Thursday, July 28, 2016

Agent 86 again brings home the bacon with Evidence and a wise comment, "Hobie claims scamming people is a humanitarian project....perhaps he means satanic? Grifter Raye is set another week of Early Bird Specials. thanks rubes!!!"

Are these sad, sad people still waiting for the Iraqi Dinar to 'revalue?'  How disappointing for them.  Google photos of Iraq just now and you will see how Iraq looks now, with no clean water, areas still at war, children dying of birth defects from the 'depleted uranium' used in our weapons and search for the amounts paid out by US Taxpayers to get back the oil reserves stolen originally by oil companies.  American Oil manipulations were early and hard to miss. 

Iraq was counting on the enormous potential of their oil fields to stabilize their currency and provide for their people.  Those resources now belong, in large part, to ExxonMobil through the deal with Cheney which began to form in February 2001. 

So the people of Iraq were bombed, poisoned, tortured, raped and murdered so ExxonMobil could steal the nation's natural resource.  And, of course, none of the hopeful investors in the entirely unsupported by real assets Dinar are not going to get a plug nickel  But rest assured, Hobie and Raye got theirs.  Blood money in multiple ways. 

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Reader: "July 2015 i was told next weekend we will be able to exchange our currency. well folks here it is 1 year later and NOTHING."
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Date: Thursday, 28-Jul-2016 01:43:27

(Thanks, W. :)
Reader W., who realizes Zap's focus is not the RV but the humanitarian projects, writes:
Re: POOFness for JULY 27: MID-WEEK BY ZAP from....
Here it is July 2016 in July 2015 i was told next weekend we will be able to exchange our currency. well folks here it is 1 year later and NOTHING.
Every Wednesday there is a new excuse we need to wait until Monday to see what happens although it could happen over the weekend.
This is becoming a broken record with the same old song and dance. Oh they forgot to do this or this person is not confident to do the job, oh this country has not signed off on this paper or that paper. This is beginning to sound like a certain Presidential Candidate one excuse after another and week after week nothing gets done.
I was told i wasted my money and this is nothing but a scam and it certainly has all the ear marks of being that. This sounds like a dope deal gone wrong and on the streets if that is the case heads roll. In the Banking World the guy keeps his job and gets his hand slapped WTF! Because of this one guy what has been the problem for weeks........ people are dying, people are losing their homes, businesses and who knows what else but the problem child gets his hand slapped ! Again i say WTF

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