Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Rayelan Report Update

My editor, Jennifer, decided we need more detail on the physical symptoms of PsiVamp attacks so here it is. This outline will serve for the chapter in the book titled, “Cannibals of the Spirit.”

The combination of lack of empathy and conscience and energy cannibalism, this is now the new term, replacing the several variations on 'vampire,' for a demonic entity who lives by stealing the life energy from others. Our book will be the first to use the new term and explain why it more accurately explains the phenomenon.

Rayelan is slightly unusual because she combines the psychopathic lack of conscience and empathy, neurological conditions which have now yielded to electronic documentation via such technologies as fMRI, among others.

The energy draining aspeect of her behavior is also at the extreem end because she is what is referred to as a 'deepfeeder,' meaning she sets inserts energetically and then uses these thereafter to suck out the energy of her victim. Deepfeeders generally kill off their victims and as an extension of the psychopathic behavior also steal their property as they grow weaker toward the end of the process, which is excruciatingly painful for the victim.

Entities like Rayelan, it is essential we stop thinking of them as human, when they have access to retirement and benefits, will falsify information, fail to report death, so they can continue to obtain funds through these sources.

Learning how to stop the deepfeeding involves gaining psychic control over your own energy system and eliminating the insertions. This is done through deep mediation and exercise which eliminates what we are calling the RayeToxi, or Rayelan Toxicity, which is used by the entity to destroy the physical integrity of the victim's body.

In the case of Rayelan Allen AKA Darlene Rae Smith and other names, this was done to gain control and also out of spite. Rayelan is enormously fat and unattractive and resented having someone around who wore clothing more than ten sizes smaller that did she.

Insertion Points

Rayelan chose the insertion points to alter the make up of my body. This became one of the markers which eventually awakened me to what was going on. I had been slender, with a flat abdomen, all of my life, going home after a C-Section to wear my pre-pregnancy clothing. So suddenly having a belly, like Rayelan's but not enclosed in the nearly steel sheath of corset which Rayelan routinely wears, was one of many shocks.

Insertion points were in the groin, one on each side in the public area, and in two sets up the abdomen, the last being right under the rib cage.

The book will graph these in the several cases we are using as illustrations.

Rayelan has continued to slander me to new people she draws in but it is clear she is in a downward spiral and growing daily more shrill and occasionally showing signs of what appears to be senility or symptoms of Alzheimer's.

I agree with Father Teo and his insights relating to the 'other entity' issue as to the nature of these de monic presences among humanity. Father Teo calls them 'dark angels,' entities who willfully turned away from God and so have consigned themselves to hell and an end of their separate consciousness.

Father Teo says this is the choice they have made, and represents the logic of a life-times of choices which, now that the consciousness is rising, they could not change without abandoning all of the habits and indulgences which are normal to them.

Thanks, Father Teo, for your insights and assistance in understanding what was happening to me. The PsiKiller technique may well account for the diminishments in Rayelan's functioning in multiple areas, a good thing which will protect other potential victims.

Interestingly enough, Father David mentioned his own experience with multiple demons in Bible Study this week.  Coincidence or spiritual communique?  Who knows.   

We are aiming for a court date to coincide with the release of the book, thus helping us develop a market for a very new take on the issue of psychopathy and the related PsiVamp/Energy Cannibalism issues.

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