced to suspend payments until the matter can be heard in court. Information on this scandalous behavior is reported in the media. The court date is set for July 19, 2011.

This is where Rayelan enters the scene, ignoring the evidence Wendy offered.

Rayelan then meets Alex and Laura for lunch near her home in Watsonville, California. A close relationship is born. Rayelan adores celebrities. 



Raye moves to Ohio with the unpaid assistance of her friends, the Lee-Powers Family. Hauling the mountain of stuff Raye, Hoarder Extraordinaire, drags with her must have been a daunting task. When the Lee-Powers Family arrived to begin the move they realized nothing was packed. Raye can't do these things for herself.

At the beginning of 2011 Rayelan has the Duke of Manchester on her radio show so he can expound on how unjustly he has been treated.

While RMN Readers are assisting Rayelan she is sending money to the Manchesters to keep them afloat. Rayelan loves celebrities.

Now, let's remember the Fundraiser for the Rumor Mill News Retreat in Ohio, where donors, read this investors, will be able to stay and enjoy the sylvan delights of nature. Did you donate? What have you heard about this enterprise lately? If I were you I would demand an answer that includes an accounting of what happened to the tens of thousands of dollars RMN Readers forked over.

I talked to Raye a couple of times while she was living in a travel trailer at the RMN Ohio Retreat. She complained about the insects, who left welts on her skin, and living conditions, which, when I saw the place, was entirely understandable.

I understand the Lee-Powers Family, or at least some of them, are still living there. At the time I had yet to hear anything about the Manchesters, whose insane lives I was about to be dragged.

At one time I believed Rayelan's blundering around about the Manchesters was just stupidity and failure to do any due diligence. The evidence now points to a far uglier possibilities.

I know for a fact Rove, and others have been gunning for me for years. RMN continues its quest for 'truth' ignoring the facts and functioning as a neat little disinformation site hosted on CIA servers. Do you think Rayelan gets a bill from the CIA for this? Why would the site be there? That was likely one of the questions which caused the OITC to drop RMN and Rayelan. Oops. But, thankfully loyal Readers did not notice.

But did Rayelan, perhaps, receive a new 'assignment?” Note that Manchester has also been used as an agent by the CIA, according to his own report and that of others.  


Raye is living in Ohio but has now moved from the less than delightful RMN Ohio Retreat to a house in the City of Ashtabula.

June - Rayelan called me, asking I do an hour show on 'RMN Radio.' She could not handle the daily show, she said. To taxing for her failing health.

Having done radio for a number of years, I agreed. The same day I was asked by BBS to do a show there.

On July 19, 2011, the lawsuit heard in the High Court of the Chancery, London, on the issue of  the legitimacy of the two children of the non-marriage of Alex Montagu and Wendy Buford Montagu.  Children have rights as beneficiaries.   
DECLARATION -Kimble Montagu, given for High Court of Justice, Chancery
                        27 - Letterto the Media about the case heard earlier in the month. 
                        31 - ARTICLE   - The bigamist Duke and his three wives – Telegraph
                        1 - Email from Ilene Proctor thanking Melinda for Brilliant Review of Bugliosi
                        17 - Melinda Sends Ilene an article -Craig Loves Ayn, A Love Story Gone 
                        25  - Laura calls Melinda for the first time, Melinda's number provided to
                            Laura by Rayelan, AKA Raye Smith.
                       26 – Emailfrom Laura to Melinda regarding website.

Rayelan worked hard to persuade me to help her dear friends who were being so unjustly maligned in the media. She was standing by them and talked me into putting up a website for them, helping them with PR, and beginning work on a book. Payment would come, she promised.

Soon, I found myself focused on the Manchesters and bringing in income for RMN. Rayelan asked me to take over the advertising in September of 2011.

Selling the Michael Jackson Tapes, which Alex claimed he owned, was then suggested. 

Of course, Alex's claims these were proprietary and had never been publicly viewed were bogus.  They had appeared on You Tube on  Mar 16, 2011 - Michael Jackson playing hide and seek in an LA hotel and at Neverland.


Michael Jackson met both Alex and Wendy on the day of the funeral for the first time, despite Alex's claims to the contrary that they were old friends. 

Unable to obtain an invitation to the service in London Michael Jackson discovered one of his acquaintances knew Duke Alex, who would be attending. Michael was promptly invited to attend as the guest of the Duke and Duchess, at this time Wendy.

1997 – When Alex met Michael – The Memorial Service for Diana, Princess of Wales
                 13  - Alexander, Viscount of Mandeville,  and Wendy, Viscountess of Mandeville,
                    attend the memorial service for Diana Princess of Wales at  St. James Episcopal
                    Church in Los Angeles. There, they become acquainted with Michael  Jackson,
                    who returns with them to their hotel room to visit with the family, which then
                    includes their young son, Alex. Viscount Alex photographs Michael playing with
                    young Alex in their hotel room at the Hyatt Regency.

Michael asked the family to spend the day at Neverland the next January, for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Day. He never saw them again, likely tired of turning down the get rich quick schemes Alex continued to attempt to sell him.

He briefly reentered the lives of the Manchesters when, unknown to Wendy, Alex provided a declaration to the court then preparing the case against Jackson for molesting a young boy he knew. It is likely Alex believed he would be one of many litigants not just one of two, which is how things fell out.

Realizing Wendy would not lie Alex took evasive action which erupted into the main stream media.

25 -  NBC News by Mike Taibbi  Jackson witness says he’s been threatened 
Montagu claims caller has told him to stay away from trial.  
20 - The Declaration made by Alexander, Duke of Manchester, on the abuse of
                         his son by Jackson was entered into the court record.

Alex claimed to own the videos. In fact, they were the property of his former and much abused wife, Wendy. But Alex stole them along with all of her other property so had physical possession. He must have tried selling them before because copies of parts of them are up on YouTube. Wendy had no copies until I sent them to her in 2012.

And this is the end of Part One. Stay tuned for Part Two

Monday, June 2, 2014

Return to Light Ministry

Praying for Protection from Psychopaths and PsiVampires 

The article above, appearing on Legends of the Fall,  provides information on PsiVampires.  The impact of these entities on people is growing clearer as we move daily further into the End Times and human consciousness continues to expand.  

While unembodied entities can be disposed of through the traditional use of exorcism and the newer term of Deliverance Ministry, used by Francis MacNutt in his excellent book, Deliverance from Evil Spirits - A Practical Manual, this ministry does not answer the problem of those entities, Dark Angels, who having experienced the blending of DNA with humanity are also free to choose to return to God through Jesus Christ, who is the Savior of all of humanity.  

The avenue is prayer.  The person must stop concealing their nature, seek assistance, and ask forgiveness for the wrongs done to those harmed through lack of conscience.   This must be sincere and not another form for manipulation, a strategy common to Dark Angels, also known as psychopaths.  

Characteristics of Psychopathy 

This is the Return to Light Ministry.