Monday, February 22, 2016

And Rayelan Loves going to the Hospital. Really, I saw it.

This sounds like the Rayelan we once knew, snug, always talking about her health, which was never actually bad.  Psychopaths love, just love drama, remember.  Every one of the claims below is recycled. 

These people never change their eating habits - and Rayelan constantly claimed to have exactly these problems when I was living there.  I stopped believing it when I found the junk food wrappers not quite far down enough in the kitchen trash to be hidden.  

And what about Jim?  That nice guy who let Rayelan sell his mother's furniture and then kicked him out?  

And if that Fundrazr filled up who put in the money.....humm?  Could it have been shut-up money?  Keep your mouth zipped cash for services rendered?  Could be.  Time will tell, and you will know, rest assured.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 21-Feb-2016 23:06:24
Without reviewing everything I have written about all the various ailments that have been plaguing me recently, I don't know where to start...
At the moment I have a chest infection that may or may not have already gone into pneumonia. It feels like pneumonia... but I have been at the hospital already once today for a breathing treatment.... and will go back in the morning to have the doctor check and see if there has been any improvement. At the moment it doesn't feel as though there has been.

My regular doctor seems to think that the spate of ill health I have been having for the last few months is all connected to my diabetes. Tomorrow in the late afternoon, I go to Cleveland to see a diabetic specialist. I guess I will know them if all my problems are indeed caused by my diabetes.
I want to thank everyone for filling the fundrazr widget without any hints from either hobie or me. It just filled up... and as usual, I paid all the bills and now I don't even have the cash to put gas in the Jeep so I can make my doctor's appt.
All the bills are paid and I have enough food in the house to last me until I get paid again on the first. I only need about $20.00... maybe even less since the price of gas is as low as I have ever seen it here... $1.49.
If you can chip in a bit, I really need it. After all the bills were paid, I have 65 cents in my Paypal account and I am minus in my bank account.  

As I said... all the bills are paid and the only money I need right now is gas money. If anyone feels moved to help me out... I will truly appreciate it.
If anyone would like one of my autographed books, let me know and I will send you one as a thank you for the donation.
Here's the Fundrazr widget... Thank you as always for your continued support.
PS... I am going to have some interesting personal news in the next few weeks... stay tuned!!


  1. Sociopath grifter Rayelan was a literal wrecking ball to the quality of Jim's life. He lost it all at the urging of Rayelan. I wonder if he ever heard the quiet voice telling him that this was all too good to be true?

    1. Jim was sort of quiet and did not have many friends. I think he was blown away at the idea he was valued for what he did do. It is like love, we can be blind to the the motives of someone we trust.