Monday, November 21, 2016

Some horseshit commentary from the lord of the lies, Hobie

Can you believe these misrepresentations and out-right lies?  Thanks, Agent 86

h and every week to read the Poofness posts...while fewer than 100 contribute financially in support of the site they keep coming back to. (You can sign up and get this for free!!!)

The issue is not whether the site's publisher should "get a job", but whether the site's users might return something for what they're choosing to receive. (You have been ripped off with her stolen content for years - why are you not grateful?)
The site is intentionally free to read, but there are costs involved in providing that. We're HAPPY to continue providing it and to keep it free for those who genuinely are unable to contribute toward its support. If out of those thousands some 250 were to contribute $10 apiece each month, the goal would be easily reached in no time. :)
Blessings, all.

P.S About those "dud" 'Send Email' addresses. No Agent intentionally places a false contact address. But two things may apply:
- Anyone can make a 'finger error' when typing his or her address. And:
- There's a Yahoo! policy in place that makes delivery of mail from the RMN server difficult for some. Yahoo's policy is that if there's a Yahoo return address on an email, it has to come from the Yahoo server. The result is that if an Agent's contact email address is a Yahoo one, and if the Reader using the 'Send Email' link also enters a Yahoo address for him- or herself, the message is very likely to bounce back. Why Yahoo didn't somehow allow for form-generated emails from other sites when constructing their policy is a mystery, but that's the way it is. I'll see if I can 'hack' our software to do something about that.

P.P.S. We have often looked at ways we might keep RMN free for all to read while adding either some special feature for subscribers and/or some way to allow Readers to comment directly. We still may do that at some point if we can see a reasonable way to do it. Some of the difficulties involve the need to keep track of who has paid the subscription for a given month and who has stopped their subscription; and the greatly increased need for moderation if the door is opened for direct posting by any-and-everyone.

How pathetic.  real sites allow comments and do not make it impossible for people to connect directly to each other.  This is just control, control. control.  But Jeff Gordon prefers lying to gettting an honest job.  So does Rayelan.  Happy Thanksgiving and may your turkey be sweet, succulent, and smarter than Jeff and Raye.


  1. RMNews was started on June 6, 1996, or as I put it...6.6.6!! I'm certain that a few governent bigwigs have definitey thought that RMN was started by the CIA and is a place for them to post information they want the public to know about.

    If you believe this, you are partially correct. RMN was started by me and my ex husband, the late Gunther Russbacher, ONI, CIA, SEAL, SR71 pilot, and Prisoner!

    When we started RMN, he was a 30 year veteran of the CIA and serving a 28 year sentence for 'stealing by deceit". He ran a brokerage company which handled the retirement accounts for CIA deep cover operatives.

    Gunther was only around for the first 7 issues of RMNews. He disappeared and when he surfaced again, he had no memory of me or ever being married to me. He also issued a very strong warning... i.e. threat... if I didn't leave him and his new wife, Jane alone... I'd be sorry.

    1. Hi sskids, we can be sure he knew exactly what he was doing! Congratulations to Gunther!

  2. Only 17 fools with their money parted so far this month. Grifting Raye no longer puts in any appearances, not even the never ending "I'm sick" give me money posts.

    The Rumor Mill News Reading Room


    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 28-Nov-2016 17:29:02

    Hi, Folks -

    It's November 28 (and only "thirty days hath November") and a whopping 17 fine folks have contributed toward RMN's November expenses. (Thanks,you guys. :)

    Now's the time, folks, to vote for the continuance of your favorite 'fake news' site, by putting something in the widget to help us reach the goal of $2500 for this month.

    Please contribute if you're able and would find it fitting.

    Blessings, all.


    1. Sskids, I think they are lucky to get 17 donors, far more than they deserve. But people do not like to admit when they have been ripped off so and continuing in delusion is comforting.

      I hope 2017 is the year both get their just desserts, which has not yet happened.