Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What are The Queen of Cons and Hobie-Jeff Gordon-Zapper up to now?

The Google search was this:  "P. O. Box 95 Ashtabula" ohio

What about this?

Immigrant voting rights - Vizified

Feb 28, 2016 - Checks Money Orders: Raye Allan Smith P.O. Box 95 Ashtabula, OH 44004. Who Founded RMNews? Dewitt Jones' immigrant voting rights 

Immigrant voting rights?  

It is an election year.  Raye is living in a pivot state, Ohio.  What is she doing here?  Inquiring minds want to know. 


  1. Keeping up the good work according to one very foolish sheep otherwise calling himself Gene Valentine

    Gene Valentine gave $200
    keep up the good work
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    Anonymous gave $20
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    Steve Downin gave $25
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    1. Thanks sskids! Now The Queen of Cons gets another three trips to Dennys, with her latest victim, most likely. Have to keep them fed while she feeds.

    2. Doubt seriously if those folks are even real. Just more priming of the pump trying to get more liquid (liquidity).


    3. One of the names is a real person. I talked to him a time or two. Rayelan could be making calls to people on her list who don't actually read RMN very often.

  2. It's the 15th, about time for Hobie to do the math for us....he must be busy putting on the finishing touches to his tax return.

    1. sskids, wouldn't it be fun to see an honest begging letter from Rayving Appetite for Junk and Hobie-Jeff Gordon? Now, what would be on the list?