Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hi Jasmine - Boy did you swallow a big one.

I want nothing to do with RMN and have not wanted anything to do with it since it sunk in that Rayelan is a disinformation agent.  But RMN is the only asset Rayelan has which could be liened, so we used it for purposes of negotiation.  If Rayelan had simply paid my way back to California and for my uncompensated work here we would have settled.  But that is not what she wanted.  No, she shared the same goal as expressed over and over by my former husband, Craig.  "I want her on the street pushing a shopping cart." 

Rayelan has been uglier than you would believe - but clearly you believe what you want.  

RMN is very much Rayelan.  It is a top down, tolerates no dissent, and works covertly to ensure it remains in control.  If that is your preference it is the right site for you and you are welcome to it.  All of my life I have worked for individual rights, freedom, justice and care of the Earth.  This is just one more battle. 
Rayelan's name came off the utilities here yesterday and mine went on, just so you know. 

Otherwise, Jasmine, you and I have nothing more to say to each other.  

Have a nice life.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Posted By: Jasmine
Date: Saturday, 31-Jan-2015 09:40:00

Hi de ho Everyone,
agree with all above!!!!!!!! I am one of many of Raye's friends and have watched this "person" from the beginning of this saga grrrrrr. It would appear as if she needs to get
out of many people's lives!!!!! She has left a wide path of destruction in her wake and, obviously, needs lots of professional help. I know on a personal level that she is totally lying about our Raye and there is no reason of any kind that she should be doing all these cruel and destructive things to her. She needs to get out of Raye's life and leave her and her friends and RMN alone. She really does think that she can take RMN away from Raye and run it herself wellllll I for one would strongly object to that and would not be apart of anything associated with that "person"!!!!!!!! I can't see that anyone here would feel different, so maybe we all need to speak out here and let Raye and the rest of whoever know that without

Raye there is no RMN and that none of us would agree to be here without her.
I know that some will worry that she might go after them next but I doubt that there is anyone left that would believe her lies. In my past I have had several "persons" try to destroy my reputation and even my life but I am still here and will continue to be so!!!!!!!!!! ohohohohohohohohohoho Their shenigans were exposed by their own venom and so will this "person's". In fact, there are plenty of people out there who are doing their best to expose her, however, if one reads her venom that in itself, exposes her. She obviously does not realize that she is only exposing herself and laying bare her own sickness. Sooooo
Let us rally 'round and show our love and support for our Raye who's light only shines brighter against the darkness that tries to surround her.
many blessings and safe journeys for us all ttfn jas

Response to Rayelan's newest lies

Rayelan is simply projecting.  Notice she never brings up anything I have done.   But she has introduced the subject of my divorce from Craig Franklin.   It is possible to move on when you stop being a target and the other party pays what is due to you.  

I was granted stock for which the options payments had already been made my Craig.  Craig and Dan O'Dowd, GHS President, conspired to deny me the only asset from the marriage.  

This was not the first time they had conspired and I was not their only victim.  It was a "Throw Mama From the Train" Strategy, described by them as such.  Dan cooperated to defraud me.  Craig made it possible for Dan to defraud Dan's VC partner, Glenn Hightower. 

Read these two articles. 

The Corporate Greedy – When Psychopaths Cooperate

Every day I live with the struggle of caring for a substantially disabled son, now 37 years old.  When this began he was 19. His most serious injuries, an attempt on his own life, was caused by Craig, acting out a pattern of deceit comparable to what I have found in Rayelan.  

Craig had left me.  It was February 1998 and Arthur was home from the hospital and in rehabilitation but on and off subject to depression.  The motorcycle accident which had caused his first brain injury, serious but leaving him able to walk and only two years behind educationally, had taken place September 27 the year before.  

Craig called me to say he wanted to keep up his relationship with Arthur and be a Dad.  Could Arthur have lunch with him?  Of course I was delighted.  I told Arthur what Craig had said and he was excited to see Craig again.  When I picked Arthur up he was angry, hostile, filled with rage.  I asked him what had happened.  He just shook his head and ran in the house.  

The next days were a horror.  Arthur was to go into a treatment program for depression on Monday, March 23.  He asked if he could spend the weekend with his biological father, who had ceded his parental rights to Craig years before.  I called my ex-husband, Ron, and explained what Arthur was going through and the possibility he could try to commit suicide.  Ron agreed to stay with him 24/7 for the two days.  

Instead, Ron let him go where ever he wanted alone and on Sunday morning Ron left him alone in the house with a loaded gun.  Arthur shot himself through the brain.  

Again, I was at Arthur's bedside, this time 90 miles from home, every possible moment.  The doctors did not believe he faced anything but a vegetative state.  They assigned us a social worker to consider donating his organs.  After sitting by his bed  for hours, crying and distraught, looking at his distended head and listening to the machine breathe for him, I went out to the waiting room.  There, my cell phone rang.  It was Morgan.  She told me she had learned she had a bad heart and needed a heart transplant.  I felt like I was falling.  This could not be happening.

And it wasn't.  Morgan had no heart condition.  But she had received $10,000 to get me to turn off life support.  We found the check for this and the payments of $5,000 a month Craig was giving her to slander me to my friends and associates when we did the discovery.  

But I did not learn what happened at that lunch until much later.  

That night I dropped to my knees and begged Christ, God, anyone who could hear my prayer to let my son live.  And I got an answer.  The Virgin Mary appeared to me, so close I could have touched her.  She looked me right in the eye and asked if I meant it.  I said, yes, yes, yes, anything.  Let him live and let him have a life.  

She paused then and began to speak to me.  The words burned into my brain. "If you are strong enough he can live and have what you want for him.  But you must be strong enough to do what your heart tells you is right, always.  You cannot turn away when you know others are in danger.  Their danger becomes your own."  

And she was gone.  At the time I did not understand everything she meant.  That came later. 
Craig married me not because he loved me but because I had two beautiful daughters, then between eleven and fourteen.  This is his sexual target age. 

There are many issues relating to using marriage to gain access sexual access to children and steal assets.  I have not seriously raised these in my own case as forms of fraud.  But marriages motivated by these purposes are fraudulent in exactly the same way any substantial misrepresentation would be. Wanting to have sex with your children is not an appropriate motivation for marriage.  Perhaps Rayelan disagrees.  If so, she should say so explicitly. 

I did not realize this at the time but in retrospect I realized if I had been less naive I would have ended the marriage myself.  

It was finding the incest pornography, with receipt, in 2003 which persuaded me Craig was a pervert.  After this happened I re-read all the divorce documents and was struck by the Declaration made by my daughter, Ayn.  

What her declaration illustrated was the kind of covert manipulation used by the sexual predator working inside a marriage to suborn the children so they lose respect for the parent who would protect them.  In this case this was myself.

Craig continued his behavior with his oldest son's eight year old daughter in 2010.  Craig's son, Jonathan Scott Franklin was arrested for hiring a hit man to kill his estranged wife.  He was tried and convicted and sentences to ten years in prison.  Craig's first impulse on hearing Scott was out of the way was to hire an attorney to get him unsupervised visitation with his grand-daughter.  He entirely ignored his grand-son, two years older.  

The judge put the mother and children into a victim protection program for this and because even in prison Scott, I was told, was still trying to hire a hitman.  

Craig has been looking for a young woman to have a baby with him.  He is 70 years old.  He tells them he wants a little girl.  Do you think these women should be warned?  I do.   Several have written to thank me.  

The Luncheon

At the luncheon Craig spent most of the short time he sat there with Arthur vilifying me.  He told Arthur I was evil and only trying to drain him for money.  He then threw $3,000 on the table and walked out without saying much of anything to Arthur but this.  "I don't want you in my life.  Take this and get lost."  

I made a promise.  I am going to keep it.  I don't hate Craig and I don't hate Rayelan but I am going to stop them, and others,  from harming people who are deceived into trusting them.  And I insist of justice for myself and for my son.  Arthur will have a life.

If you have not read Saddam Hussein and 9/11 - The Unexpected Connection, please do.  Trust, but check.  

I have never photoshoped any evidence of any kind.  The private investigator, who picked up the bag containing the incest porn from its perch on the top of a trash can where he saw Craig deposit it, brought it to my home immediately and stood there as I opened it.  He looked at everything, only a portion of which is online.  He would so testify.   

Kathy, Scott's former wife, asked me for evidence and I gave it to her along with more which has not been published.  

Rayelan is lying again. 

If you think I am a psychopath or wonder if Rayelan might be one contribute to the Fundrazr, which will be up as soon as the details are worked out.  Transparency is good for the soul. 

Computer sabotaged - email programs sabotaged
Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Saturday, 31-Jan-2015 08:41:15 


I am posting this from my iPhone Please try to read around the typos and iPhone generated words.
Someone hates me and someone fears me. Are they the same person or entity?
I don't have the answer to that. Only time will bring us a complete answer.
Melinda pillsbury foster hates me but she doesn't fear me. Psychopaths do not know fear.
Her hatred toward anyone who decides not to continue doing her bidding will last the rest of her life. Her divorce from her third husband was over ten years ago, but if you read any of her websites about him you would swear that their divorce was recent or still ongoing.
In her mind he and his company owe her a quarter of a billion dollars. And when you read about Green Hills Software, a defense contractor specializing in drones, you will think her lawsuit against them was ongoing. It isn't. There has never been a lawsuit filed because no lawyer will take her case because she only has a case in her own mind.
She has attacked her third husband online for years. And she will continue to label him a predater, a psychopath, a pedophile. She photoshops evidence to prove to her readers that he is a pedophile.
If she still hurls her hatred at her ex husband and his company ten to fifteen years after they threw her out of their lives, then you can believe that she will be writing hate web pages about me until she died. And according to her, she has the same heart problem that killed most of her family; taking many of them at a young age. Far younger than the soon to be 67 year old Melinda.
To quote Melinda as she was telling the church ladies about her heart condition, "The doctor said, 'You're going to die'"
A friend who has known me for over 20 years just read the website she has devoted to me. My friend said that the only thing she got right was my name and my pseudonym. This is what I thought when I first read the site.
Melinda raged and roared at me the day before yesterday as I was helping load a truck full of my furniture. The temperature was probably in the single digits as it has been for the last week. I know I looked like hell. The stress that this psychopath has caused me would probably have killed most people. Watch for these photos to appear along with photos of everyone who is helping me move.
Today is the last of the month. It's the day that she is supposed to be out. I can't leave until she leaves. So says the landlord.
Change of subject
All of my emails including the ones on this phone and gmail and every other mail program I have no longer works for me on my iMac. The iMac itself takes 20minutes to turn on and about that length of time for anything else I am doing.
This being said, I now address hobie. Can you please tell our mutual friend in md land the login and pw for my rmn account
That is the only way I know of staying in touch with you. Other than posting in the lounge or the reading room
I am posting this without proofing. I pray it posts

Natural Wisdom is impossible without the facts

Dear Natural Wisdom,

You should familiarize yourself with the facts in advance of forming an opinion.  You are wrong because you lack the facts in this matter.  

The enticement for getting me to Ohio included bringing RMN up to the next level.  Rayelan told me she had the necessary capital but lacked the expertise.  On those terms I accepted her offer of a partnership in what she said was a not yet formed LLC, Rubicon Aegis, and left my home in California, which I still own and which stands empty, to come help her in this endeavor and also to assist her in coping with the Powers - Lee Family, who she told me, and others, were preying on her.  

Watch the pattern here as it develops. 

Soon after I arrived Rayelan told me she could no longer afford to pay the cost for improving RMN and tried to get me to pay for it.  I refused.  My funds were limited, which I had told her before accepting the offer.  I offered to try to find people to assist in the project for free.  One gentleman did this, Karl Loveless, an RMN Reader.  Karl had developed a layout which Rayelan said satisfied her.  We had begun  organizing a fundraiser when an event intervened which seemed to change Rayelan's whole focus.  

I need to tell you I did not seriously read RMN.  I had been asked to post there and this was the limit of my involvement.   I had not heard of the OITC, had not heard of The Obergon Chronicles, or of many of the topics covered on RMN.  

Almost as soon as I arrived I was introduced to people who Rayelan said were working with the OITC, attempting to free of their number from imprisonment in the Philippines.  I listened.  They seemed like sensible people.  One of them was an attorney in California, another said he had a history in covert ops. 

These people and they seemed to take the mission of the OITC and believed as a matter of course it existed.  I did a little research and found the subject was very confusing and charges of various kinds of fraud and malfeasance were thick upon the ground.  I withheld judgment and focused on the changes needed for RMN.

Then Rayelan sprung on me that OITC was about to be funded and she, myself and my son were going to be going offshore so she could become the head of their media arm.  

I asked her how long she had known this and she said, oh, for months.  This placed her knowledge of this, if true, at long before I arrived in Ohio.  I found her cavalier attitude, allowing me to relocate without informing me of all of the possible developments to be irresponsible.  

Her inability to balance her check book, keep from becoming overdrawn, and other oddities also raised questions in my mind as to her ability to manage anything.  

I went forward with the idea I would finish the initial job and return to California.  

Then, Rayelan told me she was going to have a conference call with the head of the OITC, David Sales, and his security specialist.  She asked me to be in the room, out of their sight, and listen during the conference call.  I thought this very inappropriate, but she insisted.  

The call took place in the livingroom, which she had converted into an office for herself.  I had assisted her with this.  At the time our relations were very friendly.  

during the call Rayelan complained about ensuring she had control and ownership of RMN, indicating she distrusted Hobie, who I had learned was also Zapper.  The security specialist asked her where RMN was hosted.  She replied it was at a location in Georgia.  

The security specialist said he was going to check and the conversation with Sales continued.  When the security specialist again spoke he seemed somewhat flustered.  He told Rayelan RMN was hosted on a site in North Carolina owned and controlled by the CIA.  

Rayelan seemed somewhat startled and again questioned Hobie-Zapper's reliability.  Talk turned quickly, this lead by the security specialist, to downloading the entire site and moving it to a new host and out of any contact with Hobie-Zapper.  

I do not know what conversations took place out of my hearing but this never happened.  I had, however, many conversations with the security specialist and he expressed concern about Rayelan.  He and I were working on putting up the alternative radio station.  I did the scheduling and some of the design.  

Clearly, having RMN on a CIA server was indicative of a close relationship between someone in a high management position at RMN and the CIA.  Rayelan said it must be Hobie-Zapper.  But, as you can see, nothing changed.  

During this time I also put Rayelan in touch with a web specialist who offered to bring the site up to the 'next level' for us and handle the advertising, guaranteeing her a personal income of $10,000 a month.  Rayelan was not interested.  I have his name, if you would like to talk to him.  

Rayelan, I decided, did not want any changes.  

I continued to handle the advertising and began attempting to rebuild my client list so I could raise the money to return to California.  

I should explain that it was the Manchesters, to whom Rayelan introduced me, that destroyed the ones I had built and was working on.  See Manchester Time Line 

Rayelan had persuaded me to work for them and wait to be paid, telling me they were her best friends in the world.  If you read their rantings it is clear I am their target.  Why would that have been?  I did not attack them, I only asked for overdue payment. 

A combination of the Manchesters, Morgan, her husband Jay, and possibly others,  called my editor and maligned me, called my clients and potential clients, and libeled me online.   Morgan and Jay knew perfectly well I have a bad heart and should never have been subjected to this kind of hate campaign.  So did Rayelan, who shrugged off what was, for me a long drawn out agony. 
This was taking place while I was focused on bringing RMN up to the next level.  I had to grit my teeth and refuse to feel anything, it was so painful.  And all this time Rayelan was out shopping, jaunting around, and doing beading.  No 'guidance' or sensible insights were ever forthcoming from Rayelan. 

Now, to your next assertion.

I did not initiate any action against Rayelan.  Look over the TIME LINE on this site.   

And I can answer your question about my grandfather, my father and Jimmy.  Yes, I know they would be proud of me for standing up for the truth and never backing down.  I can feel them standing with me every single day. 

I gave Rayelan every opportunity to settle, compromise, come to an agreement.  But she wanted to leave me and my son on the street, homeless and without funds 3,000 miles from our home.  

I started doing serious research.  You should read this site in toto.  


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster



Dear Melinda,
Your treatment and persistent vendetta toward Rayelan over the past 2+ years has made it impossible for RMN to move forward with the times, to where we are constantly seeking larger donations from readers and supporters just to keep the website running. With Rayelan physically incompacitated and unable to provide the necessary input and advisory guidance, projects that were first proposed in 2012 (e.g., website enhancements and restarting the radio show) have been put on indefinite hold.
You have been blessed with knowledge and gifts that a majority of us don't have. For instance, you know where so many of the political 'skeletons' are buried and who's responsible for the crimes against humanity. You have personally participated in and witnessed many of the groundbreaking changes in the political landscape over the past 45 years and have the writing skills to put your experiences on paper.
Unfortunately, you have also chosen to pursue a vindictive and largely self-centered agenda that does nothing to thwart the real evildoers in our world but serves only to destroy and inhibit the lives of the innocent people that you encounter. Your personal history is widely documented on the web. It doesn't paint a pretty picture.
Would Arthur C. Pillsbury, the famous 20th century photographer and inventor, be proud of his granddaughter if he were alive today and learned of your exploits? For that matter, would a resurrected James Dean, the Hollywood actor whom you knew as a child in the early 1950s, continue to consider you as a friend?
Rayelan is not the reason why the world is in the mess that it is in. We need to help her share her unique knowledge and wisdom. From my vantage point, the NWO has begun deploying their End Game agenda in earnest and there's precious little time to fight off their efforts.
IMHO, we would all be better off if you would voluntarily remove your onerous shackles off of Rayelan's shoulders.

Friday, January 30, 2015

UPDATE!!!!! More on the upcoming Hare Tests!

Now, Billym, you make sure you post this on the Reading Room as fast as your little fingers can type!  Make sure this is appropriate attributed to me, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.


I provided the locations to the psychiatrist and now all we need to do is wait for the certified practitioners who actually give the test and times plus the amount we need to raise.

I wonder if there is an envelope with the results? I watched a video once of a practitioner giving the results to the subject, so it is probably more like that. We need to make sure we get the film if that is the way it is done. Or, perhaps, a signed letter from the practitioner giving the test would be better.

I'll ask for their professional opinion and let you know as soon as we have identified the test practitioners and locations.

It is important to cover all of the details.

Here is the test for the crowdfunder on Fundrazr.

Help Rayelan Allan, Morgan Pillsbury Gell and Melinda Pillsbury Foster establish whether or not they are psychopaths by funding each to be tested using the Hare Index, (I'll put the version suggested by the psychiatrist here).

We should have our photos here. Just imagine that for a moment. 

Then a precis of the events which resulted in the need to establish which of the individuals are psychopathic. Don't worry, I will use only materials already published, with links to exhibits and quotes. I'll get to work on it Monday. It should be short and have a Time Line.

The money will go directly to the practitioners, so sticky finger moments allowed! So, three separate fundrazrs linking off from there. I'll query Fundrazr on how we do this.

The Test Day. It would be nice if they all happened on one date but we will probably not be able to have that so we will do The Letters or Video Day instead.

And the results should also be reproduced on Rumor Mill News, Rumor Mill NewsInsights, and on Motgan Pillsbury Gell. If Morgan does not want to inconvenience Laura I am willing to put those up on Morgan PillsburyGell. From there we can link to everywhere!

Contribute!!!!! Fundrazr for Three Hare Index Tests

Sorry if this seems terse but I have a deadline to make.

I suspect Billym is actually Hobie (Jeff Gordon) Zapper and is also channeling for Morgan, since she has resisted literacy all of her life. She and Laura share this trait. 

Again, Hobie AKA Billym, makes assertions without foundation or proof.  If Billym is not Jeff Gordon or his alter egos let's see a real identity. (We can ask, even though we know it will not happen because this would be alien to Rayelan's Standard Operating Procedures)  

They should really be packing instead of talking. 

By all means, read what these dopes have written and then contribute to the Fundrazr so the three of us can have the Hare Index. 

Information on cost and scheduling should be available soon!  Letter sent. 

​Dear Dr. Hare,
What is the cost per individual for having the Hare Index given by a qualified professional?  How does one go about having this done?
Thanks in advance for your response.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster ​
PS.  My legal name and the only name I use, has been Melinda Pillsbury-Foster since 1972.  The Foster in my name is in memory of my great-grandmother, Dr. Harriet Foster Pillsbury, a woman doctor who graduated from the Women's Infirmary of NY in 1880.   I have never used the name Mary Linda Foster. 
My born name was Mary Linda Pillsbury but my mother preferred to put the two given names together and so I did not realize my legal name was given until I started school.  
Some school friends called me Mary Linda.  Most always called me Melinda.  My passport has always been Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.  

Response to Rayelan regarding Morgan No. 1

We are going to take the lies, evasions, libels and slanders one by one and provide the evidence. The letter provides not a single shred of proof that I am psychopathic, simply making assertions as if they were true and accepted.
Watch this as you read the letter below, which was clearly not written by Morgan. I was told by a former associate of Craig Franklin's Laura Montagu Manchester is the one writing there.
I invite Rayelan and Morgan to take the Hare Index, the most reliable test for the condition. I know! Let's ask RMN Readers to pay for all three of us to take the Hare Index. I am, myself, very willing to do so and, in fact, am delighted at the opportunity to do so.
The Hare Index is given by a trained and qualified professional and is very accurate.
The assertions made are libel and are noted as such and as the product of a group conspiring to commit libel. This makes the offense a criminal matter.

Libelous Statement by Rayelan - Melinda was a house guest, squatter, and so on.
Melinda was asked to relocate to Ohio as an employee and partner to Rayelan in Rubicon Aegis, LLC. See relevant section of the small claims case No. 15CVI0048.
Cost-free housing was offered to me as a benefit of my employment, both Director of Advertising and COO for Rubicon Aegis, LLC.
I left my home in CA, on which I still pay the mortgage, and my friends to come to Ohio where I knew no one but Ms. Smith.

(SEE Email between myself and Ms. Smith after she hired me dated September 13, 2011.)

Duration of Employment as Director for Advertising

I was still working as Director for Advertising in August 2013, an employment lasting over two years. I have hundreds and hundreds of emails documenting this and a list of advertisers, with their correspondence to me as well. I will produce these in court so the court can see they are in my email account and genuine.

The enticements which made me decide to accept Ms. Smith's offer were an offer to partner with her in a corporation to be organized which would be focused on online publishing and a benefit package which included medical insurance. Ms. Smith told me this entity would then own Rumor Mill News (RMN). RMN generates a decent income through advertising but it was clear to me it could at least double this if a redesign took place.

In coming to Ohio I was to be Chief Operating Officer of Rubicon Aegis, LLC. Ms. Smith was Chief Executive Officer of the company we would, together, start.

As part of my assigned duties as COO Ms. Smith asked me to find a state where the LLC could be inexpensively incorporated. I did research and provided to her with information on five different states, printing these out on my own printer. Ms. Smith then asked I use for printing our business cards and for multiple other jobs since Ms. Smith's own printer was not working.

Soon after this Ms. Smith informed me she had suffered undisclosed financial reversals which made it impossible for us to start the corporation immediately. She asked me to wait and began giving me household chores to do.

Only much later did I discover she had already incorporated Rubicon Aegis, LLC, in Ohio the year previous. The Incorporation Number being 1986471, incorporation date November 18, 2010 and it appears the Ohio entity is the actual owner of Rumor Mill News.

This appears to be fraud from the inception. See The History of Raye A. Smith for insight as to her history as a con-artist.

Carolyn Anne Barteaux, AKA Morgan Pillsbury Gell

Morgan inherited the condition of psychopathy from her biological father, Richard Lee Barteaux, who died May 8, 1993 of Cirrhosis of the Liver, having never worked or raised any of the children born during his several marriages. He was supported by his parents and received a dishonorable discharge from the military.

Affidavit Under Penalty of Perjury by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

I stand by every word of this affidavit. Also refer to the TIME LINE

In regards to the rest of the family Ayn, my youngest daughter, had the clearest insight into what I should have done. When Morgan was being battered by John Fund in 2002 she said to me, “Why don't we just let Fund solve the problem for us?” I had not yet given up on the possibility Morgan might change. All of my children cut all relations with Morgan years ago. She has no contact with them.

As you read the supposed letter from 'Morgan' the point of view changes from one assertion knowledge of Melinda's family (as Morgan) to one asserting knowledge of Alex and Laura Manchester (as Laura).

The assertion is made I was in love with Alex and contacted him 500 times. This is absurd. I never contacted him when the purpose was not professional and our contact lasted only until it was clear he was not going to pay for the professional services I had provided.

Section of the Time Line Relevant to these libels.

                        19 - Law suit heard in the High Court of the Chancery, London, on the issue of 
the legitimacy of the two children of the non-marriage of Alex Montagu and
Wendy Buford Montagu.  Children have rights as beneficiaries.   
DECLARATION -Kimble Montagu, given for High Court of Justice, Chancery
                        27 - Letter to the Media about the case heard earlier in the month. 
                        31 - ARTICLE   - The bigamist Duke and his three wives – Telegraph
                        1 - Email from Ilene Proctor thanking Melinda for Brilliant Review of Bugliosi
                        17 - Melinda Sends Ilene an article - Craig Loves Ayn, A Love Story Gone 
                        25  - Laura calls Melinda for the first time, Melinda's number provided to
                            Laura by Raye Smith. 
                       26 – Email from Laura to Melinda regarding website.
                       27 -  Email from Alex to Trustees, firing them

                       9 - Financial information for the 9th Duke – Melinda compiling materials for
                         15 – Affidavit in Support of Separation – 1984 Marriage to Marion Stoner. -
                             Melinda receives from and files, more listed below received the same day.
                                  Application forRestraint – Stoner request for restraining order – 1984.
                                  Letter to Alex Montagu from Family Court of Australia Re: Hearing on
                            September  6
th, 1984.
                                 Transcript of Proceedings – Re: Marriage of Montagu v. Montagu – 1984
                  26 – Raye writes a letter to Laura Photos
                  30 – Alex responds to Ilene's suggestion for a contract cutting out Melinda and

                  1 - Alex asks Melinda to rewrite a letter for him.
                  3Alex cans Ilene Proctor
                  5 - Notes for the Book – Melinda, working diligently
                           Exchange of emails Melinda – Manchesters, regarding meetings.
                           Email to Raye from Melinda – business
                  6 – Forwarded to Melinda from Alex, email written to Trustees.
                  8 – Working Correspondence with Raye
                         Alex sends email Melinda edited to the Trustees                
                 12 – Melinda sends 2nd DRAFT of MJ Offering to Raye before sending on to
                 14 – DNA test on Angus, the 12th Duke – For Melinda to put up on the site.
                             Alex demands book back from Ilene, Melinda edited.
                            Alex sends Melinda stills from MJ videos. Melinda cannot tell what they are
                               his work is so bad.
                  16 –    Email from Laura to Melinda and Raye regarding the MJ video.
                             Exchange between Alex and Laura regarding their relationship.
                             Laura pleads with Alex
                   17 – Alex takes photos of the 'Ducal Apartment, sending these to Melinda.
                            Post written the next year using the photos 
                             Alex makes out the paperwork for his divorce from Laura     
                   18 - Raye provides the money for Alex Montagu to divorce Laura Anne Smith, his
wife of four years, who, temporarily, absconded with  the Michael Jackson
                   18 – Melinda receives photos of the 'Ducal Apartment.'
                   20 - Alex receives his processed divorce papers.
                   22 – Alex is hung over and off his meds.
                               A harassing phone call from Alex.
                   29 - Melinda again responds.

I was outraged to find out Rayelan knew Manchester was a bigamist from Wendy, his former wife, and instead of disclosing this to me provided him with the character references which enticed me to work for him and Laura.

Having revisited the time line I believe Rayelan took these acts intentionally to destroy the client base I had built up. She was most likely paid for this service by Craig Franklin.

Assertions Regarding Wendy Buford Manchester

These are also libels. See Manchester Time Line relating to custody of the children. The comment by the judge, when rendering the verdict Wendy would have full physical custody was that this was the worst case of Attempted Parental Alienation he had ever seen.

                      15 - Judgement for Reserved Issues - Montagu v Montagu, Case No.
                          06D010327, Honorable Judge Mark S. Millard,
Reporter's Transcript of Judge's Ruling  -  Transcript documents physical 
custody residing with mother and the evasive actions taken by Montagu to
evade revealing his financial status during divorce. 
The story of the Second Marriage of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester
                      Wendy learned Alex had been married at the time at the time of their 
wedding but had signed off on his previous marriage in August 1996, 3 years
into they were married.  Alex never personally paid any court ordered child
or spousal support. All support paid came from directly from the Manchester 
Trusts.  The Trusts is forced to suspend their payments because of Alex's 
confession to them of his bigamy. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rayelan Goes Even Dingier

Sometimes you have to wonder if along with  being a psychopath Rayelan is also incapable of hearing what is said to her. 

The only time the Chicago Tribune has ever been mentioned was to cite the article about her and Gunther, "A Pro Con -  With A Uniform And A Line, Gunther Russbacher Eased His Way Into The Confidence Of Military And Law Enforcement Officials," published March 17, 1992 and written by Michael Tackett.

Why would the handiman be mentioned in the Chicago Tribune?  I never said such a thing.  I did mention the article to him, cautioning him to ensure he protected himself from Rayelan.  Mr. Handiman does not spend time on the Internet and I would have to see it to believe he has ever been mentioned in any prominent article in any venue.  He is a quiet, local kind of guy and I promised not to mention his name.  

None of the incidents Rayelan mentions appears on this site and Mr. Handiman never mentioned any of these to me.  This is a total fabrication.  

So, there you are.  If you peruse this site you will see his last name is never mentioned and there are scant mentions of him in any case. 

Do I research  on people?  Of course!  Wouldn't you if you had gone through what I have? Read Saddam Hussein and 9/11 - The Unexpected Connection.   I no longer accept assurances of good character, I find out who I can trust.  But I do not publish unless I have documentation and I cite my sources. 

Do I focus on Rayelan?  On this site I do because she continually libels me and has used outrageous lies in her continued attempts to destroy me, in cooperation with her coven, which includes the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, my former husband, Craig Franklin, and Morgan, formerly my daughter.  

I fight back and my tool of choice is the truth.  Please, feel free to republish this on RMN as long as you make no changes in the content.  That, I would take seriously. 

Rayelan does seem to admit below I am telling the truth about the Manchesters.  Ironic since she attested to their good character and so cost me thousands of dollars which she then claimed was not her fault because (drum roll)  Quote Rayelan, "I am not a journalist and the truth does not matter."  

The truth matters to most of us, it really does.  

Rayelan said I had never had a book published.  Not true.  I self publish because of the changes in the publishing industry.  But so does Rayelan.  And my books are factual.  Hers are entirely fantasy. 

Now, have any of you reading this thought of anything Rayelan ever did which advanced the cause of freedom, truth, and justice?  These must be documented by independent sources.  

Have a lovely day!

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Alternative Health, Armageddon, Conspiracies, Prophecies, Spirituality,
Home Schooling, Home Mortgages and more, in:
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Melinda the houseguest from hell is causing major problems for all my friends
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 29-Jan-2015 11:31:04
I am warning everyone who considers me a friend that Melinda is on the warpath and I am the one she is focusing on.
She says the Chicago Tribune has printed a story about me and about my handyman.
When my handiman was a child there was a bullywho made fun of him. He litvon fie and spent years in a reform school.
She has has someone do background checks on all of us. I don't know what she can get on any of us but she will invent something.
She tries to destroy everyone who does not do her bidding. I am her latest target.
Just know, that with the exception of the Duke of Manchester, shectakes liberty with the truth.
she is on the warpath. Please keep an eye out for her posts about me and post them on rmn so my lawyers can check them for slander.

Rayelan, Moving and whining.

Rayelan MOVING is a thing of Beauty and Joy Forever. But for some reason she did not want to share this happy moment with RMN Readers.

The Moving Monolith of Mouth did not like being photographed while she was clambering into her Jeep and grabbed her own Phone and started photographing me, claiming I make up facts while she, pure as the driven snow, is the soul of Truth.

I glanced skyward but unfortunately she was not struck by lightning. Maybe next time.

Then she claimed someone, a male since she used the masculine tense, had called her personally from Santa Barbara to complain I am a psychopathic narcissist. She offered bogus hear-say, likely gleaned from her conversations with Morgan, oh, she who my father declined to support after Mother died because, as he bluntly said, to me, “She is not to be trusted. With ample training someday she may be competent to work at McDonalds.” Dad was nothing if not blunt.

My father's name was Dr. Arthur Francis Pillsbury PhD from Stanford in Civil Engineering.

In January 1936 transferred to Riverside campus; in June 1939 transferred to Los Angeles campus to position of Professor of Irrigation and Soils in the College of Agriculture, Irrigation Engineer in the Agriculture Experiment Station and Professor of Engineering in the College of Engineering, Los Angeles. 1960 named Director of the Water Resources Center for the University System, based at UCLA. In 1965 served as a consultant for a year at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Served in various capacities as a consultant in California and then on the first EPA Committee of Congress. Retired, 1971, moving to Springville, California. Continued to do consulting work until 1990. Died April 12, 1991 in Santa Barbara, California.  Interred in Porterville, California.   Obituary, UC Archive, CaliSphere

Starting in the late 1980s Dad chose me to take over the job of ensuring the legacy of his father, Arthur C. Pillsbury was restored and honored. In 2004 there were three mentions of Grandfather online. Today we are closing on a half million. Why, you might ask since then I had a sister and two brothers living. Because, he said, I was the only one tenacious enough to stick with it, despite the difficulties he had identified.

I wondered what he meant – and I found out. This is the website as it exists today. This was one of the sites Rayelan and her scumbag friends managed to have taken down in December 2011. Arthur C. Pillsbury Home.

Rayelan's Dad was, she claims, a long term trucker who was actually a covert operative for the CIA who sold her as a test subject.

Being a trucker is an honest job, tough and physically demanding. But selling your daughter to the CIA? Wow. Some Dad, right? And that is what she says about him which is positive.

And then, of course, he also took her to meet Gunther, variously in New Mexico or Austria when she was eleven and Gunther, who was destined to be the Arch Duke of Austria took one look at her and headed for the hills. So romantic, don't you think?

It is impossible to hold Rayelan to one set of lies so why try?

If someone will not give you the facts they are a Rayelan, a psychopath who tried to hide behind evasions. Just the facts. Just the facts.

Rayelan's best friends, the Manchesters, may be the Duke and Duchess of Manchester but Alex, the 13th Duke was diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies in 1984. SEE Bottom of page 9, transcript. Documents originated from the Manchester Trust.

Laura, by multiple reports had one career only, that being as a sex worker, this being the politically correct term for whore. Given Rayelan's 'career' as the appointed 'girl friend' of that Mexican Drug Lord (her story, told to many, including me, my son, and evidently others as well, was Different because she was actually a CIA Operative.)

Does that make selling sex and setting someone up moral or ethical? Actually, this is probably worse than just selling sex. But who are we to quibble? Gross and disgusting at the very least.