Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Personal Genesis of The Site

Darlene Rae Smith is one of the co-conspirators joined with others, to be named in moving papers, of a conspiracy carried out to cover up an original conspiracy by the president and senior vice president of a corporation profiting from the War in Iraq from the time of its inception. 

The specific acts carried out by one member of a criminal conspiracy accrue to all of those involved over the entire period. 

This site has allowed me to further document these acts and acquire evidence. 

Additionally, numerous individuals have thanked me for ensuring the evidence was available thus allowing them to avoid being defrauded or otherwise harmed.   

These facts, with audio and film, will eventually be provided to the public on our show, now being planned,  on Hi TV Networks. 

Stay tuned for announcements or sign up using the contact form. 

                                             All best - and thanks for following this site. 

The book, which will include all of the co-conspirators, titled Defend Yourself Against Psychopaths, will include the exclusive interviews with Alex, recorded from September - October 2011. 

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  1. The Duchess and Duke of Manchester, Unlucky 13! Is posting a go fund me page for Alex since stealing out of local homes is no longer profitable and he is no longer able to with his nice little anklet he was given to wear. He has traded his crown for a gps tracking monitor provided by the State of Nevada. How Nice. I'm sure they will need to cover their losses of being honest people now... So Laura is going to put a go fund me page up. How about a go fund me page for Laura to take her grade school equivalence test. She will need several years to get her up to 3rd grade level as well, a computer class with information as to where the spell check button is. She claims the purp is still out there, is that like a burp? or does she mean that the man who stopped Alex was more believable than he and her continued stories of made up nonsense to avoid the truth that they are just common criminals - nothing special and not worthy of any title unless other than loser. They both have made a mess of their lives. Laura wasn't able to pull off a divorce so she's back sticking up for her mate - we will see how long this lasts. Wishing them nothing in life but what they have put in. Karma is a biotch!