Monday, June 2, 2014

Return to Light Ministry

Praying for Protection from Psychopaths and PsiVampires 

The article above, appearing on Legends of the Fall,  provides information on PsiVampires.  The impact of these entities on people is growing clearer as we move daily further into the End Times and human consciousness continues to expand.  

While unembodied entities can be disposed of through the traditional use of exorcism and the newer term of Deliverance Ministry, used by Francis MacNutt in his excellent book, Deliverance from Evil Spirits - A Practical Manual, this ministry does not answer the problem of those entities, Dark Angels, who having experienced the blending of DNA with humanity are also free to choose to return to God through Jesus Christ, who is the Savior of all of humanity.  

The avenue is prayer.  The person must stop concealing their nature, seek assistance, and ask forgiveness for the wrongs done to those harmed through lack of conscience.   This must be sincere and not another form for manipulation, a strategy common to Dark Angels, also known as psychopaths.  

Characteristics of Psychopathy 

This is the Return to Light Ministry.  



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