Thursday, November 5, 2015

Agent 86, Dr. Robert Hare says all conmen are psychopaths. They feel no shame.

Agent 86 said, outraged, "If either Hobie or Rayelan had a shred of decency between them, they would be ashamed to take this foolish reader's money, much less use it as a fund raising tool. Or Hobie just made this one up, which speaks volumes about the nature of his character. After all, nothing prevents those two from obtaining honest work other than laziness and the love of scamming/stealing."

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Reader: "Would love so send some more money. I lost my job in February. ..."
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 4-Nov-2015 21:44:48

 (Thanks very much, M. :)

Reader M. writes:
Would love so send some more money. I lost my job in February. I got injured on the job and my employer fired me. I can't prove it, but she did. She also lied about it so I was unable to get unemployment. Because of my injury I can't find anything other than minimum wage desk work. Not a living, but that's where I am at. In spite of the fact that my husband has worked very little since his heart attack last year, I have still managed to send $5-$10 a month to help keep Rumormills going. Really people. If I can do that, what is YOUR excuse??



  1. Reader M...does the M stand for moron? Perhaps it stands for mark, meaning sucker, gullible etc

    1. Or all of these, sskids. Whoever the middle name is pathetic.

    2. Guilt is usually a powerful motivator but in this case it doesn't seem to be working very well. Are the suckers finally awakening too? I find this drama fascinating to watch as it unfolds day by day. Are they actually starting to think for themselves and do so critically? Maybe there is hope for these poor souls after all.


  2. RMN Attitude of Moral Blackmail?

    So, we see, we are taught: really good people give their last shirt for the greedy Few's Feeding Doom.
    This way really good christian find-it-fitting-folks earn their ticket for afterlife in heaven, moreover, in paradise.
    Because, to give is more holy than to take and only poor people have a chance to enter paradise whereas the rich will never pass thru, less likely than a camel slipping thru the slit of a needle. Hugh, GeezUS Kryst aka Zapman has spoken.
    And if really good christain get robbed and beaten they should turn their other cheek and give their last cents on top.
    Hugh, Sayelan Sucker has spoken, the one with the health & wealth recipes.


    1. They do not accept that these people are without conscience. Perhaps this article will help them get it. Listening to the tape is a real eye opener. Now the NeoCons think they can clean Fund up and recycle him. I don't think it will work. We will see.