Friday, December 27, 2013

Litigation is coming closer and closer


Some demented individual, I suspect I know their identity but since they choose to be Anonymous will withhold comment on this point, contacted me questioning my counsel's residence, which is about to change to the east coast as Homeowners Justice prepares for litigation there in our first phase of action. 

While they had obviously visited the website they made the mistake of assuming they were seeing the entire plan.  This was a misapprehension on their part.  The infrastructure built out for Homeowners Justice made taking care of the problem with Rayelan easy to handle.

Bringing in counsel from outside the area is essential, as local attorneys are reluctant to challenge the court on the issue of foreclosures where they have their practices.  In these cases we use local counsel, who only file papers.  This is a standard practice and very inexpensive.  Our local counsel elsewhere provides these services for a couple of hundred bucks. 

We are identifying attorneys willing to serve as local counsel for cases around the country on the issue of foreclosure as part of the second phase.    

Our plan has always to add attorneys trained and competent to represent clients on foreclosure.   The process of training attorneys around the country is now in motion.  Training will be done by a list of attorneys entirely qualified in each area of specialization within the many issues specific to foreclosure and securities fraud.  
Today, honest attorneys do not want to take these cases because they realize they are woefully untrained and unready to represent their clients effectively. 

Attorneys who do take these cases expect to learn on the job at the cost of their client.  Notice how well that has worked for homeowners.  Not. 

 We can help the right attorneys go into court prepared from Alaska to Florida.  Sign up to receive announcements, if you like.  

Process Strategist and Lead Trainer:

Charles E. Lincoln, III, whose education includes a B.A., magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from Tulane, M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard, J.D. from the University of Chicago, was an associate at Cadawalder, Wickersham and Taft when they were registering the first securitized derivative in 1993 – 1994.

It took him six weeks to realize the whole was highly irregular, another six weeks to see it was the Ponzi scheme from Hell.

After they read through the thorough analyses Lincoln provided, some of these running to 500 pages, with reference to the Constitution, statures, regulations, and case law, they asked him to leave, offering a $50,000 parting payment.

Then they went after him in ways all whistleblowers would recognize as a full on attack on every part of his life.   Until now he never managed to get the whistle to his mouth.  

Rayelan and Publicity

Rayelan loves publicity.  This is why she delights in the title, "The Queen of Conspiracy."  If she did not want to be exposed for her fraud she should not have committed it.  She had no problem lying her little heart out about me to everyone she knows covertly.  We call this slander.   She took steps she thought would make it impossible for me to avoid being homeless 3,000 miles from my home in California and without internet or a phone and forced to care for my son.  She also appears to have ended my part time job as Director of Advertising for RMN without ever mentioning the matter to me.  

She has been everything which is ugly and foul toward my disabled son.

It is a routine strategy for psychopaths to plan out their attacks while maintaining the pretense of cordial relations with their victim.  The FBI says of the 'face' created by individual psychopaths, "Psychopathic manipulation usually begins by creating a mask, known as a psychopathic fiction, in the minds of those targeted."  

Rayelan conforms to this pattern.  If you think you know her, you are wrong. 

Rayelan deserves not a scintilla of sympathy from anyone, but she whines and parades her pretended injuries, I am sure. 

If you are concerned for anyone, let it be for Jim Heath, whose health seems to be suffering since he and Rayelan became close friends and he moved in with her.     

Gathering the Tribes of Darkness Part II – The Disordered

Read the article  below, which is about a more interesting topic.  

The Foreclosure Meltdown was Planned - A Whistle blower Speaks Out

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

The trade in derivatives, using home notes, was designed as a Ponzi scheme. Excel knew it. Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft (CWT), knew it. My fellow junior associates laughed at me, senior associates got mad at me, and the senior partners ultimately asked me to resign or be fired when I wrote repeated lengthy memoranda explaining this out to them.” - Charles Lincoln, III, PH.D., Harvard, J.D., University of Chicago, School of Law

Who is Charles Lincoln, III?

In October, 1993, Charles Lincoln, III began work as an associate at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft (CWT). He had just completed a judicial clerkship for Kenneth L. Ryskamp, U. S. District Judge, Southern District of Florida. During his clerkship with Judge Ryskamp, Lincoln had planned, coordinated, and framed the jury questions for a very large securities fraud trial in Palm Beach against Alan B. Levan’s Florida-based BankAtlantic Bancorp and Subsidiary Bank Atlantic Financial Company (BAFCO), which were heavily involved in Florida Real Estate from 1952-2011.

What he was about to learn, and challenge, would change the course of his life, from one of privilege to destitution. MORE

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