Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Fine Whine of Raye is in the air - or is that the septic tank overflowing again?

Her landlord is responsible for any repairs needed to make the house livable.  These are not major issues and every time Raye moves she ends up pouring thousands into the new place for problems which she was well aware of in advance.  The Bunker Hill house, a rental, had two new bathrooms installed Raye paid for.   

At age 68 she is an adult.  Perhaps her income is lower now because Craig, my former husband, had to cut back on his continuous campaign to destroy me, Raye being only the most recent hire for that purpose.  But do not waste a plug nickel on her comfort.  She does not deserve it.  

Raye has a respectable income  from her pension and social security.  Her medical needs are all covered through her deceased husband, Major Kooker.  It is her spending habits which caused the problems which made moving to Ohio her only option in 2010.  It was overspending which caused her later problems.  It was her failure to have the house she originally intended to buy in Ohio which forced her to spend months in the RV RMN Readers bought for her.  

Keep your wallet zipped and let her learn by experience.  And how is Jeff Gordon doing, by the way?

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
It has been the best of times and the worst of times...
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 29-Dec-2015 12:06:49
I am certain that many of you can identify with these feelings...
I apologize for not being around very much these days. There have been issues that I am forced to deal with, and these issues have been consuming most of my time.
The main issue has been to find a place to live before the one I am in is condemned.
The house needs to be condemned for many reasons. I fear that one of my friends is going to call the health inspector to do just that. This would mean that I will be out on the streets with no place to live. I believe that this is a real possibility, so I am taking action to move to another place that does NOT have all the problems associated with this house.
About a month ago I put down a $1500 deposit on a house. I told the landlords that I would be moving in around January 1st. The house is a "rent to own" but I failed to ask for the actual price of the house, I just asked what the deposit was. The deposit was $1500.00. I need another $1800 to cover first and last.
The house I am in has put me in a financial hole every since I moved in. There are problems that just can't be solved no matter how hard I try to solve them and more money keeps getting thrown down a literal rat hole.
Add to all the house problems, I have also had car problems which have taken the rest of my money. At the moment I have one running car which is 16 years old and is in and out of the shop constantly draining even more money from a depleted bank account.
The Fundrazr widget is showing $1,330.00 of the $3,000. This means there is still $1670 to be raised. If I don't raise this money, I will lose the $1500.00 deposit and will be condemned to spending more time in a house that is literally hazardous to my health.
I am truly praying that I have enough friends in the RMN audience who can collectively bail me out of this situation. If you can fill up the widget for me, I can add to that my veterans benefits and I will have enough to leave this problem house and move into one that appears to have no problems, and in a few years I can apply for a house loan on the remaining balance and I will actually own a home again.
Here is the link to the Fundrazr widget... Thank you so very much for your continued support of RMN and its Publisher.


  1. Why just October 29 she was telling us just how lovely her new home was. What could have changed? Who is stupid enough not to get the details much less a contract on a rent to own deal before making a deposit? Another steaming load of horseshit from rat shit crazy grifter Rayelan.

    1. Sitting up is still painful but I need to get the Return Congress to Its Enumerated Powers up so I took some extra pain-killers.

      Raye, being a psychopath, had issues with impulse control. But in regards to the house it could also be something else entirely. The 'condemned' comment could indicate an argument with her landlord about the mice - or she could have an opportunity to move and have it paid for by one of the ever present co-conspirators. Cheney? Could be.Probably not Craig. What makes you wonder is how she could actually move in a month given how long it took the last time.

  2. I cannot believe that anyone would be dumb enough to give her more money.

    1. They could be newbies- or the CIA, Cheney or whoever could be pitching in to get the old scam rolling again. I do not think it will work, however.

  3. They have collected a whopping $1410 so far but judging from Grifter Rayes comment where she does the math it appears she has no intention of repaying the the very foolish 'Angel' who LOANED the credit bandit Raye $2250 on the 9th of this month. Hobie claimed that the LOAN would be paid back from this month's donations.

    1. Wouldn't you love to hear an interview with Raye's landlord? You can bet that story would be as different as black and white. They never pay anyone back. They don't have to, they just write them off and they disappear. That makes the best financial sense for them.

    2. Yes, it would not surprise me to learn that Grifter Rayelan's landlord is evicting her.

    3. I just love the way she says "I can add to that my veterans benefits" as if she ever served in the military, rather than defrauding some poor old coot into marrying her.