Saturday, November 29, 2014

Interrogatories and Depositions

These handy tools for litigation dig right into the flights of fantasy constructed by psychopaths and delivered with such seeming conviction.  They trip over the facts, which, astonishingly, they often fail to notice, being used to having their seeming sincerity and outrage overcome the inconvenience of being found out. 

And then comes cross-examination.  More fun than should be legal. 

Note:  Rayelan still has the option of providing evidence (Who would believe her without it?) she is complicit in a plot to get me away from my friends in California so I could be further impoverished and hammered.  Who would have made it worth Rayelan's while?  Craig, who always acted with the cooperation of Dan O'Dowd, that is who. 

Exposed! - The Ultimate Survival Guide for dealing with Psychopaths

Exposed!  - The Ultimate Survival Guide for dealing with Psychopaths

It looks titillating. Parts of it are. Other parts will make your skin crawl and horrify you, calling into question any personal security you thought possible.

Exposed! is the tutorial on how to tangle with a psychopath, survive, recover, and take back the part of your life which was stolen. Rayelan is only one of these, but her stories link all of the rest together.

The book covers stories of how they kill, how they use normal people, trapping them in the entangling threads of self-interest, making them willing to accept callous disregard of others, and simple decency, as normal - as long as there is a profit.

The only person who could write this book is someone like me, who has been forced to learn about this tribe of takers and destroyers who have dwelt among us for so long.

The revelation began several years ago as I began reading about psychopathy, a condition which exists behind the faces of those who lack the conscience and empathy which makes us human. When I found that using the tools of neurobiology had confirmed human observation it was an enormous relief. Theory and speculation had a founding in fact.

These are lessons which walk you through the landscape where psychopaths operate. It will destroy your illusions, replacing these with eyes better able to protect yourself and those you love.

The illusion of security can kill you.

Psychopaths are the reason we are constantly at war. War pours profits into their pockets and the cost is borne by the victims of war do not matter to them. This is why Big Oil carefully manipulates the rules for accountability using purchased legislators. People like the Kochs externalize their costs and liabilities so others pay them. This increases their profits.

This explains in exactly the same way the corruption in our courts, where verdicts are for sale.

Clean elections? Another protection which has been stolen from us.  
Peace is just one of the things stolen.  When you think about all of them.  Well, it is tough to do. 

On the global level, nationally, professionally, in our communities, and personally, there is no issue which more desperately needs to be understood by every one of us.

We can survive. We can take back what has been stolen from us. Imagine a world without war, where we are secure in our homes and property – and are better able to love, and trust, one another. Let us make it so.

Reserve your copy today for free. The moment Exposed! is published, you will know.
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Mail is not intended to be left out in the snow, Rayelan

Over the past several days the weather has been exceedingly inclement, with snow coming straight onto the patio and reaching the door.  This is the area where the mailbox attaches to the house, right next to the front door.  

Directly under the mail box, a small metal appendage which provides little shelter, is a small round table which, honestly, was never intended to be left out in the weather.  But, no matter, it is not mine and so this is not my problem.  The small table will weather into shards and no one will weep. Ms. Smith will, doubtless, dispose of the wreckage by dumping in the trash, which has received so many other objects which received similar treatment.    

I check for mail each day when mail is delivered, generally.  Sometimes I miss, but no one is perfect.  

However, since I was expecting an important letter early this week I checked assiduously  each day.   The awaited missive arrived with the first response on a FOIA I have filed on Tuesday, having been mailed on November 19th.  

Delivery was none to fast, but we live with the faltering response time of the Postal Service because we must. I have not chatted with the FOIA Officer and we agreed on some guidelines. 

I had told them I would prefer to receive responses via email, which generates no paper and costs less, but, alas, they ignored the request. 

In the mailbox there was some accumulation of advertising, which does not interest me and is directed to Ms. Smith when it is not to RESIDENT. 

But since she may well be interested having a vast accumulation of catalogs along with the tabloids she so enjoys by her toilet, in my experience, I leave it for her to decide what she will do with it.  

My awaited missive regarding the FOIA actually had managed to slip into this copious collection of advertising.  Upon extracting it I noticed a letter to Ms. Smith which noted tax documents were within.  These must be retained for the attention of one's Tax Professional, in my experience.  

Along with the adverting I returned it to the mailbox. 

Thursday, being Thanksgiving I did not look.  But today mail was again delivered.  I would have looked in the box but someone had taken the mail out and left it on the very damp table under the mailbox.  

Since I am tired of the slanders and libels from Ms. Smith accusing me of stealing her mail it occurred to me this could be one of the reasons she can't find it, though the dogs and her slovenly habits are far more likely to be the cause.  

However, mail left on that table in inclement weather could also blow away.  So I took a photo of it.  Then, realizing you, Gentle Reader, could not see where it was situated I  took another photo.  Both of these are below.  

Image No. 1- letter, Personal and Confidential, now damp.  In the picture you can see through it slightly.

Image No. 2 - Letter with accompanying advertising, waiting to be rescued. 

Someone who does not mind  irrational and shrill responses should explain these matters to Ms. Smith. 

Time for Choosing

Comments were received, not to be published but mentioned that RMN has problems during and after government shutdowns and other interruptions. Also, it would be useful to know what pattern the loss of data took. It sounded to another as if the CIA might be cleaning up the 'back line' to Rayelan, which is what you would expect with a marginalized disinformation site when so many other questions and queries are not confronting them.

Insights come at odd times not of our choosing in this time of expanding consciousness and connection. It struck me forceably tonight that, and previously I had had this as a passing impression I dismissed as invalid that Rayelan was subjected to CIA programming beginning when she was around 7 – 8 and retained for further programming into her late teens because of her high psychopathic tendencies.

She comes across when you know her as being child-like, frightened, unsure of herself, and so focused on self-indulgence and the body component of existence with mind marginally present and spirit largely absent. The option for change is always present, Darlene.

The road in the woods is diverging. Time for choosing.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Declaration - You are going to LOVE the book.

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

In the Matter of
Darlene Rae Smith, (AKA) Raye Smith, Rayelan Allen, Raye Kooker

If asked to testify under penalty of perjury I would declare the following to be true and accurate.

If you read Rumor Mill News do so with caution. It is run with an entirely top down structure. 'Agents' can be denied posting privileges, and a voice to defend themselves, at the drop of a whim and there is no way to defend yourself from false charges and the libels she prints and the slanders she tells.  I know from experience. 

For quite some time I have rejected the assertion Ms. Smith is working in the interests of the American people. She expresses no interest in the issues now presenting and is in large part uninformed. I came to this conclusion with great reluctance. But after diligent research I was forced to conclude she is more likely a long time covert agent working on the periphery for one or several agencies which may include the CIA.

Starting last year I compiled the stories she had shared with me which she presented as covering her entire life. Starting with these I built a time line and did further research.

I made an outline of this compiled information and am making it available to everyone in the interests of transparency and the steady increase of consciousness now taking place. We need to know the truth, even when the truth is initially unwelcome.

What Ms. Smith Tells about herself

Before arriving in Ohio, at Ms. Smith's urgent request, I had never heard stories about her childhood and background. When she began sharing these with me I made notes afterward because the stories were so similar to those I encountered while working on my then recent review of Hank Albarelli's book, “A Terrible Mistake – The Murder of Frank Olson.” Hank was the first to expose many aspects of the MK-Ultra experiments.

Ms. Smith's early childhood stories include being subjected to mind control by the CIA, along with her elder brother. She claims her father, described as a long range trucker, was associated with the CIA as well.

She admitted to carrying out work which fits this definition for an operative from the time she was in her early 20s, recounting these instances with obvious delight.

This includes work leading to the arrest of friends who were selling pot in the 70s and an assignment as the 'girl friend' of a Mexican Drug Lord during the same period. Ms. Smith describes this as an exciting interlude, expressing disappointment it did not last longer.

The 'Drug Lord' was assassinated, according to Ms. Smith. She showed no grief over this, just perhaps annoyance that the lavish holidays had ended.

Before her tryst with the Drug Lord Ms. Smith recounted having been a slightly trained operative in Laos during the Vietnam Conflict for an extraction operation. Why a white woman with no special training would be useful in this role is a question which goes unanswered. But inductees in covert programs may not know why they are carrying out assignments or make up stories to explain these to themselves.

Due to the lack of proof for any of these stories it was impossible for me to credit them as fact, leaving the question open on if these were entirely fantasy or the residue of programming. They did provide insights into Ms. Smith's values.

However, a later story I could research to some extent.

Ms. Smith Goes to Washington

Ms. Smith told me she had been active in the Democratic Party in the Santa Cruz area. I could not document this and her story was hard to follow. Dates were not provided.

A long way into her second marriage to John Dyer, in fact, at its end, Ms. Smith abruptly undertook a career in politics. Although I asked, there was no incident which seemed to have moved her to do so.

Since I began my own political activism during the Goldwater campaign, before I was a teenager, I have extensive experience with the motivations which energize individuals to action. As an activist I wrote questionnaires which were used for California to determine the reasons individuals became activists. The results were used for our recruiting drives and provided valuable insight. Loosely, these fell into ideological commitment, a 'My Ox Was Gored” experience with personally felt injustice, or an epiphany experience which could be spiritual or be founded in some sudden insight.

It was not long before we also noticed individuals who showed enthusiasm and then attempted to move political action into actions which were not in accordance with our principles. The Kochs could be placed in this category. Operatives come in all kinds.

Ms. Smith's pattern did not include an experience with personal injustice. She had not had an epiphany experience she could report spiritually or ideologically.

So why was she so moved to undertake a 'political career' which lasted only 18 months and did not include any real action she could remember? Was she just a divorcee looking for opportunities through long time social connections? If so, she would have been better served by staying in California.

Ms. Smith did not have the experience to warrant such an offer. The alternative explanation was influence from someone who wanted her placed in Pell's office.

This interlude appears to have ended suddenly after she arrived in D. C. for her interview for the job in Pell's office.

In the version of the story told to me by Ms. Smith she had female problems, began hemorrhaging, and, after bleeding across the lobby of the hotel where she was staying returned to California. Asked why she did not go to the hospital in D. C. there was no coherent response.

Another version surfaced from the archive of Rumor Mill News.

On Sunday, 15-Jul-2001 19:10:17 Ms. Smith wrote,After two more trips to Washington D.C., I was approached by the Condit Campaign and asked to join. I declined due to illness. One of my nieces took the job. As a result of her involvement, I was asked to host a small party for the Condit family. During that party, Condit himself asked me to join his campaign. He had heard from my niece that I was thinking about accepting a job on Capitol Hill and he put in a pitch to get me to go to work for him instead of Senator Claiborne Pell.”

Ms. Smith did not go to work for Condit. Arriving in California she drove her Mother to a meeting and on the way met Gunther Russbacher.

Giving parties, unless the party is a fundraiser you organize, or you are hosting, donating the event, makes you a caterer, not a political activist. But this is the only 'work' Ms. Smith could cite.

Gary Condit was no reformer. Popular, he began his political career right out of college. After graduation he was elected to City Council in Ceres, California, then to the office of Mayor in 1974. Two years later he began a six year term on the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors. This was followed by election to California State Assembly in 1982. In 1989 he was elected to fill the seat emptied by the resignation of Republican Tony Coehlo in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Politically, Condit had ties to John Fund, an up and coming political operative who during this same period of time went from looking a position as an intern for the California legislature to holding a seat on the Electoral Board of the Wall Street Journal. Positioned as a political pundit his real career had started in California as a political operative for the Kochs in 1979. (See Raimondo, John Fund vs. the Truth, 2006)

Gary Condit made a career in politics and was no reformer, rather, he was a 'business' politician, ready to make deals for his own benefit.

Condit and Fund are examples of the apolitical interface to power which ensures control by those who really hold power, the corporations. Such individuals often have skeletons in the closet which can be used to control them, if necessary. But sometimes these skeletons fall out of the closet at inconvenient times.

He and John Fund shared space in an article titled, “More News You'll Never See On TV! The Wall Street Journal's Resident Pro-Life GOP Moralist Knocks Up His Girlfriend's Daughter... and Lets Her Get an Abortion!, By Tamara Baker. The article offered a highly fictionalized version of a story just then hitting the media involving John Fund and my daughter in early September, 2001.

It is significant that Ms. Smith never mentioned her connection with Condit in relation to her truncated political career. Because of her social relationship with Condit, and the linkages with Fund, it is unlikely Ms. Smith could have remained unaware of the Fund scandal. But she never mentioned it to me.

The John Fund – 700 Club Shocker

By 2001 Fund had moved up from being a Koch political operative to being a political operative on the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal.

When I had first met him in 1979 he had just been retained as an operative for the Koch Brothers, a fact still unknown to most Libertarians. Ed Crane, former National Chairman of the LP, and in 1979 newly minted head of Cato Institute, set Fund to work for the nomination of Ed Clark as the LP presidential candidate for 1980. This was to be, if we had only known, the Koch's first stealth political gambit.

At the time, Fund was accepted as a sincere activist, mostly due to the failure of Justin Raimondo and Eric Garris to expose what they knew about him by 1980. John told my kids to call him, “Uncle John,” and to look him up if they were in New York.

On my birthday, October 26, 1998, Morgan was in New York with my former husband, Craig Franklin. The two were traveling on from there to London and Paris. But with a little time to kill Fund and Morgan began a sexual relationship. I have been asked if Morgan also had a sexual relationship with my former husband, who had adopted her. I can only speculate.

I was in the hospital at the time and knew nothing about these events until long afterward.

Painting Morgan as a starry eyed-innocent vastly distorts the picture. People with no morals or ethics occur in every family occasionally.

It is in bad taste to date your mother's old boy friends, but such considerations never daunted Morgan. She and I were not talking from the time she accepted $10,000 from my former husband to persuade me to turn off her brother's life support in April, 1998, until she called me in September 1999. By then she was broke and living in New York. She called me and told me about her affair with Fund and the abortion.

I had heard a rumor Morgan was in a relationship with Fund in March of 1999 and called him to ask. He told me he had no romantic relationship with Morgan. In fact, she was then in Los Angeles aborting his child.

When she called in September I told her I had talked to Fund and did not believe her. At that moment her call waiting beeped.

Morgan put me on hold and taped Fund. Leading him through a recital of their recent history exposed every lie he had told me. If she had not done this I would not have believed her. No one in the family trusted Morgan to tell the truth. She was 31 years old at the time. She had carried on an affair with Eddy van Halen instead of going to college, lying to us as we supported her. Everyone in the family had long since realized she lied automatically.

The tape is worth listening to as it reveals much about each party.

Knowing I was going to give him a piece of my mind for lying to me, Fund began bouncing my emails. Within 90 seconds I had sent a fax to the central receiving point for the WSJ. I was later told the fax was copied at least five times on the way to his office. I took no further action. He contacted me and told me he loved Morgan and intended to marry her.

Fund had, again, lied.

In June of 2001 I urged Morgan not to tell the story about Fund to John Connolly. Morgan refused to listen to me and handed the now old story to Connolly who wrote, “ Sex, Lies, and the Tape: The John Fund Story.” I cannot imagine what she thought she was going to accomplish.

This is relevant to what is happening now because Morgan and Ms. Smith have been communicating and appear to have been introduced to each other by Ms. Smith's good friends, the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, who played a pivotal role in destroying everything I had managed to build to support myself and my disabled son in early 2012.  (I have since learned the set up with Rayelan more likely was put into place earlier and the communication went either from Raye to Morgan or from Raye to Craig and then to Morgan.  Craig invited the Manchesters to Santa Barbara, putting them up at the Baltmore in Montecito in November of 2011 and then drove them to my cabin, which I had left for what I thought would be four months, to work for Raye, who offered me a partnership and paid for the trip.  

We'll return to that story in a moment. First, let's look at Ms. Smith's sudden marriage to Gunther Russbacher, the heroic figure on whom Rumor Mill News was founded.

Ms. Smith's Career Continues

On Aug 30, 1989 Ms. Smith married for the third time to Gunther K. Russbacher in Washoe, Nevada. She used the name Raye Allan on the marriage license.

On Rumor Mill News Ms. Smith describes Russbacher as third in the line of power at the C.I.A. She credits him with ferrying then -Vice President George Bush to Paris during the caper of the October Surprise on October 19, 1980.

I found it disturbing when this purported relationship was painted as a positive. Why did she think being associated with the CIA is a positive?

Talking about factions is just another way to obfuscate the real issue, which is how can we, the people, reclaim our power and save ourselves.

On the Internet this view of Russbacher clashes with accusations he was actually a conman using someone else's identity in the article, titled, "A Pro Con," published by the Chicago Tribune on  March 17, 1992, written by Michael Tackett.

I saw no evidence to support the theory Russbacher, if this was really his name, was working for anyone's benefit but his own or for employers who remained in the background. Ms. Smith's stories were dramatic and filled with caches of gold all of which, mysteriously, disappeared. The Occam's Razor explanations are far more believable.

Russbacher could be a psychopathic con-man. Or he could be a disinformation agent working for the CIA. Or he could be a rogue operative moving between opposing employers. Or he could be all of these.

The abrupt end of his marriage to Ms. Smith, this taking place as a phone call telling her he was divorcing her because she was too fat, does not support the romantic version Ms. Smith tells. He drops from the scene with another woman. Within a year she is married to David Lee Kooker, retired from the military as a Major. I could find no record of this marriage.

Rumor Mill News appears to have been structured with an assumption the real power will remain in the hands of those associated with agencies such as the CIA. The model for human action underlying this is centralized, with ordinary people left to the whims and wishes of those holding power.

Ms. Smith had gained status by positioning herself as someone having access to the CIA, a powerful agency.

It should be noted at no time does Ms. Smith provide any documentation for her claims.

Now, let's look again at Ms. Smith's political career.

Senator Clairborne Pell and the Environment

Claiborne Pell was, in 1989, one of the most prominent spokesmen for the environmental movement and represented the state of Rhode Island for six terms. Pell died on January 1, 2009.

For many years I have worked with Helen Garland, a long time friend of the Pells. She and I met through the National Coalition of Family Justice while I was working with abused women in the late 90s. She is also the CEO of the Earth Society which has withstood attempted corporate take-overs six times in their history. It is the only environmental group to have done so successfully.

Helen told me in 1989 there had been multiple attempts to discredit spokespeople for the Environmental Movement and Senator Pell, for this reason, never met alone with a woman not his wife. Others were always present.

Ms. Smith intimated to me she and the Senator were in a 'special' relationship and spent time alone together. I believe, on the evidence, the abrupt end of Ms. Smith's political career came about because she was an agent on assignment to discredit Pell, and failed.

It is far more likely she has always been an agent for hire than the persuaded activist she presents herself to be. Looked at this way her marriage to Gunther could have been a way to create a back story making her employment as a disinformation agent plausible.

More on what I found on Ms. Smith is HERE.

My Experiences with Ms. Smith

I first encountered Ms. Smith via telephone when I was asked to begin posting on Rumor Mill News, the website she controls, around 2007 - 2008.

My first blog site, How the NeoCons Stole Freedom, had gone up in early 2005. I had written and published a book, GREED - The NeoConning of America, telling the story of how the War in Iraq was finessed the previous year.

What had transpired is reported in Saddam Hussein and 9/11 - The unexpected connection .

I learned through early, brief, conversations with Ms. Smith she lived in the Santa Cruz area of California. Otherwise, conversations were in large part limited to posting my articles until she called to tell me she was losing her home to foreclosure in late 2009 or early 2010. She asked briefly about moving to my area. We talked again some time later and she told me she had decided to move to Ohio. She did not mention the Lee-Powers Family, who helped her move.

In Spring of 2010 I had been asked to review “A Terrible Mistake - The Murder of Frank Olson,” by Hank Albarelli, as cited earlier.

Olson was a scientist working for the CIA who was murdered by the CIA in the early 50s because he was indiscreet on experiments being done with LSD.

I met Albarelli while he was touring for his book in the Los Angeles area. From this we decided to start a Committee of Truth and Reconciliation on these experiments. A board had been appointed when the effort fell apart. Hank called me to say his family had been threatened and asked if I wanted my disabled son returned to me in pieces. The project ended.

In early in 2010 I had begun to hear from Ms. Smith more frequently as she talked about alternatives for relocating, suggesting at one point she move into my area. The next time we talked she said she had moved and was living in an RV in a pasture on land she owned in Ohio. I later learned this was the land she had purchased using money obtained, at least partially, from RMN Readers, intended to be used as a retreat or Family Campground. At the time I knew nothing about this and was busy with other things.

Arthur C. Pillsbury and the Norsigian Negatives

I was contacted by Ryan Sullivan of PETER RUBIN & SIMON, LLP regarding use of one of my Grandfather's photos on May 26th of 2010. Later, I learned the firm was representing Mr. Rick Norsigian.

The reason this may be relevant is that my Grandfather was an early victim of the corporations, who seeing him as a danger to their plans, burned him out of Yosemite and erased him from history. Having taken up restoring him to his proper place I had made myself, I was later told, a target as well.

The website I have built for him is at Arthur C. Pillsbury Home.

After this initial contact by Sullivan a drama unfolded surrounding the discovery of the Norsigian Negatives, purchased by a house painter, Rick Norsigian, at a garage sale in Fresno. The story captured major media attention.

Norisgian had contacted me in 2002 asking if I would look at the images. I was asked because I was very familiar with my Grandfather's body of work.

Arthur C. Pillsbury, who had been the official photographer for Yosemite from around 1915 until 1927 when his studio burned was also an inventor and visionary who made the first nature movie (1909), built the first lapse-time camera to reveal to the human eye the drama of flowers blooming (1912), build the first microscopic motion picture camera (1927), the first X-Ray Motion Picture Camera (1929), and the first Underwater Motion Picture Camera (1930).

He was a Preservationist, as was John Muir. A Preservationist is determined to protect the natural world. A Conservationist views nature as a resource waiting to be used.

Grandfather learned about the ugly tactics of corporations when his brother's estate was seized by Title Insurance Company in 1911 and stripped to keep Title Insurance afloat. He battled for ten years, until there was nothing left, to keep some part of the estate for his brother's three small children, who he adopted on November 13, 1911. The bodies of his brother, Dr. Ernest S. Pillsbury and his wife, Sylvia Ball Pillsbury, were not buried until the probate closed. You can see this happening on the ACP Time Line.

Determined to keep knowledge in the hands of the people and out of the control of the corporations, Grandfather refused to patent his inventions, instead writing a book in 1937 giving the directions on how to build them to everyone. Today we say Open Source. Grandfather called it the Knowledge Commons.

When you are working to get the truth out you take every opportunity offered to you. Back to Norsigian.

On the way to a meeting in Yosemite a few weeks later I met with Norsigian and examined the images. It appeared the images could have been Grandfather's but Norsigian was hoping they were the early work of Ansel Adams, who had studied photography under my grandfather and worked for him. Norsigian also had envelopes which were numbered with the image titled on the envelope. He gave me copies of these so I could compare them to the record I continue to rebuild for my grandfather's work.

Grandfather was the only photographer of note in Yosemite to use a numbering system and the only photographer whose images ran over a few hundred in number.

The forensics expert who examined the Norsigian Negatives noted these were each flawed, not the 'sweet spot' images Grandfather used for his own business. This would later point to other possibilities we are now exploring.

I provided Mr. Norsigian with contact information for Leroy Radonovich, the official photographer for Yosemite, along with others. A time line for these later events is available on the Pillsbury website.

Norsigian had begun selling prints from the negatives claiming these were from negatives by Ansel Adams. A law suit was filed by the Adams family and was privately settled on March 15, 2011. Settling removed the story from public view.

Identifying Greedville – The Corporations who Control Us

Around this time I had put up a website,, with information on the fraud perpetrated against me by my former husband, Craig Franklin, Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc., a defense contractor, and the GHS president, Dan O'Dowd. All information presented was documented. Much of this can be viewed at Just The Evidence. See Green Hills Software and Supplemental Declaration.

In the wake of my encounter with the power wielded by the combination of the Bush White House and the individuals above I was left destitute and sole caretaker for my disabled son by 2005.

I did not hear from Ms. Smith again until around July of 2011. I had just produced a review of Vincent Bugliosi's newest book when Ms. Smith called me asking if I would do a radio show for her on Tuesdays. She told me she had been doing a show five days a week and decided this was too taxing to continue. Instead, she asked four people to take shows, retaining one for herself. The same day I was asked to return to BBS. I decided to do the show on RMN Radio on the flip of a coin.

Soon after this, Ms. Smith began asking me to assist her in managing 'RMN Radio,' which was not a station but a block of time on the MicroEffect. I agreed.

Enter the Duke and Duchess of Manchester

On August 25, 2011 Ms. Smith called to ask me to assist two people she described as, “her best friends,” His Grace, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester and his wife, Laura, Duchess of Manchester. Ms. Smith told me Alex was being libeled by the media. The statement was clear and unequivocal. Going on, Ms. Smith stated Alex was wrongfully accused of being a bigamist and they needed a website and book. She then said they could not pay me now but would do so. I took their number and agreed to call but failed to do so before Laura contacted me some hours later.

Believing I would be paid when funds became available, and on the assurance from Ms. Smith these were people of good character, I agreed to put up a site and do the other work needed.

I trusted Ms. Smith. But she had lied. This would cost me everything I had managed to build from 2005 through 2011.

The site was up and ready for more material the next morning, August 26. Laura wrote me an email expressing their delight with the site.

Ms. Smith had lied about the charges of bigamy being without foundation.

The finding of the High Court of the Chancery in London on July 19, 2011 had been that although Alex had committed bigamy the two children of the non-marriage of Alex Montagu and Wendy Buford Montagu had rights as beneficiaries. The official records included this DECLARATION by Kimble Montagu, Alex's younger brother. I discovered this a year later.

As work on the site and research continued Ms. Smith told me she was paying bills for the Manchesters. These included their storage bills, Alex's meds, and food. By early October, 2011 it was clear my only hope for being paid was assisting with selling their remaining asset which belonged to Alex, videos of Michael Jackson.

Unfortunately, Alex had also lied. He did not own the tapes and they had already been published on YouTube, uploaded September 18, 2009.

Ms. Smith had asked me to take over as Advertising Director for Rumor Mill News before September 15, 2011 when I sent her the new advertising materials which I had finished writing. On October 19, 2011 Ms. Smith wrote an employment letter stating what my base earnings would be as Director of Advertising. We were still negotiating my coming to Ohio and the terms for equity in Rubicon Aegis, which Ms. Smith said had not yet been incorporated.

This was also a lie. She had incorporated the company in Ohio on November 18, 2010. After my arrival in late 2011 Ms. Smith asked me to research New Mexico, Nevada and other states for the purpose of incorporation. At the same time Ms. Smith asked me to make up business cards for her as CEO and for myself as COO.

I learned from Wendy Montagu a year later she had contacted Ms. Smith to offer her information on the bigamy and other falsehoods told by Alex after reading an article on Rumor Mill News about the bigamy, which at the request of Laura, Duchess of Manchester, Ms. Smith had removed. Wendy again attempted to contact her after hearing him on Ms. Smith's radio show in early 2010. The tape is no longer available online except on my site, Ruthless People.

Manchester Time Line

I confronted Ms. Smith on this after Wendy told me about her attempt. This was late in 2012. Brushing off the question Ms. Smith said, “I'm not a journalist and the truth does not matter.” This left me speechless.

By that point the Manchesters had carried out a campaign against me which included calls to my clients and editor and lies to the company hosting my websites. They had help. Morgan and her husband, Jay Gell, who also has connections to the CIA, were assisting them and my former husband was also, clearly, involved.

I was economically destroyed through the lies and misrepresentations made to me by Ms. Smith and the blows delivered by the friends she had said I could trust. She appears to have stayed in contact with them despite their threats. But in her case these might have been stage dressing.

The sites were taken down on December 13, 2011. I had no notice. The other individual involved with the Manchesters, whose name has been whited out, was my former husband, Craig Franklin I learned from emails copied to me by Laura later.

Morgan, who had emptied my bank accounts in 2004, was also deeply involved.

Manchester had worked for the FBI as part of a covert operation in 2006, according to his then wife, Wendy. She produced compelling proof this was the case including correspondence with the special agent involved.

I also received death threats. You can hear these online. Shocking untruths were put on line about me and my disabled son. Since I had done nothing to the Manchesters and had abandoned any hope of being paid this made no sense unless there were other factors, not in evidence. I later learned from Wendy Alex always avoided people he had defrauded. She said his behavior toward me was unprecedented in her experience.

I began to consider what might be motivating this shock and awe campaign against me. I also began to study the time line of the events.

Due to the Manchesters, and those who I learned were working with them, which appears to include Ms. Smith, I lost my paying sites and all future income from those sites.

Covert Agents, Disinformation, and Trust

In early 2012 Ms. Smith asked me to sit in on a conference call she was to have with David A. Sale, the head of Office for International Treasury Control, OITC, and his security chief. The reason for the meeting arose from plans for Ms. Smith, and to my surprise, myself and my son, to relocate out of the US to work for OITC as soon as their funding became available.

Ms. Smith had never mentioned this to me before my arrival in Ohio. The stories she told me after my arrival sounded like bizarre fantasies. But many other people seemed to share these beliefs with her. Ms. Smith introduced me, via phone, to several people who confirmed these stories and said they were also working for the OITC in various parts of the world. Remaining skeptical, I decided to listen and look for independent documentation.

The conference call was illuminating in ways Ms. Smith clearly did not expect. With Sale and his security chief on the call Ms. Smith claimed to be worried about access to parts of Rumor Mill News and expressed distrust of Jeff Gordon, known on the site as Zapper and Hobie depending on the role he is playing.

Ms. Smith told the security chief where the servers for RMN were located. The security chief went silent for a short while and when he came back said her information was inaccurate. RMN was hosted on CIA servers.

Ms. Smith, who was in view for me, flushed. She then denied knowing anything about this and blamed 'Hobie.' She expressed no concern about this situation to me after the call was ended.

Some time later Sale and those associated with OITC stopped talking to Ms. Smith. As far as I know RMN is still hosted on CIA servers. I can provide no documentation of this and have had no further contact with the people who were introduced to me by Ms. Smith as associates of OITC.

Ms. Smith had made the offer for relocating to Ohio very attractive with the promise of equity in her company. She also offered housing for myself and my disabled son as a benefit for my agreeing to come to Ohio. This was not a benefit for the work previously taken on but for agreeing to oversee the reorganization of Rumor Mill News. Ms. Smith asserted to me she was financially stable and well able to pay for this upgrade.

In addition, she agreed to pay my expenses for transport and paid part of this cost. I was also to receive health care for myself and my son.

Ms. Smith made this offer because of her supposedly failing health and because she asserted she was being threatened by a group of people, the Lee-Powers Family, who she characterized as con-artists who were physically threatening her. There is no evidence they were anything but ordinary people assisting someone they viewed as a member of their extended family.

In July of 2011 the Lee – Powers Family had expressed with some eloquence their affection and gratitude to Ms. Smith in this certificate. I found this behind a bookshelf while cleaning months after they were gone.

The Time Line for Ms. Smith provides insights into what had been told to me and what she was saying to the Lee - Powers Family. Ms. Smith moved them out of the house, renting apartments for them next door, so I could move in. I learned this only after I was on my way and found it bewildering, given the horrific stories conveyed to me about these people.

Why would she want them close? Why would she continue to pay for their housing? Later, I learned the reasons. She had lied to me, creating the necessary urgency to get me to undertake a trip I was terrified to make. My vision is very bad and I am close to being legally blind. This is one of the reasons I am legally disabled, along with having heart problems. Three of my siblings died of the heart condition we all inherited, the first when she was only 36.

After my arrival Ms. Smith claimed she was being poisoned by Leigh Powers, who, she said, was sneaking into the house to put poison in her drinking water. I never saw any sign these assertions were true. Again, Ms. Smith had lied to me.

Ms. Smith asked me to write police complaints for her naming the members of the Lee-Powers Family for crimes. I did so, compiling the information she had given to me of which I, myself, had no knowledge. Ms. Smith read the draft over, signed and dated it, and told me she had taken it to the police station for filing. She characterized them as 'uninvited guests' and 'squatters.' Ms. Smith had lied. She had asked them to live with her as her 'family,' exactly as she did with me.

These relationships were very different than she had portrayed. The Lee - Powers Family had saved Ms. Smith from being homeless in California as she lost her home by packing her possessions and moving Ms. Smith and her possessions to Ohio.

In June of 2014 I researched RMN for posts relating to her trip to Ohio with the Lee – Powers family members, Leigh, Scott, Amanda, and her baby.

These recountings tell a very different story than the one conveyed to me in late 2011 – 2012.

30 - Part One - The Original Saga of the Move to Ohio, A Prelude 

1 - Part Two - The Saga Continues, with a brief stop in Reality 

9 - Part Three – The Saga of the Move to Ohio continues, as does the panhandling 

Although I had been asked to come to Ohio to carry out the needed upgrading of RMN after my arrival Ms. Smith claimed due to an inadvertent mistake Social Security had suspended her payments until such time as money wrongfully paid to her was repaid to Social Security.

Therefore, there was no capital for the upgrades and improvements on Rumor Mill News. I found an experienced web entrepreneur who owned several commercial sites himself who agreed to take on RMN and guarantee Ms. Smith $10,000 a month in income for herself. All Ms. Smith would have to do was edit RMN and cash the checks.

Ms. Smith refused to consider this as an option. Instead, she suggested I find volunteers to provide the work gratis. For some time I attempted to do so – but people do not want to do professional work for free.

As time progressed it became obvious Ms. Smith was not ill. She would claim to be so and would publish pleas on Rumor Mill News claiming to be throwing up, incapacitated, at the edge of death when in fact she was out shopping. Over and over again she claimed to be overdrawn through causes over which she had no control. But the growing piles of her purchases made the lie obvious to me.

The move itself had resulted in large gifts of money for Ms. Smith's personal use, I realized. When she went after me she used libelous claims about me and my son to make money, too.

Even her claims of needing money to pay for her medical needs made no sense. While putting up photos of each of her dead husbands soon after I arrived she told me she was covered by her last deceased husband's medical insurance. This was Major David Kooker, who actually paid to start Rumor Mill News. Ms. Smith told me categorically she paid nothing for her own medical care. Was she lying? I don't know.

After a while I did not know what to believe, except that she clearly was not unwell yet was receiving money from RMN Readers to pay for her medical needs and those of her dogs, which she also claimed were sick on numerous occasions.

One of the stories Ms. Smith had told me about the Lee – Powers Family had them stealing the money given by RMN Readers to develop the Family Campground, selling equipment she had purchased, and guilty of gross incompetence. I insisted she get an accounting of this money from them. She refused. This remains as an open question. What happened to the land and the money? I have seen the land but title is not in either the names of the Lee – Powers Family or in Ms. Smith's name.

Angel appears to still be living there.

Ms. Smith also spent significant money on hired help who cycled through frequently. These people seemed to provide Ms. Smith's essential need to have an audience who would not challenge what she said no matter how strange. Many of these people were incompetent or had a very low level of skills for the work required. At one point I had found a professional who would work for the same fee. Ms. Smith refused to call him.

Beginning in April 2012 I coordinated organizing for a conference one of the RMN Readers had promised to fund. The individual changed his mind and funding was withdrawn after several months of work.

I received no compensation for this work or the other work which was entirely unrelated to advertising for which I was retained originally by Ms. Smith. I would have returned to California except that because of the loss of the growing income from my websites I lacked the money to do so.

The potential for advertising for Rumor Mill News proved to be far less than promised due to the failure to upgrade the publication. I was stuck. When Ms. Smith went after me I resolved to pick up the work I had been doing when her manipulations caused me to put these on the back burner. This has taken time but is now approaching fruition.

Common Backgrounds

Each of the individuals involved shared connections to the CIA, another intelligence agency, or individuals who worked with the CIA. This was as affiliation they also share with Ms. Smith.

Other information recited above persuaded me Ms. Smith has a history in the CIA or other related agencies or corporate interests.

These individuals, some mentioned already and others, are Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, John Fund, Craig Franklin, my former husband, Dan O'Dowd, president of the company for which he was Senior Vice President and who he assisted in defrauding Glenn Hightower, O'Dowd's partner, and individuals who appear to have been acting as agents for them. The Manchesters and Ms. Smith would be in this category along with Morgan and her husband, Jay who worked with the Manchesters, clearly coordinating their efforts to destroy my ability to make a living.

The Corporate Greedy – When Psychopaths Cooperate The Case of Craig Franklin
and Dan O'Dowd

I believe the cause of the incidents included here originate in the wish to silence me by the individuals named and those they employed for this purpose.

What have I said, or what could I say, which could motivate them to this degree? I'm not sure, but it could be they want to make sure I never take them to court. Despite everything I have published they have never responded publicly or sued me for libel. They can't. If they took me to court whole story would come out, along with what I have not yet published.

My losses from the websites, misallocated time, and other causes are hard to estimate. I would have placed the original Pillsbury site, I which had consumed several thousands hours of time by myself and a forensic expert at $200,000 alone.

My stock in Green Hills Software, Inc. would today be worth no less than the $25 million it was estimated to be worth over ten years ago. The corporation was then worth about 12 Billion.

Executed on November 25, 2014

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster