Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Agent 86 said, "A status from her royal highness of the rubes"

And the timely and stalwart Agent 86 has again provided the freshest blather and disinformation on the less than amazing (try vile instead) life of Little Darlene Rae Smith of Crows Landing, California.

What struck me as most bizarre about these puling whines is the timing.  

First, let's provide some newly emerging information on quantum physics.  Google "quantum energy healing" for yourself.  Quantum physics could very well be the link between the physical world, of which we are the most conscious, and the world we identify as the sacred because it is beyond our usual senses.  

Read this book, The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention (Books) by Church, Dawson

I read it some years ago and found it both useful and fascinating in multiple ways.  

Now, an update on me.  I gained over 100 pounds within three months of moving in with Raye in Ohio.  Additionally, I began to experience other problems, including acute pain in my joints, especially from the waist down, and on my meridian lines (If this does not mean anything to you see this link).

At one point Raye told me she had charitably taken in a next door neighbor who had lost his home in Watsonville, the working class suburb to Santa Cruz.  She said he was having health problems and she was assisting him with vitamins and the like.  

Then, suddenly, without explanation he became enraged, threatened her and walked out.  She said she did not know why but I think it very possible she knew quite well what was going forward.

Raye's whining missive describes closely the conditions I began experiencing after arriving in Ohio at Raye's request.  This shocked me because I have done Yoga and worked out daily since I began taking martial arts in 1969. There was no reason for me to gain weight or experience these symptoms.  

Raye ignored the weight gain and my comments about the pain, shrugging these off and encouraging me to keep working on her projects, none of which ever came to fruition because she had lied about having the capital to launch of even the wish to do so.  

The pain continued until I left Ohio and I could not lose weight, despite my Yoga and adding Pilates and minimizing my intake of food.  

When I left I continued working through agonizing pain.  Slowly,  I began tolose weight and regain sensation in areas which were completely blocked.  I'm now finishing the last of this work on my self.  

Although psychiatrists and other professionals, including historians, believe from the evidence psychopathy existed throughout human history, no word for this was agreed on until the first 30 years of the 20th Century.  Around 1905 a psychiatrist coined the word, "psychopath.'  In the 30's another psychiatrist independently coined the word, "Sociopath."

I wondered if there was an earlier word.  Using the characteristics several consistent words emerged.  Devil, Demon and vampire were among these.  

The 'magic' carried out using facts unknown to those viewing events seen could include the theft of energy and use of energy to cause harm to others.  I'm continuing this research by helping others facing these same conditions.  

While in Ohio I observed Raye making signs, in seeming ritual, down stairs from my room.  These were followed by nausea and increased pain in these same points which are exactly like those she describes experiencing now, herself.  These rituals are described on sites for Vampires.  Vampires cannot drink human blood because it is toxic.  But multiple sites exist for Energy-Vampires.  

As part of my recovery process I send back to anyone who had harmed me the energies used to cause that harm.  This restores balance, by my understanding.  

I firmly believe we are obligated to live in ways which cause no harm to others or to the Earth. I also believe we are obligated to protect others from harm by informing them of this potential.  

Energy work has been in use in Eastern cultures for at least 5,000 years.  
The Iceman, discovered in 1991 in the Alps, had tattoos which could have been made along meridian lines. Discovery article

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I should have thanked everyone before now!! :
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 15-Mar-2017 10:50:51
In Response To: THANK YOU VERY MUCH :) (hobie)

I really apologize for my absense from RMN and for my forgetting about a "thank-you" post when you really come through for me and RMN.
As hobie said, I am in constant pain in my right hip and low back. Every now and then it gets so bad that I need to go to the Emergency Room at a local hospital for a pain shot. When I do that, I am passed out for about 24 hours. And usually the pain has subsided when I wake up.
When the ER docs see that I have been hospitalized for heart problems, they want to admit me until the pain goes away.
There has been massive over prescribing of pain pills here in Ohio. More than likely it's all over the country. But our state is monitoring doctors and as a result, the doctors are prescribing less and less pain pills. People like me, whose pain is not associated with a disease that will cause death, are the ones who have been cut out of the pain pill perscriptions.
My recent pain in my hip activates both the restless leg pain and the bulging disc pain. I literally hurt from the low back all the way to my feet, which are always hurting due to diabetic neuropathy.
Needless to say, after I have gone through endless days of pain, I tend to forget about everything except getting rid of the pain.
I have tried most of the alternative pain solutions, with minimum success. If anyone knows of anything that could help me with the pain, please let me know. It can't be a prescription pain pill since I know my doctor won't write a prescription for me.
Again, I am sorry for not remembering to thank all our readers who came through for me at a time when almost all of the $2500 was spoken for... and the money wasn't in the fundrazer widget. You really went above and beyond on this occasion.
I still own the man who owns the server another $300.00, and I owe thousands to Uncle Sam, which is why I am setting up an ebay account and will soon start selling some very amazing items... along with a lot of "simply" amazing items. Most of my things are from the 40s and 50s.
Thank you again.


  1. Since when does the grifter have diabetes, much less diabetic neuropathy? I really the part about selling some of her ill gotten gains (junk) taking up space in the half dozen or so storage units on ebay, how many times and how long have we been hearing that one? By the way, how is it that the grifter can never remember to pay her server fee for months on end, yet she NEVER forgets to pay for her many storage units?

    Meh, unless proof is provided I assume anything the grifter says is just another self serving lie.

    1. You are wise, sskids. Yes, Raye has lots of junk and is paying to store it at a time when sales of this kind are down, down, down. She was in the same situation in Watsonville, having spent herself into bankruptcy on improvements for a house which could not be recovered. Psychopaths are light on forward planning and heavy on immediate gratification.

  2. " If anyone knows of anything that could help me with the pain, please let me know."

    Perhaps the grifter might try losing about 50 lbs of ugly fat, that might help with the hip pain.

    1. That is a great suggestion! Reading this Raye?