Monday, June 30, 2014

Part One - The Original Saga of the Move to Ohio, a Prelude

To be followed in due course by the Saga of the Second Move, now ongoing. 

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Sometimes life has a satisfying and circular aspect, and the antics of Rayelan (AKA Raye Smith of Ashtabula, Ohio, along with a multitude of other names) has provided us with just these attributes.

More highly diverting characters enter the story.

Angel, whose real name is Angela Kay Lee, is a member of the Lee-Powers family, who moved Rayelan to Ohio when she lost her house in Watsonville, a lower middle class suburb of Santa Cruz. Angel was not among the members of the clan which made the monumental trek.

Angel was busy in Ohio, where she lived in sylvan commune with nature, though in less than ideal conditions, as later posts will outline.

Talk of The Trek, or the Saga of the Move to Ohio, began, illustrated by Rayelan and posted on RMN, on July 6, 2010. Rayelan bravely tells her story and announces she is moving to Ohio to lower her costs. In a later post she says readers will be surprised to see how quickly she will be able to get out of debt and, presumably, stop asking for money.

But now, she must have money to pay for the Moving Pods and goes on in some detail, though she does not mention the names of the people helping her until we arrive at the pseudonym, NeverSurrender, used by Angela Kay Lee, AKA Angel.

We will delve into the Family Campground, located in Ohio, for which much fundraising was done via Rumor Mill News, and its fate, in another post, so sign up to receive updates which will include the law relating to such ventures.

Note the 'warehouse,' mentioned below. This is a generous term for the shack located on the property obtained through the generosity of RMN donors and is never so identified. This is the office from which Angel works for RMN and also serves as her residence.

We continue with the Saga of the Move to Ohio.

From: RMN Archives, July 6, 2010

Message to my Friends From Paypal and my Post Office Box
If I have no money to pay the bills that are due on the 9th... that means I have no money to have moving pods delivered and transported to Ohio. (We checked... it's cheaper to do pods that to rent a U-Haul and buy the gas. That's why we are doing it this way... with the pods.)

I have no money to transport myself and my Ohio work crew back to Ohio. There are 4 of us and three dogs and a baby.”

The “4 of us and three dogs and a baby,” are Rayelan AKA Darlene Rae Smith, Anna Leigh Powers, Angel's mother, Thomas Scott Lee, Angel's brother, Amanda Lee, and her daughter, the mentioned baby.The dogs, well known to RMN Readers, are Buck a Golden Retriever, and Toby and Max, two dogs of mixes breed who look like small, flattened Golden Retrievers.  

From the same post we learn,

The warehouse is currently home to a horse and an office for Rumor Mill News and a shipping area for Rumor Mill News... and all of NeverSurrender's household goods. In other words, there is not one square inch that is not being used.”

The requests for money will be answered by the generosity of loyal RMN Readers who seem to have forgotten about the Family Campground in which many of them invested. Or perhaps the investors hope if Rayelan goes to Ohio the project will go forward. Another possibility is that some of these have left or died.

People are very trusting, a laudable characteristic when they are dealing with people of good character.

Many may also be new loyal RMN Readers. RMN has a large readership so, statistically, this is possible, though the readership is now dropping against stiff competition elsewhere on the web.

No matter, the online pleas for money and other support will continue as stories of The Saga of the Move go on for months. New needs for money and pleas continue to appear in the Reading Room.  Our report will comprise the first three parts of this longer narrative.  

Note: I made my own archive of these on another, private site, in case someone decided to remove them.

Angel, who has been working for Rayelan for years, has her own similar site, titled, Surfing the Apocalypse, according to Rayelan, who expressed some annoyance at this online entrepreneurism by Angel to me on several occasions. She then showed me the site, which I saw was a clear imitation of Rumor Mill News, including the pleas for money to keep it online.

The URL,, was first registered January 2, 2000 in the name of Theresa Durbin, according to the record, which is public.

The record, viewable here, includes this information. P.O.Box 6345, Tulsa OK 74148; US: Registrant Phone: +1.9185823012. This appears to be a mobile number, so the holder could be anyplace, with mail forwarded on from the PO Box in Oklahoma.

The Saga is filled with moments of near tragedy and humor, though some of this is probably unconscious on the part of Rayelan, making it an interesting counterpoint to the stories appearing on RMN about the revaluing of the Dinar and the multitude of other subjects which attract RMN Readers.

Copies of these short articles, along with updates of present happenings, are sent to all interested parties, including my attorney, for review.


  1. Theresa Durbin was the one who taught Rayelan how to code her website. Rayelan used to claim Theresa as a dear, dear friend and on occasion, beg for money on her behalf. Not surprising that she had a fallout with Theresa, neither mentions the other anymore although they used to be 'thick as thieves', to coin a phrase. Both sites beg for money. Looking forward to your series of posts.

  2. Hi Anonymous, they will be forthcoming as research continues. Prepare yourself for some surprises.

  3. Theresa's site preceded RMN, it is Darlene Rae Scammer that is the imitator.

  4. In the interests of truth - the date of registration for RMN is 09-Jun-1998. This can be viewed at Except for the date of original registration no other information is available.

    I understand, by Raye's statement to me, that the site and URL were paid for by Raye's now deceased husband, David Kooker. The given reason for the success of RMN in those early years is the intimation CIA agents were posting there covertly. The truth of this assertion is now in question.

    When and how did Angel get to know Raye?

  5. I don't know about Angel, she was there for a long time. She was also friends with Theresa. Was Darlene Rae Scammer complaining
    about Angel's lame ads on STA offering to read a persons name for a fee? If so, this was after DRS cut ties with Angel and Teresa. Angel also claimed to be able to read secret illuminati codes in newspaper headlines.

    I may be wrong about which site was first, Teresa had other sites, but it was Teresa who taught RDS to set up RMN.

  6. Really? That makes a curious kind of sense, as Raye's advantages appear to be based on her claims of celebrityhood of a curious kind. Angel's site, at least STA, is well done, much better than RMN. Readership is much lower, however.

    Raye said Theresa was actually Angel. I would need proof to believe otherwise. Note research on Raye here. I ran into a lot of lies and respinning and there is still a lot of unexplained time. But if she was an operative for the CIA that makes sense.

  7. Theresa is Angel? Wow! Theresa lives in Oklahoma, she claims to be about 55years old and gay and crippled and unable to qualify for social security disability or ssi ( she owns a paid off house left to her by her father which she has not sold) and the house she bought with her partner in the 90's.

    I think Raye was lying, although Durbin certainly colors the truth and is not a very nice person, they do not seem to me to be the same person at all. I would be very surprised if they were the same person.

    Here is her begathon site, Theresa has been MIA for about 5 months.

  8. DRS purged quite a few "agents" (love that pretentious title for copy and pasters) and here is a link for back and forth from ex agents.

  9. Dear Anonymous, I read the very sad letters the woman wrote on the Funding site and she appeared to be consistent with her story. The last update was two months ago and she reports being on the mend, but still in pain.

    Could this be a false report, made with the intention of getting money for injuries which do not exist? Yes, but it is far more persuasive than those written by Raye.

    None of the other references I have seen are documented by third parties and could have been placed with the intention of creating a persona using the name and facts about the woman available on the web.. I'm not saying this happened, only that they do not prove the woman, who may exist, has anything to do with the sites.

    I did several searches for a Theresa Durbin, Tulsa, OK. I found a record for a specific address on East Ave, Tulsa, OK 74128-1237. Incidentally, the zip code comes up differently on the house and phone. I will not give the complete address as the woman may not be in any way associated with the persona under discussion. It is much more understandable to ask for help when help is actually needed. Helping each other is normal and very human.

    When I am researching I do not jump to conclusions. So let's continue the search for the Real Theresa

    1. I don't know what all of this is about, but I've known theresa since the 1980's. We've lost touch the last decade but I will say this, in no way is she lying about her health. She was injured at birth by the doctor (broke her hip) and this has brought her much pain as she has gotten older. She's having other health issues. The last time I saw her (2000) her health was failing back then but she was fighting through it to keep going. I can only imagine how this has progressed in the last decade but I am sure she's having major issues if she says she is. Theresa is the real deal. As long as I've known her, her mind and heart were true and in the right place. She saved my life in fact, long story. I need to contact her (it appears I don't have to search as her number is here in this thread of comments.) I'm trying to figure out what this thread is about (I came here through googling info on my friend Theresa.

    2. Hi there.

      I would be very interested in finding out more about Theresa and seeing documentation. I know nothing about her except her apparent relationship with Rayelan (Darelene Rae Smith), Angel Lee, who uses NeverSurrender as her online name, and what I found and put on line, which is taken from public records. If you talk to her and she disagrees please let me know. I would be happy to correct erroneous statements. I'm glad you were able to find her through the research here provided. She did not answer my emails so I had no way to ask her to comment at the time.

  10. Well, I do not believe that she is Angel, I do believe that DRS who would have you file false police reports for theft would not hesitate to lie about Angel to you. I have sent Theresa quite a bit of money over the course of 18 months. I stopped because it is always the same story. She owns a home free and clear that she could sell or live in. I frankly do not believe that she did not know she signed an interest only loan with a balloon payment. Because she owns property she does not qualify for SSI. I assume she has not worked for 40 quarters, she does not qualify for SS Disability.

    1. Why don't you believe it? I highly doubt that she'd lie about it. Theresa is smart even brilliant, but she has her limits. Having known her since 1980's i can say that if she said she didn't know, she means it. I'm thinking she must be very overwhelmed right about now, based on what her health was doing ten years back. She's had major issues stemming from injuries she acquired during birth, and other complications. She always stood up for what is right. I'm going to call her later to make sure she's ok. I just saw the post here mentioning her gofundme for medical bills. That's telling me she's not doing good. She may not be able to walk at this point. I hope you guys aren't up to no good. Theresa is a good woman. Theresa told me about the RMN site many years ago and her friend Raylin. That was about it. Otherwise theresa was concerned about what's happening in this world and started the site. I lost touch for some time having moved out of state.

    2. I post openly, using my own name. I provide documentation which can be checked, linking to public and private records. This is the standard here. You have now been published twice as anonymous. Please sign in with your own identify and be prepared to provide documentation. Since you can now get in touch with your old friend, Theresa, ask her to contact me. She can comment with her contact info and I will not publish it. Then, we can talk. Best, Melinda

  11. Dear Anonymous, As for Raye, the truth is not in her. Of course she would lie to me. She lies to everyone and when she is caught out and questioned she invents more lies. Keeping people from getting to know each other is part of her overall strategy because when then they can see for themselves they have been deceived.

    The question is not if she lies, but what is the truth.

    From what I have learned about her I believe she is a psychopath. Each of the characteristics identified as common in psychopaths are very evident in her.

    When the items Raye claimed had been stolen by the Lee-Powers family began to surface from the vast morass of hoarding which constitute Raye's 'treasurers.' (She hauls purchases home from junk stores and announces these as 'family heirlooms.) I was extremely disturbed when she refused to correct the record with the police. She did not even bother to shrug.

    Then, I did not realize how much they had done for her.

    Deciding what you believe is how you build your individual paradigm. Having believed without evident, to my own detriment, I now suspend opinion until evidence is obtained. Digging continues and facts will be obtained.

  12. How curious......


    "A List Of Today's Greatest Internet Warriors

    And check out the sites, too. Theresa Durbin and Rayelan Allen of Surfing The Apocalypse and Rumor Mill News have been through, and are still going through HELL to keep these sites going."

    Enough alike to cause comment.

    Theresa Durbin's Linked in says:

    Surfing The Apocalypse - Vlogging The Apocalypse
    1999 – 2009 (10 years)
    1993 – 1995 (2 years)"

    Nothing about her earlier work history or career.

    The only place "EOI NETWORK -FM RADIO NETWORK" is in conjunction with "Theresa Durbin."

    I believe from researching her Raye has multiple scams going online. Consider these possibilities.

    Could Raye, either alone or with Angel (Neversurrender) be Theresa? Crowd funding can be pretty anonymous and the amount donated was very small in comparison to what was asked.

    Here are the rules for Go Fund Me.

    5-Minute Email Support
    No deadlines or goal requirements
    Mobile-Friendly Campaigns
    Keep every donation you receive
    GoFundMe Mobile App
    No penalties for missing goal
    Cost is, total, 7.9% plus $.30 per donation.

    Questions need to find answers.