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How the NeoCons Conned Saddam Hussein, with Help from Hillary

Part One of Four

- And Why the Facts Matter Now

I'm not a journalist and the facts don't matter.” - Rayelan Allen, RMN owner and editor

All politics is personal,” or “the personal is political.” Early feminist sayings

In November of 2002 we had been lied to about Weapons of Mass Destruction, the reason given for invading Iraq, resistance to the war was waning. Standing in the way, though this was not publicly known at the time, was Saddam Hussein, who was very willing to leave Iraq forever – if he was paid.

Paying him off would have been far cheaper than the cost of the war. But it would not have accomplished the real goals.

The real drive for war was oil and the dollar. The details were carried out by a group of people who had no conscience, willing to lie themselves into power and lie, cheat, steal and kill, to keep it. Together, they have changed our world, bringing us to the precipice of destruction. These are the acts of individuals who behave in exactly the same way in their personal lives. I know.

The build up to war, constructed by the Bush White House, took place as events in my own life played out in shocking ways but which proved to be highly informative in a horrible way.

The strategies used by those I was forced to deal with personally were the same as those used by the NeoCons who were driving us to war. At the time, I was fighting to protect my daughter, Morgan, from the consequences of her life-long bad behavior and judgment. Later, I realized this was not possible.

She is a psychopath acting on the mistaken belief she can get away with anything. Harming others, or even killing them, was perfectly acceptable to her.

Our internal values determine all parts of our lives and for all parts we are responsible and accountable.

How many people died because of the War in Iraq and the lies told to us? At least a million and a half, though the total is probably higher.

How many people misdirected their life efforts through patriotic fervor incited by people who had intentionally used the symbols and language of honor to defraud us? The number is unbearably high.

How many of us have struggled to understand how this could have happened?

Hold the impact of the war and how this was accomplished in mind as we consider what happened from the time this story began in 1997 until the invasion of Iraq began in the spring of 2003.

The Personal

I first became active in politics during the Goldwater campaign. My goal was to achieve social justice and individual empowerment. While pursing these goals I joined the Libertarian Party in 1974. I managed campaigns, ran for office, did fundraising and organized. I left when it was clear the Kochs had destroyed any potential for effective action in 1988.

I studied the problem of organizations while remaining active. In 1997 I was a Regent for the National Federation of Republican Women and coping with the continuing crises generated by my husband, Craig Franklin. Not filing his taxes, when he owed nothing, was typical of Craig's irresponsible behavior. I wrote this article about what we called, “The Tax Crisis,” in 2008. You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you.

After I solved the problem Craig decided to leave me and take all the money with him.

Beginning in 1997 Morgan, who had committed the incredibly ugly act of working with Craig to defraud me of millions of dollars during our divorce, had, in October of 1998, started a sexual relationship with an old boy friend of mine, John Fund, then on the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal. She wanted a rich husband and decided he would do.

Always ambitious, she had emerged from her childhood, which had traumatized her entire family, functionally illiterate – and her previous prospect for marital bounty, Eugene Volokh, had flown the coop the month before.

She was actually traveling with my estranged husband, on a tour of New York, London, and Paris, when she and John started their affair. Would she have hesitated if she had known how promiscuous John had become, enabled by the power accrued as a NeoCon operative? Probably not. But she might have played things differently.

John Fund was placed at the WSJ in 1984 by connections who maintained close ties with the people who were already working to put Bush in office by stealing the election in 2000. Positioned as a journalist he is actually a political operative, his first experiences in this coming through the Koch Brothers' attempt to take over the Libertarian Party.

Taking up with your mother's former boy friend, someone you have referred to as 'Uncle John' since you were a child, is scandalous behavior, there is no other word for it. This type of behavior is normal for Morgan.

I had no idea this was going on because I was thousands of miles away caring for my oldest son, Arthur, who had attempted suicide by shooting himself through the brain on March 22, 1998. It would be another year before he would be able to even go to the bathroom himself. My entire focus was on his care.

Morgan and I were not talking because her deviousness and lies had included attempting to persuade me she needed a heart transplant in an attempt to get me to turn off her brother's life support. She called me to ask for his heart. This happened, I later realized, soon after she had been paid $10,000 to do this by my estranged husband, Craig Franklin.

One of the reasons psychopaths get away with so much is our inability to believe the ugliness of their real motives. This is also true in politics.

When John started his liaison with Morgan he expected a job as speechwriter for the Bush administration, still two years in the future. They were already discussing war with Iraq. John would assist, pushing the agenda in the media.

After years of dealing with Morgan I knew not to believe her if she did not offer proof but I had no reason to distrust John. So, in September, 1999, for practically the only time in her life, Morgan told the truth, with proof.

Puzzled at the persistent rumors about a relationship between her and John, I called to ask him. John and I had been chatting regularly for over twenty years. Asked about the relationship he expressed shock. He denied it, saying he had fed her cat for her once or twice. I believed him. He was completely persuasive, giving the impression of absolute openness.

It was the WeaselSearch Tape, recorded by Morgan in September of 1999, which changed my mind.

This is a man who helped lie us into war. His personal ethics match the ones he uses professionally.

One afternoon that September Morgan called me to beg for help. She was broke and about to be evicted from her apartment in Jersey City. John, she said, had forced her to abort his baby the previous March and then dumped her. A heated discussion ensued as I relayed to her my recent conversation with John.

Hearing a call coming in, Morgan put me on hold. It was John. She recorded her conversation with him. You can listen to it on the tape above. A few minutes later I had heard the whole of it.

I was stunned and confronted him on the phone soon afterward. He hung up on me. His cover blown he moved to the next strategy, distancing.

As a result of a fax I sent to the WSJ moments later, the job as a speechwriter for the Bush White House, already being promised, vanished. The fax, I was told, was copied at least five times on its way to his office.

The illusion of family values needed to be retained.

Instead of a job in the White House, which John had earned through his work as an operative for the NeoCons, then coming to power, he was told to write a book about how liberals steal elections. This would provide cover for the electronic hacking about to begin.

Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy, would be published September 24, 2004.

The relationship between John and Morgan seemed to stabilize for a while. Fund spent nearly half his time at the apartment I rented in NY at the Rivergate. I was rarely there. John told me he intended to marry Morgan, who he said really loved. I wished them well, glad they had come to some resolution.

But then, in December of 2000 Morgan realized he was sneaking into my empty room to call other women, including Federal judge Diane Sykes, late at night. He left emails where Morgan could find them.

I received copies of these from Morgan via email. This one, Fund sent on July 22 this same year, was typical.

Morgan's relationship with John continued, headed for rockier and rockier ground as the number of 'other women' Morgan discovered increased.

Despite this, they moved in together in Jersey City in July of 2001, just days after Morgan had vented to John Connolly of Vanity Fair. From those interviews Connolly wrote an article titled, Sex, Lies and the Tape.” Over my objections Morgan had given him a copy of the tape she had made in 1999.

The article was published September 4, 2001, along with the tape.

Connolly had arranged for the article to be published in Talk Magazine - but Fund intimidated Tina Brown into canceling the story by having his attorney, John J. Walsh, call and make threats. Walsh later billed for services, producing this letter. Morgan also found a Work Memo later.

Instead, the article was published only online on a site called WeaselSearch, from which it got its name. When the site folded it was hosted on American Politics Journal, where it is today.

What Fund did to stop publication is standard operating procedure for NeoCons. He used this later against me.

But because the article refuted the lies John had continued to tell, a scandal erupted anyway.

Understandably, this event did not contribute to bliss in John and Morgan's relationship but the reasons were far more complex than just one little article.

Morgan called me, outraged. She had refurbished John's apartment at his request and he was refusing to pay her back. When she moved in the utilities had been turned off because of his non-payment and the plumbing did not work. I made her produce the receipts since I still did not trust her. She kept track of payment for cleaning supplies and repairs, which were complete before she told me John was battering her in the later part of September.

The violence, she later said, had begun one evening after an event at the ALEC Conference in New York in early August.

I had hoped the relationship would work out. To say it didn't vastly understates the case.

I did not believe her until I heard it happening over the phone, which happened in late September. When I heard John's demonic glee as he pounded her I felt obligated to take action. As I have said, Morgan lies. Another friend of her's, Eric Buchanan, confirmed he had also heard this taking place on another occasion. Both of us advised Morgan to leave him. She refused.

During this time Carol Divine Molin, a Republican Woman, called me to express concern for Morgan as a battered woman. She told me she counseled women who had been battered.

Then it came out that her motive was reigniting her brief fling with Fund by assisting him with Morgan. The fling had taken place some time earlier, after Fund spoke to a group to which Molin belonged. Liking what she saw, evidently, she took him home with her. Fund's parting words were, by report,You got to swallow.”

We learned Molin had complained to the management at the Wall Street Journal about how she had been treated the year before.

The beatings continued. Morgan filed police reports in New Jersey.

Morgan became aware John was still lying about their relationship, saying he barely knew her, while she was living with him. At one point she used her cell phone so I could hear him telling these lies to Lloyd Grove from the Washington Post.

Listening to him lie was stunning. Again, I begged her to leave.

After she found even more emails, from a growing list of other women, she agreed. The emails included these between him and Michele Davis, on January 13th and 18th, and this Email, revealing the sexual relationship he had begun with law professor Gail Heriot, also on the 13th of January.

Christine Hall Reis, a new bride, offered the services of herself and her friend, Julie Currie, from Kroll Opposition Research to John on January 21, 2002. Christine had sent an unusual photo of herself to John, which he printed and left on the floor, where Morgan found it.

Morgan moved out of the apartment in Jersey City and into an apartment I rented for her in New York around January 24 - 26, 2002. I breathed a sigh of relief, but it was not over. The craziness escalated.

John found out where Morgan was living and moved in with her. He left a litter of papers there, some of which Morgan scanned and sent me to prove this was happening. This letter from Fidelity Investments is dated January 25, 2002. Morgan picked it up off the floor in her Manhattan apartment after John left it there. Another incident of battery soon took place just moments before I arrived at the apartment. When I walked in I saw Morgan bloodied and bruised.

The New York police report was filed.

John had been told by his two closest friends, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, who occupied adjacent spaces on his speed dial, he needed to provide evidence Morgan had lied. Which she might well have done. But there were witnesses. Buchanan and I had heard beatings take place and were ignored by authorities. Neither of us were ever called though the authorities knew we were witnesses.

Fund received help from some of the other women in his life. A few of these were victims themselves, unaware of what was really happening and are not named. Others, like Gail Heriot, whose relationship with Fund began in a hotel room in December of 2001 or January of 2002, assisted in building the website Fund used to insert lies into public view and wrote letters for him, libeling both Morgan and myself.

Desperate, we sought help from people who were politically at odds with the NeoCons. One of these individuals was Sidney Blumenthal.

It was at this time Blumenthal put a keylogger on Morgan's computer to steal information about Fund. He had refused to help, trying to persuade her it was enough to expose him politically. So Morgan returned the keylogger favor, against my advice.

While she can't write a literate sentence Morgan was a wiz with computers. It was this act which would expose to us the strategy adopted by the Bush White House to ensure the War in Iraq was not stopped in November of 2002.

An attempt to kill Morgan took place in May, 2002. I heard this over the phone as the key turned in the door of her apartment. Morgan threw herself against it and engaged the dead bolt. I believed her. She is not that good an actress.

Then, she went into hiding with a couple in Georgia.

As the campaign to sell the fiction of Weapons of Mass Destruction was hammered into accepted fact Morgan was following Sidney via his emails and reading early chapters of his book, Clinton's War. Occasionally she would forward me a copy.

By November war appeared to be inevitable. Then, Morgan called me and asked if U-Day was something like E-Bay. The keylogger had turned up something with more surprises than Blumenthal's book.

Saddam, in communication with Blumenthal, wanted to cut a deal to be paid to leave so war would not be necessary. I had the origin of the email checked out and the expert said it had come from the Emirates and Baghdad was a likely source.

The appointed agents for insuring Saddam would stay put were the Clintons and their old friend, Sidney Blumenthal. This activism on their parts is likely the real source of the largess which flowed into the Clinton coffers, not Hillary's public speaking abilities or investment savvy.

The previous January Fund had forced Morgan to sign a 'confession' saying no abuse had taken place. The documents were dated January 24, 2002, just before she moved out.

Evidently, Fund promised to pay her what he owned her if she signed and, stupidly, she did. Since an accounting of what Fund owed matched what was asked if you add in the outdated checks Morgan found while cleaning, which Fund had given her, it is likely Rove and Cheney decided this was not enough 'proof' to be persuasive.

Eric and I knew the statement was hogwash and would have so testified.

The real campaign to destroy our credibility began in 2003, after Fund's friends realized they had more than one political operation to protect. They needed to protect John, a pivotal political operative, and the truth about Saddam.

So evidence was sought and obtained through trade with those holding it.

Craig, my former husband, was Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc. He and the company's president, Dan O'Dowd, had made a deal in 1997 to defraud their partners. Dan would have a fake stock option agreement made to deny me a marital share during our divorce and Craig would lead a walk out to keep Glenn Hightower, Dan's partner, from exercising his buy out option when Dan exercised it and made him an offer.

Morgan had supplied a recording of Craig gloating about this and in late 1999 I had filed a law suit. Morgan gave a deposition on February 22, 2001. The suit settled and the deposition was never certified, making it illegal to copy.

Green Hills Software, LLC. exchanged a copy of this deposition for defense contracts. Today, Green Hills Software, Inc. is a billion dollar company heavily into drone technology and supplying the Military Industrial Complex.

The campaign to destroy our credibility began in early 2003.

On January 23, 2003 Fund filed an answer to Morgan's law suit in New York.
On April 1, 2003 Melinda's webmaster received a threatening letter

On April 3, 2003, Dan O'Dowd decided the desperate need for servicemembers was to provide a measly $5,000 for a child's college education. He amount pledged, $100.000, with matching funds up to $250.000. The non-profit was incorporated on the 9th and announced publicly on April 10th. The is an embarrassingly minor contribution for a corporation which made billions from contracts flowing from the military.

April 7, 2003 Craig Franklin handed an enveloped copy of Morgan's Deposition to Anne
Fisher, his then girl friend, telling her it contained Morgan's deposition. It was addressed to John Fund.  It was a Green Hills envelope with the postage paid by the company in advance.
On April 8, 2003 RuthlessPeople was down. 

May 11, 2003, Mother's Day morning, I wrote an email responding to questions received early that morning from Eric Alterman for an article which would be published on the 15th.

On May 15, 2003 Eric Alterman's hit piece, "
Who Framed John Fund?" was published in The 

May 16, 2003 Gene Gaudette, Editor of American Politics Journal, received a Letter via email from Gail Heriot, one of Funds many girl friends libeling us.

On June 21, 2003, a hit site, appeared online. The site came down sometime after May 19th this year. It can be viewed through the WayBackMachine.

July 22, 2003 Wendy MacElroy, who calls herself a feminist but focuses her attack pieces on women, traded a hit piece on Morgan for a gig at Fox News. Wendy, who has known Melinda since the 1970s, failed to call her or Morgan. The article is titled, False Rape Charges Hurt Real Victims.

During this time Melinda received notice from the IRS claiming she owed money. The IRS refused to tell her why since her returns were produced by a CPA and documented all expenses.

Carried out this way, the NeoCon campaign was masked and did not appear to have any relationship with the War in Iraq. It was all 'personal.'

But all parts of our lives reflect our values, which is why trying to separate the two in this was is wrong.

Clearly, everyone else had agendas which had nothing to do with the simple, provable fact John Fund committed domestic violence. This is a crime and should be prosecuted even if the victim has lied previously and is a jerk. 
In 2004 I wrote GREED – The NeoConning of America, a lightly fictionalized autobiography framed around my daughter, not myself. I am now reissuing a non-fiction version, which includes “the Bunker in Georgia” Story. That story about Saddam began in Chapter 16 - A Signal from the Bunker, in subsection The Bunker in Georgia.

Saddam also knew too much.

No one read the book, though the reviews were very good.

I wonder what would have happened if I had understood the ruthless lack of conscience these people carry behind smiling, and lying, faces in both their personal and professional lives. What choices would I have made, personal and political?

The next years were given over to stark survival and caring for my son. Since Morgan had drained me of money this was much more difficult. I fought back because I had to, using the only tool I could afford, the truth.

Stay tuned for Part Two - What Happens When You Know Too Much

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Site Policy on Comments

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Response to the Comment from Anonymous hiding in Lurkingville, quoted in toto below with longish response, with links, below.

Wow, this is the most twisted thing I have ever seen. I doubt you will approve this. So, let me get this straight. (from reading your blog). You currently live with Rayelan in her house in Ohio with your disabled son, you refuse to leave because you say that she promised you employment benefits etc. You also say you are on disability. Too much stuff to list here. But first of all. IF you are collecting disability from the government, it is fraud to collect money from employment.....AND if you indeed are living in Rayelan's house which is paid for by the donations to her site then you in fact are benefiting from funds which you say are obtained via fraud.....Wow, psychopaths? What is that saying? It takes one to........oh I'm sure you know the rest."

  • Wow, this is the most twisted thing I have ever seen. I doubt you will approve this. So, let me get this straight. (from reading your blog). You currently live with Rayelan in her house in Ohio with your disabled son, you refuse to leave because you say that she promised you employment benefits etc. You also say you are on disability. Too much stuff to list here. But first of all. IF you are collecting disability from the government, it is fraud to collect money from employment.....AND if you indeed are living in Rayelan's house which is paid for by the donations to her site then you in fact are benefiting from funds which you say are obtained via fraud.....Wow, psychopaths? What is that saying? It takes one to........oh I'm sure you know the rest.
  • - See more at:

    I suppose you, Anonymously hiding in Lurkingville, think an ethical person would have left and become homeless out of concern RMN Readers, so that these clueless folks, already continuously abused by Rayelan, should be spared any small added expense?  The house is, presumably, a corporate expense, which could be accounted for by the profits earned by RMN or could be accounted for as a personal expense, paid for by Rayelan using her own funds.  

    Living quarters were the only benefit of employment on which Rayelan carried through.  Those these did not match what was described before hand. 

    I suspect Rayelan co-mingles all her funds, anyway.  Your proper concern should be to ensure RMN Readers get what they think they are supporting, namely, the truth.  Certainly that is what they will receive here.  

    Rayelan's income doubtless comes from multiple sources, many of them questionable, some not. This does not negate her liabilities to those she harms.

     I am doing RMN Readers a service for which they will eventually thank me. I would urge all of them to stop giving her money immediately. Freedom would be well served if she were forced to live on her own Social Security and, second income, widow's benefits from David Kooker, her last husband. 

     Rayelan is not dependent on RMN Readers for survival, no matter what she says. 

    You imply only a psychopath would have stayed and demanded some semblance of justice. The situation is strange, yes, but running away is not a mark of courage or ethical behavior.

    It occurs to me you, Anonymously hiding in Lurkingville, are probably Jeff Gordon, though Jeff uses other names, like Hobie and Zapper.

    I would not have cared for a disabled son for 17 years if I were a psychopath. Psychopaths abandon those who are not useful to them. I have lived a life of service to others, raising children, caring for elderly parents and working for abused women and children while caring for a family and those in my community. Those who know me, know this.

    I am my son's sole caretaker 24/7, a fact known to Rayelan when she persuaded me to leave my home, on which I still pay a mortgage, insurance and other costs, to come to Ohio to help her because she pleaded with me to do so.  She cited terrible health, which proved to be grossly exaggerated, and physical threats made by the Powers-Lee Family as her reasons for immediate on site support.  

    She worked to make this attractive with a growing list of promises, including a partnership in Rubicon Aegis, LLC. Others knew this, including some of her other friends. It is probably time for me to get in touch with them. 

    I have wondered, from time to time, why she did this since the Powers-Lee Family seem to be not at all as she portrayed them to me.  

    But playing fast and loose with the truth is the stuff of which Rayelan's life is made and finding out what is true leads to very little documentation until her career as the Wife of Gunther Russbacher is launched. 

    After looking at the time line it occurred to me she may be telling the truth about her long and intimate relationship with the CIA.  

    My own history is very different.  

    I became an activist for freedom when I was eleven, leafleting for Goldwater. I never sought a paid job in any of the organizations I helped and in which I held many positions of leadership. When I became aware of unethical behavior I always called the wrong-doers on their actions. Many of these had real power, not just running disinformation re-posting sites hosted on CIA servers, like Rayelan.

    What you get from Rayelan is one lie after another. Keep asking the contradictions multiply.

    I am not collecting disability, but could because I am disabled and was qualified to do so. I have had two heart attacks for which treatment was not possible and suffered a stroke. It is a family condition. Both my sisters and older brother died of heart attacks related to the condition. Carol was 36 when she died. Anne was 59. Charles was 63. Today I am the longest surviving member of my generation at age 65. 

    Rayelan knew my health history in detail because I explained this to her before agreeing to leave California and my support system.

    ANNE AETHELINE PILLSBURY GRIPP - (11) (Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) b. in Oakland, CA 22 July 1934 (married Paul Francis Gripp in Los Angeles, CA 13 April 1957. Graduated with a B.S. in Math from UCLA in 1956. With husband invested in real estate, building subdivisions in the Malibu area and own an orchid nursery in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Orchid Estate. Divorced in 1982. Died April 16, 1994 after a heart attack in Tokyo. Cremated. Bio

    i. Alice Elizabeth - b. September 5, 1962.
    ii. Parry Pillsbury - b. September 22, 1967.

    CAROL SYLVIA PILLSBURY HOLBERT - (11) (Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) b. in Riverside, CA 18 Jan, 1937. (married Gary Lee Michael Holbert, in Los Angeles, CA on 26 Feb. 1955. d. 12 Feb. 1974 in Camarillo California of a heart condition. Worked as executive secretary to president, west coast division of Pan American. Bio

    i. Eric Scott Holbert - b. April 9, 1965. (adopted)

    CHARLES ARTHUR PILLSBURY - (11) (Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) b. in Los Angeles, CA on 10 May 1945. Married Susan Knox in Danville, CA 7 Sept. 1973. Served in the Air Force 1967 - 1971 as a Load Master. Various medals including the silver star. Airman of the year for Naha, 1969. Graduated from University of California at Davis with a JD degree. Worked in the Department of Finance for the State of California as a systems analyst until his death in 2008, followed a heart attack and stroke in 2004. Wife, Dr. Sue Knox is on the staff at Stanford Medical Center in Oncology. She, previous to MD, had a PhD in Biophysics and was doing research at Davis.

    i. Caroline Anne - b. November 31, 1992
    ii. Pamela Ellen - b. November 31, 1992


    I had a corneal transplant in 1998, which failed. I will not qualify to drive at all the next time I take the test, according to my eye doctor.

    Rayelan owes me for the frauds she perpetrated for more than we requested in the demand letter.

    Along with everything else she swore to me Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, was an innocent victim and persuaded me to help him and wait for payment. The timing on these events are now being researched. 

    This was a lie in spades.  Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester.  
    Also look over the Time Line

    What you see is a solid record of criminal behavior, documented by the courts and in the media.  

    When I confronted Rayelan about this her only defense was that SHE is not a journalist and had no obligation to tell the truth. "Really?" I said.  If I had know this I would never have come to Ohio or had anything further to do with the woman.

    Further research has raised other questions which are being researched. More on this will be published in due time.

    Rayelan, as you read, refused to open the demand letters from my attorney leaving me with no option but to remain here and rebuild my career in PR and related fields. This is now well advanced.

    Is it pleasant to be here? No. It is revolting. Rayelan's personal habits, her laziness, her hoarding, her continuous dramas are ghastly. It is ALL about her, what she wants, and what she can extract from others. Thankfully, I rarely see Rayelan.  My son and l live upstairs and never enter Rayelan's part of the house. 

    It is stomach wrenching for me to think about the people who believe in her and are being ripped off, paying for these habits. This will not change until something is done about her.

    Wrongs committed against me have to be life impacting for me to be moved to consider exacting consequences from the offending party. Not paying me for a website or other work I would write off, and have done so on multiple occasions. We live in uncertain times and I understand when others are also having problems.

    But there is a limit to what can be forgiven. One of the deciding factors for my move was a belief Rayelan cared about my son and wanted to be his Godmother. Because of my heart condition what would happen to him when I die is a constant worry. Rayelan played on this worry like I was a violin.

    I believed her. I thought she was my friend and I could trust her. That is why I came, despite the fact my vision is terrible and I can only drive during daylight hours.

    My son, Arthur, is a quiet man today, very different from the cocky, happy guy who so enjoyed his large circle of friends, college, and reading.  he was 19 when he suffered his first brain injury. 

    Now, he is 36.  He struggles to get up the stairs and his greatest joy in life is attending church and talking to his friends on line. Through his pain and years of recovery he came to have a personal relationship with Christ, which sustains him in the face of continuous pain.

    When he suffered the first major brain injury he was majoring in physics. The date was September 27, 1997. 

    Arthur suffered two major brain injuries, On that day in September he hit the back of a car on his motorcycle and flew 300 feet. Onlookers said he was 20 feet in the air at one point. He landed on his face.  If he had not been wearing the best helmet on the market he would have been DOA.

    Despite the helmet, he was not expected to live. I was at his bedside 18 hours a day. I held him when the nurses had to exfoliate his scabs and when every procedure took place. Although still in a coma he reacted to the excruciating pain.  I cried a lot. 

    I had to persuade the doctors to rebuild his face. They believed he would die and did not want to bother.  I made them. 

    While I was in the hospital with Arthur my then husband, Craig Franklin, decided to leave me and take with him our marital asset, the largest block of stock options granted to any one in his company, worth millions. The grant was made the year before so there was no legal ground for this.

    The second  brain injury was worse. 

    I had saved Craig from the IRS and believed our financial problems were over. But as it turned out, the IRS was the least of my problems.

    You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you.

    Craig cut a deal during this period for a "Throw Mama From the Train Strategy." Dan would have a fake stock option agreement made and Craig, as Senior Vice President, would guarantee Glenn Hightower could not exercise his buy out option. Craig orchestrated a walk out of critical personnel. I have dates and names from the law suit Hightower later filed.  I also have affidavits attesting to these facts by individuals then supporting Craig because they were being paid.  

    Hightower had no proof of the conspiracy when his case was litigated and so failed to prevail.  

    After Craig left me he decided he did not want to be liable for Arthur, having been informed by counsel the judge would routinely grant such support. Craig's income, at that point, was about a million a year.

    In late February, 1998, Craig called me up and told me he wanted to continue to be a father to this young man who had already suffered so much. I was touched and drove Arthur down to have lunch with Craig.

    There, Craig worked to persuade him I was evil and he could not be happy living with me. He tossed $3,000 on the table and told him he wanted nothing to do with him. Two weeks later Arthur shot himself through the brain using a gun stuck into his mouth.

    Arthur has spent the weekend with Ron, who had ceded his rights of fatherhood to Craig in 1989. This time the doctors assigned a social worker to help me through the process of donating Arthur's organs.

    But Craig was not finished with us yet. 

    He had, I later learned from court papers, been paying my oldest daughter, Morgan $5,000 a month to slander me to my friends and professional associates. Craig offered Morgan $10,000 to pretend she had discovered she had a heart condition and needed a transplant. She asked me for Arthur's heart.

    This is not supposition but, again, supported by court papers.

    I called the same psychologist, Dr. Marquart, as soon as I hung up and I know, for sure, he remembers this conversation. That night I prayed. Sometimes prayers are answered with miracles.  This one was.  The next day, while I was sitting at his bedside, Arthur regained consciousness. 

    Although it took three years of care and rehabilitation Arthur recovered enough so he could walk with a cane and find some small joys in life. I was his caretaker starting then, 24/7. Our insurance would not cover it even when he still was incontinent and needed to be diapered.

    I thank God for Arthur's survival every day, but I will not tolerate injustice, not for others and not for myself and my family.  

    The corporation for which I should hold stock and receive hefty dividends, Green Hills Software, Inc. (GHS),  became a government contractor for technology related to Drones in the early summer of 2003. 

    This was soon after, as you will see on the John Fund site, GHS provided a deposition to John which had never been certified and therefore could not legally be provided to anyone.  John's two best friends at the time were Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.  Cheney certainly had the power to fast track Green Hills into government contracts.  

    These contacts have made Dan O'Dowd a billionaire several times over today. 

    John needed to provide evidence Morgan was a liar to make the charges John was facing for domestic violence disappear.  The uncertified, and unsigned deposition, still appears on John's own site.  

    1. "Deposition Transcript dated February 22, 2001 in the case of Pillsbury-Foster v. Franklin, Civil Action No. 233136 (Cal. Super Ct.). This case concerns the woman's mother and stepfather and is unrelated to any dispute between us. In it, she testifies under oath that she has "borderline personality disorder." Her condition manifests itself in "mood swings, all sorts of things," she stated, adding, "[y]ou're just not functional." When asked during the deposition, "What lies have you told in the past?," she replied, "Too many to name." When pressed to give an example, she said, "That I had a heart problem." She then described how she bilked her stepfather out of $10,000 by falsely telling him that she had a heart condition that required medical surgery to correct. This deposition transcript is not the only occasion in which she has discussed her emotional troubles on the official record. In a Pro Se Answer to a Complaint filed in California in In re Morgan Pillsbury, Debtor, Case No ND01-10494-RR, she admitted that she has "borderline personality disorder. One of the symptoms of this condition is an inability to discriminate truth from fiction." She further admitted that by June 1998, she was having severe emotional problems" and "was entirely non-functional." She also stated that she "has told whoppers [lies] all her life.""
     Morgan lies.  That is why I had insisted on objective proof, which is why the scandal erupted.  Morgan recorded a conversation between herself and John in September of 1999 and played it for me.  I was shocked and confronted John. 

    September, 1999 -  The Weasel Search Tape

    Another part of the story is here  - The Highly Intelligent Psychopath 
    And more, here -   The Ethics of Drone Contractors

    Imagine sites which actually provide the proof - but then what would Rayelan do with her fantasies?  

    I have had to learn how to handle psychopaths, and I did learn.

    Psychopaths do not like to lose and they cooperate when they need to.  When you are fighting for something which matters you always must accept you may lose.  

    So Jeff, if this is you, have a pleasant weekend.