Sunday, April 23, 2017

Grifter Raye can't bother with a post begging for Hobie's urgent need for his monthly allowance, so Hobie recruits his sidekick to do the job

And Agent 86 hits another nail on the head of this scamming crew who refuse to provide any transparency what-so-ever.  You know, they claim they are soooo critical to saving the world that their reposting must continue no matter what.  

Let's hear what great insights you received on the badnicks which allowed you to secure your future!  Tell us about those exciting posts where dauntless authors - not reposting agents, gave you valuable information which you followed. 
Or, tell us if you just keep reading because this is your only social life, or, perhaps, you are fascinated to see what will happen next.  

Thanks Agent 86!  Lovely to read you again!   

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Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 23-Apr-2017 12:28:52

A Wonderful day to you and yours!
I'm coming forward to ask all of the Rumor Mill News readers for help in buying Hobie some groceries and to pay a few utility bills this month. A few months ago, he lost his earnings due to an ad company misadventure. Since then he has been working here for free and falling further and further into the red zone each month.
Hobie is the backbone of Rumor Mill. He works more hours in one day then most people do in two or three. Without him, we'd be lost. There would be no website coder or one of the other dozen things he does daily for RMN. This isn't about RMN it's about helping one of our own get back on his feet.
If you feel so inclined, would you consider a gift of $20.00, $30.00 or more for this worthy cause. Please help Hobie and make your generous paypal donation to
Thank you so much for your time and your generosity. Let's make this the best month ever for a man who deserves so much more!!
We Love You Hobie!!

Three comments on the outrage of Susoni's post from two of our loyal supporters!

For the crew at RMN life is always a drama.  A hangnail requires major a=surgery for which they have no insurance and in a world full of food pantries in a home he was left by his parents, Hobie is starving, just starving.   
And yet.......Raye cannot find the paperwork or have it replaced in a world where this is routine.  Really.  And two of our faithful followers of this parody of tragedy provided comments.  They were soooo very amusing I just had to turn them into a post.  

Thanks to Anonymous and 2W3X4YZ5 for their commentary on this silliest of sad scams.  You two are both real troopers
 in the cause of truth!


And to 2W3X4YZ5 for both his pointed comments on the Scamsters of Ashtabula! 

And dont forget RayéLoon is going to be needing a new car ASAP. Dont you realize how foolish it makes her look at Denny's and the Goodwill store, asking for help to get down out of her trusty Cherokee, so she can waddle across the parking lot to waste other people's hard earned money? Better send her some cash quick, unless you want to see RMN disappear forever. 

I, for one, dont have to wonder why RayéLoon still has to ask for money. RayéLoon has to ask for money because she is a fat old psychopathic BUM whose only purpose in life is TO TAKE, no matter what, no matter from whom, and with less than zero regard as to who is hurt as a result. RayéLoon still has to ask for money, because there is a group of rubes who still have money, and who are ignorant enough to send it to her. 

And here is the Queen of Whines with that tiniest violin to sing her to sleep as the crocodile tears fall on her cache or trash purchased for the money donated by you good people. 

PS.  I recall Raye telling me Susoni is the other person who receives payment for services.  Now, does she report this to the IRS?  Inquiring minds want to know.   

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Thanks again to Agent 86 for another missive from ...": 


Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 23-Apr-2017 12:28:52 
A Wonderful day to you and yours!

I'm coming forward to ask all of the Rumor Mill News readers for help in buying Hobie some groceries and to pay a few utility bills this month. A few months ago, he lost his earnings due to an ad company misadventure. Since then he has been working here for free and falling further and further into the red zone each month.

Hobie is the backbone of Rumor Mill. He works more hours in one day then most people do in two or three. Without him, we'd be lost. There would be no website coder or one of the other dozen things he does daily for RMN. This isn't about RMN it's about helping one of our own get back on his feet.

If you feel so inclined, would you consider a gift of $20.00, $30.00 or more for this worthy cause. Please help Hobie and make your generous paypal donation to

Thank you so much for your time and your generosity. Let's make this the best month ever for a man who deserves so much more!!

We Love You Hobie!!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Thanks again to Agent 86 for another missive from Rayelan

Rayelan has been asked many times, by multiple parties, to provide the location of her server provider.  This is not critical information and she does not provide any kind of substantial original content.  The 'value' of RMN is social, not informational as the articles are reposted, sometimes with and sometimes without attribution, from other sites.  

Is Raye's health deteriorating?  I can say from direct experience I found this to be consistently untrue because no matter how sick she said she was she was instantly well if something she wanted to do came up.  I am not a physician but I raised children and this was clear to me on this basis.  

Again, ask yourself what value you get in supporting a site which consistently lies to you and refuses to provide proof of the expenses they claim to need paid. 

Post those bills, Raye, people want to know and check the facts.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
I need to Pay the Server
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 15-Apr-2017 11:19:12

I owe the server $160.00. If you would like to see RMNews next month... please help me pay the server bill.
If you wonder why I continue to ask for money, it's because my social security and VA stipend aren't enough to pay all the bills... and I have not had the time to get ready to sell on eBay... because of my three health problems, diabetes, heart condition and SEVERE restless legs, complicated by a bruised bursa in my right hip.
Ever since I injured the bursa of my hip, my restless leg is a thousand times worse... meaning I get very little sleep and walk around like a zombie most of the time.
Without your help, there is no way I can pay the bills. I still think I am young and strong and can do it all by myself. That simply isn't the case any longer. I now need help getting in and out of my beloved Cherokee. Yes, I could get another more practical car, but the Cherokee is paid for and a step stool is a lot less than a new car.
If you would like to see RMNews continue, please contribute as much as you can without depriving yourself of food, shelter, medicine and other necessities.
Thank you!!!
Raye Allan Smith
aka Rayelan
aka Rayelan Allan

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Agent 86 sends news! "the rubes are wising up, but not to hobie's scams"

Thanks, Agent 86!  Yes, Hobie, who once lingered in the background with his alternative pseudonym of Zapper an Jeff Gordon of Atlanta Georgia carefully concealed is writing yet again about activity on the "Poofness" site.  You can find the site and sign up for updates directly, see?   Front Page, with signup

Your present problems are a failing economy and the well-founded prediction the standard of living for Americans will fall by 1/3 this year.  

The major oil companies have now taken control of the Iraqi oil fields, which were the hope on which a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar was founded.  Prosecution for promoting and selling these Dinars are now in process. 

Any major financial collapse holds the potential for loss of food supplies.  Plant a a garden and organize locally to support your common needs. 

Now, tell us about the value exchange you have had over the years with RMN and its 'owners' Rayelan A. Smith and Hobie AKA Jeff Gordon of Atlanta Georgia.  If one of their suggestions paid off, tell us about it.  If one of them reached out to you in need tell us about that, with details, naturally.  (We all have witnessed the constant inventive narrative (I did not call it calloused lies) which appear in their pleas for money.  

Incidentally, did you know 24% of major purchases have always ended up failing due to the natural and unavoidable events which can hit all of us?  Major disease, your own or a loved one,  loss of  employment, accidents, personal, natural or orchestrated by those in power, and more disrupt our lives.  

Yet our present financial infrastructure is predicated on a system for borrowing which makes the impact of these events unavoidable.  That said, consider closely how to best use your money and remember to ask Rayelan about your personal space in the RMN Family Campground!  She will be delighted to her from you.  And Easter On!

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 12-Apr-2017 15:26:22
In Response To: POOFness for APR 11: THE FINAL DELAY (hobie)

Hi, folks -
FYI, I receive emails frequently from Readers who are firmly convinced that Zap and the projects he speaks of and his open pleas for donations to assist others are all some kind of scam.
I don't usually post those, because, frankly, they don't get us anywhere useful, and the majority of RMN Readers are well able to decide for themselves whether to treat the matter as a scam or not, without need of someone else to point out to them the possibility that it might be a scam.
Here are two such emails I've received today. Please don't bother writing me just to chime in with "I think so, too!" It's unlikely I'd post those unless they actually have something new and useful to say:
The question everyone is asking is: when will this never-ending story finally come to end? Most readers realise of course that it is a long-standing internet scam, but there must come a time when the financial return that Zap (=Jerzy) receives, even from the steadfast believers, drops to a level where it is not worth the effort of penning increasingly more preposterous lines of fiction. We must be coming to that happy conclusion soon.
The very next week hobie will post the latest excuse of the week.
At what point do you acknowledge this is a scam?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Apology for my inattention to your comments.

I must apologize for the number of comments I failed to moderate and post this last while.  Things have been busy around here and a family member has been seriously ill as well.  He is just starting to mend and we hope he will be up and back to work soon after Easter. 

This is Easter Week and I hope these days are blessed and that the Easter Bunny is generous with what makes you happiest!  

This is a traditional Ukrainian Easter Egg.  I started making these when the Wandzeras moved in one house from us when I was seven or eight.  

The Wandzeras were a fascinating family, very musical.  Antonia, the Mom worked for Howard Hughes as a secretary and her husband, Tzar (he had a real name but no one called him that), was in charge of the Moon Rover project at Hughes.   

Shelley,  Rochell, was my best friend for a good part of our lives.  Everyone made Easter Eggs all year.  It is a fascinating craft and worth learning .  

                  Have a Wonderful Easter! 

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Duke and Doxie of Manchester site is up and working See below

This morning we received a query via the contact form on this site reading, "where is the duke and duchess site - it is down.  really miss reading it you worked so hard.  hope it gets put back up."

The site is up and  thanks for noting many from RMN are following the antics of the Ducal Despoilers.  I will list the URLs, slightly changed due to exasperation with my former URL register to and, for Laura personally,

I strongly considered dropping Laura but her contacts to me persuaded me she continues to pursue the silly strategy of attempting to repair the Manchester reputation by publishing articles from the long past on their wealth and earned honors.  It is sad, and we probably all wish she would find something positive to do with her time, but that is the story.  

We understand Laura is living in Laguna Beach, CA, likely with a relative.  Craig does not appear to be in the piture but may be throwing some money her way.  

Alex is safely incarcerated for previous crimes in the Nevada system and when I have a moment I will find his contact information and publish it here so you can write to him, if you like.  

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Agent 86 said, "More fractured fairy tales from grifter Raye"

Rayelan is using the now well understood strategy of 'just keep lying.'

This nearly always works because very few people either bother to do research themselves or, as is true with most emotionally normal people, trust those who are familiar to them.  

Raye has been around for a long time and had told the same lies over and over 

Look over the narrative below, which Raye has attempted to sell for decades. 

"Rumor Mill News is 20 years old. When it started in 1996 it was intended to become a worldwide newspaper. It would be printed in Mexico then brought to San Diego to be mailed out. My partner in the newspaper magazine was my husband at the time, CIA whistleblower Gunther Russbacher."

Gunther dumped Raye after he was arrested in Europe for committing fraud against multiple credulous people.  Money not intelligence was the couple's goal.  There is no evidence Gunther was ever involved in RMN.  He was, in fact, in a relationship with another woman, who he married.

"Gunther supplied at least 80% of the information in the print editions of RMN. But in December of 1996 he disapeared. When he reappeared months later he had no memory of ever being married to me. He later married a British film maker during a strange trip to Mexico after which he sneaked into the United States, was arrested and held for deportation." 

One can judge information after the fact by seeing if it proved to be true.  None of the 'leaks' Raye supplied from her 'sources' proved to be true, bur appear to be planted disinformation. 

"For the next 10 or so years, I would continue to receive inside information from SEALS and other operatives that I had met during the time Gunther and I were together. It seemed that "someone" wanted RMN to continue... and continue we have."

 None of the exciting revelations proved to be true.  However, Raye was very motivated to have RMN work so she could live on the money generated from donations by the credulous. 

"We now have an army of reporters worldwide who can post their stories any time of the night or day without sending them to an editor for approval. 
When Rumor Mill News started, it was called RMNews. It even had a section for humor called Humor Mill News. That is one thing I have tried to starte online, but I've never had the time to work on it."

There are no 'reporters' associated with RMN only Reposters (Agents) who ae encouraged to snag the work of others are repost these articles, some of them interesting and even accurate, on the RMN site.  Rye is not  witty person so it is no surprise the humor did not work. 

"Why have I never had the time? Because I am too busy trying to earn the money for all the bills and for food too. Recently I have been missing from RMN and that's because I am getting ready to sell on eBay. If you want to see what I am selling I will soon be creating my own ebay page for RMN."

Raye's life is a steady round of hunting through the Salvation Army store to buy 'treasurers.'  This is why she needs all that storage. 

"Many years ago I said that if people had no money to donate to RMN but had something I could sell on ebay to please send it and I would sell it. If you are in that category, my address is:

People sent Raye lots of things, which she sold but the money went for meals out and her endless acquisitions of 'treasurers.'  A full set of 100 books on the JFK assassination which she said she received as a donation sat and gathered dust.  Raye never read a single book and was astonishingly  ignorant on the issues.  

But, rest assured, Raye wants your money so her life style can continue. 

P.O. Box 95
Ashtabula, Ohio 44010

I thank all my my readers. Without you there would be no RMNews. You have my unconditional love and respect.
Most Humbly,
Raye Smith
aka Rayelan Allan"

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hobie, you need to find more credulous readers

And thanks to our always on top of it Agent 8686 said, "Hobie sets up his very own fraudrazr for his monthly allowance, grifter raye must be having trouble proving that she is a respected and legitimate publisher in the internet community."

Hobie, it is important to know when you are not needed. 

Find UFOs, The Apocalypse, New World Order, Political Analysis,
Alternative Health, Armageddon, Conspiracies, Prophecies, Spirituality,
Home Schooling, Home Mortgages and more, in:
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Fundrazr for hobie
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 25-Mar-2017 20:43:06

Hi, Folks -
In case you missed it last weekend:
Ever wonder why I don't seem to be around much?
Rayelan -- Sunday, 19-Mar-2017 13:09:35
After Raye posted that, two kind souls quickly contributed $120 for me. :) Thanks again, you two.
I've managed to cobble together a Fundrazr campaign separate from the RMN one, so folks can see how close we are to the goal:

Powered by FundRazr
I'm grateful for your support, folks; thank you. :)

NEW: Fundrazr for hobie (views: 433)
hobie -- Saturday, 25-Mar-2017 20:43:06

Monday, March 20, 2017

Agent 86 provides more whining, "Attention Rubes of Ruberville....Please start paying Hobie directly his $600 per month allowance"

Thanks, Agent 86, the variations in ploys to detach Readers from their money never cease to amaze.  Let us remember these are difficult times which will only worsen unless REAL solutions are made available to REAL people.  Health care, the fact the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency, the steady loss of jobs, the encroachment of the expected reduction in standard of living by 1/3 THIS YEAR, and the increasing threat of war, all of these are having the expected impact on each of us. 

This does not have to fulfill its terrible potential but it is time to examine who you are trusting for information with a jaundiced and alert eye.  

Notice that the 'insiders' who run RMN failed you utterly, entirely and completely.  Their promises of action, accurate information and more have been entirely inaccurate.  Their story changes continuously and with out abatement.  None of the generous investments made in RMN have paid off in any way.  You are facing a world where polluting your neighborhood and impacting your health is actively encouraged openly, and no longer covert.  Do these shysters ever suggest anything but that you 'invest' in bogus cons like the revalued Iraqi Dinar?  Did you notice that the oil fields which were the ONLY asset available to that sad country are not the property of American oil countries, which was the entire reason for the War in Iraq which has also brought America to its economic knees.   
There is less than NO chance investments in the Dinar will provide you with anything but very marginal toilet paper when you can no longer afford to buy the real thing.  

Now, read this whine with its lack of documentation demanded by so many and consider your options.  Also, remember Zapper is actually Jeff Gordon, also known as Hobie.  

Find UFOs, The Apocalypse, New World Order, Political Analysis,
Alternative Health, Armageddon, Conspiracies, Prophecies, Spirituality,
Home Schooling, Home Mortgages and more, in:
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Ever wonder why I don't seem to be around much?
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 19-Mar-2017 13:09:35

The reason:
I'm busy trying to find ways to pay for all the costs involved with owning Rumor Mill News, plus earning enough to pay my own bills and buy food and other necessities.
I would love to spend time on RMN the way I used to. But sadly, in these difficult economic times, it gets harder and harder to make money... any kind of money.
I have eliminated about $500.00 in overhead that I hope we never miss. I have lowered what I ask for from $3000 to $2500. The rest of the money is necessary or I lose RMN or access to the web, phones, electricity and other things I can't think of right now. But all of them are necessary to keep RMN up and running.
This month, as well as last month found me asking for an additional $600.00 to pay zapper what Conversant would have paid him if they had had all the information they needed from me.
Unfortunately, with my recent and continuing health problems, this information has been most difficult to get. I thought there would be a copy of my Ohio business papers at my local bank. But evidently, they destroy them after a certain period because there are links to them on the computer web showing my company and that it is registered with the state of Ohio... but that registration has expired.
Unfortunately, for some reason, there is no active webpage for Rumor Mill News. I have written to the state asking where is Rumor Mill News, but I have not received an answer.
Without this information, I cannot get Conversant to release the money to zapper. So, for another month, we need an additional $600.00 to pay zapper for the work he does so well and affordably.
I am going to have to get on the phone to the capital and see what more I need to do before they renew Rumor Mill News.
I am asking for zapper's $600.00 to be sent to
and the money for RMN to be put in the fundraiser.
Please let zapper know that the money you send to is for the $600.00 that Conversant has not paid him due to my inability to get the things to Conversant they need to prove I am a rightfully entrenched and respectable member of the business publishing community.
Thank you so much for all the support and help you have given me and zapper during all the long years we have kept on slogging through the swamp... and we don't even LIVE in Washington, D. C., although at times, it seems they are right next door due to all the reporting we do on them...

Friday, March 17, 2017

Agent 86 said, "Grifter Raye has some very vague bills to be paid while she battles the evil NWO but it has been a fun ride scamming the rubes of ruberville news, oh, and Hobie is hungry"

RMN advertising has an interesting history.  In the whining post below Raye again steps up to ask for more money to pay bills for which she and Hobie have consistently refused to provide documentation.  Read it carefully.  Then, at the end look over the section of TimeLine reproduced here from this site.  

In 2011 it was handled by Angela (Angel), who Raye displaced so she could persuade another one of her victims, myself, to relocated to Ohio.  I rewrote the entire advertising plan never knowing Angel was also selling advertising and thought she was the Advertising Director.  
The Lee Family saved Raye from her outrageous financial stupidities with her house in Watsonville by traveling to California from Ohio, packing her up, and moving her.  It was an enormous task.  

Raye told them she would be forever grateful.  Angel's mother, Lee, had been living with Raye in California.  I was told by Raye the family was trying to kill her and she needed me to come out to rescue and become her partner.  She also hired me to handle the advertising both for RMN and for RMN Radio.  

The family believed her.  Now look over the begging letter and the section of time line.  

Again, thanks to Agent 86 for his prompt attention in bringing the truth to more potential victims.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
- - Bills to be Paid - - Food to be Bought - -
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 17-Mar-2017 08:17:15

Both hobie and I are counting on you to come through again for us. At this time of the month, hobie has a payment of $600.00 coming in from one of our advertisers. Lately the company has been VERY late in sending his money.
I don't get money from advertisers. The only money I get comes from Reader Donations. You can see from the fundrazr widget, that $630.00 is all that has come in. I also have bills to pay.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and RMN in these last 20 years. It's been a fun ride.

      July                    The Lee Family Express their Gratitude to their beloved Rayelan
                                 The Lee family moved Rayelan from the house she was losing in California
                                 to Ohio.  They packed up her things for her and drove her back to Ohio.  
                                 Rayelan told me they were already stealing from her but later 
                                 commented over and over that items she had reported stolen had been  

      August        26 - Email from Laura to Melinda regarding building website 
26 – Email from Laura to Melinda regarding website. - See more at:
                           19 -      Employment Letter, Director of Advertising, RMN 
                           28 -     11:36:50 PDT -  Email - Rayelan to Angel  Advertising
                                       11:50:48 PDT - Letter from RayelanAllen to Angel
                                       12:39 PM - From (Angel) to
                                        advertising client
12:39 PM - From (Angel) to advertising client - See more at:
                                        2:27:25PM - Letter from Angel to Raye
                                        3:13:29 - Letter from Angel to Raye
      November 13 -  Exchange with Manchester on the Michael Jackson Tapes 
                          19 -  Declaration to the FBI- Pillsbury-Foster about Manchester

      December 25     Letter from Amanda Lee to Raye 
                                   Letter forwarded to Melinda from Raye from Amanda 
                         26     Letter from Melinda to Amanda Lee     
                                   Letter from Amanda Lee to Melinda


      January   10      Letter from Raye to Melinda - Background research on Powers - Lee 
                        19      Letter from Melinda to Raye - Draft for Criminal Complaint - Powers

      February 2       Letter to Angel, Draft Requested by Rayelan 
                        7       Business Expenses - Rubicon Aegis, LLC 
                      14       Letter from Amanda Lee to Raye
                      27       List of Stolen Guns
      March      4       Compiled List, Requested by Rayelan 
                        5       Criminal Complaint Lodged Against the Powers - Lee Family 
                        7       FORWARD - Emails between Raye and Angel from previous October
                                       This one is about Brittany  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Hobie updates the rubes at ruberswillnews"

Agent 86 sent this one first.  Thanks, Agent 86!   He is always there with flare.

If you are an ordinary  person you do not know Raye is not dunned for payment by folks like the electric company because these are really owned by the CIA.  

                     The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 14-Mar-2017 17:54:57
In Response To: HELP!! WE REALLY NEED HELP!! (Rayelan)

Hi, Folks -
February 24, Raye issued an urgent plea for financial help, and you responded handsomely and immediately. :)
Raye mentioned the need to pay for several months' of site hosting and also that I was in difficulty owing to non-payment by one of our ad suppliers.
Your generous and immediate response to that message "saved the day" in more ways than one, including making it possible for me to buy groceries. :) I am very grateful for that (and I know Raye is, too), and I thank you, very much. :)
Blessings, all.
P.S. I had delayed expressing my thanks, knowing that Raye should rightly express hers first, but she's been greatly distracted these past weeks by chronic pain for which her doctors chose _not_ to prescribe any pain killing drug. (It's a bursitis issue and apparently has to be resolved by some amount of physical therapy. Meanwhile it's keeping her short of sleep and persistently fatigued.)
Until such time as she speaks for herself, please accept that her unspoken gratitude is as deep and genuine as mine is. We are very appreciative of and grateful for you folks. :)

Agent 86 said, "A status from her royal highness of the rubes"

And the timely and stalwart Agent 86 has again provided the freshest blather and disinformation on the less than amazing (try vile instead) life of Little Darlene Rae Smith of Crows Landing, California.

What struck me as most bizarre about these puling whines is the timing.  

First, let's provide some newly emerging information on quantum physics.  Google "quantum energy healing" for yourself.  Quantum physics could very well be the link between the physical world, of which we are the most conscious, and the world we identify as the sacred because it is beyond our usual senses.  

Read this book, The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention (Books) by Church, Dawson

I read it some years ago and found it both useful and fascinating in multiple ways.  

Now, an update on me.  I gained over 100 pounds within three months of moving in with Raye in Ohio.  Additionally, I began to experience other problems, including acute pain in my joints, especially from the waist down, and on my meridian lines (If this does not mean anything to you see this link).

At one point Raye told me she had charitably taken in a next door neighbor who had lost his home in Watsonville, the working class suburb to Santa Cruz.  She said he was having health problems and she was assisting him with vitamins and the like.  

Then, suddenly, without explanation he became enraged, threatened her and walked out.  She said she did not know why but I think it very possible she knew quite well what was going forward.

Raye's whining missive describes closely the conditions I began experiencing after arriving in Ohio at Raye's request.  This shocked me because I have done Yoga and worked out daily since I began taking martial arts in 1969. There was no reason for me to gain weight or experience these symptoms.  

Raye ignored the weight gain and my comments about the pain, shrugging these off and encouraging me to keep working on her projects, none of which ever came to fruition because she had lied about having the capital to launch of even the wish to do so.  

The pain continued until I left Ohio and I could not lose weight, despite my Yoga and adding Pilates and minimizing my intake of food.  

When I left I continued working through agonizing pain.  Slowly,  I began tolose weight and regain sensation in areas which were completely blocked.  I'm now finishing the last of this work on my self.  

Although psychiatrists and other professionals, including historians, believe from the evidence psychopathy existed throughout human history, no word for this was agreed on until the first 30 years of the 20th Century.  Around 1905 a psychiatrist coined the word, "psychopath.'  In the 30's another psychiatrist independently coined the word, "Sociopath."

I wondered if there was an earlier word.  Using the characteristics several consistent words emerged.  Devil, Demon and vampire were among these.  

The 'magic' carried out using facts unknown to those viewing events seen could include the theft of energy and use of energy to cause harm to others.  I'm continuing this research by helping others facing these same conditions.  

While in Ohio I observed Raye making signs, in seeming ritual, down stairs from my room.  These were followed by nausea and increased pain in these same points which are exactly like those she describes experiencing now, herself.  These rituals are described on sites for Vampires.  Vampires cannot drink human blood because it is toxic.  But multiple sites exist for Energy-Vampires.  

As part of my recovery process I send back to anyone who had harmed me the energies used to cause that harm.  This restores balance, by my understanding.  

I firmly believe we are obligated to live in ways which cause no harm to others or to the Earth. I also believe we are obligated to protect others from harm by informing them of this potential.  

Energy work has been in use in Eastern cultures for at least 5,000 years.  
The Iceman, discovered in 1991 in the Alps, had tattoos which could have been made along meridian lines. Discovery article

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I should have thanked everyone before now!! :
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 15-Mar-2017 10:50:51
In Response To: THANK YOU VERY MUCH :) (hobie)

I really apologize for my absense from RMN and for my forgetting about a "thank-you" post when you really come through for me and RMN.
As hobie said, I am in constant pain in my right hip and low back. Every now and then it gets so bad that I need to go to the Emergency Room at a local hospital for a pain shot. When I do that, I am passed out for about 24 hours. And usually the pain has subsided when I wake up.
When the ER docs see that I have been hospitalized for heart problems, they want to admit me until the pain goes away.
There has been massive over prescribing of pain pills here in Ohio. More than likely it's all over the country. But our state is monitoring doctors and as a result, the doctors are prescribing less and less pain pills. People like me, whose pain is not associated with a disease that will cause death, are the ones who have been cut out of the pain pill perscriptions.
My recent pain in my hip activates both the restless leg pain and the bulging disc pain. I literally hurt from the low back all the way to my feet, which are always hurting due to diabetic neuropathy.
Needless to say, after I have gone through endless days of pain, I tend to forget about everything except getting rid of the pain.
I have tried most of the alternative pain solutions, with minimum success. If anyone knows of anything that could help me with the pain, please let me know. It can't be a prescription pain pill since I know my doctor won't write a prescription for me.
Again, I am sorry for not remembering to thank all our readers who came through for me at a time when almost all of the $2500 was spoken for... and the money wasn't in the fundrazer widget. You really went above and beyond on this occasion.
I still own the man who owns the server another $300.00, and I owe thousands to Uncle Sam, which is why I am setting up an ebay account and will soon start selling some very amazing items... along with a lot of "simply" amazing items. Most of my things are from the 40s and 50s.
Thank you again.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Early Alzheimer's" Dementia? Senility? Please send your ideas and offer your home as a sanctuary.

How could we have overlooked Raye's need?  This is shocking, simply shocking.  

Raye wrote, "

if you can help, please help now.
If you have ever THOUGHT about giving but never got around to it... now is the time of utmost urgency. Without payment to our server, we no longer have RMN.
Here's the Fundfazr widget...
Thank you so much for hearing the desperation in my typing."
Raye has admitted she is incapable of handling her own affairs,  For example , she cannot reliably pay her own routine expenses and is left to beg pitifully online for help.  

Let's put this agony to a stop and find Raye a Conservator who can take over handling her routine bills and ensure she has activities appropriate to a woman of her advanced years and deteriorating condition. 

If you can move Raye in to your home, let us know.  If you are aware of an appropriate rest facility in Ashtabula, send us the information 

If you are willing to handle the sale of the mountains of stuff now stored in various garages and boxes, indicate this as well.  

If you are willing to adopt any dogs or cats who are, doubtless, suffering from neglect as Raye deteriorates, note this as well. 

Thanks for pointing this out, Anon.  I'm sure all of RMN Readers are also grateful for your attention to this matter.  

Use our Comments function and we will see that everyone is aware of the situation, starting with Social Services in Ashtabula.