Saturday, April 2, 2016

More Pathetic Lies from Hot Pants Darlene of Crows Landing, California

 Thanks, Agent 86, who said of the letter below, "Fresh batch of tired lies from the lazy psychopath."
You would think she could be more entertaining, wouldn't you?

The missive below, conforming to the whining and begging mode followed by Hobie-Jeff Gordon-Zapper and Darlene Rae Smith AKA, Raye A. Smith, Allan Kooker, or even Rayelan Allan Smith again claims she has been under the weather.  This was never true before so there is no reason to assume it is true now.  She might have had a bad night after indulging in too many rich foods, purchased at Giant Eagle or ordered in from someplace, but The Queen of Cons is never really sick in the sense most of us mean this.  Also remember going to the doctor costs her nothing due to her comprehensive coverage left to her by her deceased husband, Major David Kooker.  Too bad the wife who went through the wars with him is not so cared for. 

Now, what hired help do you think did the moving?  I suspect it is the violent handyman and his long time girl friend, Angel.  They always seem to help out in a pinch.  Raye always has multiple computers because so many people send them to her, gratis. 

And the demands for money never change.  Why is that?  Pay the server?  No copy of the bill?  No mention of whether or not it is off the CIA server, which, presumably was free? 

Clothing?  Raye has the equivalent of  a store from which she draws her inappropriate wardrobe, suited for someone young enough to be her great-grand daughter.  Rack after rack filling every nook and cranny are there for the taking. 

And the always present electric bill.  Wow.  If you help this whining taker you deserved what you get.  Remember, she and Gunther used the credit card information of people without their permission according to the report in the Phoenix Project

And surprise.  Things on ebay are not going well.  Prices are down - so those multiple storage units of 'stuff' acquired at Goodwill, Salvation Army and elsewhere are costing more than they are worth by now. 

And so it Psychopath Land. 

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
If you've been wondering what happened to Raye...
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 2-Apr-2016 11:55:22
Hi everyone!!
I've been missing in action for almost a month now. For the first few weeks I was recovering from the worst case of the flu that I have ever had. It went into pneumonia. The first anti biotics I took didn't work at all. In fact I believe they made me sicker. The second round did the trick and in 5 days I was over it.
As soon as I felt like getting out of bed, I went to my computer and found out that it had finally stopped working. A friend dropped my big screen television on it. The monitor (which is also the computer since it's an apple iMac) has 3 very large cracks in it.
Even with the cracks, it ran fine for a while. A few days ago it stopped working. I thought to myself, that's fine... I'll use my Toshiba backup computer... It's been stored on the desk table every since my move. I picked it up and looked around for the cord. After searchin the entire workspace and my bedroom, (I have a habit of using this computer in bed), I realized that the cord for it must still be packed in one of the hundreds of boxes that I have not had the time to unpack.
Deciding that it would take me weeks to unpack everything, I decided that buying a new cord for it would be the best idea. The cord arrives this Tuesday so I will be back online late Tuesday.
Now on to business... I need to pay for our server. I honestly can't remember if I paid the server last month. I was very sick at the time. Hopefully hobie will let us know how much I owe the server.
I also have a $600.00 electric bill that needs to be paid before the 5th.
I have gone back and forth for years now about charging a fee to read RMN. I still want RMN free for all to read... but I am not physically able to work like I used to and pay the costs of running the webpage myself. If my ebay plans don't work out... I don't know what I am going to do except continue to beg for money.
We missed the March goal by $1000.00. I have yet to put up an April fund raising widget, so it looks like March will stay up for all of April. The combined widgets need to have $6,000 in them to pay for all the expenses involved in running the home office for RMN.
Believe me, I have no frills. The RMN office is quite austere as are my needs. I have not bought new clothes in years. Once you start shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army, you have "sticker" shock when you look at the prices of clothes at Walmart... and you would almost faint when you compare the price of clothes at Macys to what you find at Thrift stores.
If you can help me pay the electric bill of $400.00... I would truly appreciate it. And if there's a little extra for the cable/telephone/internet I won't have to do another beg to pay for this.
Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.


  1. The whole lame story is a lie, how is it she moved six months ago and still has not unpacked?
    That part of her scam story is believable, she is a lazy sociopath. Why bother unpacking when she can just enjoy the thrill of the hunt for new crap that her idiot readers will pay for.

    1. sskids, sskids, you hitit right on the head. When I arrived in Ohio the basement was full of boxes which had not been unpacked from her move in 2010. Hot Pants Raye is both acquisitive and lazier than you can imagine. She does not like unpacking. Instead, she just buys more 'stuff,' which is far more fun. Reread the list of psychopathic characteristics.

  2. No need for the readers to support the "quite austere RMN office" as it does not exist. There is no need as it is would not be used. Grifting, scamming, lying Rayelan only logs in when it is time to Dial for Dollars and that is the way things have been for years. Please stop thanking her for all she does and please stopping supporting evil by sending this thug your hard earned money.

    1. This phrase made me roll my eyes, sskids, "quite austere RMN office." Hot Pants Raye's office was always filthy, cluttered with dog dodo, letters the dogs had shredded, which had been sitting for months, and piles of stuff which never belonged in an office in the first place. She does nothing, absolutely nothing, to change our global or national direction or empower people. People who had power would ignore her, dismissed as irrelevant or bizarre. Rayelan is a DISINFORMATION AGENT. Let that sink in. She is the enemy of peace, freedom and prosperity and the friend of the corporate lock on our lives through the government we are forced to support.

  3. She should consider proof reading. Something a good editor of a "news" site should know.

    She asked for 400$ for the electric at the end of this post, but in the beginning she said she needed 600$.

    Hope you are well Melinda


    1. J~, Thanks for asking. Right now I'm working on a project not yet published which has nothing, thankfully, to do with the Great Horned Witch of Crows Landing. If you want information on the real projects just use the contact form. Hope life is just interesting enough! Best, Melinda

  4. Idiot Readers to the rescue

    christopher a schneider gave $500
    God Bless
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    Anonymous gave $180
    Sending Light & Love.
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    christopher a schneider gave $360

    1. It is so sad to see even this many deluded people. Let's hope they never have to live with the Queen of Cons. She does not stop with inhaling the money. She also steals their energy, Vampire that she is.

  5. I always thought there was something wrong with all the money Rumormill news needed. It was bizarre that a grown woman could lose money on more than one occasion or not pay her bills. So I looked up info on her and found your site. I'm not the brightest bulb in the socket but I got right away that she was scamming people. It felt unethical and in poor taste on all counts. Just wanted you to know that I have caught on and I know there are more like me. Thanks for letting us know the "real" story!

    1. You are very welcome. This is the only way to cope with psychopaths and other conpersons. The Queen of Cons, Hot Pants Darlene of Crows Landing is always in bad taste. She was apparently born with it.