Thursday, July 20, 2017

Yesterday I received two messages via the comment app on Craig Franklin, the site dedicated to my former husband, a sexual predator whose focus is on little girls.  Long story, look over the site if you want more information.  

The first message was from a woman who apparently had been set up to believe I would expose her liaison and personal information she did not want known.  This was entirely understandable, but her attitude was snotty.  This was funny because she has absolutely nothing to hide, really.  But so it is.  I had never published anything about her though I know a lot because another one of Craig's victims told me about her and her circumstances.  I even have her picture, again from my source, who took it her self and gave it to me to do with as I will.  

Then, I read the letter from Morgan, which I reproduced in toto.  The two letters were sent about an hour apart.  Something was clearly going on, what I do not know but can surmise. 

Best Guess: 
 Unnamed woman decided to cut her relations with Craig, disappointing him. He was not interested in her sexually, now his interest had been in the grand finale, destroying her hopes and prospects, which he had carefully nurtured with that end in mind.  Craig is one sick puppy.  

Morgan, his loyal henchwench, was sent into persuade her and failed.  This means no payday for Morgan and may have had some relationship to the message I received from Laura, Duchess of Manchester, attempting to distance herself from this ongoing ad hoc soap opera.  

And this morning Raye, again, publishes one of her very vanilla pleas for moola, so out of character to be, themselves noteworthy.  Why?  Because of the mis-timing for whining this has likely arisen from their ongoing interaction.  So stay tuned!

Morgan actually whined herself in the message below.  

From post on Craig Franklin I made yesterday: "Of  course, if she really "want all of your ex husbands and I also want the ones y never culdo get,"  was true she is hankering after her deceased father, Richard Lee Barteaux.  Odd, but what else could you expect?  His family had money and that has been her driving purpose all of her life, to marry a rich man.  It took someone with Jay's background to nail her in one place, where she makes far less trouble for John Fund et al.  Morgan with kids to occupy her life, Jay to oversee her, and  a job at Walmart (If she is still there) is less trouble for everyone."

Morgan's other attempts at living an unearned life of ease include her eight years with Eddy Van Halen.  She credits herself for breaking up his marriage to Valerie Bertonelli.  Also, her relationship with Eugene Volokh, who she hoped to marry.  Eugene is wealthy, made it himself, too.   It took Morgan two weeks to harass and torment me into agreeing to help her start that relationship.  Eugene wanted someone who was literate.  I wrote the emails so Morgan could appear to have read some books, which she never had.  

Eugene's earned billions came from coding the solution to Y2K when he was still a young teenager.  Then he went on to a degree in law and clerking for Sandra Day O'Connor when he was 19.  Took him 2 and a half years to wise up and dump Morgan.  A month later she was on a trip with Morgan to New York, London and Paris and found time to jump into bed with John Fund, an old boy friend of mine from my Libertarian Party days.  It is most likely she was having sex with Craig as well.  Craig later demanded she sign a letter stating they had not had sex.  She might have threatened to make their relations public, who knows? More on Morgan here, if you are interested. 

Morgan is welcome to my former husbands and to John Fund.  Ron Kellett, still living probably, is almost as ethical as Craig, but not as intelligent.  

Here is the message from Morgan:

 "You no i want all of your ex husbands and I also want the ones y never culdo get -  jellus mummy? Y tawt me so much

Carolyn |"

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