Friday, March 17, 2017

Agent 86 said, "Grifter Raye has some very vague bills to be paid while she battles the evil NWO but it has been a fun ride scamming the rubes of ruberville news, oh, and Hobie is hungry"

RMN advertising has an interesting history.  In the whining post below Raye again steps up to ask for more money to pay bills for which she and Hobie have consistently refused to provide documentation.  Read it carefully.  Then, at the end look over the section of TimeLine reproduced here from this site.  

In 2011 it was handled by Angela (Angel), who Raye displaced so she could persuade another one of her victims, myself, to relocated to Ohio.  I rewrote the entire advertising plan never knowing Angel was also selling advertising and thought she was the Advertising Director.  
The Lee Family saved Raye from her outrageous financial stupidities with her house in Watsonville by traveling to California from Ohio, packing her up, and moving her.  It was an enormous task.  

Raye told them she would be forever grateful.  Angel's mother, Lee, had been living with Raye in California.  I was told by Raye the family was trying to kill her and she needed me to come out to rescue and become her partner.  She also hired me to handle the advertising both for RMN and for RMN Radio.  

The family believed her.  Now look over the begging letter and the section of time line.  

Again, thanks to Agent 86 for his prompt attention in bringing the truth to more potential victims.  

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- - Bills to be Paid - - Food to be Bought - -
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 17-Mar-2017 08:17:15

Both hobie and I are counting on you to come through again for us. At this time of the month, hobie has a payment of $600.00 coming in from one of our advertisers. Lately the company has been VERY late in sending his money.
I don't get money from advertisers. The only money I get comes from Reader Donations. You can see from the fundrazr widget, that $630.00 is all that has come in. I also have bills to pay.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and RMN in these last 20 years. It's been a fun ride.

      July                    The Lee Family Express their Gratitude to their beloved Rayelan
                                 The Lee family moved Rayelan from the house she was losing in California
                                 to Ohio.  They packed up her things for her and drove her back to Ohio.  
                                 Rayelan told me they were already stealing from her but later 
                                 commented over and over that items she had reported stolen had been  

      August        26 - Email from Laura to Melinda regarding building website 
26 – Email from Laura to Melinda regarding website. - See more at:
                           19 -      Employment Letter, Director of Advertising, RMN 
                           28 -     11:36:50 PDT -  Email - Rayelan to Angel  Advertising
                                       11:50:48 PDT - Letter from RayelanAllen to Angel
                                       12:39 PM - From (Angel) to
                                        advertising client
12:39 PM - From (Angel) to advertising client - See more at:
                                        2:27:25PM - Letter from Angel to Raye
                                        3:13:29 - Letter from Angel to Raye
      November 13 -  Exchange with Manchester on the Michael Jackson Tapes 
                          19 -  Declaration to the FBI- Pillsbury-Foster about Manchester

      December 25     Letter from Amanda Lee to Raye 
                                   Letter forwarded to Melinda from Raye from Amanda 
                         26     Letter from Melinda to Amanda Lee     
                                   Letter from Amanda Lee to Melinda


      January   10      Letter from Raye to Melinda - Background research on Powers - Lee 
                        19      Letter from Melinda to Raye - Draft for Criminal Complaint - Powers

      February 2       Letter to Angel, Draft Requested by Rayelan 
                        7       Business Expenses - Rubicon Aegis, LLC 
                      14       Letter from Amanda Lee to Raye
                      27       List of Stolen Guns
      March      4       Compiled List, Requested by Rayelan 
                        5       Criminal Complaint Lodged Against the Powers - Lee Family 
                        7       FORWARD - Emails between Raye and Angel from previous October
                                       This one is about Brittany  


  1. Let me try to get my head around this. RayeLoon expects her rubes to now pay for RMN's server, pay for Rayeloon to own the domain, pay all of Rayeloon's personal bills and incidentals, AND pay Jeff Gordon his salary for his "work" scamming for RMN and perpetuating the Iraqi dinar fraud (a crime)? Does that just about sum it up? While she collects over 7 thousand a month in benefits? Not forgetting to include the upcoming bursitis treatments which will probably be in the nature of several hundred dollars per incident.

    1. 2W3X4YZ5, congratulations on a succinct and on point analysis of the present status quo of the RMNers who had the audacity to ask at a time like this.