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Part Two – The Saga Continues – with a brief stop in reality.


This is a question many ask. The post bearing this title was written by Rayelan, reminding the Reader of her previous assertions in regards to her history.  

I strongly suggest you read the post in its entirety.  

The answer provided by Rayelan is that she stands as a frail and determined woman holding back the tides of the malevolent forces of Faction One, very different from the heroes she knows personally, her very good friends, who comprise Faction Two.

Rayelan pauses in her feverish efforts to move to remind us WHO SHE IS, ignoring some questions which are never asked, and should be.  

Since all of the individuals in Factions One and Two appear to belong to governmental agencies, for instance the C.I.A., and hold vast amounts of money which they do not intend to use for the relief of struggling Americans, though monies may be expended for third world countries in reasonable amounts, one is left wondering why Faction Two deserves the support she is providing them with the hard earned money of RMN Readers. 

The account reads like fiction, asserting the existence of a century long plan to bankrupt the Federal Reserve.  Many people have, over the years, pointed out the rapacious and confiscatory nature of the FED.  Pointing out a problem is not the same as solving it.  Urging people to wait until a murky group which no one can prove exists rescues them is insanity. 

Today, a broader understanding of the problem is growing both on the Right and Left as the barriers to action begin breaking down.  

Rumor Mill News had no part of this.  It happened through a multitude of movements, Right and Left, which worked diligently to educate the public on the history and issues.  

The Perot Movement galvanized many who were frustrated with the failure of earlier movements, including the Libertarian Party.  The Ron Paul Revolution broadened the base of people who understood what was happening.  And the Internet itself, with the independent bloggers who refused to be silenced have over the last ten years begun a movement away from the iron fist of the Main Stream Media.  

All of this has happened while nothing at RMN changed.  But Rayelan continues to tell her stories, featuring and starring herself.    

According to Rayelan the Love of her life, the soul she has been waiting to be reunited with for millions of years is Gunther Russbacher, who Rayelan claims was highly placed in the C.I.A.but actually a member of Faction Two.  

This conflicts with the evidence elsewhere on the web. While RMN Readers have accepted Russbacher as the actual Arch Duke of Austria, along with being a super hero come to Earth from Obergon, others maintain another opinion.

His fame and good name with Readers hinges on having ferrying then-Vice President George Bush to Paris during the caper of the October Surprise on October 19, 1980. He and Rayelan met, fell in love over a glass of wine in 1989 and flew off into the sky, their marriage interrupted when authorities caught up with him. What would a CIA bureaucrat be doing ferrying anyone?  

This very romantic view of Russbacher clashes with accusations he was actually a conman using someone else's identity in the article, titled, "A Pro Con," published by the Chicago Tribune on  March 17, 1992, written by Michael Tackett.

If Gunther was ferrying George H.W. Bush why was he arrested? I've had this explained to me but the convolutions and lack of logic, layered with aliens, members of royal families, and other unessential additions to the narrative left me feeling slightly nauseated and  less than persuaded.

Since HW is definitely a corporate hire whose family has been busy working their way up the corporate food chain for several generations why was this role, if real, heroic?

Personally, I prefer to use Occam's Razor as my tool for deducing what is most likely true.

The Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Riverside says this about this logic tool. “Occam's (or Ockham's) razor is a principle attributed to the 14th century logician and Franciscan friar William of Ockham.  Ockham was the village in the English county of Surrey where he was born.”

While there are multiple ways of stating the principle I prefer the simplest.
...when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better."

And a correllary should be, "If nothing predicted happens for a century make alternate plans."

Years have passed since Rayelan lived out those precious chapters of her life with Gunther, ending when, according to her, he called her up in 1996 and told her he was divorcing her because, she reported him saying,  she was too fat. He had spent most of his time in prison, anyway, according to the authorities in Missouri.

The point of Rumor Mill News was to get out the truth. Has this happened? The truth is erupting from every point, but not because of any action by RMN.

We needed the truth because taking effective action in the face of the ongoing corporate take-over of government was a crying need.

RMN has done nothing to facilitate hard data which provides Americans and people around the world locked into a grid which controlled very aspect of their lives.

So, the two competing theories I propose are:

Rayelan is a heroine who came out of nowhere, found the love of her life, and dedicated herself to ensuring you have the truth, all of this at great risk to her life and carried out while she was becoming impoverished. Just wait, Faction Two, she advised, for the wonderful, peaceful aliens, who will save you!

As Readers busy themselves speculating on the Factions the roll of absolute control continued. No effective solutions to the problems were generated by RMN or Rayelan. How many people have allowed themselves to be passive in the face of threats to our lives and freedom while they are comforted by the sensational stories and never appearing salvation compiled on RMN?

The second theory is shorter.

Rayelan has been an operative for the C.I.A. for most of her life. Her job with RMN is keeping Readers ineffective and ensuring their resources are swallowed by such cons as the Dinar.

Have any of you asked her about the Family Campground, property for which was purchased years ago? Where did the money raised actually go? Who benefited?  Anyone who donated deserves to receive a full accounting, not a story.  

Demand to see the financial records. The property is at:  3426 Knowlton Road, Rock Creek, Ohio.  Angel was living there for some time in a building which, evidently, was so run down as to have no value, according to the clerk in the Auditor's office. 

It has never been transferred to Rayelan. 

Auditor's Office for Ashtabula County 


Sales Data
Parcel:  330200000605
Address:  3426 KNOWLTON (Rock Creek, Ohio)

Sale DateSale PriceSellerBuyerCurrent DeedSale Validity
3/11/1998$0.00BAKER JENNIFER LBAKER JENNIFER L0085/8523 


NEXT:  Part Three – The Saga of the Move to Ohio will continue

Update on Yesterday's Post: Surfing the Apocalypse.

Theresa Lynne Durbin - Born 11 September 1958

Assumed Trusteeship for the house which was owned by her father, William A. Durbin on February 17, 2006. House was located at 251 S 103rd East Ave, Tulsa, OK 74128-1237 
     Doc No. 2006018549, County Clerk for Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Father:  William A. Durbin, born Oct 25, 1924, died May 28, 2005 in Tulsa, OK at age 80.
Mother: Betty Jean Durbin, preceded him in death in 2000 at age 77 in Tulsa Oklahoma.

There is no explanation of why Theresa was named her father's Trustee when he was already deceased. 

House originally owned by Theresa's parents. 

Tulsa County Assessor's Website


DateGrantorGranteePriceDoc typeBook-Page/Doc#
May 7, 2014DURBIN, THERESA LYNNE PHNOM PENH HOLDINGS LLC $36,000Warranty Deed2014040520
Feb 17, 2006DURBIN, THERESA L, PERSONAL REPRESETNATIVEDURBIN, WILLIAM AAffidavit Of Surviving Joint Tenant2006018549

The house was sold on May 7, 2014 to Phnom Penh Holdings, LLC.

Theresa Lynne Durbin, who appears to be using the name Theresa Washburn, is now living at:
1927 N DENVER AV W TULSA 74106, according to the public record, available through the Assessor's Office online.

General Information

Situs address1927 N DENVER AV W TULSA 74106
Owner mailing address1927 N DENVER AVE
TULSA, OK 74106
Land area†0.50 acres / 21,756 sq ft
Tax rateT-1A [TULSA]
Legal descriptionSubdivision: OAK TERRACE ADDN

Legal: ALL LT 23 & PRT LT 24 BEG SWC LT 24 TH E93 NWLY184.61 W8.8 S161.01 POB BLK 1

Section: 26  Township: 20  Range: 12


DateGrantorGranteePriceDoc typeBook-Page/Doc#
Feb 1, 2000

Dec 1, 1984

Oct 10, 2001

General Warranty Deed06612-02254

Theresa Lynne Durbin, AKA Washburn, owns the house with Diana D. Washburn, according to the same public record.


AnonymousJune 30, 2014 at 8:45 AM
    Theresa Durbin was the one who taught Rayelan how to code her website. Rayelan used to claim Theresa as a dear, dear friend and on occasion, beg for money on her behalf. Not surprising that she had a fallout with Theresa, neither mentions the other anymore although they used to be 'thick as thieves', to coin a phrase. Both sites beg for money. Looking forward to your series of posts.
Theresa's site preceded RMN, it is Darlene Rae Scammer that is the imitator.

In the interests of truth - the date of registration for RMN is 09-Jun-1998. This can be viewed at Except for the date of original registration no other information is available.

I understand, by Raye's statement to me, that the site and URL were paid for by Raye's now deceased husband, David Kooker. The given reason for the success of RMN in those early years is the intimation CIA agents were posting there covertly. The truth of this assertion is now in question.

When and how did Angel get to know Raye?
I don't know about Angel, she was there for a long time. She was also friends with Theresa. Was Darlene Rae Scammer complaining
about Angel's lame ads on STA offering to read a persons name for a fee? If so, this was after DRS cut ties with Angel and Teresa. Angel also claimed to be able to read secret illuminati codes in newspaper headlines.

I may be wrong about which site was first, Teresa had other sites, but it was Teresa who taught RDS to set up RMN.

Really? That makes a curious kind of sense, as Raye's advantages appear to be based on her claims of celebrityhood of a curious kind. Angel's site, at least STA, is well done, much better than RMN. Readership is much lower, however.

Raye said Theresa was actually Angel. I would need proof to believe otherwise. Note research on Raye here. I ran into a lot of lies and respinning and there is still a lot of unexplained time. But if she was an operative for the CIA that makes sense.

Theresa is Angel? Wow! Theresa lives in Oklahoma, she claims to be about 55years old and gay and crippled and unable to qualify for social security disability or ssi ( she owns a paid off house left to her by her father which she has not sold) and the house she bought with her partner in the 90's.

I think Raye was lying, although Durbin certainly colors the truth and is not a very nice person, they do not seem to me to be the same person at all. I would be very surprised if they were the same person.

Here is her begathon site, Theresa has been MIA for about 5 months.

Dear Anonymous, I read the very sad letters the woman wrote on the Funding site and she appeared to be consistent with her story. The last update was two months ago and she reports being on the mend, but still in pain.

Could this be a false report, made with the intention of getting money for injuries which do not exist? Yes, but it is far more persuasive than those written by Raye.

None of the other references I have seen are documented by third parties and could have been placed with the intention of creating a persona using the name and facts about the woman available on the web.. I'm not saying this happened, only that they do not prove the woman, who may exist, has anything to do with the sites.

I did several searches for a Theresa Durbin, Tulsa, OK. I found a record for a specific address on East Ave, Tulsa, OK 74128-1237. Incidentally, the zip code comes up differently on the house and phone. I will not give the complete address as the woman may not be in any way associated with the persona under discussion. It is much more understandable to ask for help when help is actually needed. Helping each other is normal and very human.

When I am researching I do not jump to conclusions. So let's continue the search for the Real Theresa

Well, I do not believe that she is Angel, I do believe that DRS who would have you file false police reports for theft would not hesitate to lie about Angel to you. I have sent Theresa quite a bit of money over the course of 18 months. I stopped because it is always the same story. She owns a home free and clear that she could sell or live in. I frankly do not believe that she did not know she signed an interest only loan with a balloon payment. Because she owns property she does not qualify for SSI. I assume she has not worked for 40 quarters, she does not qualify for SS Disability.

Dear Anonymous, As for Raye, the truth is not in her. Of course she would lie to me. She lies to everyone and when she is caught out and questioned she invents more lies. Keeping people from getting to know each other is part of her overall strategy because when then they can see for themselves they have been deceived.

The question is not if she lies, but what is the truth.

From what I have learned about her I believe she is a psychopath. Each of the characteristics identified as common in psychopaths are very evident in her.

When the items Raye claimed had been stolen by the Lee-Powers family began to surface from the vast morass of hoarding which constitute Raye's 'treasurers.' (She hauls purchases home from junk stores and announces these as 'family heirlooms.) I was extremely disturbed when she refused to correct the record with the police. She did not even bother to shrug.

Then, I did not realize how much they had done for her.

Deciding what you believe is how you build your individual paradigm. Having believed without evident, to my own detriment, I now suspend opinion until evidence is obtained. Digging continues and facts will be obtained.
How curious......


"A List Of Today's Greatest Internet Warriors

And check out the sites, too. Theresa Durbin and Rayelan Allen of Surfing The Apocalypse and Rumor Mill News have been through, and are still going through HELL to keep these sites going."

Enough alike to cause comment.

Theresa Durbin's Linked in says:

Surfing The Apocalypse - Vlogging The Apocalypse
1999 – 2009 (10 years)
1993 – 1995 (2 years)"

Nothing about her earlier work history or career.

The only place "EOI NETWORK -FM RADIO NETWORK" is in conjunction with "Theresa Durbin."

I believe from researching her Raye has multiple scams going online. Consider these possibilities.

Could Raye, either alone or with Angel (Neversurrender) be Theresa? Crowd funding can be pretty anonymous and the amount donated was very small in comparison to what was asked.

Here are the rules for Go Fund Me.

5-Minute Email Support
No deadlines or goal requirements
Mobile-Friendly Campaigns
Keep every donation you receive
GoFundMe Mobile App
No penalties for missing goal
Cost is, total, 7.9% plus $.30 per donation.

Questions need to find answers.


  1. Upon further reflection, DRS was the one who said that TD was the one who taught her how to code her website, so that could be just one more in an endless litany of lies. The sale of that property in May certainly explains the lack of appeals for funds.

  2. Yes, it occurred to me as well the timing was significant. But Angel has also been in this mix for over ten years and certainly must be aware of what is going on, along with Hobie. The research continues!

  3. Another thing, TD sold both of her properties and never mentioned it to her faithful readers while appealing for funds, the two story house in Jan 2014. Thank you for your most interesting blog.

  4. I misspoke, her home not sold in Jan 2014

  5. Another of TD's Aliases...

    Such a talented and heroic woman is DRS

    Why would a woman who can barely walk with a cane, needs a wheelchair buy a two story house? Also, the dates on the property don't coincide with paying a mortgage since 1996.

  6. Those pesky details catch them every time. I found about Rayelan was lying about her health by watching her make dramatic calls to cancel on people, coughing and hacking and then bouncing out the door to go shopping.

    The angelfire interview reads like bad fiction. Maybe the CIA expects operatives to be more skilled.

  7. Since you speak of 'journalistic ethics', why don't you try contacting the people you are talking about (sans Rayelan). Wouldn't a good journalist contact these other parties for comment? You may well be pulling innocent people into your story and opening yourself up to a libel charge. Defamation of character can be proven if what you are publishing about these people is not true. It is one thing to build your case based on true evidence and facts, it is quite another to draw in people who may have nothing to do with the 'fraud' that you allege. Journalistic ethics remember.

  8. I made continued attempts to contact the Lee-Powers Family and received no response though they had been provided with my contact information. I also contacted Theresa Durbin and received no response. When people choose to be anonymous and do not respond to queries they run the risk of not having their entire story told. In addition, they are not viewed favorably by the court when they contend they have been slandered maliciously. For a suit to win the damage must be malicious and not the product of error due to their non-response.

    I would urge any of these people to contact me and if they can prove the evidence published is not accurate I will correct it.

  9. And please tell us who had nothing to do with the fraud alleged. Angel, AKA Angela Kay Lee, was living on the property the last I knew and her brother, Scott, was living in the RV parked there. This was purchased for Rayelan by an RMN Reader. Rayelan complained bitterly to me Angel had stolen the property from her by persuading her to sign it over. I am not saying this is true. Rayelan has proven she lies routinely and the record from the Assessor's office, which I published, shows the land was never transferred to anyone.

    The Powers-Lee Family were viciously maligned - by Rayelan. It was she who asked me to write up police reports naming them, eagerly itemizing their supposed felonious acts. These are available on this site and are on file with the Ashtabula police. I did not swear to these statements as fact, acting only as a secretary in the matter. IIf Rayelan had not insisted on conveying these stories to me, asking I write them up for her, along with making inventories of her supposed losses by theft the Powers-Lee Family had committed I would have known nothing about them.

    My sole sources of information were very limited personal observation and Rayelan.

    I started to become uneasy when objects, supposedly stolen by the Powers-Lee Family began to surface from the morass of junk from the move which Rayelan had persuaded me to clean out. When I told her she had a responsibility to correct the record, she refused.

    However, every person mentioned was part of the story long before I was pulled into it by the fraudulent representations made to me by Rayelan.

    So, how innocent are they of misappropriation of funds when Angel is still living on the property? Angel, Leigh, and Scott were mentioned by Rayelan as involved with the property scheme and having profited from it. Is this a lie? Lacking hard evidence how can anyone know? An official investigation could well prove them innocent. But unless an investigation takes place their reputations will always be tainted with doubt.

    I don't know if the stories conveyed to me by Rayelan are accurate, but if they are lies then those lied about should know.


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  11. DRS said that in 2007? It does not seem to have happened. Also curious they are all traveling together. Put the letters CIA into the song, YMCA and see how that works.