Thursday, December 29, 2016

Found by Our Own Agent 86! "Hobie says "I'd love to see 80 contributors put something into the Fundrazr and at least reach our goal of $2500"" " because grifter Raye promised him a cut of the take?"

And the answer is, of course Hobie (Jeff Gordon of Atlanta Georgia) gets a cut.  No one who ever lived with Raye or  really knew her would even give her a hand shake.  

And what strikes me at the point in the holiday season is the utter lack of concern Raye has ever shown for anyone except herself and occasionally Hobie, who at one time received thousands to pay for the taxes on the home he inherited from his parents and where he still lives.  Nice looking place, I might add.  

And Raye is always the victim.  Did you notice that? I have a suggestion for those of you who have been emotionally touched by the pleas and platitudes which drip so easily off those lying lips.  

This year do a tiny bit of research for yourself.  You can share it here with our thanks.  

Have a Glorious New Year.  And it will be just that.  Glorious.  

NEW: ** This final week of 2016, Our Goal: $1000 more / 80 Contributors ** (views: 43)
hobie -- Wednesday, 28-Dec-2016 18:41:31
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
** This final week of 2016, Our Goal: $1000 more / 80 Contributors **
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 28-Dec-2016 18:41:31

Hi, folks -
Many thanks to those who have contributed $1485 toward our goal of $2500 for RMN's December expenses. :)
Contributions have fallen short the past several months, leaving RMN's publisher Rayelan having to find ways to make up the shortfall. That adds up.
This month, to close out the extraordinary year of 2016, I'd love to see 80 contributors put something into the Fundrazr and at least reach our goal of $2500.
Now's the time. Please CONTRIBUTE if you're able and would find it fitting.
Blessings, all.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Agent 86 said, "Delusions."

Let's get this straight.  At no time did Rayelan ever mention having a Cherokee heritage.  Since I have one myself, and did mention it, this is very unlike her.  She did mention her Rhodes ancestry and other early California arrivals, usually from the South.  Most of these are honest, hard-working people, with exceptions mostly on Raye's direct line.  

The story of the romance between Raye and Gunther has come up before.  It is a disinformation story.  Raye abandoned her beloved Gunther in Austria when the authorities arrested him for various frauds perpetrated there as part of his posh tour of Europe paid, according to, The Phoenix Project, through credit card fraud perpetrated on unwitting individuals whose funds were transferred without their permission. 

Initially,  Gunther and Raye were supported by these folks.  This ended when their lies and fraud became obvious.  Article

Raye works on the proven fact that if you lie often enough and without shame some credulous people will believe you. Raye doubtless thought the Phoenix Project folks were dead, which they might be, but the evidence remains online.   

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
For Rayelan
Posted By: MaryMaxwell [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 25-Dec-2016 19:46:09

For Rayelan
Raye, I believe you told me that you descended from Cherokee.
Well, you have done them proud.
You have got the spirit. Think how much you have done to unite people.
The other day, I posted something on Rumormill and 780 people viewed it, probably from all around the world.
It's all thanks to you and your hard work, courage, and determination. You and Gunther – one of the good CIA -- founded this “magazine” about 20 years ago, and still going strong.
A birdie tells me that you are struggling, and trying to get an income by selling the jewelry you make, at Ebay. I hope readers will support you -- and also fund RMN.
Raye, when looking for a Cherokee video for you, I chanced upon another indigenous site that said “Do you know that every blade of grass is a telephone line to our beloved mother earth?”
I am going to give you a buzz tonight for Christmas ’16, grasswise, so please pick up!
Here's Amazing Grace in Cherokee. You are an amazing grace, Rayelan.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Agent 86 found this gem...."Uninspiring demand for money..."we have 80 stalwart supporters of RMN with a few bucks left over from Christmas shopping. :) If you have it to give, please give. "

Clearly, both Rayelan the Rapacious and Hobie (Jeff Gordon) the Hypocrite, are afraid to retail the lies which worked so well in the past.  So they are using this lower key means to whine for cash to support their entirely fraudulent enterprise.  

Don't let them get away with it.  Demand they put up their bills and provide proof they are no longer stealing content and also demand repayment for the frauds perpetrated on you in the past.  

It is the Season to consider what we want the future to hold for us.  The thing we most need to trust.  You cannot trust these people to tell you the truth and they have no place in our future.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
I'd love to see 80 contributors this month. :)
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 21-Dec-2016 14:54:16

Hi, Folks -
Thanks to those who have contributed already; we love you guys. :)
Happy Solstice, everyone; Christmas will soon be here. :)
In recent months we've pulled up short of our goal for the Fundrazr, leaving Rayelan to have to find a way to make up the shortfall. Over time, that takes a toll.
I'd love it if in this final month of 2016 we could see 80 contributors to the Fundrazr. Surely among the many thousands that show up to view the Poofness updates we have 80 stalwart supporters of RMN with a few bucks left over from Christmas shopping. :)
If you have it to give, please give.
Blessings, all.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Agent 86 again deserved Kudos for discovered cons by the Deceptive Duo.

Agent 86 pointed out, "What shortfall? Show us the receipts or I'm going call you a liar." 
Understanding that our attention spans can be short the fact  Rayelan has great insurance from her deceased military husband and told me medical and hospital visits were entirely covered, has slipped their minds.  

It was my experience while in Ohio that Rayelan lied about her health on the smallest pretext and appeared to enjoy her visits to the hospital, which were always brief because no discernible problem was identified.   I came to the conclusion Rayelan enjoyed the drama of being 'ill,' and was actually quite healthy.  This went along with her demand to have a 'healthy diet' while the trash showed she was actually eating largely of junk food nearly every night.  

More than this, however, is the fact the content from RMN is improperly acquired, without permission from those who actually wrote it.  This is an impropriety which could be legally actionable if those authors chose to take action.  

Rayelan is acting in conspiracy with Readers who are unaware they are violating legal practices and so overlooking their own potential vulnerability.  And although Rayelan and Hobie do not allow Readers to know each other's identities this does not mean these would not become known if legal action is launched.  

Readers of RMN, if you are posting make sure you use no more than three paragraphs and provide clear attribution to the author and online source.

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
I'd love to see 80 contributors this month.
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 16-Dec-2016 19:26:30

Hi, Folks -
We're grateful for the 22 fine folks who have contributed already toward RMN's December expenses, including, as she put it, a "paltry" $10 from Celia Farber. whose work some of us have admired and appreciated for many years. :) Thanks to all of you.
The past several months, our Fundrazr has come up short of the goal amount, which has left publisher Rayelan each month to find some way to cover the shortfall herself, even while experiencing health difficulties of her own.
This month I'd like to see us at least reach the target goal of $2500 or perhaps even to surpass it, so Raye can rest easy during this holiday season.
Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish that would be for more folks to "chip in" at this time. So I'm asking specifically for 80 contributors this month, a figure we used to pretty commonly reach and I expect could do so again.
Please do contribute, without waiting to see if others' contributions will reach the goal total without you, if you're able and would find it fitting.
Blessings, all.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Agent 86 Delivers Proof We Are Collectively Psychic

Well, as stated, we all knew what Rayelan was about to might be nice to be surprised occasionally, but not this time.  Of course, she could claim Aliens are about to claim her body for experiments.  As the end of the month approaches we can happily expect Rayelan and Hobie will tax their minds.  So, be alert!  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Message from Rayelan
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 9-Dec-2016 15:16:44

I have just gotten out of the hospital... again. I am still very weak.
I have bills to pay including my internet access. I have $14.00 in paypal and even less in my bank account.
Thank you for helping!!

Agent 86 finds another attempt to extract funds

Agent 86 said, "Dinar scamming is so hard, these selfless people have given their all, so please pay all of their bills because the dinar is in the mail!"  

The Dinar will never revalue and we have covered this issue multiple times.   I understand this con began as a Cheney ploy to ensure credulous patriots would be thoroughly drained and it has worked well.  Read this past Post.

We think, on the evidence, Hobie and Raye get referral fees for sending over credulous readers or, possible, this is one of Hobie's own ploys.  

Hope your holiday season is wonderful!  

                                  The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 8-Dec-2016 16:10:15

Hi, Folks -
Received via e-mail:

From: "The Office of Poofness" <>
Date: Thu, December 8, 2016 3:36 pm

Zap Says 
Hi All,

Well I thought coming to you would be over, but we need one more push. The reason is simple…the transfer is on a clock of 5 to 7 days starting from Mondaywhen the funds were released as per the SWIFT. To avoid asking for help, I had arranged to get a bridge loan in the interim to keep everything stable, but the lender left for holidays because the delay in getting our transfer done was taking him over his planned schedule. He went away I just learned. And we are stuck big time. It is 4:44 AM as I write this, go figure.
Mary is out on her ear tomorrow, and she needs more medical attention. Aliah needs more milk and baby food for Bradd. George is without shelter already. Lisa will be without shelter. A few others are in the same boat (it is a long list), but I am going to be braving bitter cold weather that creates nice icicles from your nose in about 2 minutes if I do not get rent caught up. Food too. I have nothing left to give, or to use for myself.
I am really tuckered out keeping everything on an even keel, but at least the hard part is over now despite our situation not changing much. Our timing is Tuesday for funds, so you know what we are facing here in this last leg of the first part of this journey. So I ask nicely with humility for that bit of help that will carry all of us over the hump. All I can do, but I had to eat my own words when I told everybody that there will be no more SOS’s as we are ok now.
Bless you and thanks, Love and Light
In Our service

Thank you for your support as we do our best to keep you up to date. We couldn't do this without your Help. Please go to using the account address: goneforthfornow@gmail.comto support the cause. Please remember to click friends and family when sending. If you are not a member of paypal and sending a donation please send an e-mail to so we can log you in and send you a Thank You. We appreciate all the help you continue to provide in keeping food on people's tables and medical needs met.
With Much Gratitude and Appreciation, Susan
Love and Kisses,
"The Office of Poofness"
ZAP, Susan and Staff 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Agent 86 Contributes the short whine from Raye below

At least this time she is not larding up the whine with more lies.  Aren't you glad she has the best possible health care and pays nothing to go to the doctor or hospital?  Is that true for you?

This is the last month of 2016. It's been a difficult year healthwise for me. I thank everyone who has helped RMN this year.
Without your help, I couldn't keep RMN up and running.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Some horseshit commentary from the lord of the lies, Hobie

Can you believe these misrepresentations and out-right lies?  Thanks, Agent 86

h and every week to read the Poofness posts...while fewer than 100 contribute financially in support of the site they keep coming back to. (You can sign up and get this for free!!!)

The issue is not whether the site's publisher should "get a job", but whether the site's users might return something for what they're choosing to receive. (You have been ripped off with her stolen content for years - why are you not grateful?)
The site is intentionally free to read, but there are costs involved in providing that. We're HAPPY to continue providing it and to keep it free for those who genuinely are unable to contribute toward its support. If out of those thousands some 250 were to contribute $10 apiece each month, the goal would be easily reached in no time. :)
Blessings, all.

P.S About those "dud" 'Send Email' addresses. No Agent intentionally places a false contact address. But two things may apply:
- Anyone can make a 'finger error' when typing his or her address. And:
- There's a Yahoo! policy in place that makes delivery of mail from the RMN server difficult for some. Yahoo's policy is that if there's a Yahoo return address on an email, it has to come from the Yahoo server. The result is that if an Agent's contact email address is a Yahoo one, and if the Reader using the 'Send Email' link also enters a Yahoo address for him- or herself, the message is very likely to bounce back. Why Yahoo didn't somehow allow for form-generated emails from other sites when constructing their policy is a mystery, but that's the way it is. I'll see if I can 'hack' our software to do something about that.

P.P.S. We have often looked at ways we might keep RMN free for all to read while adding either some special feature for subscribers and/or some way to allow Readers to comment directly. We still may do that at some point if we can see a reasonable way to do it. Some of the difficulties involve the need to keep track of who has paid the subscription for a given month and who has stopped their subscription; and the greatly increased need for moderation if the door is opened for direct posting by any-and-everyone.

How pathetic.  real sites allow comments and do not make it impossible for people to connect directly to each other.  This is just control, control. control.  But Jeff Gordon prefers lying to gettting an honest job.  So does Rayelan.  Happy Thanksgiving and may your turkey be sweet, succulent, and smarter than Jeff and Raye.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Disinformation Sites - The 80% True, 20% Disinformation Balance

Thanks again to Agent 86 for hauling in this admission on the part of Rayelan that RMN is, in fact, a disinformation site, for which she is being supported as an active operative. 

Rayelan bragged that active CIA agents were anonymously posting at RMN.  To my knowledge no large story was broken at RMN.  But countless stories touted at the time as big news died with a whimper when it became clear they were not supported by any evidence.  

In the early 90s Rayelan and Gunther were scamming the readers of the Phoenix Project out of thousands of dollars.  

Go to the links and read the facts from the Phoenix Project directly. 

Disinformation agents always position themselves as patriots.  80% of the content will generally be legitimate so you will swallow the 10 - 20% which are whoppers the agent is paid to insert into the public's consciousness.  

Rayelan endlessly reuses the material on Gunther.  But this was not a romance, it was an assignment designed to get her cover for her badly botched attempt to compromise Senator Claiborne Pell in 1989.

And more reminders:

Of course Rayelan wants to be paid for conning you.  Getting paid from all directions is optimal for disinformation agents.  Don't fall for it.  Save your money and brace yourself for what is coming.  Expect the standard of living to implode by 30% in the next two years.  Do not waste cash supporting CIA operations.

LIE - RMNews started on June 6, 1996. 

 This first sentence is a lie.  Here is what was going on in 1996.

From: Time Line  
1992 - 1995

Rayelan and Gunther cut a swath through Austria, financed inventively by using other people's credit cards to supposedly pay for Gunther's Coronation as Arch Duke of Austria.  

Gunther is arrested in Austria.  Rayelan flees to the United States where she begins panhandling to raise enough money to pay her phone bill, which she says is $2,000.  All of this is reported in  Phoenix Source Distributors where articles from the Phoenix Journal appear, first enthusiastically supportive of the duo and then, as the light bulb goes on, denouncing them as con-artists.  


Gunther dumps Rayelan, who abandoned him in Austria, evidently saying to her acquaintances, he would be better of someplace where he could get treatment for his alcoholism.  

Rayelan claims they were still married but then when did Gunther get together with his new wife if not in Austria while Rayelan was in the US begging money (more money) from readers of 

        June 9 - A record is created through Network Solutions for the URL

1992 - 1995

Rayelan and Gunther cut a swath through Austria, financed inventively by using other people's credit cards to supposedly pay for Gunther's Coronation as Arch Duke of Austria.  

Gunther is arrested in Austria.  Rayelan flees to the United States where she begins panhandling to raise enough money to pay her phone bill, which she says is $2,000.  All of this is reported in  Phoenix Source Distributors where articles from the Phoenix Journal appear, first enthusiastically supportive of the duo and then, as the light bulb goes on, denouncing them as con-artists.  


Gunther dumps Rayelan, who abandoned him in Austria, evidently saying to her acquaintances, he would be better of someplace where he could get treatment for his alcoholism.  

Phoenix Source Distributors

        June 9 - A record is created through Network Solutions for the URL
- See more at:

In 1998 Rayelan the Magnificent was married to Major David Kooker, who brought with him into marriage BENEFITS and a retirement income.  Kooker financed the beginnings of RMN which had nothing to do with  Gunther Russbacher.  Rayelan is lying because a 20th year anniversary sounds more impressive than an 17th year anniversary.The URL was purchased in 1998 but it was not online until 1999.  

A paper newsletter was sent out to subscribers for a short while, according to Raye.  Has anyone ever seen a copy?  

About Gunther -Gunther returned from being incarcerated for fraud in Austria for a scam wherein he stole credit card information to be used to pay for a posh life style as the soon to installed as the Arch Duke.   or that he was really a CIA Agent who had nothing to do with these crimes?  

Rayelan wrote,RMNews was started on June 6, 1996, or as I put it...6.6.6!! I'm certain that a few governent bigwigs have definitey thought that RMN was started by the CIA and is a place for them to post information they want the public to know about. 
If you believe this, you are partially correct. RMN was started by me and my ex husband, the late  Gunther Russbacher, ONI, CIA, SEAL, SR71 pilot, and Prisoner! 
When we started RMN, he was a 30 year veteran of the CIA and serving a 28 year sentence for 'stealing by deceit". He ran a brokerage company which handled the retirement accounts for CIA deep cover operatives. 
Gunther was only around for the first 7 issues of RMNews. He disappeared and when he surfaced again, he had no memory of me or ever being married to me. He also issued a very strong warning... i.e. threat... if I didn't leave him and his new wife, Jane alone... I'd be sorry. 
Knowing he was a CIA assassin, I decided the best thing for me to do was move on with my life, and stay alive. This happened in December of 1996, the same year that RMN started.
RMNews has the reputation of being one of the first indepentdant  news sites to try to reveal the hidden leaders and the plans they have for "We the People"! We are approaching a time when the hidden leaders no longer need so many of us. I suspect that another world war and/or civil war will soon be on the happening on the playing field. 
It takes money to keep all the bills paid. if you can afford to toss something into the Fundrazr widget, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Agent 86 sends a new piece of HobiRaye disinformation - "Unlike anonymous, I am delighted, there is hope for the tards yet!"

Thanks for sharing your delight with usk, Agent 86!  Of course, it could be some blighted soul who does not visit very often or speaks an obscure dialect of  one of Earth's more obscure languages.  But Hobie - Jeff Gordon or Rayelan the Magnificient is the far more likely source of the comment.  

Times tells all - even when the CIA is involved.  

Hope you had a fetching Halloween and that the Goblins Hobie and Rayelan did not consume you.  Best!

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Reader: "I am disgusted that for October there are only 38 contributors out of more than 7,000 readers."
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 2-Nov-2016 14:06:46

(Thanks kindly, A. :)
Reader Anonymous writes:
Long time RMN reader. I contribute every few months. I am disgusted that for October there are only 38 contributors out of more than 7,000 readers. Don't understand why many of you can't contribute a buck or five. I like what I see here, would like to keep it going. Don't want to track yourself online, fine, send a five-spot to the PO box. It's a disincentive to be so alone in supporting this site, please rethink and toss some small amount into the pot.


The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Reader: "Why should you be upset? This site carries nothing but misinformation."
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 2-Nov-2016 15:55:43

(Thanks, b. :)
Reader b. sees it this way:
Re: Reader: 'I am disgusted that for October t....
Why should you be upset? This site carries nothing but misinformation. I used to read some of the posts, but all I do is troll now. You allow your so called agents to post anything, true or not. You reap what you sow.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Personal Genesis of The Site

Darlene Rae Smith is one of the co-conspirators joined with others, to be named in moving papers, of a conspiracy carried out to cover up an original conspiracy by the president and senior vice president of a corporation profiting from the War in Iraq from the time of its inception. 

The specific acts carried out by one member of a criminal conspiracy accrue to all of those involved over the entire period. 

This site has allowed me to further document these acts and acquire evidence. 

Additionally, numerous individuals have thanked me for ensuring the evidence was available thus allowing them to avoid being defrauded or otherwise harmed.   

These facts, with audio and film, will eventually be provided to the public on our show, now being planned,  on Hi TV Networks. 

Stay tuned for announcements or sign up using the contact form. 

                                             All best - and thanks for following this site. 

The book, which will include all of the co-conspirators, titled Defend Yourself Against Psychopaths, will include the exclusive interviews with Alex, recorded from September - October 2011. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Grifter Raye is taking suggestions from the rubes as to how she may more effortlessly scam them

Agent 86 sent this on to us for our gratification and amusement.  Clearly, Rayelan the Rotund, is growing ever more desperate for the monthly moolah which has allowed her to continue her lavish lifestyle.  Also, she is looking for scams which work. 

Please, feel free to send these along to her.  Should be interesting!  Thanks, Agent 86, for the insight into the mind of Rayelan! 

I'm the publisher of RMNews. We've been on the web for over 20 years. There aren't many independantly owned news sites that have been around this long. You would have thought that in those 20 years I would have figured out how to make RMN pay for itself without my having to beg money from readers each month.

I wonder if anyone who reads this has an idea about what we can do to raise money other that asking readers to keep the site afloat. If you do, please tell us!!

For now... here is  the fundrazr widget. If it feels appropriate for you to donate, please do so. 
Thank you,

Raye Allan Smith
AKA Rayelan Allan

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Agent 86 returns from another world with delicious insights into Rayelan the Rotund.

Agent 86 sent this amazing trilogy of material from an alternative universe.....or is it alternative?  One must wonder today.  Look into the feral eyes and see Rayelan in her past life as a mercenary cutting off parts of victims, dragged behind their cart to supply lunch.  Imagine yourself as the victim, knowing what is about to happen as you use the Razr to pay more to the Muncher.  Er.... Moocher. 

The Official Website of Rayelan Allan

   Rayelan is the Scamming and Lying Publisher of: RUMOR SWILL NEWS
For more outrageous lies  read: Who Founded Rumor Swill News?

   Rayelan was married to: GUNTHER RUSSBACHER, the fake CIA/ONI operative who the liar Rayelan claims is best known for flying Vice-Presidential Candidate George H.W. Bush to Paris to conclude the October Surprise deal with Iran.
Gunther Russbacher was a two bit scammer and was rightfully incarcerated during the George H. W. Bush Administration. Rayelan's incessant lies led some to believe that he came to be known as THE OCTOBER SURPRISE PILOT
Before Rayelan married Gunther, an event which changed her life as a scammer forever; she gave workshops across the United States called Scam Cellular Activated Method (SCAM). The Scam Cellular Activated  Method (SCAM)  was dreamed up by  her in a near broke  experience (NBE). In 1984 she had viral meningitis which produced an NBE and an out of body journey. In the out of body adventure she was taken to a classroom where she was taught how to scam people and move quickly and painlessly to the next victims with  new variations of the old scam..
The following link will take you to a page where you can read about the SCAM Method and also download the tapes that will teach you how to do it yourself. It's simple and easy. All you need is the knowledge to do the method and the will to change and a small fee of $999 which will be returned ten fold by using Scam Cellular Activated Method (SCAM)
An Interview with Rayelan Allan By Theresa de Veto, fellow scammer and Publisher of Surfing The Apocalypse

For problems with downloads, eMail:
Phone: 702-966-0900

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 5-Feb-2016 12:17:52

I lied about why the electric bill is so high in several of my posts for at least half of the past year.  The short fictional version is: It is the bill that was run up when my painter and his girlfriend lived in the house getting it ready for me to move in.   This has been a useful story to pry some bucks from my readers' wallets.
No one, and especially you, ever saw any of the bills and upon moving in I had the electricity turned off due to non payment. Again... no one, and especially you, will ever see any of those bills.   
The bill this month is a little over $600.00. $400.00 of that is the payment I am making on the past due.
I truly need your help. I don't know what I will do if the my Denny's account is shut off. All the heat in the house is electric.
If you can, skip a few meals, skip a car payment, skip your charirtable giving, but please send me your money.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Can you calculate the amount of money since 1999?

Thanks, Agent 86, who said, "Grifter Raye tightens her plus sized belt from 3x to 2.5x ($3000 down to $2500) and for how many years has Raye been telling us to "Hang in there with us, things are changing, we are about to make a very large leap. "?"

Wow.  so many questions to consider.  First, there is no evidence Rayelan  the Rotund, has reduced her girth.  Having experienced her appetite for food and disinclination for exercise, except for shopping, I doubt any reduction has taken place. 

Now, to the most interesting question.  What leap could she be talking about?  I know she kept promising, when I was there, she would be 1.  Moving out of country to manage the media for OITC.  That certainly did not happen and then they cut off relations with her entirely, having discovered she was hosted on a CIA server, according to their security specialist.  2. RMN ratings were going up and up and up.  This also does not appear to be the case. 

Here is the Alexa rating:

Alexa Traffic Ranks
How is this site ranked relative to other sites?

Global Rank Alexa Traffic Rank
An estimate of this site's popularity.

The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and pageviews on this site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1.

Updated Daily

Global rank icon 82,432 20,390
  • -20390%

Rank in United States Traffic Rank in Country
An estimate of this site's popularity in a specific country.

The rank by country is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and pageviews on this site from users from that country over the past month. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1 in that country.

Updated Daily

United States Flag 22,031

This indicates that I need to spend more time writing about Rayelan - or discussing her in detail.  Stay tuned.  To know her is to be horrified. 
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2 contributors
Ends Oct 1, 2016
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In 1998 it went up on the web. We are not like the Main Stream Media or government funded sites. RMNews is totally independent. We rely mainly on donations from our readers.
RMNews is not like PBS or the BBC. We are NOT a propaganda arm of any government.

RMN doesn't take kickbacks from the corporations that fund most of the mainstream media and therefore the major media has to march to their drum beats.

Because we are independent we do not have to toe the party line, whether it be the government, or the war mongering corporate line. Of course this means we don't have corporate sponsors. This is why we rely on donations from our readers.

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Thank you so much for being an RMNews donor. Without our RMNews family, we could not have survived for 19 years and continued to bring you the hidden information our secret governments do not want you to know.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Agent 86 said, "Oh Boohoohoo I'm not asking for anything above and beyond the $3,000 that RMN gets each month. Last month the fundrazer only raised $1658, and the rest of the bills had to be paid with my social security and VA benefits"

All true, all true.  Thanks, Agent 86!  Raye could give post-graduate instruction for whining and babbling.  She has two cars and it looks like she is living at the posh, huge place close to Dennys on the Austinburg Road from the description.  Angel and her Handyman are probably there, too. 

Tell her you can't afford it because you have to go to Dennys. 

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It's almost the END of the Month... And we are still SHORT. $1300..
Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Tuesday, 30-Aug-2016 12:55:55

PLEASE... if you can afford it.. Put something in the Fundrazer Widget.
This month has been a very difficult time for me. First I find out that I have a heart condition... one that can be reversed with diet. But for the moment I am often stopped by chest pain and have to drop everything I am doing, lie down and take a nitro.
Needless to say... returning to my normal way of living is a bit hard once I've faced the ultimate life changer.
While I have been sidelined for the last six days due to having no internet... I've been completely house bound due to having no running vehicle. My Jeep needs a steering box and my Pickup needs a new clutch.
The pickup is needed this winter to haul wood for the woodstove. My electric bill has been off the chart. I get the wood for free from all of the fallen trees that surround the pond that is on the property. All I have to do is cut it up.
At the moment what I need most is the use of my Jeep. A steering box can be bought for a little less than $300.00, The Jeep is the RMN Company car!
The Fundrazr widget only needs $1300.00 more to fill it up. Please, if you can... please help me pay my bills and get my Jeep fixed. There is a lot more wrong with it than just the steering box.
  • The 4-wheel drive no longer works, and I will need to have that when the snow comes again.
  • The blower motor doesn't work which means I have no heat in winter and no air conditioning in summer.
  • The Jeep has transmission troubles. I don't know how bad or how long I can go before I have to have it fixed. I have a master mechanic who will do the work for free so all I need is the money to buy the parts.
    I'm not asking for anything above and beyond the $3,000 that RMN gets each month... it's just that this month, the money has to be used to buy parts for the company Jeep.
    Last month the fundrazer only raised $1658, and the rest of the bills had to be paid with my social security and VA benefits. What couldn't be paid then can hopefully be paid soon. Then I can stop eating my survival stores and go grocery shopping!
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Saturday, August 13, 2016

    Reposting does not warrant donations.

     As soon as I published below as a comment from Anonymous  Agent 86 also sent it along.  Thanks to both of you! 

    Anonymous sent along this hopeful letter from Raye about articles which were reposted on RMN. Those posting the articles have been rewarded with Raye's thanks.  But she keeps the money.  You can sign up for these sites and get these and other articles free.  There is no reason to donate a penny for reading them because the business model on reposting sites is to sell advertising to generate enough to realize a profit.  And they do.  At least all of them do but Raye.   

    And when did Raye actually work?  It looks like she spent most of her time scamming at Phoenix Project and engaged with her felonious husband, Gunther, soon traded in for Major Kooker, who allowed her to start RMN.  I wonder what the Major would say to the credit give to Gunther, who dumped Raye and went off with a more  amiable woman, who he then married in short order.   

    Raye does not mean you to take the 'posting of comments' seriously.  If articles are legally reposted then you will, naturally, post your comments on the original, publishing site.  Rest assured, she does not want that to happen.  
    Wise up.  

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    Help!! Server Needs to be Paid -- And Nothing in the Accounts!
    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Saturday, 13-Aug-2016 09:49:41
    It's that time of month again.
    I thank the 9 people who have already contributed and raised $230.00. Here's the comment one of those readers left:
    "Reader D
    Contributed $20
    Great information, as usual! The dangers of the proposed 5G network, Izakovic's take on the chemtrailing, the excellent Joseph Stiglitz article, and the fascinating wildlife webcams, to name but a recent few. Thanks, and keep up the great work, RMN!"
    end of reader comments!
    Like all of us, RMN has bills to pay. I know that times are hard financially right now. But all I ask if from each reader who truly enjoys what we bring them, is to contribute $5.00. If all 141,420 visitors would contribute $5.00, that would be $707.100.
    I have never charged to read RMNews... But maybe its time to rethink this.
    How many readers would pay $5.00 a month to read RMNews?
    What if you could post your comments yourself!!
    If I choose to do this, I will add an interactive feature which will allow contributing readers to post comments under articles. This would literally (almost) make each one of our contributing readers an RMNews "agent"!
    I still have reservations about charging as little as $5.00 a month. When I started RMNews 20 years ago I did charge %5.00 for a monthly issue. But the monthly issues were printed and mailed, not just online. After printing and postage, I think I made about $2.00 an issue.
    I don't know what the answer to the money question is. I am still going to be away from RMN more than I would like due to my health problems and the various treatments I will be taking. With my current heart condition (which I am told can be reversed) all I need is additional money worries.
    Years ago, I used to be able to pay all of the expenses of RMN out of my salary as a teacher. But the expenses were quite a bit less in those days. I am also no longer working and bringing in an income of my own above and beyond my social security and VA Benefits.
    To make ends meet, I will start selling some of my thrift store finds on eBay. These are items that I always bought with the idea of selling them to pay the bills. It's now time for me to generate another income stream so that I don't depend entirely on RMN readers to pay the bills... so the Thrift store items are now for sale.
    But right at the moment, with the server fee coming due, I have to ask readers for help. I simply don't have enough money coming in to pay the server without your help.
    Thank you so much for your understanding and your help.