Thursday, July 20, 2017

Yesterday I received two messages via the comment app on Craig Franklin, the site dedicated to my former husband, a sexual predator whose focus is on little girls.  Long story, look over the site if you want more information.  

The first message was from a woman who apparently had been set up to believe I would expose her liaison and personal information she did not want known.  This was entirely understandable, but her attitude was snotty.  This was funny because she has absolutely nothing to hide, really.  But so it is.  I had never published anything about her though I know a lot because another one of Craig's victims told me about her and her circumstances.  I even have her picture, again from my source, who took it her self and gave it to me to do with as I will.  

Then, I read the letter from Morgan, which I reproduced in toto.  The two letters were sent about an hour apart.  Something was clearly going on, what I do not know but can surmise. 

Best Guess: 
 Unnamed woman decided to cut her relations with Craig, disappointing him. He was not interested in her sexually, now his interest had been in the grand finale, destroying her hopes and prospects, which he had carefully nurtured with that end in mind.  Craig is one sick puppy.  

Morgan, his loyal henchwench, was sent into persuade her and failed.  This means no payday for Morgan and may have had some relationship to the message I received from Laura, Duchess of Manchester, attempting to distance herself from this ongoing ad hoc soap opera.  

And this morning Raye, again, publishes one of her very vanilla pleas for moola, so out of character to be, themselves noteworthy.  Why?  Because of the mis-timing for whining this has likely arisen from their ongoing interaction.  So stay tuned!

Morgan actually whined herself in the message below.  

From post on Craig Franklin I made yesterday: "Of  course, if she really "want all of your ex husbands and I also want the ones y never culdo get,"  was true she is hankering after her deceased father, Richard Lee Barteaux.  Odd, but what else could you expect?  His family had money and that has been her driving purpose all of her life, to marry a rich man.  It took someone with Jay's background to nail her in one place, where she makes far less trouble for John Fund et al.  Morgan with kids to occupy her life, Jay to oversee her, and  a job at Walmart (If she is still there) is less trouble for everyone."

Morgan's other attempts at living an unearned life of ease include her eight years with Eddy Van Halen.  She credits herself for breaking up his marriage to Valerie Bertonelli.  Also, her relationship with Eugene Volokh, who she hoped to marry.  Eugene is wealthy, made it himself, too.   It took Morgan two weeks to harass and torment me into agreeing to help her start that relationship.  Eugene wanted someone who was literate.  I wrote the emails so Morgan could appear to have read some books, which she never had.  

Eugene's earned billions came from coding the solution to Y2K when he was still a young teenager.  Then he went on to a degree in law and clerking for Sandra Day O'Connor when he was 19.  Took him 2 and a half years to wise up and dump Morgan.  A month later she was on a trip with Morgan to New York, London and Paris and found time to jump into bed with John Fund, an old boy friend of mine from my Libertarian Party days.  It is most likely she was having sex with Craig as well.  Craig later demanded she sign a letter stating they had not had sex.  She might have threatened to make their relations public, who knows? More on Morgan here, if you are interested. 

Morgan is welcome to my former husbands and to John Fund.  Ron Kellett, still living probably, is almost as ethical as Craig, but not as intelligent.  

Here is the message from Morgan:

 "You no i want all of your ex husbands and I also want the ones y never culdo get -  jellus mummy? Y tawt me so much

Carolyn |"

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Agent 86 sent along this chuckle, "Grifter raye heeds the siren song of the next grand slam breakfast, demands donations from the rubes"

RMN Readers should take a moment to consider the following revelations which have taken place in the last two decades.  Today most Americans realize JFK was assassinated by a conspiracy carried out between Big Oil, the CIA, the banking industry, and others who, together, agreed he was not going to continue their charge toward iron fisted control of the US economy and people.

This 'Elite' can be identified as the most opportunistic and least ethical among the general population.  Prescott Bush, George HW Bush and Bush Jr. were members of this elite all of their lives.  Nixon was a stooge who failed to do as he was told and so an incident was arranged to dispense with him.  This was easier and more popular than assassination.  

While there might be disgreements within agencies such as the CIA, FBI, NSA and so forth, they are generally on board because that is where there bread is buttered.  I found this out, to my shock, when my oldest and dearest friend went along with the plan to destroy my credibility in the aftermath of my unwise decision to inform the CIA (her husband was their 'historian'), about the conspiracy between the Baby Bush NeoCon White House and the Clintons, to persuade Saddam Hussein to stay in Iraq in 2002 after he offered to leave.  

See John Fund, more of the story is there.  Now, ask yourself.  What has Raye and her henchman the Hobist, Jeff Gordon, ever told you which turned out to be true?  

How much do you really want to pay for lies?

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Hi Folks...It's that time of month again.... the time...
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 5-Jul-2017 13:57:35

when I have more bills than money to pay them.
If you are able, can you please toss a little (or a lot) into the Fundrazr widget?
Thank you!!

Powered by FundRazr

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Be of Good Cheer, Raye and Hobie are mobile and eager to communicate.

This charming note appeared in my email box via the Craig Franklin Blogspot.  

whaw? No birthdy wishes for the only man who keeps your blogs alive?

Ray and Hobie |

Note: This email was sent via the Contact Form gadget on

The comment is bizarre for multiple reasons and reflects a further attempt to perpetuate the false narrative Craig paid Morgan tens of thousands of dollars to sell to my friends and business associates.

Not to bore you, I will recount the facts.  

I was not interested in Craig romantically, but he did everything possible to engage my friendship and then raped and impregnated me. 

At the time we met he was pretty much penniless and between jobs.   This is, in itself, astonishing unless you understand why.  Craig graduated from Stanford with a degree in Math.  His first job was with NASA.  His second 

I forgave him because he begged me to do so and promised to make it right.  He then persuaded me to marry him and stole all of my assets, which were about $100,000.  I could not understand why there was no money because his new job, which he took ONLY to be in the Los Angeles area, another condition for marrying him,  was with Green Hills Software, Inc., then a struggling small start-up.   

When you look at what Craig puts up about his 'employment history' you notice a huge gap in time.  This is to hide the train of short time jobs.  These included, along with Data General.  All provided stock options.  


This is the only reason Craig was ever anything but a down at the heels geek moving from job to job every few months.  At each move he abandoned stock options, in many cases very large ones, because he would not file his IRS return.   These companies included Data General, where he received a large share of options.  

This is also the reasons his one contract with the National Libertarian Party became a bone of contention.  Craig would not file the taxes for Liberty Services, which was providing computer services for them.  

When I was, myself, on National Committee in the late 1980s, this was still an item on the agenda and Craig still refused to file or let anyone else do so.  

If I had know this I would never have married him, having been through a similar nightmare with my previous marriage to Ron Kellett (Foster - he took my name, over my protests.)  

And then, in 1997 I found out what had been going on.  

As it turned out, the article was far too sympathetic.  

You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you.

The marriage was a fraud perpetrated on me by Franklin for these reasons.

1.  He lied about every promise he made prior to the marriage, this including filing his taxes and remaining compliant.  

2. He married me not to have a relationship but to gain sexual access to my young daughters.  

3. During the 'marriage' he persuaded me to trust him to make investments for us which appear to have been ways to pay Michael Emerling Cloud for unspecified services.  

4. He paid Morgan, then apparently his mistress, to slander and libel me.  These payments were discovered during the divorce.  

Craig follows the same strategy during each of his 'relationships.'  He is a sexual predator with a focus on small girls who trust him as a father.  

Read this declaration by my daughter, Ayn, written in 1999.

Craig was attempting to manipulate my children into not trusting me, making them vulnerable to his sexual plans.  

Raye and Jeff Gordon have more in common with Craig than you can imagine.  

I sincerely hope Craig has exactly the birthday he deserves and that no one is standing nearby when the giant pile of guano hits him on the head.  The cupcake below, face down, one is much too good for him - or for Morgan, whose B-Day has been declared a National Day of Mourning, on July 5th.  

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Agent 86, "8 of 436 Print all In new window Double dipping hobie, conveniently does not account for the money deposited directly to paypal/raypal vs the widget that was down for almost two weeks"

Jeff (Hobie) Gordon just loooves double-dipping.  And he and Raye love collecting money for doing nothing but allowing others to steal content for them.  I, personally, do not believe their donations are all that large any more.  Unless the CIA is pitching in.  

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Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 28-Jun-2017 02:15:51

Hi, folks -
Many thanks to the many fine folks who have brought the RMN Fundrazr total for both May and June to $3,275 at time of this posting - and also to the many who contributed so generously during this time in support of me personally. :)
It's almost the end of the short month of June, and we're $1,725 short of the combined goal of $5000 for the two months together. So here's your chance to 'vote' for the continuation of Rumor Mill News and what it represents. Please contribute now if you're able and would find it fitting - and thanks for your support. :)
Blessings, all.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Agent 86 said, "but who will post all those useless youtube music videos? thank god we have the dinar poofter posts covered by agent mr. ed"

Agent 86 wryly reported Jeff Gordon (Hobie), is again missing in inaction for anything which actually matters for moving the ball forward to prosperity and freedom.  But Lynda (Susoni) reports for him.  Most sites which position themselves as providing people-based interaction and truth allow, or encourage the use of real names, let people contact each other directly, and compare notes.  Wouldn't you like to do that?  Compare notes and understand what who these people really are?  Agent 86 wanted to know, and he found out.  

And while you are mulling that over read the an excerpt of the synopsis of my screenplay.  If you live in a major metropolitan area in the US, or know someone who does, you need to know.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 22-Jun-2017 12:22:05
Hi All,
I talked to Hobie, last night, and he told me that his internet connection is back offline again until late Sunday or Monday. That's the date they are giving him. That storm really messed things up..
If anyone has any problems or if you need something changed (edited-corrected etc) on a post just click on my email above (unless you already have it) and email me.. I'll get right on it..
Lynda (Susoni-RumorMail)

And Jeff Gordon is back to have another suck on the straw into your bank accounts!

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
...I'm back...again :)
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 22-Jun-2017 18:52:03

Hi, Folks -
Looks our Internet connection and landline phone were part of a larger outage that's been repaired, I'm back. Again. :)
Thanks kindly to Susoni and to Mr.Ed for services rendered. :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Agent 86 says, "Grifter raye's latest load of Bull shit, cough, cough...I'm sick"

Thanks, Agent 86!  As you read this remember Raye enticed me to leave my home and relocate to Ohio.  She offered to pay for the trip, provided an offer of employment, and a partnership in what I believed was the corporation, Rubicon Aegis, LLC, which, she said, owned RMN.  She lied.  

She asked me to set up a corporation, by this name in 2012 knowing full well Rubicon Aegis, LLC, had been incorporated in 2010.  She had, herself, taken out the papers.  

I am one tick from being legally blind and absolutely did not want to leave California.  Driving is hard for me.  I have a bad heart, a family issue which has already killed three of my siblings.  

She had persuaded me to work on credit for her 'best friends,' The Duke and Duchess of Manchester.  She told me they were highly ethical people and she knew, as a fact, the charges of bigamy then appearing in the media were untrue.  She lied.

Once there, I was attacked day and night by her friends, The Manchesters, joined by my estranged daughter, Morgan.  I discovered she was working with them, activated by Craig, my former husband.  

Yesterday I received another hateful email, via COMMENT, on the site I maintain on Craig, who is a sexual predator who married me to gain access to my children.  

Here my response.  

Morgan, the Psychopathic Predator, Speaks.

I do not feel sorry for Rayelan.  Remember Jim, Raye's dear friend who moved in with her?  She persuaded him to sell his valuables to pay her expenses, then dumped him.  Ask yourself if this woman deserves your help.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Why we have combined May and June
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 20-Jun-2017 06:37:50

As many of you know, I've been having some health problems. I've had the "flu" or something that resembles the flu for almost a month now.
I think I'm well, and then I fall ill again. Over and Over! Whatever I have, it is so debilitating that I stay in bed most of the day. It takes all my strength to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen.
Yesterday I was very close to going to the ER. But... I knew they would admit me because of the blockage in the main artery to the heart. So I waited to see how I would feel "in the morning".
As I lay awake in bed last night I realized I have taken vitamins for over 40 years. I used to work in a health food store in Carmel, California. The owner of the store taught me about vitamins and supplements as well as any professor at Loma Linda, the only place in CA, at the time, that taught nutrition.
Clint Eastwood was one of our customers. He also taught me things.
Last night, I also realized that I was not taking my usual regimen of vitamins and supplements that our own Dr. Robin Falcov had put together for me. I ran out of money. I believe there is probably a direct connection between not taking my vitamins and this cough and stomach bug I can't seem to shake.
I just ordered what I used to take from Vitacost. After I ordered, I checked to see how much I had left in the account. To my horror, I discovered that I was $132.00 overdrawn.
How could this be?
Then I saw that an order for Vitamin B12 had been charged. I honestly don't remember ordering it. It was the Vitamin B12 that George Noory advertises on Coast to Coast. It sounded amazing. So I wrote down their number and would order it in the morning.
For years now I have had to have a Vitamin B12 shot every month. My doctor in California told me that I lacked the intrinsic factor required to make Vitamin B12. At least that's what I remember her saying.
She went to medical school in Mexico where at least a quarter of their education is in nutrition. She then came back to the states and finished her medical training in Chicago.
I WAS pretty satisfied with her treatment of me. But now I live in Ohio and have an osteopath as my primary physician. Up until recently she has been giving me a Vitamin B12 shot when I needed them. But now she won't give me the shot. So when I heard about the Vitamin B12 that was being advertised on Coast to Coast, I knew I had to order it. So I wrote down the number and put it on my refrigerator meaning to order it.
But I don't remember ordering it. It was this order of Vitamin B12 that has caused my bank account to be overdrawn. I had checked my account yesterday and I KNEW there was at least $214 in it. When I ordered the vitamins from VitaCost I knew that amount would cover them. But I forgot about the B12... and because if this, my bank account is overdrawn by $132.
If you can help, I would really appreciate it. This illness has caused all sorts of problem for RMN's owner and for RMN's hobie... but that's a long story. I will tell it when I feel strong enough to sit at this computer for a long time.
I'm unable to insert the Fundrazer Widget in this post. But that shouldn't matter. The widget is on the left side near the top of where the articles start.
Thank you in advance, I remain dedicated to bringing you the best information that our agents can find.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Unopened Letter from PayPal, Inc.

It is probably a good idea to remind Readers about past events. 

The letter below arrived at 535 Bunker Hill Road and was left, unopened until it was soggy with snow.  I photographed it sitting outside on the porch.  It is addressed to Rumor Mill News and was sent by PayPal, Inc..  It says,  IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT ENCLOSED.  

I did not open it.  That would have been a violation of the law.  But eventually there would have been a reaction from those careful folks at the IRS.  I have no way of knowing if Raye ever filed.  But if she didn't then, with the move and other cons over the years she would owe a couple of hundred thousands dollars. A garnishment puts a crimp in your style.  This is why Raye may be 'without funds.'  It is silly to feel sorry for her because she knew eventually they would catch up with her.  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

2W3X4YZ5 sent this on to us. Never be distracted.

It is like this.   I suggest you visit the website, The Best Years of Life, is now asking for money.  It is selling products and appears to be selling advertising.  Here is their WHOIS

How were they persuaded to ask RMN Readers for money?  The clear intention is to create the entirely false impression Raye and Jeff Gordon care about other people.  They don't.  And, never forget, Rayelan and Jeff continue to refuse to provide copies of their bills when they ask for money.  

Do these folks know anything about what has been going on?  Probably not, but you could ask them.  

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Tony and Luella Need Your Help!
Posted By: Dquixote1217 [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 17-Jun-2017 21:14:09

Normally, I would never post a message like this, and I absolutely HATE the idea of asking anyone for money - but these are desperate times my friends!
Over the years, Luella and I have saved and helped thousands of lives around the world. Now we find ourselves needing help. To find out more, please see the details on our GoFundMe page, as written by our friend and a contributing author to our website:
If you can spare anything, it will be a blessing and greatly appreciated. If not, then we understand. And PLEASE do not give us one penny if it takes from your planned donation to Rumor Mill News!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Agent 86 reports, "he's back"

Now the question is, why Jeff Gordon AKA did not head over to the StarBucks to, briefly, report.  And knowing his veracity is always in question why did he not provide a third party link to a report.  

Why no names, even first names?  Any time Jeff reports on his 'personal' life all information which could validate this is missing.  Same with Rayelan, of course.  

It is now clear nothing here is 'classified information,' is confidential in many sense which is legitimate.  In this case the only restriction is ensuring RMN Readers do not know the facts.  So, Jeff, put up the bills and records.  Same for Raye, revisiting the issue of her astonishing expenses.  

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(Finally) I'm back. :)
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 17-Jun-2017 18:18:54

Hi, Folks -
I'm back. :) For the record, sixteen days without Internet is not something I'd recommend. :)
At about 10:20 p.m. May 31, a neighbor's 250-year old oak tree fell across the street and all the lines (power, phone, Comcast and Google) and in the process also pulled on the power cables to my house, bending what's referred to as the mast. Main power was restored to the neighborhood in a short while but could not be restored to my house until an electrician could rebuild the mast and sign-off on the safety of the connections. That did happen about two days later and cost a surprisingly large amount, and then we had power once more. In the interim a neighbor had allowed us to run a long extension cord from his house to ours so the refrigerator could be kept running.
We don't know if it happened the night of the 31st or sometime later, when workers moved the huge tree around to clear the roadway, etc., but at some point we had water running into the street from about where our meter is. Fortunately we had good water pressure in the house anyway. Perhaps by day 4 a crew had repaired that situation. We wait to see if our next water bill will be huge; hopefully not. :)
Then began the waiting for our land line and Internet connection to be restored. I'll spare you the details. Just know that there were many phone calls on a borrowed cell phone and some missed commitments. I think AT&T made the assumption that our problem was part of a larger problem and would be resolved when the larger problem was taken care of. That may have been partially correct - the falling tree required running of a new cable, and apparently not just near my house but all the way to some connection box, and then the hooking up of all the related terminal connections.
The missing element, however, was that our "drops" (lines from cable to house) were severed and new ones would need to be installed, on top of running the new main cable and hooking up the terminals. The new drops were finally put in place, Friday evening and Saturday morning - and here I am. :)
The amount of disruption caused by all that is noteworthy. There was an ongoing sense of being on edge, poised for some appointment, only we didn't know when the appointment would be. And there was a sense of, "What am I supposed to be doing right now?" And, "Is something important that really should be happening right now not happening because we're off line?" There was considerable stress involved in all that.
However: I'm back. :) I see things went along smoothly enough in my absence, and I'm grateful for that. My thanks to HotCoffee, CrystalRiver, NaturalWisdom and others, who expressed concern for my welfare and/or stepped up to at least try to handle things that seemed needful.
Rayelan had emailed me new Fundrazr code on June 6 but of course I wasn't able to receive that email or do anything about it if I had. I was able to get Raye on the phone today, and rather than put up a new Fundrazr now that the month's already half over, we decided to leave the existing Fundrazr in place and let it be for May and June combined. Many thanks to the approximately 19 fine folks who contributed toward RMN's expenses while I was away, and to the 8 or 10 fine folks who have added their contributions in support of me personally. :) (HotCoffee, thanks for suggesting that; you were right about this being "a good time" to add to that account. As mentioned above, the cost of rebuilding the mast was large and unexpected; recent contributions will definitely help with that. :)
I have a very large amount of email to wade through. :) So please be understanding as I do that.
Blessings, all.

Agent 86 said, "here is a post I missed, a tisket a tasket, how much for the basket? Notice the clutter?"

Thanks, Agent 86.  We do want to be thorough.  Humm, this appears to be designed to be pathetic.  I saw one like it recently at an export-import store, economy oriented, which looked like it. I did not notice the price but did notice the size and shape.  I was looking for a bread basket at the time.  The  original looking telephone, new since I was around, would sell for more, likely.  

Thanks!  Now, we have to wonder if it was ever listed.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Does anyone know anything about BASKETS??
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 23-Oct-2016 05:27:27

I have had a basket for years now. It's not just any basket. Not one you would find in Walmart at Easter time.
It appears to be OLD... but with the way things are made to look old... who really knows? No one but an expert on baskets!!

On another subject. My phone bill is overdue. It's a little over $200.00. I connect to the internet over its dsl. It's getting close to the end of this Fundrazr and we really haven't got much in it.
I know I said that I am starting ebay so I can pay the bills associated with RMN. What I didn't know is when a new person comes along, they are limited in how much they can sell. I have to wait a month before the items I have posted close... and I can only post 10 items.
I was hoping that by now several of my things would have sold... but sadly... I'm still waiting. I have bids on them... but I have to wait a few more days. I really thought I understood eBay. But it has changed so much since the last time I used it, I feel like a first time user!!
Oh... the basket pictured above... will be on eBay as soon as I find out what it might be worth.
Can anyone help me figure out how old the basket is and if it's worth anything??
Thank you!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

2W3X4YZ5 wondered about visiting Atlanta. And what is RMN worth now?

2W3X4YZ5 wondered, "Could RayƩLoon and Jeff Gordon have had to initiate ghost protocols in order to try to prevent themselves from being arrested for fraud? Who specifically is running the RMScam? I hear north Atlanta is a beautiful place to visit this time of year."

We know that Susoni, Lynda, has been working with/for Raye for many years.   Rayeloon and Jeff Gordon could be assuming other personas, as Jeff has done for many years as 'Hobie,' and Zapper.  Raye is always pretty obviously herself because she has to find a 'persona' which has the same initials or is a not-too-clever play on words.  Other long time readers appear to be involved in this Hold-The-Fort action.  

We will see, but this should be kept in mind.  

In regards to moving I cannot imagine Raye abandoning her 'Treasures,' and I think it likely she cannot pay to store them.  And if she moved them how would they fit in Jeff's house?   But one never knows for sure because we do not have first hand information on the Princess of Obergon, do we?  Thanks for the ideas!

And here is the worth of RMN today.  From:

Global Rank #28,027( for has a global rank of #28,027 which puts itself among the top 100,000 most popular websites worldwide. rank has decreased -4% over the last 3 months. was launched at June 9, 1998 (she lied, what else is new?) and is 19 years and 8 days. It reaches roughly 510,840 users and delivers about 1,123,890 pageviews each month. Its estimated monthly revenue is $3,259.20. Revenue!  (Perhaps Raye forgot she has it!)
We estimate the value of to be around $39,653.60. The domain uses a Commercial suffix and its server(s) are located in United States with the IP number is also listed on Dmoz.
Webmaster and SEO Tools

Here is the IP information:

IP Address:
Handle: NET-45-79-0-0-1
Registration Date: 4/29/15
Org: Linode
Org Handle: LINOD
Address: 329 E. Jimmie Leeds Road
Suite A
City: Galloway
State/Province: NJ
Postal Code: 08205


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Agent 86 notes the frenzy to waste money on the scamsters

Agent 86 said, "save your money folks, if grifter raye really needed your money she would be online begging for it with an updated fraudrazr for june."

Grifter Raye needs money the way any addict needs drugs.  She has not had to limit her spending since she fell into the scheme of squealing on her friends who were smoking pot in the 1970s.  But the money is apparently burning a hole in their pockets so let them be warned.  When you turn up on Raye's door step (or Jeff's, for that matter), there will be no Family Campground for you!  That also burned a hole in Raye's pocket.  

Junes Close to Half Over ! Please Contribute to support RMN (views: 58)
RumorMail -- Sunday, 11-Jun-2017 14:24:42

sskids provides more information on the scamsters of Ashtabula and Druid Hills, Georgia.

They never cease to amaze me!  Thanks for sending!

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Paypal Link to send direct to Rayelan

Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 11-Jun-2017 14:47:25

In Response To: The FundRazr widget is the one for May that has since expired. No more funds can be provided until we get the June widget code. *NM* (NaturalWisdom)

.. I just tried to donate (via the fundrazr link) and it would not process it.. So Yes, D, you were correct.. :-))

Hobie said to send any Paypal donations to Raye directly to .. That should work and also things can be mailed to

Checks & Money Orders:

Raye Allan Smith
P.O. Box 95
Ashtabula, OH 44004