Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Part Three – The Saga of the Move to Ohio continues, as does the panhandling online.

We are not yet on the Road to Ohio but the Saga is well launched and told in Rayelan's own words, links to the original below.

All of us have faced the specter of moving. How many of us have had eager supporters pay for this and, in an RV, pods, and come out to actually do the packing and moving?

The Lee-Powers Family, comprised of Mother Leigh, her son, Scott, and grand-daughter Amanda, along with her new baby, did the bulk of the packing. This was no small chore since Rayelan is a Hoarder of monumental proportions. 

Rayelan is 62 years old and has moved many times before.   

Most people winnow through their possessions when contemplating a move. None of us get out of life alive, as they say. Aging confronts us with the need to move past materialism to deeper, more meaningful values. We dig in, repurpose, gift our friends and community and focus in on what matters. Viewed in this way a move detoxifies us, allowing us to spend less time with stuff and more with the people we love and work which will continue to give after we are gone.

But this is too much like real work for Rayelan to even contemplate even if she does not say, but believes, she is going to live to be 150 years of age.

Message to my Friends From Paypal and my Post Office Box
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 6-Jul-2010 19:19:02
I am only addressing this to those who know me and what I have created at Rumor Mill News over the last 14 years... and have reached deep in their own pockets to see this amazing creation survive. MUCH, MUCH, MORE
The winnowing did not take place and vast amounts of 'stuff' was packed for transport, eventually choke two of the three stories of the house Rayelan would, after every possibility of another plan, fell through due to lack of any real life skills for organizing and running an operation, even her own move.

If you think Rumor Mill News is any better run, lose your illusions. Think of RMN as a money machine busily generating income by providing disinformation to the public candy-coated in fiction so incredible as to defy belief.

Is there anyone who can help me with moving money?
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 8-Jul-2010 01:58:31
I will soon have no house.
I have used the money that has come in this week to pay the bills to keep RMN on the web.
I have no money to ship my things.
I have no money to even buy gas to drive back to Ohio.
I need a miracle soon or I will be homeless like so many others.
If I am homeless do I use the money from my VA widow's pension to keep RMN on the internet or do I just give up RMN and RadioRMN and just try to stay alive.... like so many others are doing.
If you can help with the costs of moving my vast library of research material and a few pieces of furniture, please email me.
I am so tired of begging I just feel like giving up.
When RMN was a magazine, everyone knew that they had to pay $5.00 a month for a subscription. With the internet everyone thinks everything should be free. I have given away RMN for free for 12 years. I have sold everything I ever owned of value just to keep it up on the internet.
I have put RMN ahead of my own welfare and now I am facing a wall that I can't get over without help. If I have no help, then that means I can not continue to keep RMN on the internet or continue doing Radio RMN.
I thank everyone who helped me this week to pay the bills to keep RMN on the internet a little longer.
Please God. I need a miracle.
If you can help me, email me.
I am tired maybe I am seeing things darker than they really are... but here's the facts: I know I can't qualify for a loan to buy a house. I am trying to find a cheap RV that will make it back to the land we own in Ohio.
I can live in it until I save up enough money to lease to own or just rent a house that will accept my three dogs... or build some Katrina cottages of dome homes on the land we already own in Ohio.
But where am I going to get an RV with no money?
How can I pay to have my things moved with no money?
I'm probably just over tired and things will be better in the morning. I pray this be true.
Good night everyone
Did you notice the words in RED? “The land we ALREADY own in Ohio.”
Notice the use of the possessive, which includes the Reader. This is the land cited in Part Two in which RMN Readers invested, the Family Campground. This is the land which vanishes and the ownership of which is not in doubt, at least as far as the Assessor's Office for Ashtabula County is concerned.

Has a status report, with financials, ever been issued for this offering? Inquiring minds want to know.

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 16-Jul-2010 16:47:59

This continuing drama allows Rayelan to position herself as a 'celebrity,' a position she loves as long as no one knows who she really is.

But Rayelan knows she had to move on August 1st. This date will now slip. The move will not begin for nearly a month. 

There are no pictures in the post of the Lee-Powers Family.  

As always, the focus is on Rayelan.  

Rayelan will really, really miss her roses, but no people are mentioned. 

I am so close to having everything in place for the move - once the move is over - money will never be a problem for RMN
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 7-Aug-2010 03:56:19

I am so close to having everything in place for the move - once the move is over - money will never be a problem for RMN

Anything said here would be redundant. The online panhandling continues.

When I was a little girl, I could see China (Found While Packing)
Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Monday, 9-Aug-2010 04:58:42

Sometimes when we are small we can see things
bigger folks can't.
When I was five...I could see China.
Rayelan at the beach, looking for China
Vernon, Rayelan, Bill in Central Valley as the 'Family Ranch'
Rayelan, age 18, with Nephew and Nieces, unnamed.

While there is a naive charm to the story Rayelan tells here, and being told she is an idiot was unkind, Rayelan persisted in asserting she could see China. No one in her family explained to her the curve of the Earth, which would have happened immediately in my family if I had not noticed this for myself using my globe when I was three.

This goes to some real cultural differences and the impact they can have on the individual.

Rayelan has not changed. She still thinks what she says is true, even when it contradicts physical reality.

While Quantum Physics is changing many things about neurobiology and perception, some things are not going to change. Being willing to look at facts and change your understanding is essential to the advance of human consciousness and all forms of technology.

Making a virtue determined ignorance should not be encouraged.

Rayelan was cute as a child. Here she is today.

August 13, 2010
I'm Leaving California Tomorrow!! I Wonder if it will be for good?
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 13-Aug-2010 03:06:33
My moving crew [The Lee-Powers Family – why doesn't Rayelan give credit here?] and I will be out of California about 2pm tomorrow... Not sure yet where we are staying... probably in Walmart parking lots......
Panhandling Online Continues
....I am still short about $2000.00 to complete the trip and actually have a house to live in when I arrive.
I know it seems like I'm always asking for money... but with the completion of this move, I know I will not be doing that any longer. But I still need some help to get over this last hump... and then it's home free.
Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me during this moving phase. I appreciate it MORE than words can say. Thank you all!!
If anyone has a few more nickles to toss my direction... I sure need them!!
Here are the chipins... again... hopefully we can retire them very soon.
PS... I'm very tired... I hope this made sense
Much love to all,
It's too late to get money to me for the trip... unless you do it by paypal... or Walmart. We will probably be staying in Walmart parking lots... so I can easily pick up money from the Walmart Money place... it's like Western Union.
If you do send money by Walmart... send me an email with the reference number. Here's the link that explains how to do it.
Western Union and Paypal work great too!!

So, the Saga of the Move, beginning with the meltdown on Rayelan's mortgage, goes on for the first half of 2010.
Leigh Powers, the Mom and Grandma
The Lee-Powers Family clearly loved Rayelan and considered her a family member. This was true before, during, and after the move.  

You would not do this for a casual acquaintance, especially unpaid. 

Here is a Certificate of Appreciation and Love they gave her in July, 2011.   

But the focus is all about Rayelan. No cute little stories about the baby, or the people making it possible for Rayelan to evade the financial problems she claims to have suffered. 
Rayelan is very generous with expressions of love and gratitude, which you see as you read her Posts.  

But these generally mean a sense of obligation to those who have been generous, for instance the Powers-Lee Family. 

In the parts yet to come we will look for any signs this was sincere. Absent these such expressions are a form of manipulation, intended to keep people assisting you from misplaced affection and trust.  

Please Reread the Characteristics of Psychopathy  


  1. Not only are her readers not very intelligent, they have very short memories. Hobie says that DRS was in the hospital again and has restless leg syndrome, PLEASE send money now.

    1. I hate to think RMN Readers are not intelligent. I prefer to think they are too trusting.

      I encountered the 'Raye is in the hospital' thing when I first moved out here and the Restless Legs and on and on. This is part of Rayelan's Drama. She has to be the focus of attention and being sick so people have to run around and cluck and wait on her feeds her hunger for attention.

      I became less sympathetic when I noticed she was always very able to hop up and go do something she WANTED to do. As long as she is entertained and enjoying her self she does not get sick.

      Because she is a Hoarder nothing energizes Rayelan like a trip to Salvation Army. I would not be surprised if they had a framed photo of her there in thanks for her monumental support. And since she often buys and then very soon recycles the stuff back to either them or Goodwill it is a win-win for them.

      Of course, this costs a lot, and RMN Readers are subsidizing the Hoarding just as they were the money spent buying Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester his meds and also the Human Growth Hormone treatments he so desperately wanted. But perhaps RMN Readers would not mind paying for these things, right?

      Perhaps they find this as entertaining as a Soap Opera on television and feel they are paying for the next segment to be produced. That is actually a fairly accurate description.

      Now, sometimes she asks for money when it is an entire fabrication, but very often she is having a Drama Period. These pass as soon and something more interesting comes along.

  2. I'm sorry but anyone falling for the packet stuff and the dinar stuff is not very intelligent. Anyone that believes it costs 3k per month to keep that lame website on the net is stupid.

    DRS has mentioned several times that she filed for bankruptcy, do you know if that is true? It might explain the loss of her assets to 'theft'. How could she file bk when she claims the value of rmn is over $1,000,000?

    1. I try not to be judgmental. Did you read the article I wrote on the revaluing of the Dinar? It made many Readers huffy, I fear. Hobie adamantly defended the Dinar con, which gave me pause for thought about him.

      The site is a sad thing. But I think many of the people who stick around actually enjoy, and believe the incredible stories Rayelan tells about herself seeing these as no more unlikely than a solid 15% of the content of the site itself/ This is one of the marks of a disinformation site.

      I think of these people as having an arrested paradigm. They seem to find security in the socialization the site affords them.

      Rayelan told me she declared bankruptcy but I have no proof. If she did so it was likely in California and I have not checked yet. The value of RMN is around one million, or slightly less. She talked a lot about selling it when I first was staying with her. At that point she expected to be employed by the OITC and running their media. Now that is a scary thought since she can't even run a website. Most of the work is actually done either by volunteers or Hobie, is is well compensated. You know that RMN is hosted on a CIA site, right?

  3. How is RMN worth $1,000.000? If she filed bk in Calif, why would she need a short sale? I don't know what the OITC is, but I do know that Hobie is a very noxious, officious jerk. Before the dinar scam, it was nesara and the omega scam. RMN is constantly promoting scams.

    Anyway, thank you for the site and your postings.

  4. As to your article on the dinar, no I don't read RMN, other than to occasionally amuse myself regarding the frenetic pleas for more money. Do you have a link? I would like to read your post.

  5. Ask, and you will receive. The Dinar article, which I am publishing here in its entirety, was posted June 9, 2012. [] I posted 168 articles there.

    Otherwise my writing is viewable at
    Freedom's Phoenix and other sites and on my own sites, including

  6. Wow, this is the most twisted thing I have ever seen. I doubt you will approve this. So, let me get this straight. (from reading your blog). You currently live with Rayelan in her house in Ohio with your disabled son, you refuse to leave because you say that she promised you employment benefits etc. You also say you are on disability. Too much stuff to list here. But first of all. IF you are collecting disability from the government, it is fraud to collect money from employment.....AND if you indeed are living in Rayelan's house which is paid for by the donations to her site then you in fact are benefiting from funds which you say are obtained via fraud.....Wow, psychopaths? What is that saying? It takes one to........oh I'm sure you know the rest.

  7. And we pause for a moment for a more complete response than can be made in through COMMENTS