Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 31, 2014 - Eviction Notice No. 3 - This one directed to my disabled son

At 10pm at night when I was in my night clothing, Rayelan appeared at the door of my son's bedroom and put her hand on the door knob with the apparent intention of entering his room unannounced.  I stopped her.  She asked me if he was asleep.  I said I believed he was.  Then she handed me Eviction Notice No. 3, again illegal and ignoring the fact the housing is a benefit of my employment which has not officially ended because she refuses to fire me.  

Of course, that would complicate her life as she probably does not go through those unnecessary steps usual to employment such as paying into Social Security and so forth.   So forth includes ensuring her payment of taxes to all required governmental bodies is up to date. 

Again, she said she is working closely with a Prosecutor of amazing knowledge and intelligence but declined to provide the name of this personage.  No matter, there are only a handful of these in Ashtabula County. 


  1. I forgot about paying my internet bill... for two months. It's being shut off tomorrow.

    I never saw the first and second bills. But the shut off notice was in my mailbox today! I wonder what could have happened to the original bills?

    Does someone want me off the internet?

    I actually have lots of bills that are overdue. That's what happens when you are sick for so long... things pile up and the bills seem to pile the highest.

    If you feel you can put a little in the fundrazr widget, I would truly appreciate it. I have not been off the internet for years. I wonder what it would feel like??? No Rumor Mill News... YIKES!!

    Thank you for all the help and support you have given me and RMN throughout the years!!


    Imagine that, she says she hasn't any money!;read=309591

    1. Rayelan was always well enough to go shopping, dragging home bags of stuff from the Salvation Army and Goodwill. This adds up. Also, where do you put the stuff? This is why Rayelan is a candidate for Hoarders, the Television Show.

      It looks like she is trying to intimate I steal her mail. Nope, Never touch it except to extract my own. I place it back in the PO Box so she can find it with no confusion.

      Rayelan is the dirty tricks expert.

      When I came here I thought Rumor Mill News actually contained information which was essential people know. But it is nearly all reposting, little or no original content. Worse, it makes a drama of issues which are destroying our world while providing NO solutions.

      At a time when so many issues are in crying need of action RMN is a sad little site which offers very little in terms of movement toward change. For that you go to Andrew Kreig's or, or for the KXL and complications and developments, which happen daily, go to EcoWatch DeSmogBlog or

      It is mind boggling that anyone could immerse themselves in hoarding and paying people to do chores which Rayelan could well do herself, so she can have an audience to listen to her overly dramatic self-perpetuating scenes.

      And no, the Dinar is not going to revalue.

  2. What is mind boggling is that people actually donate money to her lame copy and paste site. That people actually believe it takes 3k per month to keep the site up. I have come to the conclusion, that anyone dumb enough to give to the amazing Darlene, freedom fighter and activist extraordinaire, pretty much deserves what they get, especially the ones thanking Raye for all she does. She doesn't even post there anymore. She has been lying and scamming for the last 16 years. Her lack of character and dishonesty is just stunning by the way she treated Angel and her family and anyone else that can't help but notice what a liar she is due to proximity. Good thing she found a fresh batch of people to exploit at her church, because she used to be a new age luciferian. Oh well, all in a days work for a sociopath.

    1. She is definitely a Luciferian, showing all the characteristics of same. What a drama queen she is! But she no longer attends the church. She told people she was sick, and certainly she is, but her health allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

      She has now made up with Angel and her family, by the way. She needed help in moving, so there you are, she had to pretend what happened to them was my idea. Psychopaths can lie convincingly, you know.

      RMN is not a news site, it is a social site. For some it is the main focus of their social interaction. Sad thought.

  3. Then Angel et al deserve exactly what they get. They should have known better in the first place, but now none of them have an excuse.

    Check out this rant, the lies are too numerous to count.

    1. From the many stories Rayelan told about her past it is very possible she was working for the government agencies as an operative, first in drug sting operations (She claims she turned in people she was working with who were selling pot when she was in her early twenties) and then setting up a Mexican Drug Lord by insinuating herself as his girl friend. It was mind-boggling to hear her talk about it so casually, how good the sex was and then casually mention he was assassinated. At the time I thought she had to be making it up. But then she told me about 'her relationship' with Senator Pell. I let her talk on about how attractive she was and how enamored he was with her.

      But one of my friends was a founder of the Earth Society, an early environmentalist, who knew the Pells very well and she said they discussed this kind of ploy and Senator Pell knew he was vulnerable to being framed if he was even alone with a woman, this being a way to hit the Environmental Movement.

      Rayelan told me she had female problems and could not take the job in Pell's office - for which she could not have been qualified anyway, having seen how she handles paperwork and business.

      It was just a short time later she hooked up with Russbacher. It was probably arranged, both of them being CIA operatives.