Thursday, April 30, 2015

RMN Readers - Express donation to Rayelan! Take your money into the bathroom, drop it in the toilet and FLUSH!

 I hereby revoke any sympathy for anyone who donates as much as a nickle to RMN.  Send in your brain for recycling since you are not using it. 

NEW: Help... Need the $1,000 that is scheduled by the 10th early (views: 76)
Rayelan -- Thursday, 30-Apr-2015 10:45:26
Date: Thursday, 30-Apr-2015 10:45:26
I had no idea that the money that should have been saved for the rent was spent yesterday on things for the move. I need the $1,000 that is scheduled to be in the Fundrazr Widget by the 10th right now.
I have no money to pay the rent. It came in early and I thought it was a transfer from paypal and I spent it paying my helpers.
I still have one helper that I owe $400.00 to. The rent is $750.00
I really need $1150 in the widget asap.
Thank you so much!

In Response To: Help... Need the $1,000 that is scheduled by the 10th early (Rayelan)

I know it is one day too soon to pay her, but ever since I rented the house I have always paid her early and now she expects that I can do that every month.
Please. Is there anyone who can give or loan $750.00.
I am going to pawn my computers. I can still check in on my iphone, but the imac and my new Toshiba are going to have to be pawned.
I can get them out of the pawn shop as soon as money comes in.
Sigh... Raising money for RMN is so hard for me. does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can keep from begging you readers for money every month? RMN has enough traffic, we should be making at least $20,000 a month from banner ads. There must be someone in our reading audience who can teach me how to make more money from banner ads so I don't have to beg every month. It depresses me more than you can imagine to have to beg like this every month.
Thank you so much for all the support you have given me and RMN over the years.
: I had no idea that the money that should have been saved for
: the rent was spent yesterday on things for the move. I need
: the $1,000 that is scheduled to be in the Fundrazr Widget
: by the 10th right now.
: I have no money to pay the rent. It came in early and I
: thought it was a transfer from paypal and I spent it paying
: my helpers.
: I still have one helper that I owe $400.00 to. The rent is
: $750.00
: I really need $1150 in the widget asap.
: Thank you so much!
: Raye

And this is the level of expectation and arrogance you can expect from a psychopath.  Really.

  • NEW: Thank You for the Gas Money... (views: 128)
    Rayelan -- Thursday, 30-Apr-2015 09:08:14
  • Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Thursday, 30-Apr-2015 09:08:14
    I think this will get us through the move with the truck and the Jeep.
    Thank you so much for this. We couldn't have moved without this.

    So what else is new? Rayelan NEEDS MONEY!!!!!!

    Come on you lazy lay-abouts, sent it to her.  Why would she need $4,000 for gas and to move a short distance?  Answer, she needs money to pay Robert Lewis Herman, Esquire to file a bogus criminal charges against me as assistant Prosecutor for Ashtabula County.  Now, what could I have done which constitutes corporate Espionage? 

    Statute below, copied from the FBI page, on Corporate Espionage

    Now, I overheard Rayelan planning to do ugly things to me.  I heard only what she said so loudly I could not avoid hearing it.  In each instance it was clear she wanted me to hear her.  These were threats, attempts to intimidate me into leaving and becoming homeless with my son still to care for.  Is planning to kill me part of her corporate strategy for Rubicon Aegis?  Could be if you are Robert Herman evidently.  

    None of this information, which occasionally I published with photos taken of Rayelan, an activity carried out in public which documented facts about her she would have preferred to leave unknown to her readers.  Did I profit from this?  No.  Was I competing with her?  No.  

    Rumor Mill News, in fact, steals content from around the web ignoring the rules for usage and never paying the writers whose content is taken without their permission.  If anyone took RMN seriously Raye could be sued.  In fact, if you recognize the origin of an article while perusing RMN let the author or publication know.  Perhaps they will take action.  

    From her online panhandling, a form of fraud, to the fraud of raising money for the 'Family Campground,' to which Readers donated, every activity in which Raye engages appears to include fraud.  

    Informing the public of this is not corporate espionage, it is journalism.  Or maybe Herman is looking for a job with the Kochs  or Halliburton?  Could be.  

    Economic Espionage: Protecting American’s Trade Secrets
    The FBI seeks your help in safeguarding our nation’s secrets!
    Our nation’s secrets are in jeopardy, the same secrets that make your company profitable. The FBI estimates billions of U.S. dollars are lost to foreign competitors every year. These foreign competitors deliberately target economic intelligence in advanced technologies and flourishing U.S. industries.
    Foreign competitors operate under three categories to create an elaborate network of spies:
    1. Aggressively target present and former foreign nationals working for US companies and research institutions;
    2. Recruit and perform technical operations to include bribery, discreet theft, dumpster diving (in search of discarded trade secrets) and wiretapping; and,
    3. Establish seemingly innocent business relationships between foreign companies and US industries to gather economic intelligence including proprietary information.  In an effort to safeguard our nation’s economic secrets, the Economic Espionage Act (EEA) was signed into law on October 11, 1996.


    What is Economic Espionage, Title 18 U.S.C., Section 1831?
    Economic espionage is (1) whoever knowingly performs targeting or acquisition of trade secrets to (2) knowingly benefit any foreign government, foreign instrumentality,
    or foreign agent.

    What is Theft of Trade Secrets, Title 18 U.S.C., Section 1832?

    Theft of trade secrets is (1) whoever knowingly performs targeting or acquisition of trade secrets or intends to convert a trade secret to (2) knowingly benefit anyone other than the owner. Commonly referred to as industrial espionage.

    What are trade secrets?

    Trade secrets are all forms and types of financial, business, scientific, technical, economic or engineering information, including patterns, plans, compilations, program devices, formulas, designs, prototypes, methods, techniques, processes, procedures, programs, or codes, whether tangible or intangible, and whether or how stored, complied, or memorialized physically, electronically, graphically, photographically or in writing, (1) which the owner has taken reasonable measures to protect; and (2) which have an independent economic value from not being generally known to the public. Commonly referred to as proprietary information, economic policy information, trade information, proprietary technology, or critical technology.

    What are some methods of targeting or acquiring trade secrets?

    1. Steal, conceal, or carry away by fraud, artifice, or deception;
    2. Copy, duplicate, sketch, draw, photograph, download, upload, alter, destroy, photocopy, replicate, transmit, deliver, send, mail, communicate, or convey; and,
    3. Receive, buy, or possess a trade secret, knowing the same to have been stolen or appropriated, obtained, or converted without authorization.

    Who is a foreign agent and what is a foreign instrumentality?

    A foreign agent is any officer, employee, proxy, servant, delegate, or representative of a foreign government.
    The EEA defines a foreign instrumentality as any agency, bureau, ministry, component, institution, association or any legal, commercial or business organization, corporation, firm, or entity that is substantially owned, controlled, sponsored, commanded, managed, or dominated by a foreign government.

    Economic Espionage Act of 1996 Provisions

    Territorial Limits

    EEA protects against theft that occurs either (1) in the United States, or (2) outside of the United States and (a) an act in furtherance of the offense must have been committed in the United States or (b) the violator is a U.S. person or organization.

    Criminal Penalties

    Title 18 U.S.C., Section 1831 Economic Espionage
    • Foreign government beneficiary
    • Maximum individual sentence/fine: 15 years imprisonment/$5 million.
    • Maximum organizational fine: Not more than the greater of $10 million or 3 times the value of the stolen trade secret.
    Title 18 U.S.C., Section 1832 Theft of Trade Secrets
    • Beneficiary must be anyone other than the owner of the misappropriated trade secret(s)
    • Maximum individual sentence/fine: 10 years imprisonment/$250,000 or an alternative fine based on gain/loss figures.
    • Maximum organizational fine: $5 million
    Criminal Forfeiture
    The court may order the violator to forfeit to the United States any (1) property constituting, or derived from, any proceeds the person obtained directly or indirectly, as the result of the violation, or (2) property used, or intended to be used, in any manner or part, to commit or facilitate the commission of the violation.

    Civil Proceedings

    In a civil action, the Attorney General may obtain appropriate injunctive relief to prevent the offense. The District Courts of the United States have exclusive original jurisdiction of civil actions.

    Methods for Economic Protection

    1. Recognize the threat.
    2. Identify and value trade secrets.
    3. Implement a definable plan for safeguarding trade secrets.
    4. Secure physical trade secrets and limit access to trade secrets.
    5. Provide ongoing security training to employees.
    6. Develop an insider threat program.
    7. Proactively report suspicious incidents to the FBI before your proprietary information is irreversibly compromised.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Does the 1996 EEA apply if the offender is a foreign person?

    Yes. The Act applies to whoever knowingly performs targeting or acquisition of trade secrets. Territorial limits will apply for prosecution.

    Does the act help victims of economic espionage to protect their trade secrets?

    Yes. The Act contains a special provision to protect the disclosure of trade secret information during the criminal justice process.

    Are there other statutes that can apply if trade secrets are not protected and therefore cannot be prosecuted under the Act?

    Yes. The following is a list of violations that may apply: Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Computer Fraud and Abuse, Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, and various Export Control and Intellectual Property Rights statutes.

    Is the FBI proactive in its approach to economic espionage?

    Yes. The FBI Director has designated espionage as the FBI’s number two priority—second only to terrorism. The Economic Espionage Unit is dedicated to countering the economic espionage threat to include developing training and outreach materials; participating in conferences; visiting private industry; working with the law enforcement and intelligence community on requirement issues; and providing classified and unclassified presentations.

    How to Contact Us

    To report violations, obtain additional information, or schedule a briefing regarding economic espionage, contact your local field office.

      NEW: I'm Right in the Middle of the Move and Need Money for Gas (views: 261)
    Rayelan -- Wednesday, 29-Apr-2015 23:33:44

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Wednesday, 29-Apr-2015 23:33:44

    I really can't do anything more without some money for gas. I need to fill the three vehicles that are doing the move.
    If you can fill the gas widget, I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you so much!!

    Monday, April 27, 2015

    Presented to Rayelan (DRS) from Insighter Agent 86

    And now a thoughtful and  appropriate presentation to Rayelan from someone who has been following her activities since the very early years of Rumor Mill News.  

    Thanks, 86! Nice work. 

    Sunday, April 26, 2015

    Rayelan and the Big Lies she feeds you routinely

    Thanks 86!  
    And Raye can't stop herself from telling lies which contradict her previous lies, she can't. We will now go through her post and provide a commentary.

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Sunday, 26-Apr-2015 13:40:27
    We are starting the move today. We have the vehicle to move in, but we don't have gas money. We can make maybe two trips with it... it's a small truck, but then I will have to fill it to make more trips.
    Do you ever get tired of her endless yammering about her own life and self-made problems? I quietly began packing when I realized there was a conspiracy, originating from Raye but including credulous people who for their own reasons were willing to ignore the law and canons of legal ethics, each for their own purposes. The credulous comment does not apply to Rayelan's own attorney, but the way. More on him will appear in other posts. I ruthlessly got rid of things I could not move, deciding what I needed.
    My Jeep, in which we are transporting all the delicate and/or sentimental pieces is on empty.
    Rayelan is a moving museum of love end objects she thinks will be worth something someday. Two houses. And none of her rationales about me are true. Her constant reinteration of these is another example of the Big Lie. Why can't this woman fire the crew living at her 'new house?' Why, does she have to keep kittens instead of turning them over to the Animal Protective League, who will work to find them suitable homes? And why does she have to tell you how big the tank of her car is, how much she loves her Jeep and how much gas is? Do you remember the short shrift she gave the recent Reader who asked for help with her pet if anything was left over from helping Rayelan? It was ugly. Pause to consider how you would feel if that had been you.
    Only Rayelan and Jeff Gordon really matter on RMN. Now, why does Jeff want to remain anonymous? More on that in another post.
    The Jeep is 17 gallon, I suspect the truck has a 20+ tank. I think we only need to put 10 gallons in the truck, I will worry about filling it to what it was when we began after the move. Even if I have to siphon out of the Jeep. The price of gas at our local Circle K is $2.46. They are usually the cheapest in town. For both vehicles 27 X $2.46 = $66.42.
    If you can help today with the gas money, we can actually start moving my things to the new house.
    The other crisis in my financial life is I have $3.76 USD in Paypal and I am minus -$1,094.54 in my bank account.
    I won't even be able to pay my rent at my new house if I don't clear up the thousand plus overage. The bank will take the money that will be deposited on the first. I don't know if I will be able to take out $750.00 as an overdraft. If I can't then I won't be able to pay my rent.
    Hopefully this month will be the last time I have to fall on my knees and beg strangers who read RMN to help its publisher move.
    Why am I moving?
    I have lived for two years like a prisoner in my own house. I couldn't leave the house without hiring dogsitters which meant that I didn't go out often. When I didn't hire dogsitters, she let my dogs out. I barely had arrived home one day when I saw that Max was on the opposite side of the street. When I got out of the Jeep, which I had parked in the middle of the road, he darted across traffic. I ran to get him. The car had to screech to a stop to keep from hitting us.
    Lies, lies, lies. It was not Rayelan who lived like a prisoner. That would be my son and I. I have never harmed an animal or a person in my life. I worked for animal rescue groups, nurtured baby kittens which were newly born and baby rabbits and puppies. People who have known me over a life time vouch for my good character. I have no secrets. Everything about Rayelan is a secret. How could she position herself as a decent human being if she lived transparently?
    Here are a few of my character references.
     Fellow Church Member 

    W. Leon Smith - A Hero for Truth, Editor of the Lone Star Iconoclast

    David Lincoln - A Whistle Blower on Big Oil

    Gail Lightfoot - A friend of decades from my work in the Libertarian Party

    Marian Replogle - a friend from the time I was in college
    Rayelan lied about me to people at church as well. It was a campaign carried out behind my back while I was working for her and helping her with multiple projects. In 2013 when I hid a little Easter Basket for her with tiny candies as a gift she was telling ugly lies about me and then smiling to my face.
    What kind of person does that to another person? I don't know if you can imagine the shock and terror it evoked in me when she turned from smiling friend to demonic, screaming beast in one moment. Thinking about it still sends shivers down my spine.
    From that moment on we lived in terror.
    Imagine a group of people downstairs who bang on the ceiling and shriek foul language at you. Imagine death threats and insults and damage to your car. Imagine piles of junk intentionally placed in the hope your son, or you, will fall and injure yourselves.
    Imagine someone doing ugly things, intended to shock are terrify and then claiming I, not she, had committed these acts of terrorism.
    The manipulations began when Rayelan persuaded me, with lies, to work for the Manchesters in August 2011. She vouched for their good character and persuaded me to help her best friends. One year later, when I confronted her with the truth I had learned from researching them and from Alex's former wife, who provided documentation and court papers, I confronted Rayelan. That is when she said, “I am not a journalist and the truth does not matter.” I was stunned into silence, staring at her. Does the truth matter to you? Take note of this.
    I wasted time I desperately needed to make enough money to pay my property taxes and for other necessities working for the Manchesters. I had relied on Rayelan's word and honesty. Her word is worthless and she is dishonest as a continuous strategy for getting what she wants.
    Looking back at the wasted time I should have paused to consider the role Rayelan had played in this. But I have always been too trusting. I thought she was mistaken, not callously manipulating me. I was wrong.
    My son is precious to me. But for years I have not had the money to even take him to a dentist. It has been even longer for me, naturally. He comes first. The money earned, I was assured, would pay for all of these needs.
    The goal was to destroy my working relationships with others and Rayelan succeeded using the Manchesters as tools.
    One other time, on a blistering hot day, she left both dogs on the porch with no water. Max had heat stroke and we had to keep replacing cold towels on him and he lay on those blue ice bags that you freeze and put in your coolers.
    Notice that she is painting me as mindlessly evil. The event above never happened. I lived upstairs with a cat and my son and worked constantly, first trying to make the plans for RMN work and then trying to rebuild my client base, which she had done her best to destroy. I liked the dogs, even though they were unmannerly and undisciplined. Arthur liked them, too. As I said before, when there was a thunder storm it was me who Buck rushed to. He did not want to go back downs stairs, which puzzled me.
    I never knew what she was capable of. Knowing that a psychopath was squatting in my upstairs rooms and she was probably armed with all the guns that were stolen from me, preoccupied my mind making it difficult for me to concentrate on RMN.
    Let me again point out I have offered to be tested for psychopathy with the Hare Index, the only reliable way for this to be ascertained. I have challenged Rayelan to do this. When I do she shuts up until she thinks you have forgotten the issue. She knows what she is, rest assured.
    Again, I don't touch guns and haven not since my son shot himself in the 1998 suicide attempt brought on when his father rejected him in the ugliest way imaginable. Rayelan is applying the Big Lie Principle, tell them often enough and loudly enough and they will believe it.
    I thank Hobie and Lynda for keeping RMN up and running during these very difficult years.
    Hobie – Zapper is really Jeff Gordon, a fellow with a long history in Multi-Level Marketing scams. I know little about Lynda.

    Read this recollection from one of my friends in California, just before I left to come out here. Notice how she calls me a squatter when I was working for her and thought, despite the problems which made it impossible for her to keep her promises to me, she was my friend. Melody Gillespie.
    To get my squatter to leave I had to hire a lawyer and have her evicted by the court. Needless to say, that cost a lot of money. Fortunately he isn't demanding it until I get back on my feet.
    More Big Lies. She could hire an attorney. I was destitute and could not. And her attorney engaged in illegal actions in conspiracy with others. On the evidence provided the judge who heard the eviction action said to me at the close of the hearing that it looked like I had a case for employment fraud. He suggested I get an attorney. But in Ohio there is, effectively, no legal aid for people without money.
    I believe she also stole my wedding ring from Gunther and his family watch dating from the late 1800s.
    She has accused Corey, who worked for her, of stealing the ring. She accused Karen and others. Now she accuses me. When you see this kind of pattern you know it is a convenient lie being recycled, which she does over and over again. She is used to people forgetting her lies. That will not happen anymore.
    It was a watch that belonged to his grandmother's family... the Esterhaszys of Hungary. If Gunther were alive and knew that she had done this, there wouldn't be any pieces left of her to identify. And thousands of people that she has screwed would rejoice at her disappearance.
    Remember, Gunther left her after having lived with her a total of eight months because, as Rayelan reports, he said she was too fat. Why would he leave his stuff with her as he walked off with another woman?
    Thousands of people I have screwed over? Absurd. I have never harmed anyone who did not first come after me. And my tool in each case was the documented truth, something you will NEVER get from Rayelan. Read this site. Many have and have been convinced.
    And now the itemization of what Rayelan needs and what you have to do beings.
    There is $3800 in the widget. All of that has been transferred and used to pay bills and/or buy paint for the interiors of both houses. I have a $750.00 deposit here at the old house. If I leave it in the condition he rented it to me, I will get that money back. For the cost of two gallons of paint for the downstairs, and a 5 gallon bucket I bought several years ago to paint the basement for the upstairs, I believe we will have the entire house painted.
    The only other expense besides gas and paint and salaries for my movers and painters, will be the cost of cleaning the carpet. The painter actually worked cleaning carpets so all I have to do is come up with the money to rent the machines and but the cleaning soaps.
    If you can please help, I would appreciate it so much. I have sold everything I had of value, and the two gold pieces I had left, a gold chain and the Esterhasy watch were stolen. The only person in the house at the time was the upstairs house guest. I reported it to the police, but they won't do anything about it. I would have to sue her in small claims court and she has no money except her son's disability and her social security. It would be futile to try to get the watch or money out of her.
    Do you remember recently Rayelan said she had to sell her last gold? She thrashed and whined about it. So, where did this gold come from? Ask yourself. Answer. It never existed. She is making it up out of whole cloth.
    Rayelan accuses everyone and happily reports it to the police. See this complaint she asked me to write for her in 2012 accusing the Lee – Powers Family of criminal acts.
    If you can help me fill my gas tanks so I can actually start moving, I would truly appreciate it.
    Many blessings, (And she doesn't mean this, either)
    Raye, the barbarian

    If you care about freedom and our future, consider what you do today

    Exhibit 78 – Article sent to blog lists July 19, 2014

    About Rumor Mill News – What You Should Know

    Rayelan is, again, begging for money to 'keep Rumor Mill on the Internet.'

    Have you ever asked yourself what Rumor Mill actually accomplishes? It is time you did.

    What Rumor Mill News does NOT provide is up to the moment information on breaking events, reliable exposes which explain the morass facing us today, or reliable information on ways you can get off the grids and enact your own freedom.

    These are the kind of stories you need to read – and they are readily available, for free, on such sites as WHOWHATWHY, for exposes. A Rumination on the Bilderberg Group,
    Russ Baker, a highly respected journalist who left the MSM so he could get people the truth, posts there, growing out a team of journalists who provide the facts we so desperately need. They ask for donations but do not whine about it.

    If you want information on the ugly truth about the CIA and its related partners in fascism, or to read stories about suppression of our First Amendment Rights, visit Justice Integrity Project. Andrew Kreig, its proprietor, wrote the first book on how the independent media is being gobbled up by corporate interests 25 years ago, published October 1, 1987. The book isSpiked: How Chain Management Corrupted America's Oldest Newspaper.” Andrew's current book is “Presidential Puppetry – Obama, Romney and their Masters.” There are over 1,000 references to other sources, giving the book substance as it reveals the common threads of the forces masking themselves as Right and Left who are eating us alive today.

    Wayne Madsen is a close friend of Andrew's and today is facing assaults because he has dared to tell the truth. These are all examples of original stories, which are picked up and reposted on other sites, which we refer to as “RePosters.” There are a lot of these out there.

    RMN is a RePoster Site.

    The number of original stories appearing on RMN are near zero. Even stories which have limited access for a time, which on other sites are paid for to give their readers access, are absent.

    Other sites running the same kind of stories, for instance Before its News, do not ask for money, instead making what they need, like a respectable business, by selling advertising.

    RMN is a reposting site flavored with hokey stories about the continuous lamentations of Rayelan as her dogs, she says, sicken to the point of death and she, heroically, makes do with practically nothing to keep RMN on the Internet.

    The truth can be painful, but it is also liberating, opening up the exit as the theater is filling with smoke. The other thing RMN does not do is provide ways to climb off the grids which do not require you to hunker down in a cow pasture in a bad reprise of the 19th Century.

    Real answers exist – but not on RMN. Visit Natural News for articles on staying healthy, surviving, and more. On July 14th, 2014 this article appeared on Natural News,How to prepare yourself for the collapse of the age of human delusion (and the arrival of human spiritual awakening.” Mike Adams, who started Natural News, funded it, and maintains labs to test products, on the profits he earned from selling a software company for several hundred million dollars some years ago. Mike does not beg for donations. He sells products which solve problems.

    So why does RMN and Rayelan need so much money every month and what does Rayelan do with that money? You have a right to know.

    Let's examine the truth about Rumor Mill News, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    I was asked to post on RMN around 2008. I do not re-post, but write original articles using my own research. At the bottom of this statement is a short synopsis of my career as an activist.

    Except for occasionally talking to Raye on the phone and posting some, not all of my articles, I had no contact with RMN as the content did not interest me. I was then writing for OpEd News and being published as a columnist in the Lone Star Iconoclast in Texas.

    The Lone Star is the small paper which gave Kerry his immediate pre-election rush of support in 2004 after he was swiftboated by a NeoCon sting operation.

    I had started writing as a way to fight back and continue my work as an activist, which had begun with the Goldwater campaign.

    My discussions with Raye were neither deep or even very personal. She did not appear to have any particular, identifiable, ideologically based viewpoint. Mostly, I listened to her tell stories I could not believe about herself. After some time she began repeating these stories, verbatim, like a memorized script.

    I was distantly aware of her move to Ohio and talked to her once while she was living in what she described as 'The Cow Pasture.” This would have been around 2010, late in the year.

    In July of 2011 I received a call from Raye asking me to take a show, Tuesdays, on RMN Radio. On the same date I was offered another show at my first station, BBS. I had done radio, one and off, for several years.

    After considering the matter and realizing I was also familiar with The MicroEffect, which is the actual station which was selling Raye time, I decided to accept her offer.

    Raye and I started talking more often. She then asked me to help her with the radio station, managing the calendar and other duties. I agreed to do so.

    Then, on August 25th, 2011, Raye called me, breathless, asking I help her dear friends, the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, who were being libeled and slandered in the media. She attested to their good character and told me she trusted them with her life. I accepted their phone number but did not call.

    And hour later, Laura, the Duchess of Manchester, called me.

    Between her and Raye I was persuaded to help them 'get the truth out,' about what they characterized as false charges of bigamy, build them a website, and write a book. I was promised payment for these services, which I provide professionally.

    The next morning a website was up.

    25  - Laura calls Melinda for the first time, Melinda's number provided to Laura by Raye Smith. 
                           26 – Email from Laura to Melinda regarding website.

    For the next six weeks I deferred finding other work and began talking to Raye several times a day about this ongoing project and learned far more about her.

    In September Raye asked me to take over the advertising for RMN and offered to pay me for this. I accepted the offer and rewrote the advertising material and created policies.

    The work with the Manchesters, however, was taking abrupt, and strange, changes in direction.

    In September we began working on the sale of a video Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, said was his sole property. This turned out to be a blatant lie, one of many he told continuously.

    The Time Line on the site I later put up provides articles written by media from around the world, legal documents, letters, emails and more which paint a very different picture of Alex and Laura.

    Although the couple had sent me email copies of these documents I did not open them until matters had reached a tumultuous and shocking conclusion. In the interim, I had grown close to Raye and believed she was my friend. Nothing could have been less true.

    The next year, spring of 2012, I learned from Wendy, the duke's former wife and the mother of his two children, Raye had been offered objective proof on his bad character and psychopathic tendencies in 2009 - after Raye took down an article which, correctly, reported the fact he is a bigamist. His act of bigamy made his children illegitimate and stopped the payments being made for them to Wendy. They were without income, except what Wendy earns as a receptionist, for two years until the Queen's Court determined they were entitled to income from the Manchester Trust. Alex had never paid a penny of support himself.

    Wendy sent me court documents, transcripts, receipts, and more. She does not make bald statements and expect to be believed without question. Again, look at the Time Line.

    Rayelan ignores the facts. When I confronted her on this she said, “I'm not a journalist and the facts don't matter.” The facts sure mattered to me. If I had known I would not have spent two months of my time on work for which I was never paid.

    But Rayelan's statement is a true and blunt appraisal of the publishing policies of RMN. The facts don't matter on RMN.

    I found out Rayelan was paying for the Manchester's storage in Michigan, Alex's cherished Human Growth Hormone treatments, the couple's food, and other expenses in late September, 2011. But the ones really paying were RMN Readers who donate.

    As you read over The Duke of Manchester site and see how callow, predatory, and ugly the Manchesters are you have to wonder why would Rayelan work so hard to persuade me to help two people who have wronged so many people. I began to ask myself why she set me up for such a loss of income. I have theories, but no conclusions. Yet.

    My first blog site started in 2005, titled How the NeoCons Stole Freedom.

    To date, there are around 300 articles, all written by me, on the site. Most of these are about the NeoCons, some as individuals and other about the developing trends in finance. Many include my personal experiences with these people.

    I believe I was one of the first people, if not the first, to write an expose on Ronald Reagan. This was hard for me because Ronnie was a friend of my father's, though Father refused to participate in his administrations, either when he was elected governor in California or when he was elected president. But it was the truth and needed to be said. Ronald Reagan - An Ugly Truth without the truth it is not possible to fight back and, ultimately, win.

    Now, I also write for Koch Truths, along with doing the graphics. Koch Truths is the only voice in the environmental movement which is not ultimately controlled by corporations. I knew the Kochs personally while I was active at the national level in the Libertarian Party in the 70s and 80s.

    Drone Free Zone is also my site.

    Now, I am also working on making Net Zero and Off Grid technologies available to the main stream market.

    Here are a few more facts:

    Rayelan spends little time on RMN.

    She does no research for articles and does not write articles.

    She relies of Jeff Gordon AKA Hobie, also known as Zapper, to do the work on RMN. She spends her time shopping and enjoying herself. You would never know, by watching her, we are at a critical time in world history.

    I personally believe, because of the evidence, Rayelan's gig on RMN was provided by the CIA so she would have extra income in retirement.

    According to the security people at OITC RMN is hosted on a CIA site.

    So, ask yourself if contributing to RMN is a good use of your money and if Rayelan is a positive force for your freedom and well being.

    Saturday, April 25, 2015

    Robert Herman wants to sue me. And get paid. More Readers, send him your money directly!

    Notice that Rayelan is still living at the old house and still needs money to transport her stuff. I'm sure Rayelan has chatted with her attorney, paid for by Readers, often. Attorneys get paid for suing, so it is no surprise he is panting to do that.

    Date: Saturday, 25-Apr-2015 14:47:30
    Are you surprised?

    I have no money for kitten food, dog food or human food. I have been using up every bit of food in my pantry over the last few weeks. You'd be surprised at the unusual dishes I have created.
    There are also bills that need to be paid or I will have no electricity in either house.
    If you have received emails from Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, please send them to me because she should NOT have my donor/reader email addresses.
    Send in those emails I have not sent you!
    If she has emailed any of you with her lies about me and about my late husband Gunther... a man she never knew. She ONLY uses the negative articles that were published about him. In other words, she only chooses things that agree with her view of the world.
    If you go online looking for articles about Gunther all you find is articles which mention Gunther. When I did this most of the articles were credited to or quoted Rayelan.
    A google search carried out just now for “"gunther russbacher" -rayelan showed 2,990 results.
    On the first page we find:
    1. Rumor Mill News
    2. Only named Source: Rumor Mill News
    3. Chicago Tribune, A ProCon
    4. Names him as a covert CIA Agent
    5. Russbacher's 'credentials' point to a career as an asset in the CIA. This does not conflict with being a con-artist.
    6. Funeral of a man with the same name
    7. Marsgate – video not available
    Nothing I have written about Russbacher has said he could not have been a CIA asset. There is no conflict ethically between being a CIA asset and a con-artist. The CIA is today viewed by a growing number of Americans as being off the reservation and criminal in its actions.
    In his book, “Presidential Puppetry,” Andrew Kreig, the founder of the Justice Integrity Project and the author of “Spiked, How Chain Management Corrupted America's Oldest Newspaper,” the first book on the take over of media by major corporations as an extension of their public relations, names the CIA as having a role in the assassination of of JFK. I called Andrew for a quote for an article I am writing titled, “The CIA – Good Guys or Bad Guys?”
    Andrew stated, for attribution,”for any understanding of current events one needs at a minimum an appreciation of the cover-up of the CIA in the JFK assassination, which continues to the present as a political reality today along with the question of whether the cover up lead to a more direct role in the assassination itself.
    After intense study the literature from all sides it is now agreed that rogue elements at the very top of the CIA were involved in a complex plot that is now known in most, if not all, of its details to murder the president and cover up the crime.”
    Naturally, Rayelan is on the OTHER side, something Readers should note.

    My lawyer tells me that what she is doing is tantamount to corporate espionage and he really wants to sue her.
    How can publishing the truth about the publisher of an online gossip and disinformation site be corporate espionage? Bill Gates doesn't like it. The Kochs don't like it. But they know they are on thin ice if they attack people for writing the truth. Is Rayelan going to attack me now as a disgruntled employee? After death threats, harassment and forcing me to stop paying my mortgage? I came to Ohio to save myself financially and the deal Raye offered, and pushed, looked like a good way to do that.
    Instead, I ended up with a tiny part time job I was handling perfectly well from my home in California where my mortgage was paid and I was making progress in building a client base.
    Rayelan is directly responsible for my financial problems because of the fraud she perpetrated on me.
    Not that Robert Lewis Herman would mind being paid to shut me up when he went out on a limb in this case. Abuse of Process and conspiracy are not minor offenses. He is at risk of his career and he knows it.
    He knows that she lives off her son's disability and social security. He also knows there are so many liens on her property in California that it would be futile to sue for that. Knowing this, what he would like to see is her serving jail time.
    I am my son's payee. I make sure he is cared for, fed, clothed, and has some quality of life on a tiny amount of money. I did the same from 1997, when he suffered his first brain injury, until he finally received disability in 2009. That is eight years when I paid for everything myself. Ironic that Rayelan can say that when I care for my son and act like she is some kind of heroine when she keeps her dog alive by whining to Readers for the money to do so and then asks for money to give Buck a human burial.
    When Rayelan was caring for her mother, acting as her payee and being paid for her time to do that by the State of California she acted like a martyr, according to people who knew her. The woman is outrageous. I would like to hear Herman say that to a court of Americans who are struggling through the same problems visited on my by Rayelan.
    He is one of the assistant prosecutors in my county. He also knows that there are dozens of people who also want to sue her for defamation of character and other things.
    I defame Rayelan? What a joke. I have copies of what she published about me long before I started defending myself and telling the truth about her. Did you tell him about John Fund and Dick Cheney and he has decided he would like to help them out? That would not surprise me, given your own political bent, and bent is the right word for it.

    The individuals I know who would like to shut me up include Dan O'Dowd, Craig Franklin, Alex and Laura Manchester. Who else except Morgan, who is a psychopath?
    If you are no longer donating to RMN because of an email my house-guest Melinda sent you, please send me that email. She needs to be stopped. I know of five other people that she has dedicated websites to. Not one of these people has sued her for slander and lies. I think it's time to put an end to her "people-destroying pastime".
    Employee, not squatter, not house-guest and none of the other slanders you purvey about me. If any of the people named could find something I said that was not true, rest assured, they would have done something about it. A trial would mean I could do discovery on your financial records. Or is Jeff Gordon going to make those disappear, too?
    If you can spare even a dollar, I need to buy milk to mix with the powdered kitten food. The kittens were abandoned in my garage. There were three but one died. The other two are as cute as can be. It would be truly wonderful to be able to experience the joy they bring, but when I am worried about not even having the money to buy the food they need, the joy goes out of all of it.
    You can't even imagine how hard it is for me to get on my knees and beg you for money. It means I am a big fat failure. If I can't even afford to raise two abandoned kittens, then what kind of failure am I?
    Actually, Rayelan enjoys begging. It is a game to her. I watched her make up this malarky and chuckle over how credulous you people are.
    Maybe I need to get a job. When I was teaching I didn't have to depend so much on readers to pay the bills.
    I am so sorry to have to post this follow up, but I have no milk to mix the kittens formula with. I have no food for my two dogs, Toby and Max.
    I have odds and ends in the pantry that I have been creating dinners out of. But most of what is in the pantry are things that require something I don't have to make them. I have a box of tuna casserole, but I have no tuna to add to it.
    If you can help, now is the time to do it.
    Thank you!!
    Don't believe a word she says. Rayelan always has her Multi-Level Marketing income to fall back on – or she could stop spending money on junk.

    April 25, 2015 - More Lies for Dollars!

    I wonder what this lying former whore's co-conspirators think of her outrageous lies? Lie, lie and lie some more, Raye.
    Commentary follows:
    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Saturday, 25-Apr-2015 12:49:20
    I had no idea that I could ever be overdrawn in my paypal account. Normally if there is no money in there the card is refused.
    This is because, you Rayelan, expect to be babysat all of your life. Your sex customers probably thought it was cute for someone to be so helpless.
    I'm $-6.95 USD overdrawn in Paypal
    But I am -$1,094.54 overdrawn in my bank account
    That's almost exactly the amount left to fill in the Fundrazr Widget. If we can fill the Widget before the end of this month, my bank won't use my VA Benefits to pay this off.
    The VA Benefits come from Kooker, to whom you were married for less than ten years. Those benefits should be going to the mother of his children.
    I will be getting my VA benefits the first of the month. That will handle my rent of $750.00 and will leave me $500.00... but that will NOT allow me to pay off this overdraft. I will need another $600.00 to pay for that overdraft. There is $3,000 in the widget and I estimated that moving costs for RMN and for me would take $4,000 to pay for the use of a truck and to pay my helpers. If I didn't have to pay my helpers, the $4,000 in the widget would pay off the -$1,094.54 overdraft in my bank account. But it will not give me enough money to pay my helpers.
    I don't even know how much I owe them. I know I owe one at least $400.00 and she needs it to pay her mortgage which is very overdue.
    I have now discovered how the overdrafts take place. I check the balance on my phone each time I make a purchase. I have a number of automatic payments made to my bank account every three to six months. These are for products that are sold off the Rumor Mill News page, like Jurak Tonic amd Therma Mend.
    When I see an unexpected increase in my bank account I just assume either Jurak or Therma Mend has put money in my bank account.
    Again, someone else has to put money in your account? Go get that job at McDonalds and close RMN, a thieving site which injects disinformation to the public and is a dead loss to the world.
    With my eyes giving me more problems everyday, I have recently discovered that unless I take OFF my glasses to read the information off my cell phone, i miss small things like a MINUS sign.
    With my glasses off I have perfect reading vision. As I am typing this, I have my glasses resting on the lower part of my nose so that I can see the screen. No optometrist has been able to find an answer to this problem... especially for someone who works on a computer most of the day.
    A few days ago I needed to know if I could afford to buy paint to paint some of the walls in the upstairs that are covered with something that looks like blood. God only knows what the "House Guest from Hell" could have done to leave stains like that on the walls.
    LIES: See photos taken the last time I was up here, Monday, April 6, 2015.

    Bathroom, all corners cleaned out

    Wall behind where I cooked, clean

    Toilet cleaned.  The dark material is from installation by unskilled handyman, not Deadly, another.

    Toilet cleaned inside and out

    Wall behind where I cooked, I removed cabinets and cleaned, replacing them.

    My bedroom, Night of April 5, Sunday, ready for move.

    Closet in my bedroom, clothing removed

    Storage area in closet, cleaned and emptied.

    Office, toward window, clean and nearly empty of my things, except what Raye stole

    Last shot of the bathroom, April 6, 2015, just before we left

    I have more taken as I moved things out and cleaned up, not that it needed much because I, unlike Raye, am a neat freak.  
    If you wanted this to work you would have needed to invent it earlier. There were witnesses, let me remind you, ones who were objective and not your fellow conspirators from past conjobs.
    The phone said I had over $600.00 in the account. What I missed because of my eyesight was the minus in front of the -$600.00. Thinking I had $600.00 in my account, I spent it on moving materials and wages for one helper.
    If you can please help here is the fundrazr widget. This move has cost more than I ever thought. And the 3 year "house-guest from Hell" has my donor emailing list from 2011. I am certain she has already emailed them that I totally misuse the donations. If I totally misused the donations would I still be driving a 1999 Jeep? Would I be selling off anything of value that I still have? Take a look at what is for sale on the auction page. That's another way I make enough money to support myself.
    Lie: I was never a house-guest. I was an employee. This is exhaustively documented and the issue is not closed, you will find. I used the list once – and that was to prove I have it, given to me because I was trying to get your redesign done when you refused to pay the costs or to pay me and keep your promises which you made to get me to come to Ohio.
    Note: My cost of moving was around $100. I organized and carried it out with 2 ½ hours of help from others.
    Lie: Sure you would. Why not? You would rather spend money on junk you then pay to store because you are a hoarder.
    The "House Guest from Hell" ran space heaters 24/7 with the windows open. She did this to make my life even harder by running up my electric bill. Once to over $900.00 but usually between $400 and $500. My usual winter bills is $200.00.
    As to the electricity, you had octopuses of things plugged in to plugs. I sealed the windows and only used heaters when you turned off the heat upstairs during winter. I did that on the advise of the police, if you remember.
    Lie: You had an apartment built into the basement and Readers will remember you could not pay the bill for over $900 for the electronic equipment you had hooked up for Angel and The Deadly Handyman and others.
    She also left the hot water running in the upstairs bathroom sink and tub. doing this she tripled my water bill.
    Lie: Never happened. You had a valve put in to stop the tub from draining. I did it by hand so Arthur could take showers. Be prepared for a surprise there.
    She started this the moment I told her to move out in late October of 2014. She finally moved out shortly after the eviction hearing.
    Lie: I moved out on April 6, 2015, that would be 19 days ago and left the place far cleaner than it was when I arrived. One of the reason I hired help was so there would be witnesses.
    That would have been about a week ago. I haven't gotten the latest bill for electricity and water. I am sure she did her best to run up the bill. All the windows were open when I finally was able to go upstairs and find out what damage she had done.
    Lie: You already admitted you went up after we left on the 6th. You lied, saying there was no furniture in my bedroom when it was all there, which the witnesses will attest to.
    And there was damage. I took photos and will post them on a website I am dedicating to her. I don't have to lie and make up stories about what a monster of a house-guest she and her son were.
    Lie: If there is anything there now it was placed there after I left. See photos.
    BTW... her son's room also has walls splattered with something that looks like a yellow dripping line with blood at the end of it. Some of my friends feel she is a witch and she performed some kind of ritual with that yellow and dried blood looking stuff. I would not put anything past her. She is the ONLY truly EVIL person I have met on earth.
    Lie: I am a Christian and a Confirmed Episcopalian. You are a worker for the New World Order who wants to establish a demonic reign on Earth. I sent Father Peter a copy of your book on Diana and you are a heretic. The room was clean when we left.
    Sorry for the disjointness of this message. I have two kittens meowing upstairs to be fed, and movers waiting on me to tell them what to move.
    Lie: So, notice she moved in her slovenly help to filth the place then took pictures. Smart.
    Here is the Fundrazr Widget. I thank you so much for all your help. I truly know that some of you are making a sacrifice just to give me $5.00. It is my sincere belief that once my move is over, I will be able to go back to a much smaller need in the chipin.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

    If you contribute a cent to this ongoing fraud you deserve what you get.  And I hope Raye moves in with you.