Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Mysterious Photo Which Arrived in My Email Box

A shocking image arrived in my email box this morning when I was peacefully occupied writing something on the shocking derelictions of certain people who have profited mightily from enabling corporate greed.

Here it is:

I peered doubtfully at it, thinking how much it resembled the photos sent to me in 2002 from the unspeakable Morgan to persuade me of the shocking condition of John Fund's apartment.

 If you have not had the pleasure, if you can call it that, of hearing two psychopaths attempt to manipulate each other, you can find that HERE.

The Tape was featured in John Connolly's article, "Sex, Lies, and the Tape: The John Fund Story" about the devious behavior of John Fund, now at the National Review, having been rifed from the Wall Street Journal when Murdoch took over and no one could understand why he was there.  No one told the incoming team he was the resident Political Operative for the NeoCon Cabal, as he had been for the Crane Machine as attempts when forward to steal the Libertarian Party for the  Kochs, beginning in 1979.

The scene above is horrific - but could this morass have been assembled in any kitchen (after perusing it for some time I realized that was what I was seeing.) which was occupied by Rayelan the Ravenous?

Unless, of course, she had two kitchens.  Or, if Rayelan did post it perhaps it is a bid for money to restore the kitchen, new appliances, upgrades and what have you.  But I do not know.  It could be a joke, too of course.  We must allow for these possibilities.

You can't see the floor so it is not possible to search for small dog turds.  I could not read what was posted on the 'frig.  

I do not honestly know.  I do not even have an opinion.  What do you think, Dear Readers?  


  1. Is that the deadly handyman's leg in the lower right of the photo? Good thing the rubes paid for new linoleum to be installed, would not want any of Raye's heirlooms and treasured collectibles damaged. Well done rubes of rumorswill, your money has been well spent!

    1. Well, sskids, we don't know who owns that leg. All things are possible, however. The rubes paid for linoleum for the last place - and it was never installed, just sat there ready to trip you. I met the guy who started the job but he said Raye moved him on to something else and it was never completed. For someone with Darlene's background you have to wonder how she could have that many 'heirlooms.'

  2. Replies
    1. You should write and ask Darlene. I sure hope she packs it well, if indeed she owns the items in the picture and is renting the kitchen containing them.

  3. Looks like an episode of Hoarders!

    1. You're right, Anonymous, it does. It makes you wonder what was going on when the photo was taken. And why this happened in a kitchen, of course. It would be interesting to have the whole story.

  4. I unfortunately became curious about the two psychopaths and ... yes ... I listened! Wow, is all I can say. I was flabbergasted that they could talk that long about how terrible each other was. Round and round we go, all for naught!

    1. Hi Anonymous, you might revisit the tape for another listen. Reading the notated transcript may help clarify what was actually being said.

      People have asked me why I keep up the sites about Fund and Morgan and Craig and others who Craig or Green Hills paid to destroy me financially. The answer is, "Self Defense." I have the proof I am telling the truth. They know it and have been trying to kill me off since early 1998. Every time I thought I could start a business, find something good in my life they have destroyed it and gone after me. Rayelan, who they hired, is just one example. So, this is not for naught. It is keeping me and my son alive.

  5. I meant all for naught on their end.Sorry, I should have made that clearer.

    I understand how horrible they were to you and I applaud your perseverance and integrity! I normally don't write into posts but I knew something was wrong with RMN when it came down to the money. Also, I noticed that they were posting information that other sites had up already so you were right, they take from other sites and I know because I follow a lot of them. Please know I support you a hundred percent and I am grateful for your site and hope other people come to the same conclusions as me regarding the blatant disregard for people and their generosity. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Anonymous! That means a lot to me. It was unimaginably creepy when I was living upstairs from her and hearing how they talk. That did not start until she 'came out of the closet,' after I knew what she had been doing. Then I went back and built the time line. Then I added to it from the Manchester site. Then from the time line I was keeping on Craig and Morgan. It had been a bad 48 hours when I finally accepted the truth Morgan is a psychopath. Loving people tempts us to forgive what can not properly be forgiven.

      As a writer myself I understand how it impacts you when someone just steals your work. You are literally taking the food out of their mouths. Psychopaths just see you as something to be used. I could not stand the idea of other people walking into that with her or any of them.

      You are very welcome. Your hope is mine as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I know who's kitchen that is, it is Duchess Laura Manchester and Duke of Disgrace Alexander Montagu. He had another butt lift and Laura couldn't keep up with herself. LOLLL what a waste these two are, glad you got away from them!

    1. Yes! Let's not forget those photos of their apartment in Las Vagas.
      Are there similarities? Or, it could be Morgan. Not a tidy one at all! - Or Craig, as he could have mistaken the room for a large box into which he could stuff his dirty underwear and porn, after use. Thanks for commenting!

  7. I think the Montagu's have just given up. Their trucking business was so that Alex would pick up someone in the limo and drive them away, knowing their time frame, then Laura would haul ass to the location and load up their goodies and rob them. Put the stuff in storage and when they were out of the house, Alex would drive the person back to the home with an alibi. They are crooks who steal from people and put it in storage. Little Laura Smith is as big a con as her disgraced duke of nothing. Her phoney accent is obvious and they will live the rest of their lives holding things over the other's head. They deserve each other and all the misery life brings to them. You have sleighed their ill reputations and should be commended for doing so. They are fooling nobody at this point and have gone into hiding because the law is after them for crimes they both committed. One day it will all come out.

    1. Wow! That is interesting speculation, Anonymous. I continue to be concerned about their predatory behavior and how they skate free because of the title. But we have not seen any complaints since they have been living in Los Angeles so perhaps we can hope they have learned to stay within the lines of law and decency. Thanks for commenting!

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    4. Well Scott, I am perfectly willing to write to you but it will have to be snail mail. In fact, I was just looking for your address for that purpose. It will take a couple of days but I'll mail the letter today. You can respond using the comment function on this site. Cheers!

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