Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A reprise of Rayelan who never read any of these books, apparently.

As you watch this video you see how completely ignorant Rayelan is about the JFK Assassination, which today is now widely believed to have been the work of the CIA because JFK was off the reservation on some issues.  

These books were donated to become the foundation of an RMN library.  So Rayelan decided to sell them after never having read them.  She was too busy with her tabloids, you know. 

Note that Oswald had nothing to do with the assassination.  Raye clearly was not an operative on a high enough level to be briefed.

See comments from the YouTube site below the film.  

For accurate information go to the Justice Integrity Project.


Published on April Fools, how apropro, I bet the person who donated these books feels like a fool, you greedy scammer.
You have Skype Holy shit!?
This book collection of JFK books is still available.

Agent 86 Says, "Reader suggests Raye with her $7000 per month income apply for low income assistance. Idiocy? Ignorance? Delusion?"

What do you think?  

How nice of Susoni to help.  But the problem with Raye applying for assistance is that they agencies all talk to each other  and get on the phone when they find someone who is lying about their income.  And Raye's traceable income is $7,000 a month not counting the money from her scams.   So this otherwise good advice will only get her into trouble.  

So, is Susoni a fellow scammer or just still deluded? 

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
CGI's HotCoffee: Raye, this might help-Ashtabula County assistance programs. Find assistance with bills and expenses
Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 29-Sep-2015 20:27:38
From CGI's HotCoffee:
I needed help with my electric one time.
I payed it back by growing veggies and giving them to the food bank.
Ashtabula County assistance programs.
Find assistance with bills and expenses
One organization to turn to is the Ashtabula County Community Action Agency. Call them at (440) 997-1721. They have grants and funds that can be used to pay heating bills. Two options are the Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and the Winter Crisis Program (WCP). These programs will help even more Ashtabula County residents this year as the program has expanded. The eligible income level for HEAP assistance is now 200 percent of the national income poverty guidelines, which is up from a 175 percent level that was in effect last year.
The Winter Crisis Program provides a one-time cash grant payment per heating season for gas or electric utilities. Or the grant can be used to pay for the delivery of propane, wood, heating fuel oil or kerosene to households when a customer’s gas or electric service has been disconnected; the customer has less than a 25 percent supply of bulk fuel; or a customer has received a final disconnect notice.
If you make appointment, you can also delay your utility service from being disconnected. As once an appointment is made via the automated call in number above, the utility disconnection will be suspended as long as the customer submits the account number for the utility company. So this will provide you more time to apply for aid and get your bill paid off.
Several other programs are offered by ACCAA to low income families in the Ashtabula County region. While they will try to provide financial aid for a number of needs, in some case only referrals or information is available.
A key focus is on solving rent and housing issues, and the New Hope Supportive Housing Program helps with this. The agency can provide eviction prevention, emergency funds to pay rent, and assistance with security deposits. Supportive housing and aid, or loans, from the Emergency Food and Shelter program are offered.
Free food, including meals, is for seniors, children, and the disabled. A home delivery service is offered for the homebound, or Ashtabula County Community Action Agency also processes applications for food stamps and WIC.
Some other services include Head Start, free fans during the hot summer months and more. Click more Ashtabula County Community Action Agency programs.
Another place that can help is the Salvation Army Jefferson Service Unit. Dial (440) 997-5614. It offers county residents a variety of assistance and ways to get help with bills. The Jefferson Unit has seen an unprecedented number of individuals and families who need emergency funds to help with paying a variety of bills, including medical bills, prescription costs, medicines, clothing and they even offer a used appliance replacement program.
Anyone who applies for, and tries to receives assistance of any kind from the Salvation Army will be screened for residency and income, and they must also meet various criteria that is based upon certain income levels. Continue with Salvation Army Ashtabula County and Trumbull assistance programs.
Get free food from the Ashtabula Dream Center. Call them at 440.998.3732. The charity organization operates a soup kitchen as well as food bank and also offers free clothing to the needy in the surrounding area.
Catholic Charities of Ashtabula County (call 440.992.2121) provides local residents with access to emergency assistance, financial literacy, rent help and housing counseling, representative payeeship and guardianship for individuals and families. Also learn about Ohio Section 8 housing vouchers.
Country Neighbor Program offers services including home delivered and on site meals, homemaker services for the elderly as well as transportation. The program also provides emergency financial assistance and grants, and also operates the food bank for area food pantries. Orwell, OH call 440.437.6311.
Pro-bono and free legal advice is provided from Legal Aid Society of Jefferson Ohio. Call 440.998.0722. Attorneys at the firm may be able to secures justice and resolves fundamental problems for those who are low income and vulnerable. Access legal advice for housing and foreclosure, consumer debt, and other non-criminal issues. Lawyers are providing quality non-criminal legal services and working for systemic solutions to the court system.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Agent 86 said, "Scammer Raye cannot be serious, where did the $2300 go?"

Thanks, Agent 86!  Yes, a psychopath ignores what happened nanoseconds ago and simply renews their demands for what you already provided.  

Yes, where did the money donated go?  Some of it was not immediately returned to the chummers who agreed to cycle it through, certainly.  

What is the name of the 'server man?'  Notice no name is ever provided because if you know you might check and poof, there would go any chance of conning you.  

And don't think for a moment selling her 'stuff' in ebay will bring in money.  People with any sense are now reserving funds for what is coming.   

Keep your money in your pocket and let Raye go dark.  It is better for everyone. 


The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
If you come to RMN and it's gone, you will know it's because I had no money to pay the server
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 29-Sep-2015 15:41:29
We have the best server and the man who owns the server-farm is a friend who helps out in every way possible. But I still need to pay him. I owe him $400.00.
I also need almost $300.00 to keep my phone and internet connection.
These are the usual bills. Thank God I already paid the Electric... but sadly, the first is coming soon and they will want another $400.00. (Big Sigh)
I don't know how long our server will be active if I don't pay the owner at least $400.00 today.
I already talked the phone/internet people into giving me more time to raise their money.
Without your help right now, RMN may go dark because I couldn't pay the $400.00 to the server. If you come to RMN and it's gone, you will know it's because I had no money to pay the server.
I am going to start an ebay store to put an end to the RMN money problems. But that will take me away from RMN almost permanently.
If anyone has any idea of how to pay the $400.00 server each month and the rest of the bills associated with RMN, please let me know.
I thank the 71 incredible people who have given $2,300.00. But there are still more bills that need to be paid. If you can afford to send some money our direction, we will be exdtrememly greatful.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Dairy Farm Trauma Continues - Say Moo!

Thanks Agent 86, whose comment was, "More bs from our sociopath publisher, what did you do with the $2000 already donated?"

It is appropriate to call her a publisher since she does nothing but beg for money?  Publishers traditionally had more varied roles in the business.  Of course, she does not know how to do anything but beg.  Don't overlook the last post here which is a real killer.  Agent 86 brought it home.  

It really is appropriate she moved to a dairy farm since her entire focus is milking Readers of their hard earned cash.  Say Moo for me!

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Your help is urgently requested
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 28-Sep-2015 12:54:14
Help!! My internet will be shut off tomorrow if I don't pay the phone company $275.00 today. That's just part of what I owe them.
On the first I will need to make at least a $400.00 payment on the $2,000 electric bill that was run up by my painter and his girlfriend while they stayed here painting and repairing the house... for 4 months... in the winter. I am on shaky grounds with my electric company and if I don't pay them what they demand they will shut off the electric even though they know I need an oxygen machine to sleep at night and the oxygen machine needs electricity.
Every month I ask for $3,000 to pay the monthly bills. The fundrazr widget says $2,000 has come in... if you could possibly help me get the widget up to $3,000 asap I would truly appreciate it. That will mean I will be able to keep the phones, internet and electricity on for one more month!! And I will be able to repurchase the $30.00 worth of locks that I bought yesterday to lock up my outbuildings so that no more of my stuff is stolen. When even the locks that were bought to keep my things from being stolen are stolen, you have to wonder how safe living in the country really is.
Thank you so much for your continued support of me and RMN!!

Agent 86 went looking - and see what he found!

From the Phoenix Project, a legitimate attempt to get people the truth, now archived. 

Time passed and Rayelan thought she was leaving this behind her.  Psychopaths always believe they can do that and we, the sheep, should let them.  Don't let her get away with it. 

And Agent 86 sends and says, "Please pay $3 for the Poof horsehit that I copy and paste"

Don't you think Agent 86 has a point?  Poofness does not charge.  What is Hobie-Jeff providing except control to decide what you see?  He and Raye Looooove that control. 


Go there and sign up.  It is a blog and costs nothing to subscribe directly.
           Link to Poofness Site

    Click the button below to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
    Join 7,410 other followers

Agent 86 commented on Hobie-Jeff's pitch regarding this specific assertion, "at least 2,000 folks are finding something worthwhile about being able to visit Rumor Mill News," "Interesting supposition from Hobie, it's like admitting there is nothing worthwhile on RMN.   Wait till the Dinar gets revalued, it will be revalued DOWN, I wonder if Hobie believes his own BS and invested in the Dinar?" 

How can anyone with a shred of understanding in economics believe, and bet money, on the idea a war torn country where murder is being systematically carried out against the entire population will suddenly have a surge in the value of its currency?    Hobie-Jeff does not believe this but it was worth a shot to find out if RMN Readers would. 

  • NEW: * Goal for Monday: EACH ONE, CONTRIBUTE $3 * (views: 22)
    hobie -- Monday, 28-Sep-2015 05:04:21

  • * Goal for Monday: EACH ONE, CONTRIBUTE $3 *
    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 28-Sep-2015 05:04:21
    Hi, Folks -
    Ponder this with me, folks:
    Last Sunday's Poofness newsletter got over 6,000 views.
    This Sunday's Poofness newsletter has already had over 3,000 views, within just hours of its being posted.
    It would appear, then, that, conservatively, at least 2,000 folks are finding something worthwhile about being able to visit Rumor Mill News.
    Let's suppose that of those 2,000, only 500 can truly afford to contribute financially toward support of RMN.
    Okay. Let's try this, then:
    Everyone who visits RMN today and can afford to do it, please contribute $3.
    It looks like we could easily reach this month's goal if we do that. :)
    It'll be the proverbial "piece o' cake". :)
    Blessings, all.

    Sunday, September 27, 2015

    Chumming the Toxic Waters of Rumor Mill News - Disinformation and Scams, Inc.

    Agent 86 sent this on to me just moments ago......Thanks Agent 86!  "Hobie's Sunday droppings, imaginary bills, eternal greed and some full moon deflection."

    Psychopaths are, by their nature, not able to use the extended consciousness of which sensing others emphatically is a part.  Their focus is feeding.  Those who sell services as psychics depend solely on research in advance and generalizations.

    This is probably mostly chumming the waters to nudge the most credulous among the Readers to plonk in a few bucks.  If they let the take become too low for too long they will not be able to move it back up. 

    Ask for the bills.  It is likely someone has but it was removed with the speed of light and the commenter expelled from ScamLand.    

    NEW: *** FINAL 4 DAYS - WE'RE $1544 SHORT OF THE GOAL - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE *** (views: 14)

    Hi, Folks -
    Many thanks to the 53 fine folks who have contributed $1456 so far toward RMN's September expenses. :)
    The 'energies' are unusual right now - can you feel it? I can - perhaps to do with the full lunar eclipse that happens tonight. Kinda make me wanna crawl back into bed. :)
    But there are things to be done, and bills to be paid, and (of course) more bills coming soon. RMN and its publisher Rayelan Allan really do need and appreciate your support.
    Please contribute TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting.
    Blessings, all.

    Jeff Gordon (Hobie-Zap-Zapper) And the Magic of Money

    Thanks, Agent 86, who commented, "Magical Hobie Droppings, works for scammers?"

    The really magical thing we see demonstrated here is the unsupportable assertion that, while they lied every other time, the letter below reflects a real life event and was not written in a moment of creative desperation, by Jeff Gordon of Atlanta.  Is Oliver yet another pseudonym for the always eager to squeeze you dry Jeff - or did another of their scammer friends write the letter? Does it matter? 

    Since Jeff is no longer trusted he is dragging in a supposed stranger who he hopes will have more credibility. 

    In addition, another update from our staunch  supporter of fact, Agent 86 reads, "Back when grifter Rayelan lived in Watsonville she ran a similar scam by telling readers that if the readers would tithe 10% to grifter Raye, oops RumorSwillSnooze, the readers would receive their 10% back ten fold.   Liar Rayelan swore that it worked by saying she gave a few dollars in spare change to a homeless person outside the post office(big lie, she never gives anything) and lo and behold their was money sent by readers in the PO Box.   Some miracle eh?
    The scam was evidently not particularly lucrative because it only lasted a few weeks and she gave up."

    Miracles can happen.  I have seen them.  But miracles don't ask you to send money.  They just happen, asking nothing in return.  

    Reader: "Money is a weird phenomenon, it follows intention, it ALWAYS does."
    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Sunday, 27-Sep-2015 02:14:01
    (Thanks, O. :)
    Reader Oliver writes:
    Money is a weird phenomenon, it follows intention, it ALWAYS does.


    Many - many years ago, when I was running my own business, I ran
    into a financial pickle. The rent was due and the next day was
    payday for my staff, while my bank account was at zero. I quickly
    needed close to about $10,000 to meet payroll and rent.

    Since I have been a practitioner of the LoA since 1962 and was at
    the end of my wits, I phoned my LoA tutor and asked for advice.

    His response was, what were you doing when money was coming in ?

    So I told him.

    His only response was: START.

    I said, you don't understand, it is 10PM and payday is tomorrow.

    He said: START.

    Well, the long and short of the story was, I started contacting
    people and none was overly receptive at that time of the night. By
    midnight, I called it quits.....

    To my complete surprise, the next morning people (total strangers !)
    started walking through the door and putting money on my desk. By
    lunch time I had sold AND COLLECTED more than $11,000, enough to pay
    the rent and meet payroll.

    This is when I fully grasped that intention is cause.
    If you intent for it to happen it will happen, but only if you truly
    intent for it to happen. Unless somebody is standing on your brakes
    so hard that you can smell the smoke.


    Saturday, September 26, 2015

    Life and Trajectories

    Thanks Agent 86!!!!

    There is an enormous range in what honest people know about what is really happening today. In addition, from viewpoints complexities are added which cannot be documented in any useful way.  

    I keep an open mind on these but my own actions are dictated by what I know from my own sources.  Even then until I get the sense it is imminent I don't take any action until I get this sense of it coming close.  

    I experienced this with the Northridge Earthquake in 1994 and many times since.  Before the Earthquake, about 18 hours before, I received a notice from our insurance company they were cancelling out home insurance because we had moved and were selling the house.  The full payment check I had sent several weeks previously was returned.  

    It hit me like a physical blow.  I saw the earthquake and called them, raising hell.  After multiple calls they agreed to reinstate if I sent another check.  I got it in just before the last pick up at the post office.  I watched the postal employ empty the mailbox and went home still shaking.  

    The Northridge Quake took place about 7 hours later.  I knew and this allowed me to take action.  

    I had earlier visions regarding the Northridge Quake.  One was seeing the apartment building where my daughter was then living creaking and breaking apart. This was the September before.  I made her move into the house we were moving out of in Northridge.  

    She had been living in Northridge Meadows, South West corner, bottom floor.  All of her former neighbors died. 

    I ignore visions until that sense of urgency occurs.  

    I have recurring a vision of a fireball from space descending on Earth at an angle and touching down in China and finally erupting into steam and chaos in the Pacific Ocean.  The tsunamis were enormous.  Worst in South America and Australia.  

    To say this is followed in the vision by global disruption is an understatement.  This is interesting because it focuses down on people.  Some of them I know.  Others I do not, at least as I remember.

    I've watched it happen over and over.  But I have no objective reason to think this will happen.  No urgency.  Of course, this would also be true if I don't have to take action. 

    I have a sense the fiery globe  sets off the Cascadia, which then devastates Oregon, sending another Tsunami into Japan, which needs it like a hole in the head.  

    Lots of things set in motion in the vision. 

    Anyway, Rayelan is on a trajectory, as is Jeff-Hobie.  As are we all. 

    These folks are giving but a lot of them are anonymous and I don't remember that being the case.  It would be interesting to interview them, don't you think?  Our hits are in the hundreds, spiking whenever there is a post here.   



    Rayelan the lying grifter has already collected over $1400, far more than is needed to pay the server, her magical electric bill and her phone bill.    Where is the money going?    The rubes thank her for her hard work, but Rayelan does not have even a passing acquaintance with  hard work.   She cannot be bothered to work hard at scamming, leaving most of the panhandling to Hobie.    Rayelan's attempts to defraud her readers are so ridiculous I cannot believe that people are dumb enough to keep giving her their money, but then again, some actually thank her for her hard work.   So there you go.

    gave $20
    Our family is stressed out as well. Please know that this is the best we can do at this time.
    Like Comment Contribute Share 3 hours ago
    Anonymous gave $20
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    CRB gave $30
    "It's not what you're doing that gets you to Heaven, it's where you're looking. Look to Jesus." - Charles Spurgeon
    Like Comment Contribute Share 11 hours ago
    Lauren Page gave $25
    Thanks for all your hard work and for keeping the REAL alive!
    Like Comment Contribute Share 16 hours ago
    Anonymous gave $25
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    Leszek Kuc gave $20
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    Paul gave $20
    I thought someone with more experience may want to preview this first link. I believe @ the 19 min. mark he is explaining morgellons when he mentions a "wire" extending from the end.
    Homemade Anti Nano Device - How to Get Rid of Nanoparticles in Your Body | World Truth.TV One thing we know for sure is that we are all infected. This information comes at the time when we need it the most. Hats off to Tony for sharing this with us. You can start the video at 7 minutes in. Incredible information. Founder of WorldTruth.Tv and Eddie ( 5477 Posts) Eddie L.
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    Anonymous gave $10
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    Anonymous gave $50
    Your website is very helpful.
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    big canadian hug
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    Anonymous gave $20
    Dear RMN Friends. It's tough to watch the monthly up-hill-battle to get the contributions needed. My part has been absent due to my own unexpected life changes and monetary demands. May we continue to feel and see abundance and prosperity bursting forth for all. Humanity has certainly earned this. May you be blessed. May you be blessed. May you be blessed. Rita / novice
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    Anonymous gave $10
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    Anonymous gave $100
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    Pam Dalton gave $10
    Hope things are starting to feel like home in your new abode!
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    Nathan Krishnan gave $50
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    Change is coming, or so it seems/feels; and it will be positive! Love and light to you.
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    And the Whining and Lying continue to flow

    Anonymous sent this post by Rayelan the Unready for Reality, just after the comment I posted about finding someone to drive by her house and see if the electricity was on appeared.  Let's think about this.  

    She claimed she only had internet access at the Library, some distance from her home on the old Dairy Farm. Then the miracle happened.  She has Internet through the phone company (phone on) and electricity, without which the phone and internet would not have been working.

    Readers have been constantly 'updated' on Rayelan's multiple reasons for needing their money to support her reposting disinformation site.  Jeff Gordon - Hobie - Zap - Zapper takes care of this for her when she is busy with some other scam. 

    Why do you think you need this woman to get reliable information to you?  Want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?  

    Now Readers are supposed to worry about her health - again and are expected to enjoy hearing about her dogs, the ones who chew up the mail which disappearance she blames of someone stealing it.  

    And Jim is now back in the picture.  The two of them are attending church together.

    But it really hurts to sit in the special chair (Note I never saw a special chair of any description and she happily plumped herself down in several different ones used in front of various computers.  Also leaped out sharply when leaving for shopping. 

    What you noticed was how her corset creaked when this happen and how the chair groaned.  But when motivated Rayelan could move really, really fast.  The claims of being some kind of an invalid are bogus.)

    And the dogs probably got her 'paper with the passwords on it,' which she never had before, in my experience.  Look at the confetti on the floor for the signs.  

    And how about a whole committee to drop in on her and take a look.  Now, that would be interesting.  

    Rayelan's Post below

    I think things are almost back to normal in the house. And I hope that our readers will realize how much I need their help right now. on the 1st of the month I need to make a $500.00 payment to the electric company on a $2,000 bill.

    I also need to pay the telephone company $275.00 on an overdue $400.00 bill. The phone company is how I get my internet, so that has to be paid asap or I am off the internet again. This bill is the one I am worried about tonight. The phone company wants its money tomorrow!!

    I should have taken the time to email you and let you know I need to pay the electric and phone companies or I will be without both again.

    None of this is on top of the money that I need every month to keep going. The RMN office is in my home. Without my paying my electric bill, the RMN office has no electricity to run their computer. Even though the phone is in my personal name, most of the use is RMN related. IF RMN made enough money to be called a real business, the phone and electricity would be in the RMN name. But I don't make enough from RMN to be considered a real business. My accountant refers to RMN as my "hobby".

    I am still in a lot of pain and sitting at a computer on my "computer stool" causes a lot of pain. I bought this stool about 3 years ago because it had been highly rated for people with physical problems who have to sit a lot at a key board. It helped when I got it, but it no longer helps... it seems to make my pain worse.

    Sorry I haven't checked in, but with the rats, and the physical problems, I truly have had my hands full for tha last few weeks.

    I would have emailed you... but I have misplaced the paper with all my passwords on it... to my earthlink email and to my gmail. SIGH!!! That's why this "email" is being posted in the RR.

    I'm gong to bed now... nite nite to all.


    Friday, September 25, 2015

    Oh, ironies of ironies - And the Blanding of RMN

    Thanks Agent 86, who comments, "Dramatic Hobie droppings, recycled lies, Tesla misdirect and it is not unusual to not hear from Raye for several days. She is busy with her shopping addiction and only checks in when a beg is in order."

    Rayelan said her electricity was turned off.  What proof do you have this is true?  No notice has been supplied, no documentation of the facts.  This is consistent with the way RMN is run.  No proof and no explanations for the wide divergence between what is normal and what Rayelan claims happens is supplied.  Every bill from her electric company comes with a turn off notice as part of the template.  

    She could have chosen to receive these via email.  This option is always available and easy to begin.  

    So why the endless claims her bills were being stolen?  These were lies.  

    Rayelan's office was characterized by piles of unopened correspondence of all kinds.  I strongly doubt that has changed.  The dogs routinely used these for chew toys, the confetti covering the floor with little effort made to clean it up, open and process the mail, or change their behavior.  

    Mail she did not want to open could also be left outside, apparently in hopes it would disappear.  Rayelan's Mail In The Snow.

    Is Rayelan's behavior bizarre by your standards?  It was by mine.  Psychopaths engage in behavior which does not make sense to normal people - but when you pull back and see the whole picture the pieces fall into place.  
    All psychopaths seek chaos because in chaos they operate best to their own advantage. 

    This is why you need to demand proof of every assertion.  


    Note that Tesla was a genius who was taken advantage of by a corporate interest.  RMN is a NWO disinformation site, making his comment ironic.  Raye could have purchased solar panels and owned them by now.  She chose not to do so because she enjoys the drama. 

    Will she show up again?  Doubtless.  And it will likely be another rerun because her imagination is limited.  

  • NEW: ** PLEASE CONTRIBUTE / I haven't heard from Rayelan in several days ** (views: 66)
    hobie -- Friday, 25-Sep-2015 05:13:17
  • ** PLEASE CONTRIBUTE / I haven't heard from Rayelan in several days **
    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Friday, 25-Sep-2015 05:13:17
    Hi, Folks -
    Many thanks to the 37 fine folks besides me :) who have contributed $1198 toward RMN's September expenses.
    It's been several days since I've heard from Rayelan, hopefully she'll pop up today either here in the Reading Room or in e-mail. You'll remember her electricity was shut off and the power company was requiring a hefty sum to turn it back on again. As far as I know her electricity is still off at this time. Imagine how different our lives might be today if J.P. Morgan had had a change of heart and funded Nikola Tesla's project to supply free electricity to the world. Instead, I expect all of us have watched as the billing rates for electricity have slowly climbed and climbed and climbed.
    This short month of September is coming to a close soon, and we're $1802 shy of our goal of $3000 at time of this posting.
    Please contribute TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting.
    Blessings, all.

    Thursday, September 24, 2015

    "More droppings from Hobie, no story, none of this 'if you find it fitting', we are getting desperate. You have any money? Give it to us, NOW"

    Thanks Agent 86!  As September runs down to the end so do other things, for instance the lies which sustained Rayelan and Jeff Gordon all of these years.  7 people looked at the link which included no outrageous claims and impossible narrative. 

    And is Rayelan starving in her happy new home, a lavish and well appointed house for what was once a dairy farm? Lots of room there to store her precious cache of finds from local thrift stores and garage sales.  These she was going to make a mint selling - but everyone is selling anything which might bring in a couple of bucks so the market is, shall we say, saturated with collectibles. 

    If you go over the history of RMN in as far as it reflects Raye's life, you see a continuous pattern of over indulgence, spending beyond her means, and relying on begging and scams.  And it did not start with RMN.  It started, as far as any facts are available on Raye, while she was 'suddenly married' to Gunther Russbacher immediately after she fell flat on her face in her attempt to seduce Senator Pell, most likely at the behest of the same corporates we are facing today. 

    RMN was her retirement, still useful to them but no longer able to continue her original assignments, which depended on sex appeal. 

    Hobie, being a background operative, can move on, change his name, adopt another one on another site, which he likely already has. 

    Think about how much you have donated.  Ask for your money back. 

    NEW: *** IF YOU'RE ABLE, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE - $1842 reaches the goal *** (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 7)
    hobie -- Thursday, 24-Sep-2015 04:55:07

    Wednesday, September 23, 2015

    Agent 86 Commented, "Hobie's daily droppings-no story this time"

    Agent 86 found us a short but sour plea from Jeff Gordon - Hobie, in whose bosom hope, as always springs eternal.
    Interpretation:  "Yes, yes, give us money because how else can we continue to scam you? "

     And that was, of course, my point.  Giving them money becomes a continuous moral hazard for Jeff and Raye.  It is like pouring a drink for an alcoholic. 

    NEW: ** 8 Days Left to Add $1939 toward RMN's September expenses - Please Contribute ** (no msg in this post) *NM* (views: 9)
    hobie -- Wednesday, 23-Sep-2015 05:10:00

    Tuesday, September 22, 2015

    And the blandishments of Jeff Gordon continue

    Agent 86 comments, "hobie tries again, and trips over his own arrogance."

    See Ed. comments in RED,where appropriate.

    The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
    A few have asked, "Why should I support RMN? I can read the same information at other websites."
    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Tuesday, 22-Sep-2015 05:00:15
    Hi, Folks -
    (This is _not_ directed at all our Readers who simply are unable to help out financially at this time. That's okay - it just means it's someone else's turn, right now. :)
    Not many, but a few, have written with this essentially rhetorical question: "Why should I support RMN? I can read the same information at other websites."
    Well...first of all, that's not true. :)
    Yes it is.  There are plenty of sites which follow the train of events, of which RMN picks up only a small number.  
    Yes, in the present 'season' in the life of Rumor Mill News, we are posting quite a lot of information found elsewhere on Internet.
    You're welcome. :)
    Save your self congratulations for when someone has a reason to thank you. Aggregators generally have content to justify their advertising.  Remember that term, Advertising.   
    The RMN Agents have already aggregated that information for you, here in this one location. If you really want to go scour Internet to search out all this information yourself, feel free to do so, with our blessing. :)
    The specific form for the aggregation includes scams disguised as news and promoted by Hobie and Raye, for their own enrichment.  Other aggregated content is clearly disinformation, sensational but intended to mislead.  
    "Well, yes - but there's MORE INFORMATION out there that you're NOT posting!"
    Again: you're welcome. :)
    No Aggregator, either legitimate or focused just on the generation of income can cover everything.  Take a careful look at what is covered and then think about what you are not seeing. Then, seek out three editorially transparent sites, you choose, there are many, who post different viewpoints with a variety of content.  Again, look at RMN.   
    The many different perspectives and points-of-view embodied in the RMN Agent team means we post a lot of things, and also LEAVE OUT a lot of things.
    Hobie and Raye here admit they are manipulating what they want you to know.  Don't expect them to share their reasons with you.  Those are between them and their handlers at the CIA. 
    But that doesn't mean we didn't see the information we're leaving out. Rather, we've made the decision not to bring it here for your attention, for one reason or another.
    Are Agents independent?  If they show too much of that they are former Agents without any means of obtaining justice.  RMN is an absolute centralized and controlled state with its subjects, Agents, having no recourse.  
    Likewise, the independent nature of the Agents means we sometimes post the same thing more than once. You might view that as a mistake. Or, you might realize it means this is an item more than one Agent found to be important or interesting. Sometimes the first post just doesn't catch everyone's attention, but the second one does. Aren't you glad you get a second chance at it? :)
    Hobie and Raye are sloppy about what goes up to a degree. They will take down anything they disagree with but allow redundancies to remain.
    And, of course, we're not JUST reposting information we've found somewhere. Instead, the Agent may (or may not) offer his or her personal comment on the item. And, always, here at RMN our Readers have some opportunity to comment on the original post. And, both Agents and Readers have some opportunity to CORRECT the information if there's need for that. (Consider the recent post and ensuing thread on how red meat causes cancer.)
    Ahem.  There is nothing edge or new about the topic used as an example.  However, Hobie does not mention the real dialog ongoing on the subject of organically and humanely raised cattle or other meat animals.  But he probably does not know it is an issue.  
    And, yes, sometimes an Agent will post an item that is his or her own unique thoughts. You won't find that on those other websites.
    Unique thoughts come through on comments on nearly all sites.  Many engaged readers there create long threads with no fear their right to post and comment will be summarily revoked.  Again, compare this to the Bastion of Fascism, RMN. 
    Bottom line: If Rumor Mill News isn't worthy of your support, why are you here?
    Good question, Hobie.  Perhaps they are waiting to watch your site die and read about indictments in the main stream media.