Saturday, July 2, 2016

And a Short Trip Back in History to Joe Viallis

Who was Joe Viallis?  Wiki
Excerpt - " Joe Vialls (b. c. 1944 – 17 July 2005) was a conspiracy theorist and internet journalist based in Perth, Western Australia. His claims that major incidents such as the Port Arthur massacre, terror attacks in Bali and Jakarta and the 2004 Asian Tsunami were the work of Israeli and American secret agents gained a measure of notoriety in Australia, America and Indonesia.[1]"

 Found on Friends of Liberty

 Rumor Mill News' Rayelan succumbs to her own mind control

Submitted by: REPost "[SiaNews/FriendsOfLiberty Note: The following expression is by REPost; the owner/publisher of SiaNews/FoL is taking no "side" (currently) in this catfight]
Once again the mercurial Rayelan has banned a writer of truth from her ill read website peopled with grammatically challenged 'newsagent writers' Her pronouncement of 14 April on Rumor Mill News that "Joe Vialls is no longer a Rumor Mill (sic) news agent" reveals a bias that is totally inconsistent with defenders of truth in journalism.

Resting on the laurels of her departed husband, this self-appointed upholder of fact before fiction went so far as to warn her second-hand writers that they should "stay out of this one," followed by a threat to ban an unnamed agent if he gets into the fray. This implied threat to her minions is identical to those used today to control mainstream media, thereby identifying her as one with the presstitute and mediawhore controllers of the day. In true fashion, her feckless 'agents' coddled to her will.

Joe Vialls is hardly a picnic, but truth is truth no matter where you find it. The article that so offended Rayelan is not a lie, and no one else seems to be jumping on the bandwagon to echo her tirade, or defend the Marines conduct so aptly pointed out by Vialls.

Citing the ills of her current ex-Marine husband who is "dying" from the effects of US sprayed Agent Orange in Vietnam, Rayelan moves on quickly to defend the Marines. She says, "they are well trained and they are trained to follow orders." In her grammatically incorrect trained-trained writing style she denies that Marines are trained to be cold-blooded killers. But they are trained as cold-blooded killers Rayelan and they do follow orders; that is the nature of dogs of war! Have you never read history or the news? The candy bar bearing image of the Marines is the stuff of Hollywood cinema and has no place amongst the real news sites of the Internet. Will we see a US Marines recruiting banner heading up the Rumor Mill News site next week?

Yes, Rayelan has the final say on what is published on her site, and who stays and who goes. Unfortunately for her, history will be the judge of Rumor Mill News, its significance and willingness to provide a venue for those who speak the truth, no matter how offensive or revealing it may be.

Perhaps the only words about Marines that Rayelan will harbor on her insignificant site are Semper Fidelis. With these two words stuck in her craw - no dentist will be able to pull them out, no honest journalist will support her troubled rant and no one will listen to her anymore.

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    1. Hi sskids! Is this something appearing on RMN? Is she selling her heirlooms on E-Bay now? How sad, they come in from Salvation Army and out the door they go! Or is this item something a faithful Reader sent her to be Treasured Forever? I know the pristine collection of JFK assassination books, a hundred or more of them, went. She never read them, seemed to have ZERO interest in a real conspiracy, which has now passed into accepted reality by the majority. Such is the life of a disinformation agent. A Trillion many meals at Dennys does that cover? Thanks for the smiles - Melinda

  2. It is a hot tip from an agent/reader

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    1. Well, sskids, a fool and their money are soon parted, aren't they? Of course, Federal Reserve Notes are not in good shape. Move your remaining money to a credit union and prepare for the implosion of the US economy as the New Economy, based on sustainable technologies and intensive instead of extensive, continues to grow. Thanks for your diligence, sskids!

  3. "a fool and their money are soon parted, aren't they?"

    Indeed, and those are just the type of readers that grifter raye and dinar hobie just love.

    1. And now, sskids, Readers know what Rayelan and Jeff (Hobie) Gordon mean when they write, 'BLESSINGS, LOVE, FOREVER FRIENDSHIP.' These all translate as 'SUCKER.'