Monday, December 26, 2016

Agent 86 said, "Delusions."

Let's get this straight.  At no time did Rayelan ever mention having a Cherokee heritage.  Since I have one myself, and did mention it, this is very unlike her.  She did mention her Rhodes ancestry and other early California arrivals, usually from the South.  Most of these are honest, hard-working people, with exceptions mostly on Raye's direct line.  

The story of the romance between Raye and Gunther has come up before.  It is a disinformation story.  Raye abandoned her beloved Gunther in Austria when the authorities arrested him for various frauds perpetrated there as part of his posh tour of Europe paid, according to, The Phoenix Project, through credit card fraud perpetrated on unwitting individuals whose funds were transferred without their permission. 

Initially,  Gunther and Raye were supported by these folks.  This ended when their lies and fraud became obvious.  Article

Raye works on the proven fact that if you lie often enough and without shame some credulous people will believe you. Raye doubtless thought the Phoenix Project folks were dead, which they might be, but the evidence remains online.   

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For Rayelan
Posted By: MaryMaxwell [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 25-Dec-2016 19:46:09

For Rayelan
Raye, I believe you told me that you descended from Cherokee.
Well, you have done them proud.
You have got the spirit. Think how much you have done to unite people.
The other day, I posted something on Rumormill and 780 people viewed it, probably from all around the world.
It's all thanks to you and your hard work, courage, and determination. You and Gunther – one of the good CIA -- founded this “magazine” about 20 years ago, and still going strong.
A birdie tells me that you are struggling, and trying to get an income by selling the jewelry you make, at Ebay. I hope readers will support you -- and also fund RMN.
Raye, when looking for a Cherokee video for you, I chanced upon another indigenous site that said “Do you know that every blade of grass is a telephone line to our beloved mother earth?”
I am going to give you a buzz tonight for Christmas ’16, grasswise, so please pick up!
Here's Amazing Grace in Cherokee. You are an amazing grace, Rayelan.

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