Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rumor Mill News - Consider the Question

If you read Rumor Mill News consider the following:

Founded on January 25, 1999 the online site continues to publish the same kind of articles on the same topics.  While other online publications have entered the market for information, even providing, as does Before Its News, exactly the same kind of categories for articles provided by RMN, its readership is steadily rising.  It has writers who do research and do not depend on 'rumor.'

Rayelan Allan, AKA Raye Smith, Darlene Rae Smith, claims to be entirely dedicated to providing information which allows readers to better understand the development of ongoing events.  But without documentation this is not possible.  Acting on rumor is a disaster in the making.  

In fact, any articles published on RMN today are generally reposts by agents who, very often, are doing no research themselves, taking this as a standard set by Rayelan, who has stated she is not a journalist and does not need to obtain proof, even when it is offered, for claims she makes. 

When RMN was originally founded the site was touted as receiving posts by 'insiders' who were, at risk to themselves, providing essential truths.  Many, according to Rayelan, were actually CIA.  None of these purported whistleblowers ever surfaced, but their rumored presence in large part accounted for the initial popularity of the site.


If you wanted to establish a disinformation site you would refuse to supply sources, ignoring the tenets of journalism. 

You would entice readers with promises of events about to take place which provided hope, claiming these were originating from 'inside sources' which you never name.  

You would frighten readers into inactivity as they waited for others to take action. 

Those to be depended on for  'taking action,' could be explained as aliens, Faction Two, or any one of many other possibilities. 

You would provide the semblance of a safe harbor where, at least on line, you could feel in community with others and temporarily secure. 

But time has continued to pass and the potentials for action are changing rapidly as, today, we look at the very real possibility of food riots.  Others are taking action.  They do not post on RMN. 

In 2013 Rayelan was planning to leave the U.S.   She did not mention this online and had no intention of doing so, giving no thought to those she would be leaving behind. 

Today, many RMN readers are still waiting for the Dinar to revalue, holding on to paper money, and waiting for someone to do something.  

Each of us is free to trust and believe - and wait.  But it is time to ask yourself if this is the right course for you. 

Inaction is exactly the goal of a disinformation site.


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