Thursday, July 6, 2017

Agent 86 sent along this chuckle, "Grifter raye heeds the siren song of the next grand slam breakfast, demands donations from the rubes"

RMN Readers should take a moment to consider the following revelations which have taken place in the last two decades.  Today most Americans realize JFK was assassinated by a conspiracy carried out between Big Oil, the CIA, the banking industry, and others who, together, agreed he was not going to continue their charge toward iron fisted control of the US economy and people.

This 'Elite' can be identified as the most opportunistic and least ethical among the general population.  Prescott Bush, George HW Bush and Bush Jr. were members of this elite all of their lives.  Nixon was a stooge who failed to do as he was told and so an incident was arranged to dispense with him.  This was easier and more popular than assassination.  

While there might be disgreements within agencies such as the CIA, FBI, NSA and so forth, they are generally on board because that is where there bread is buttered.  I found this out, to my shock, when my oldest and dearest friend went along with the plan to destroy my credibility in the aftermath of my unwise decision to inform the CIA (her husband was their 'historian'), about the conspiracy between the Baby Bush NeoCon White House and the Clintons, to persuade Saddam Hussein to stay in Iraq in 2002 after he offered to leave.  

See John Fund, more of the story is there.  Now, ask yourself.  What has Raye and her henchman the Hobist, Jeff Gordon, ever told you which turned out to be true?  

How much do you really want to pay for lies?

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Hi Folks...It's that time of month again.... the time...
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 5-Jul-2017 13:57:35

when I have more bills than money to pay them.
If you are able, can you please toss a little (or a lot) into the Fundrazr widget?
Thank you!!

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  1. That's it? Greedy grifter raye too lazy to tell us one of her dishonest stories or give us her fake overstated vague list of bills? Must not need the money.

    1. That is not the issue, sskids. She finally realized she is building a chain of evidence for me to take into court. This woman was paid to kill me. This is closely related to her other work for the CIA and other agencies. But in this case, I think it was Craig who was paying her.


    Someone is getting itchy for the cash! Send it NOW.

    1. 2W3X4YZ5, because I am not a great believer in coincidence I'm posting the contacts I received yesterday on the Craig Franklin site. Although this may drop out of mind, Raye enticed me to Ohio with promises. Craig was the money bags. Morgan and the Duke and Duchess of Manchester are dirt poor. Raye was very willing to profit by assisting them in 'handling' me. You know how she is about money. So, look at the post! And, yes, she is following a strategy to give me as little as possible to satirize.

  3. A little late in the month isn't it?

    Help!! Server Needs to be Paid -- And Nothing in the Accounts!

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Wednesday, 19-Jul-2017 07:08:54

    Help again!!

    Server needs to be paid and bills need to be paid also... plus a few of my domains need to be paid so they can be saved... just in case.

    I thank you very much.

    Then some fool just gave $500, I don't get it.

    1. Anon., she might have thought I would be distracted. Wrong. See the post.