Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Agent 86 said, "Oh Boohoohoo I'm not asking for anything above and beyond the $3,000 that RMN gets each month. Last month the fundrazer only raised $1658, and the rest of the bills had to be paid with my social security and VA benefits"

All true, all true.  Thanks, Agent 86!  Raye could give post-graduate instruction for whining and babbling.  She has two cars and it looks like she is living at the posh, huge place close to Dennys on the Austinburg Road from the description.  Angel and her Handyman are probably there, too. 

Tell her you can't afford it because you have to go to Dennys. 

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
It's almost the END of the Month... And we are still SHORT. $1300..
Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Tuesday, 30-Aug-2016 12:55:55

PLEASE... if you can afford it.. Put something in the Fundrazer Widget.
This month has been a very difficult time for me. First I find out that I have a heart condition... one that can be reversed with diet. But for the moment I am often stopped by chest pain and have to drop everything I am doing, lie down and take a nitro.
Needless to say... returning to my normal way of living is a bit hard once I've faced the ultimate life changer.
While I have been sidelined for the last six days due to having no internet... I've been completely house bound due to having no running vehicle. My Jeep needs a steering box and my Pickup needs a new clutch.
The pickup is needed this winter to haul wood for the woodstove. My electric bill has been off the chart. I get the wood for free from all of the fallen trees that surround the pond that is on the property. All I have to do is cut it up.
At the moment what I need most is the use of my Jeep. A steering box can be bought for a little less than $300.00, The Jeep is the RMN Company car!
The Fundrazr widget only needs $1300.00 more to fill it up. Please, if you can... please help me pay my bills and get my Jeep fixed. There is a lot more wrong with it than just the steering box.
  • The 4-wheel drive no longer works, and I will need to have that when the snow comes again.
  • The blower motor doesn't work which means I have no heat in winter and no air conditioning in summer.
  • The Jeep has transmission troubles. I don't know how bad or how long I can go before I have to have it fixed. I have a master mechanic who will do the work for free so all I need is the money to buy the parts.
    I'm not asking for anything above and beyond the $3,000 that RMN gets each month... it's just that this month, the money has to be used to buy parts for the company Jeep.
    Last month the fundrazer only raised $1658, and the rest of the bills had to be paid with my social security and VA benefits. What couldn't be paid then can hopefully be paid soon. Then I can stop eating my survival stores and go grocery shopping!
    Thank you in advance for your help.


    1. Hi Melinda. Perhaps this weekend or in a moment of boredom you could go through all these begging posts that you have posted on this site and show how many times she has used the

      I'm Sick
      (Gross) ETC

      Just in case your readers aren't familiar with the broken record. Of course it should also be noted that these excuses used to put her either At or Above requested amount.

      Just a random thought I had while pursuing your blog. I sincerely hope you and Arthur are well.


      1. Hi J~, Good start. But you have forgotten about Buck is sick. Buck is moaning in pain. Buck needs medications. Buck died on the floor while we were walking over him and no one noticed until we realized he was no longer moaning (after six months of moaning), Buck needs a funeral, funeral pictures, (Note the grieving next of kin made about $100 profit on the obsequies.

        Help! I have been threatened by the Deadly Handyman (he wanted to be paid and demanded payment be rendered.)

        What fun! Let's all add to the fun reasons Rayelan needed to be paid. Send via comments.

    2. Don't forget this classic...."Its my birthday and I cannot afford a potato"

      The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

      I need a potato for tonight;s stew,,,

      Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Thursday, 26-May-2016 12:40:54

      How can you tell when I'm having a lack of money... i.e. none at all?

      It's when I can't even come up with enough change from the car's ashtray and from the jar I throw my loose change in to buy a potato.

      The fundrazr widget is at $1500,00 with only five days more in the month of May. May is my birthday month and for the last 9 years, May has always been the best month of the year. Let's see if Readers can make it so again!!

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    4. Another classic

      Rumor Mill News Reading Room, Current Archive

      Help!! I Lost Part of the Rent Money

      Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Thursday, 3-Sep-2015 11:15:15

      I lost $350.00 of the rent money.

      I am still sick.

      Lord only knows what I did with the money. The landlady only wants to be paid in cash so instead of bank transfers, which is how I pay all my bills, I have to get cash out of my bank on the first of every month.

      A friend took me to the bank yesterday. I had all the money in my purse and now there is only $400.00.

      There has been no one in my house, that I know of.

      I pay the rent from my late husband's VA benefits. I took the money out of the bank on Tuesday. It was in my wallet and now $350.00 is gone.

      If you can please help, please do so now. I can't afford to be evicted. I have too much stuff to move again.

      As you can see from the fundrazr, we were not successful in raising what was needed to pay all the bills from last month. We were $525 short.

      Please, please... I don't have any other way of raising this except to pawn my Jeep which isn't running right now so I can't even take it to the pawn shop. Over the years, I've sold all my gold jewelry. I run on such a tight budget that when something like this happens, it spells disaster for me.

      If you can help, thank you, thank you.

    5. I need to move
      I need a moving truck
      Lets all live on a ScammerMillNews Farm ( but wait.... Where did that money go )
      Teresa from STA needs help (I get Raye took a cut.)
      Hobie/Zapper needs money for health scare (I bet Raye took a cut.)
      A few times she begged for 50$ in the widget to buy lentils and potatoes to eat for a week.

      That's off the top of my head.


      1. Thanks J~ Sorry I did not see this sooner. That was a busy time for me with this and that. The this and that will be explained later. Notice that yesterday Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, was sentenced in Las Vegas to five years for various crimes. I wonder if Raye will keep in touch with her 'best friend?'